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North Pembrokeshire Farmers'…


North Pembrokeshire Farmers' Club. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. The annual meeting of the members of the North Pembrokeshire Farmers' Club was held at the Commercial Hotel, Fishguard, at 3 p.m. last Thursday, when the following were present: Mr J. C. Yorke (in the chair). Messrs H. M. Harries, Tregwynt; J. C. Bowen, W. G. Jamos, Pantypbilip Vincent Johns, D. H. Tresissillt; Griffiths, Mathry: H. Perkins, Penysgwarne; B. H. Munt, Haverfordwest; Aid. J. Rowlands, W. O. Griffiths, Rickeston Hail M. R. Harries, Llanrithan H. Lewis, Heaidre; W. R. Thomas, Llanwnwr; P. G. Lewis, Tyllwyd; H. W. Thomas, Jordanston W. T. Walters (treasurer), and W. R. Carver (secretary). On the proposition of the chairman, votes of condolence with the families of the late Rev. T. Johns, Mr Geo. Morris (who for years had acted as auditor of the club), and Mr Bowen, Llwyngwair, were passed, and the secretary was directed to convey the same to the re- spective families. The date of the next show was fixed for Friday, August 10. Lord Kensington was appointed President for the ensuing year, and the Vice-presidents consist of the following :-Mr Evan Jones, Col. Porter, Mr Owen Philipps,M.P., MessrsClement Williams, J. Wynford Philipps, M.P., Percy Arden, H. Harries, and Capt. F. R. Barhan. The General Committee appointed comprises the following :-Messrs J. Worthington, W. R. Thomas, T. E. Thomas, R. H. Harries, Ed. Perkins, F. Richardson, W. G. James, D. H. Bowen, W. T. S. Tombs, H. Wathen Thomas, Dr. Owen, D. P. Lewis, W. H. Evans, Tre- newydd Fawr W. L. Williams, W. Bateman, Vincent Johns, T. Griffiths, Priskilly T. Griffiths, Ffynondrudion W. Reynolds, Tre- howell; James Thomas, J. C. Yorke, Dr. W. Williams, Drim; J. H. Morton, LI. Griffiths, Castlecenlas H. Perkins, Penvssrwarne J. W. Reynolds, Barry Island W. Jaiiies, draper J. C. Bowen, T. G. Bennett, J. Thomas, Tre- vigan; H. Harries, Tregwynt; and W. D. Lewis. The Managing Committee was then appoin- ted, and are as follows :-Messrs T. E. Thomas, J. Rowlands, E. Perkins, D. H. Perkins, F. Richardson, D. H. Bowen, H. Wathen Thomas, W. Bateman, W. T. S.. Tombs, J. C. Yorke, Vincent Johns, J. C. Bowen, W. R. Thomas, Llanwnwr L. Griffiths, Rickeston; M. Harries, Llanrheithan W. J. Morris, T. Griffiths, Ffynondrudion W. George James, J. H. Morton, W. R. Lewis, Treberfe; J. W. Llew- ellyn, Bristgarn D. Reynolds, Trehowell; H. Lewis, Hendre W. F. Harries, Trebover and W. Smith, Churchlands. The Stewards were then chosen. Those for the Heavy Horses included Mr Griffiths, Rickeston Hall, besides the following old members :-Messrs M. Harries, LIaniheitban D. Reynolds, Trehowell; and J. Johns, Llan- vchaer. The old stewards for Light Horses—Messrs H. Wathen Thomas, J. C. Bowen, W. T. S. Tombs, H. Harries, Tregwynt; and H. Rees, Carne—had Mr D. Perkins, Trevelyn, added to their number. For Black Cattle, the following stewards were appointed:—Messrs H. Perkins, Penys- gwarne Harries (jun.), Trebover P. G. Lewis, Tyllwyd G. Griffiths, Pointz Castle T. Griffiths, Ffynondrudion and J. Rowlands. The old stewards for Coloured Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs-Messrs W. R. Thomas, W. R. Lewis, Treberfe and H. Bowen, Tresissillt—were re- appointed, as also was the esse for Butter— Messrs Howell Perkins, D. P. Lewis, and H. Morris—with the addition of Mr Phil Reynolds, Treglemais. Messrs J. C. Yorke and W. T. Walters were re-appointed measuring steward and treasurer respectively. The Prizes and Classes were then discussed. It was decided to do away with third prizes, as I the classes were so numerous. Mr W. G. James proposed that two judges should be appointed for the Blaek Cattle class, This was carried. j The prizes for Black Stock were unaltered, except that No. 13 for two-year-old Bull, bred by Exhibitor, was left out. The only changes in the prizes for any other pure breed were that No. 25, Yearling Bull, bred by Exhibitor, was left out, and in No. 27 it was decided to ask Messrs H. Hills and Sons to change the prize for a Yearling Hereford Bull. In the Cart Horses class, No. 29 was slightly altered to Cart Mare for agricultural pur- poses, with foal' shown' at foot," and No. 37, Foal by R.M.D. II." was left out. j In Light Horses class, it was decided to I omit" Welsh Pony, not exceeding 13.2 hands, I 3 years old and upwards (to be shown under saddle) and Pony not exceeding 13.2 hands, under 3 years old." | In connection with the Sheep Classes, Mr W. G. James, Pantyphilip, proposed that all should be reduced, but this was lost. j The classes for Pigs, Butter, Cheese and Eggs were unaltered. Mr Carver resigned his secretarial duties of the Show, his resignation being met with regret. i It was unanimously decided to elect Mr V. J. G. Johns as secretary, and in reply Mr Johns thanked the members for appointing him and said he would strive to justify their con- fidence in him. In the interests of the Show he would serve the first year without charge, beyond out-of-pocket expenses. Vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the proceedings, the members singing For he's a jolly good fellow."

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