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Hanes Eglwys Annibynol Tref-I…


Haverfordwest Brewster Sessions.


IThe Pembrokesh founds. -…

An Impudent Theft.


An Impudent Theft. Fr nCI" Jo^ph alton &>cMaboa was brought up nefore the May^r (Mr Herbert J. E. Price), Mr i'. James, and Sir L. Roberts, out charge of stealing a •iiver watch, of me value o'. F,2 10! the property of Joseph Hugh Huzz^y, of the King's jir^s Hotel, Haverfordwest, on Jan. 27th. .Nlr Huzzey, the T,ro,,ecutor, slid the pritoner came into his hou-e nbout 6 p.m. on the 27th uit., and sv;id hv5 "as gou:^ to btay a fe<v ('ays. He bad "orno food in the h"u'e, and the la-t time witness saw him Wi- about 9 p.m. Witness had a silver watch hanging in bedroom No. 4, which he valued at X2 103. lie a'" the watch in the bedroom at 3 p.m., and at 12 30 at night he missed it. When he next saw the watch it was in the possession of P.S. James. He gave information to the police of the loss of the watch, and took out a warrant for prisoner's Apprehension. Finny Vaugban, servant at the King's Arms, gayc evidence as to unlockiug the bedrooms, and showing the i risoner upstairs. P.S. James said on the 21st uit. he went to Ire- land with a warrant for prisoner's arrest. At 1 p.m. oil the 1st inst. ho received him into custody fron? the police at Cork. He read the warrant over tn him, cautioned him, and in reply he said, I ad- mit stealing the watch" Witness received the watch, three pawn tickets, and other property, from the Cork police. He brought prisoner to Haverfurc- west next morning. Prisoner pleaded !,guilty, and asked tu be dealt with lenii ntly, on the grouud that h" was a reservisf, arid a c,uv,,ct .loll would mean a serious b.'ot on his char- hCW, The magistrates said the theft was a most impu- dent one, aud sent prisoner to gaol for two months with hard labour.

Roose Brewster Sessions.


---Welsh Muse ;xd the Bible.

Pembrokeshire Quarter Sessions


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