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I Forthcoming Marriage.

Rheumatic Eruptions.


Rheumatic Eruptions. SKIN-TORTURE ADDED TO BOD LI. Y PAIN—ZAM-BUK CURES. A very bad form of skin disease, usually ea od by the presence of acid in the perspiration or :h- use of Cindy tu;b)ocat-ions containing harmful mineral products, ofccn.attacks rheumatic subjects. Rheumatism is particularly prevalent just now, O\v¡ng to the bad weather, and it is well to note tim;, beside curing the eruptions, 'Zam-Buk is in- valuable for the rheumy" pains tiiemse ves. Mr Henry Savage, miner, of 57, Brassty-slreet, Alfieton Road, JSoctin ham, says;—'• F< r ivbovit t years I was on auci off my club owing to this sickness. My si.iu was iu a terrible state, particu- larly ab'.uit the iuir, leg. It was one mass of from knee to ankle, and the agony was feaifui. I often had to rido about, and was once laid up four moui hs a stretch I bad treatment both private- ly and the hospital. The doctor said the sorts were due to rbeuiii,ti,lit in the bone, auu gave me some lotions to use. These did not appear to give me relief, however, and I resorted to Zam-Buk. The doctor appeared sceptical, but when I told him I was actuall> getting better he said Well, go on with it if you like." I persevered with Zam- Buk, and, although I had just been ton weeks oil work while under other treatment, I was fit to start again within a fortnight after beginning to use Zam-Buk. Zam-Buk did more for me than the hospital and doctors put together. I can now get a quiet night's rest as a regular thing, iny skin is healthy, the irritation has disappeared, and I can walk about quite comfortably." Zam-Buk cures rheumatic eruptions, rashes, chronic sores, scabbing and scaling skin, eczema, ulcers, bad legs, diseased ankles, sore backs, poi- soiled or fesiering sores, piles, scaJp irritation, chapped hands, chilblains, chills, abscesses, boils, pimples, ringworm, running sores, stiffness, cuts, bruises, burns, scalds, scratches, sprains, rheum.i- tism, and all aches and pains. All cliem 3 s sel' Zam-Buk in 1/1 and '2/9 boxes (2m size contain-, nearly four times as much as the 1 /I,V); or 1c may be obtained post free from the Zam-Buk Co., lieu Cross Street, London, E.C.