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Hanes Eglwys Annibynol Tref-I…


Haverfordwest Brewster Sessions.


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An Impudent Theft.

Roose Brewster Sessions.


---Welsh Muse ;xd the Bible.


Welsh Muse ;xd the Bible. INTERESTING LECTURE AT CARDIFF BY THE KEY. MAFONWY DAVIES. Cardiff Cymmrodorion enjoyed another treat on Friday evening Jast, in li-tening to a lecture by the Rev. T. Mafonwy Davies, Congregational Minister, SolYR, one of the crowned bard of Wales, whose subject wa., "Yr Awen Gymreig a'r Beibl (" The Welsh Muse and the Bible.") The lecture was given at the Town Hall, and Mr. Evan Owen presided, in the absence of the Lord Mayor, who has taken such a keen interest in the work of the Society throughout the session. Mafonwy said that the was predominant throughout the Bible, ami this fact was appreci- ated and realised by no people more than by the Welsh. The Bible influenced Welsh poetry to a very great extent. In times gone by it was dangerous to compose ver-" on any subject with- out having a scriptnred text to prove the senti- ment. fIhey seldom Cil¡¡I, across a great epic outside subjects intensely Biblical. English poets did not approach poetry in the same spirit as the Welsh. Shelley went to lore Nature, Words- worth went to think about Nature, and Tennyson to study the laws of Natnre. Bnt the Welsh poet went to Natu:e to se; God. Unfortunately Welsh poetry was very conservative. Any Welsh poet was in danger nniesa he followed in the footsteps of some other great bard who had preceeded him. Yet that conservatism could be forgiven because it caused the Welsh muse to adhere to the Bihle. The religions nature of the Welsh Illase had pnrified the eisteddfod. There was a time when the eisteddfod was a drunked institution, and when the bards composed their songs with the aid of wine. At the present time the eisteddfod was a sober institution, and as time rolled on it would become a soberer insti- tution still. (Applause). A very cordial vote of thanks was accorded the lecturer.

Pembrokeshire Quarter Sessions


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