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I Forthcoming Marriage.

Rheumatic Eruptions.




WELCOME NEWS EROM PEMBROKE DOCK. The following experience of one of our Pembroke Dock neighbours will prove welcome news tj many readers. The case of Mrs E. Thomas, of 15, West Street, Pembroke, is a particularly interesting one. Mrs Thomas has lived in Pembroke over u years, and for the sake of fellow-townspeople she says 1 am pleased to say what good Doan's pills have done iii and they have succeeded where other medi- cines have failed. I consider it due to them to make this statement. Twenty years ago I began to be troubled with pains in the small of'"the back. They were sharp and cutting, like knife-thrusts. and used to take ali the life and -a I out of me. The pains came on every now and then, and, left me with a, bad attack of neuralgia. I f;.>t languid and run down, could not sleep at nights, and had a poor appetite. I was now so thoroughly ill that other diseases came, and I suffered from bronchitis. 1 do not think I should have got well if I hadn't heard or Doan's backache kidney phis they seemed to go straight to the cause of mv trouble--thc kidneys-arid brin. me relief. Thev eased my back, and took away those drcadf-.I pains. I I was also relieved of the neuralgia, ,I nti was gradually brought back to better health. (Signed) (Mrs) E." Thomas. If you are ill, write and fully describe your case to us. W. shaH be pleased to givy you the best advice in our power, free of charge. You can depend upon your letter being treated in strictest conlideuce. Doan's backache kid- ney pills are two shillings and ninepence per box (six boxes for thirteen shi ilings and nine- pence). Of all chemists and stores, or post free, on receipt of price, direct from Fotpr- McCellan Co., 8, Wells-street, Oxford-street London, W.