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--1 Cold on the Stomach.j


1 Cold on the Stomach. j GASTRIC CATARRH CURED BY BILE BEANS. Everybody knows the effect of a bad cold in the head on the delicate lining in the nose—that in- flamed soreness which makes breathing a torture. That is catarrh, In gastric catarrh the delicate lining of the stumach is affected with just the same sort of soreness, which makes eating and drinking a torture. The ailment is often brought about by a severe cold settling on the stomach a'ready weakened by indigestion, or by excess in eating or drinking. If your food seems to burn you inside and lies as heavy as lead at the pit of the stomach if your appetite changes constantly—eating all before you at one time, and turning from food with loath- at another-that is the gastric catarrh. Many sufferers from this painful and persistent trouble ¡' worry themselves to death with the belief that a cancer, tumour, or other malignant growth is the cause of their pain. Bile beans provide an ideal cure for gastric catarrh. By promoting the flow of the gastric juices they allay the irritation and soroness, by strengthening the stomach they help Nature to put wrong things right, To a Bristol reporter Mrs Margaret Lucy Parker, of 68, Chessel Street, Bedminster said:—" Some time ago I was troubled with a soreness in the stomach, which caused me great pain. The pressure of my clothes on my body was unbearable, and often I pave been so distended with wind that I have had to take off my clothes. It was impossi- | ble for me t<*do any housework I was under ike impression that an internal abscess was the cause of my trouble., After my meals I was in misery for a long time, for the pains seemed to increase when I took food. I had a languid feeling always about m0, and life had not much interest for me. "I saw a doctor and took some of his medicines, but got no better. When I went to the hospital afterwards the dbctors there wanted to operate on me, but I would not consent. Mv husband per- suaded rae to try. Bile Beans, and I did so, with astonishing resultq. The first box relieved the soreness in my stomach, and cleared my blood con- siderably. After aihort course of Bile Beans, my appetite returned. a I could eat with heartiness. When I was ill I t to be very thin, but I am much stouter now. *1 am convinced that I owe my splendid health to bile beans, and shall always recommend them." Bile Beans, the purest and safest family medi- cine, not only cure gastric catarrh completely and permanently, but are a positive preventative against the danger of catching cold on the stomach, liver, I or bowels. They also strengthen and build up the system after influenza or other weakening illness. Bile Beans are sold only in sealed boxes, by all chemists, at I/Ii or 2/9 (triple size). Beware of substitutes.

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