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"EXCELSIOR" WHISKY ——— fJThe EXCELSIOR Blend has been produoea with great scientific flkill and judgment, and possesses those admirable properties that are only to be found in the highest grade Whiskies. GRANVILLE H. SHARPE, F.C.S., • Late Principal of the Liverpool College of Chemistry: Analyst. Perfection of Blended Whisky. "-Lancet. "We ean rosftinmend the "EXCELSIOR" Whisky with tt) Jidence as a safe and palatable stimulant to the Sick and Convalescent."— Practitioner. Registered SOLE Proprietors MARGRAVE BROTHERS, Wine and Spirit Importers, Llanelly, South Wales. I AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF THE 'PEMBROKE COUNTY GUARDIAN, Abbbdabr—M Thomas, Cardiff Street. Ambleston—Miss Annie Davies, Grocer Bicxiu-Mr W. Reed, Blacksmith. CABILPAIRCHELL-MR Cronow, grocer. Castlemobbis—M' h.w.1d Thomas. CAmitosit-Mr Maria ieaag, The Folly. Cabdioan—Mist Wuii&mB Stationer. Cabpiff—Mr Mi. i; Queen Street. CiiTNDEBWEN—Mr L VT .-is, Chemist. Cboesooch—Mrs Wiloo. Artiamont Arms. FISHGUABD-" Guardian Office. „ Mr. T. G. Martin, The Square. Good wick—Mr Llewellyn, Chemist. Havebfobdwkst—Mr Ll. Brigstocke. Haybbfobdwest—Messrs W. H. Smith & Son. Havbbfobdwest—Mr J. W. Hammond. Hbsby's MOAT-Mrs A Phillips, grocer. LITTERSTON-mr W. Jenkins, draper. Littlb NICWCASTLE-MR C. Jones. LLANDBLOy-Mr D. Rees. Llahbiax—Miss Davies, Shop LLWYNPrA-Mr Richards Chemist. MAIRDY-MR Lewii, newsagent. Milfobd HAvEx-Mr Geo. Ormond, Stationei. MADCLocHoa-Mr James, Railway Terrace. MATHBy-Mr Jenkins, schoolmaster. NBWPOBT-Mr J. Davies, Square. Nabbbbth—Mr A. J. Halkon, Stationer. Newton Citos. -inliss Evans. Nbyland—Mrs Thomas, newsagent. Niew Milfobd—Messrs W. H. Smith and Son. Pembboke DocK-Messrs W. H. Smith and Son. Pitncheston—Mr Alfred Reps. PENYCWM-Mrs Phillips, grocer. ST. DAVID'S—Mr R. D. Thomas. Spittal—Mr Edward Williams, Merchant. Tbeffgabwe.—Mr D. Mathias. TBBvINE-Mrs Phillips, grocer. WotFSCASTLE—Miss Davies, The Shop.

"8olva, Thursday, FEB. 22,…

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Pembrokeshire C.M. Presbytery.

The Pembrokeshire Hounds.

Funeral of Mrs. Davies, High-I…

----ST. DAVID'S.

New Route to Ireland.I

Triplets|at £ St. Clears.…