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Hanes Bglwys Annibynol Trefgarn…

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Y Geninen am Ionawr.

Watcyn Wyn.


---__--------Addysg ein Gwlad.



Hints to Advertisers.


Hints to Advertisers. When a man spends his money in advertising, he wants to get it back, and more, too, if he is sensible. A man is foolish to spend money in advertising if he is not likely to get it back. A sensible man may make a mistake, and not get his money back but a sensible man won't keep on making mistakes. He will look for the right advertising medium, and stick to it if he finds it pays. Some people who don't know much about advertise ing in a modern, up-to-date sense, sometimes think that cheapness is the chief consideration in advertis- ing. Good advertisers don't look for cheapnes3. They took away from it. They mistrust every advertising medium that is cheap." With a gcod advertise; to be cheap is to be worthless. They know that is costs money to build up a newspaper, it costs money to run a good one, it costs money to get circulation and to hold it, and time, energy, ability, and money can't be sold cheap, maoh less be givea airay. Nine hundred and ninety-nine out of every thousand good advertisers in the world have found that high priced advertisements pay best, that so-called "cheap" advertising never pays at all. A fair and reasonable rate, though apparently high, in a good newspaper is ver3 much cheaper-that is, it is more profitabli than su-called cheap advertising in interior papers. Good advertisers don't advertise for sentiment, any more than a man works sixteen hours a day for his health. They advertise for business. They advertise among those whom they are likely to do business with. They advertise in mediums that circulate among those whom +.hey want to do business with. They don't advertise where there is no business to be done.


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