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I FISHGUARD NEWS. Next Sunday's services at Bethel will be taken by the Rev. D. P. David, Llanelly. # To-morrow (Friday) morning, at 8 o'clock, there will be a total eclipse of the moon, which will be partly visible here. The Fishguard Choral Society (under the ) leadership of Mr John Evans, L.T.S.C.,) held its initial practice at the Town Hall on Sunday evening last, when a fairly good number attended. The next practice will be held this (Thursday) evening at the Town Hall, at 8 o'clock.—The same evening the Fishguard contingent of the Fishguard and Goodwick Choral Society (conducted by Mr E. Anthony) also held a practice in the Temperance Hall. Though the picee is a trifle difficult, good headway has already been made by both choirs, and a keen contest is in store. A social (under the auspices of Mr Nath Evans' choirs) will be held on Friday (to- morrow) evening at the Temperance Hall, commencing at 7 o'clock. ♦j* The fifth of the University Extension Lectures will be held at 8 o'clock to-morrrow (Friday* evening, in the County School, when Mr J. P. Maine, B.Sc., will lecture on Origin and development of language." *u* On Tuesday afternoon last, at 3 o'clock, the funeral took place of William Haydn, the two month's old son of Mr Moon, Kensington Square. The little boy died early on Saturday morning. The Rev, W. Evans, M.A., officiated at the Church ceme- tery. We regret to record the death, which took, place on Saturday morning last at Pen' Wallis, of Mr William Evans, at the age of 80 years. Deceased, who was a member of Hermon, was buried at 2.30 p.m. on Tues- day in Hermon cemetery, the Rev. Dan Dawes officiating. The chief mourners were the three sons, John, David, and Wil- liam Evans. Deceased was born on May 30th, 1825, at Penralltfach, Nevern, and was a deacon at Jabez, Cwmgwaun, for many years. The undertaker was Mr David Williams, Fishguard. On Monday morning the young daughter of Mr John Harries, of Castell, fell from a ladder leading to a bedroom, and sustained a severe cut on her head. She lies in a critical condition, being attended to by Dr. Owen. Owen. On Tuesday morning last, as-Mr Richard Vaughan, Pantgwyn Farm, was engaged in carting stones for road-mending near Llany- chaer, he missed his footing, and the wheel of the cart passed over his back. He was attended by Dr. Owen. The G.F.S. held an entertainment at the Girls' National Schoolroom an Friday even- ing last, under the presidency of the vicar, Rev. W. Evans, M.A. The following was the programml, :-Sketch, "Aunt Jobson." The following were the characters :—James Bruce, Miss Bessie Tavner; Kittie Bruce, Miss Margaret Tavner; Aunt Jobson, Miss Lucy Pratt; Lottie (her servant), Miss Edith Williams, Bank House. Pianoforte solo, Miss M. Tavner song, Miss Mabel Geoige song, Mrs Capt. Williams recitation, Miss Mary Garnon duet, Miss Florrie Eynon and Miss Tavner; recitation, Miiss S. A. Williams; solo, Mrs Carver; pianoforte solo, Miss M. Tavner song, Miss Mabel Spriggs recitation, Miss Martha Rowlands; recitation, Miss M. A. Eynon; song, Miss Bessie Tavner. The farce, I'-on't let the lady go," was then given, the characters being as follows ;—George Campbell, Miss M. Evans Emily Ann Hicks, Miss Bessie Tavner; Miss Mowbray, Miss Margery Maclver.—At the close the Chairman laid emphasis on the coming visit of Miss Town- end, who has lately returned from a tour in India, where she has been establishing the G.F.S. Miss Townend will address a meet- ing at the National School on March 6th, and will exhibit magic-lantern slides of India.—A hearty vote of thanks by the Chairman to all who had taken part, brought to a close a most enjoyable evening. A meeting of the Parish Council was held in the Girls' National Schoolroom, at 7.45 p.m., last Friday, when the follow- ing were present :—Capt. Titus Evans (in the chair), Messrs W. J. Vaughan, J. R. Richards, D. Morgan, D. Rees, D. M. Symmons, W. Patterson, D. Cornock and Ed. Davies.—The minutes of the previous, meeting were read and confirmed.—A bill from Mr J. S. Lewis of £5 5s 6d for light- ing was confirmed.-The draft order re Urban Powers was received from the Clerk of the County Council and was thoroughly gone into. The order stated that one District Councillor should be assigned to the Parish of Fishguard south and one Guardian for the new Urban District.—It was decided to recommend to the County Council that two members should be assigned to each parish.—On the proposition of Mr J. R. Richards, seconded by Mr Rees, the draft order was approved subject to the above recommendations.— It was decided to place an oil lamp in Brodog Terrace, and the Lighting Com- mittee were requested to make enquiries as to the necessity of a lamp at Penrallt. A highly successful social was arranged in the Temperance Hall lasft Friday even- ing by Mrs i 'evonald Edwards and Miss Edwards, Haverfordwest. Dancing was kept up from g o'clock until 2.30, and there ¡ I was not a dull moment from start to finish. I The M.L's were Messrs W. J. Morris, Letterston, and R. Howarth. Miss Lily Rosser, A.L.C.M., played some charming dance music. Several of the ladies ap- peared in very effective fancy costumes. Refreshments were provided in the inter- val. About fifty were present, and what is not usually the case, the fair sex were in a minority of two.

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