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Skin Disease after Measles.


Skin Disease after Measles. BABY'S SUFFERINGS AND MOTHER'S ANXIETY ENDED BY ZAM-BUK. Four years represents nearly all of Frederick Gunn's existence, and he suffered from eczema in a very severe form during all of that time I His mother., who lives at 4, Bunker's Hill, Brighton, gave the details of his cure by Zam-Buk to a local Standard reporter as follow:— Frederick had measles when only atfew months old, and afterwards we noticed eczema starting behind his ear. The sore nearly drove the poor child frantic, and he scratched until he made it much worse. The disease spread to the nape of the neck, and nothing that I tried could check it. The irritation was continuous, though always worse at night. It was dreadful to see himin such agony. He couldn't help scratching the fiery sores until they bled, and I was obliged to make the child wear gloves. Sometimes I even had to tie his hands. Many so-called remedies only aggravated the sores. At times they would dry up for a day or two, only to break out with greater irritation than ever. I took him to the Children's Hospital and to Pi the Homeopathic Dispensary, and also had doctors to attend him at home, but it all ended the same way. I took to buying everything promising that came along, but it was not until he had been suffering for nearly four years that we met with the right thing—Zam-Buk. I noticed a decided improvement after the first few days' use q £ -Zam-Buk. The inflammation seemed to be dying out, and the boy gave up scratching the places. I persisted hopefully with the dressings, and in three weeks the exzema had vanished entirely. The child's skin is now quite free from sores, marks, or irritation, and be is a healthy, strong, chubby little chap." Zam-Buk has proved invaluable for eczema, spreading scabs, running sores, pimples, ulcers, festering sores, ringworm, bad legs, piles, scalp diseases, chapped hands, chilblains, cold-sores, chills, injuries, rheumatism, and sciatica. Price I/Il. or 2/9 per box (2/9 contains nearly four times the l/I). Of all chemists, or post free from the Zam.Buk Co., Red Cross Street, -London, E.C.

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