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EATON POLO WEEK. A INTERESTING TOURNAMENT. The annual polo tournament at Eaton took place this week on the Duke of Westminster's private ground close to the Hall, and an interest- ing programme was arranged for each day. Both the Duke and the Duchess are at home, and entertained a large house party. Hay took place each afternoon. One side of the ground was reserved for the Eaton guests, and special marquees had been erected for their accommoda- tion. The opposite side was thrown open to the general public, who were present in large numbers on each occasion. The Duchess was present on the ground with many of her guests, bringiqg with her little Lady Ursula Grosvenor and The young Earl Grosvenor. The Right Hon. George Wyndham, M.P., the Countess Grosvenor, and Mr. P. Wyndham drove over from Saighton. The following was the house party at Eaton:—Lord and Lady Arthur Grosvenor, Lady Constance Richardson, the Hon. Ivor and Mrs. Guest, the Marquis of Cholmondeley and Lady Lettice Cholmondeley, the Countess Beauchamp, Miss Grosvenor, Mr. and Mrs. G. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. C. Miller, Lord Shrewsbury, Lord lngestre, Lord Wodehouse, the Hon. 0. Hastings, the Hon A. Bourke, Capt. de Crespigny, Mr. C. P. Nickalls, Capt. Jackson, Mr. Wade Palmer, Major Hobaon, Mr. and Mrs. Bellville, and Mr. Lindsay Fitzpatrick. Among others present were the Hon. Cecil T. Parker and Col. Wilford N. LLoyd. LIST OF GUESTS. The Duke and Duchess entertained largely for the tournament, and in addition to the bouse party, already mentioned, irrita- tions bad been issued to about 470 people to see the games. For Tuesday 92 invitations had boen issued, and a further 370 had been sent out for Thursday. The following is a list of the guests:—Mrs. Bamston, Mr. H. and the Misses Barnston (Crewe Hill), Col. and the Misses Rivers BuJkeky. Lieut.-Gon. S:r Charies Burnett, Millts Burnett and Miss Watson, Mr. and Mrs. St. John Charlton and the Misses Clmrlton, Sir Foster Cunliffo. Bart., Mr. and Mrs and Miss Court, the Dean of Chester, Mrs. and Mks Darby and Miss Hopwood, Major and Mrs. Dunn, Sir. and Mrs. J. J. de Knoop, Colonel F. J. and Mrs. Davies, Earl Egerion of Tatton and the ■ Duchess of Buckingham and Chandos, the Hon. Alan d i Tatton Egerton and Mirs. Egerton and Mr. Egerton, Sir Philip Grey- Egerton, Bart., the Earl of Enniskillcn and Lord Cole, Lady Olivia Fitzpatrick. Mr. and Mrs. II. Fitzpatrick, tho Rev. J. R. and Mrs. Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey FitzIIugh, Captain and Alm. F. Fetherston- haugh, Lord and Lady Haxleoh, Mr. Victor Hermon, Mr. E. W. Hermon, Captain W. O. HQlloway, the Bishop of Chester and Mrs. and MisB Jayne, Captain L. H. Jones, Lord Ken- yon, the Rev. M. W. and Mrs. Kinloah, Mrs. and Miss Leohe, General Sir Savage and the Hon. Lady Mostyn, Lord and Lady Mostyn, Brig«dier-GeDeral and Mrs. R. C. Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Peel, Mre. Park-Yates, Mr. K. P. Ridpath, Major and Mrs. lwl- cnfe. Captain J. J. Richaidoon, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. and Mies Swetenham, the Earl affid Countess of Sefton, Captain Sandilaxtds, Col. James Tomkinson and the Misses Tomkinson, Mr. and Mrs. H. and Miss Wilbrahsm, Sir Watkin Williams Wynn. and Miss Wynu, Capt. and MTh. Hubert Wilson, Katharine Duabess of Westminster, Lady Helen Grosvenor, the Cheshire Yeomanry Officers, Mrs. and Miss Ashmall (Eocleston), Mr and Mis. Hugh Alder- sey, General and Mrs. Adair, Mr. Alfred Aeh- worth and Mr. Astroorth, jWM". (Horeley Hail), Colonel and Mrs. Archdale, Mr., Mrs. and Miss Antrobus (Eaton Hall, Cottgloton), MT. and Mrs. R. T. B. Atcheadey, Colonel and Mra. Aitkm, Mr. and Mrs. G. Barbour, the Misees Barbour and MT. Robert Barbour, Mrs. Griffith-Bosoawen and Miss Bosoawen, the Veil. Arohdea of Chesrer and Mrs. and Miss Barber, Dr. and Mrs. Bridge, Mr. and Mrs. H. Barker (Heron Bridge1 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Birch and Miss Birch, Lieut.- Colonel and Mrs. Longford Brooke, the Rev. M. and Mrs. Elringron Braaett, Lieut. Coionel and Mrs. F. J. BonnaMe, Mrs. and- the Misses Butler, SiT Richard and Lady Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. T. Brocklebank, Sir Delves and Lady Broughton, Captain and Mrs. R. Bawiett- Barker (Gerwyn Hall, Wrexham), Mr. Arthur Rrooklebunst, Major and Mrs. Birch (St. Asaph), Mr. and MTlI. R. Birch, Mr. and Mus. W. H. and the Misses ChuTton, Mm. Pitcairn- Oa-mpbell, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. J. OWiimore, the Mayor and Mayoress of Chester, Mr. and the Htm. Mrs. Reginald Corbet, Mr. Randall Cholmondeley ajftd Miss Cholmondeley, Oolort&l and Mhfc. Hugh Cholmondeiey, Mr. J. Conway, the Officers of the Cheshire Regiment, Major and MTB. Clifford, Mr., Mrs. and Miss Cotton, Mr. Tervanoe Cole, Dr. W. M. Ltobie and the Misses Dohie, Dr. Herbert and Mrs. Dobie, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Dobie, Mr. Doug-las Dobie, MT. Cyril Dobie, Dr. and Mrs. Duff, Mra. Keith Douglas and Miss Keith Douglas, Mr. ar.d Mrs. C. P. Douglas and Mr. J. P. Douglas and Miffi Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. G. Dickson and the Misses Dickson, the Rev. Canon and Mrs. Drew, Lfout.-Colonel and Mrs. Dixon, Mr. and Mais. J. H. Dickson, Mr. V. H. Dickson, Mr and Mm. George Davies (Hart- ford), tho Rev. J. T. Davies, Colonel Evans- Lloyd and Miss Sybil Clark, the Rev. F. and Mn; Edwards, Dr. and Mre. Elliot, Mr. and Mrs. G. Olayton.East, Captain and Mrs. Ethelstan, Mr. Thomas and Lady Clare Eger- ton, Mr. and Mrs. T. Gibbons Frost, Mr. John M. Frost, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Frost, the Rev. Canon and Miss IVilden, the Rev. Canon Fletcher, Mr. R. and Miss Fraaer, Capt. and M-m. Fair, Capt. and Mrs. Fenwick, Mr. J. Wynne Ffoulkes, Mr. J, Foster (Nantwuch), the Rev. H. and Mrs. Grantham, the Rev. Canon and Mrs. and Mies Gamett, Mr. and Mis. J. Beroival Gamon, the Hon. Mrs. W. H. Glad- stone. Mr. W. G. C. Gladstone, and the Mi sses Gladstone, Dr. and Mrs. Granger, Arohdfeacon and Mrs. Gore and the Misses Gore, Mr. and Mrs. Gieenshields, Major and Mrs. Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Houghton, the Right Hon. H. J. and the Hon. Mre. Gladstone. Mr. and Mrs. Glegg, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Giles, Lieut.- Colonel and Mrs. Hanrey, the Rev. T, P. and Mm. Dimond Hogg. the Rev. E A. and J Mre. Hutton, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Hayes, Capt. and Mrs. Higeon, Colonel H. R. and Miss Howard (St. Asaph), Sir Wyndham, Hanmer and Lady Hanmer, Mrs. and Miss Hetrmon, Mr. and the Misses Howard, the Dowager Lady Hannaer, Sir W. and Lady Holland and Mr. Holland, Mr. Albert Homby, junr., Mr. and Mrs. D' Aroy Hartley, Major and Mrs. Hunts- man, Cbkxnel, Mrs. and Miss Cbtton-Jodrell, the Rev. F. and Mrs. Willougbby Jones, the Rev. F. and Mis. James, Major, Mrs. and the Misses Kearslov, Captain and Mrs. Kina^Fam- don Hall). Mr. and Mrs. Arthur KIKOWBS, Sir Horatio Lloyd, the Rev. E. C. and Mrs. Lowndes, Mr. and Mrs. Egerton Leigh and Miss Leigh. Major and Miss Leadbetter, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Laybourne, Mr. Humphrey Lynes and Mrs. Lynes, Captain, and Mrs. F. F. Lambarde. Lieut.-Colonel H. C. Cornwall Legh and Mis, Legh, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Littlsdalo, Capt. and Mrs. H. Heywood LonsdaJe. Mr. and Mrs. Hornby Lewis, Mr.. Mre. and Miss Lyon, Mr. and the Misses LittledaJe (Broxton), Mrs. John Maylor, Mr. and Mrs. and the Misses Mayhew, Lady Mamwarmg and Miss and Mr. H. S. Mainwaring. Major and Mrs. MacGilly- cuddy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Main-waring. Lienet.- Oolonel H. J. MoLaughten, Lord and Lady Newton, the Rev. L. E. and Mm. Owen, the Rev. A. F. and Mrs. Osfcrehan, Mr. O. and Miss Ormrod, the officers of the Royal Welch Fusil- iers, Wrexham- Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Potts, the Rev. the Hon. Algernon Parker and Mrs. and Miss Parker, Lady Pulcsfcon, Mrs. Park- Yates, Lieut.-GeneT&l Sir Roger and Lady Palmer, Mr. and MIs. Pilkington (Erbistoek Hall), Mr. and Mrs. de F. Pennefiather, Mr. and Mis. B. C. Roberts and Miss Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. R. Rigby, Mr. 8. Rasbotham, Capt. and Mrs. Hickman, Mrs. Scotland, tho Rev. Canon and Mrs. Cooper Scott and Miss Scott, Mr. and Mi-s. S. H. Saaidbach and tho Misses Sondlhach, Dr. and Mrs. Stolt:»rfcrth, the Rev. F. 'Bluey Stonex and Mrs. Stonex, Colonel and Mm Savage and Miss Savage, Mr. and Mis. F. Skip with, Colonel and Mrs. C. R. Simpson, Baron Von Schroder, Sir WaJter and Lady Shakerley, the Bishop of St. Asaph and Mrs. and Mias Edwards, Mr. F. W. Soames and Mrs. and Miss Soamiss, Mr. and Mie. Hugh Lyle Smyth, Capt. Sandilands, the Rev. W. and Mrs. Sparling, Mr. Walter Starkey, the Rev. W. E. and Mis. Torr, Mr. and Mm. Alfred Tyrer and Miss Tyrer, Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Thomson, Lord and Lady Tolle- mache. Mr. and Mra. C. Townshend, Mr. Brownlow Tower, Mrs. vtl J^iaBes Tower, Magor and Mrs. Tbrockmorten, Mr. F. and Mr. J. Tinsley, Mr. and Mre. Lee Townsend, Capt- and Mrs. Tilney. Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Tolle- mache. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Taylor, the Rev. and MIS. Tiott. Mr. Hugh Tinsley, Canon, Mre. and Miss Upperton, Colonel and the Hon. Mrs. Egertan War burton and the Misses War- burton, the Precentor and Mrs. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Welsfond, the Rev. J. H. and Mrs. Watmough, Major and Mrs. R. Williams- Wynn, Mr. and Mm. R. T. Wickbam, Colonel and Mrs. W-alker. the Rev. A. P. and inlm. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. George Egerton Warbur- ton. I MONDAY'S PLAY. The principal tournament is for a cup which is annually presented by the Duke of Westminster. On Monday play commenced with the first ties in ?M- p?.i- ? y?h f.11.,?"ng teatns being the I! the tournament, the following teams being the first to meet EATON. HOOTON (A). P. Wyndham (1) P. D. Holt (1) Major Hobson (2) J. H. Cookson (2) G. A. Miller (3) J. R. Heap (3) I Duke of Westminster-back-R. R. Heap. Eaton scored twice in the first four minutes, but Hooton succeeded in drawing level, getting their s??mnd goal just as the bell rang for the first change. In the next ten minutes. Eaton scored five, and added an eigth goal in the fourth period the third having proved a blank. Hootonslightly improved their position in the next ten minutes, scoring twice to Eaton's once, but in the last period, the home side increased the lead and won by ten goals to four. The next game was the following :— BCTTKR FLIES. ROVERS. G. B. S. Follett (1) Wade Palmer (1) | F. Bellville (2) Lord Ingestre. (2) Lord Wodehouse (3) Hon. Ivor Guest (8) I Hon. 0. Haatings-back-Capt. Sadlier Jackfon. In the first 10 minutes the Rovers scored three goals, and the Butterflies got two in the next period. The latter obtained the lead by one in the next 10 minutes, the Rovers not scoring at all. At the end of the fourth spell, the game was four goals all, but the fifth period was most exciting. Clever and even play on both sides was attended by varying fortunes, and when the bell rang, the score stood-Bntterflies 7, Rovers 6. There was I no scoring in the last period, and the Butterflies thus won. TUESDAY. I 1 uesday s play opened with further tjs in the  tournament, the first teams to meet being the I following HOOTON (B). SAIGHTOX. Cipt. Holland (1) G. Wyndham (1) E. W. Brindle (2) Lord Shrewsbury (2) G. P. Sanday (3) Capt. E. D. Miller. (3) Capt. Sandilands—back—C. D. Miller. The opening period was very even and about I seven or eight niinu tt elapsed before the scorers were troubled. Both sides then registered within a few moments of each other, and Saighton took the lead at the end of the period. After chang- ing, Saighton made rapid progress, adding four goals before the players were called in. They increased their total to seven in the third ten miautes; but in the following period Hooton scored twice, the game then le3.ding-Saighton 7, I Hooton 3. In the final stages of the game Saighton steadily improved their position, and won by the handsome score of 10 to 3. The next match was as follows I HOTSPCRS. HOOTON (C). I C. W. Banbury. (1) W. Nelson .?: (1) Ld. Hugh Grosvenor (2) G. Lockett (2) C. P. Nickalls (3) T. B. Forwood (3) I Capt. D. V. OeLmpbell-back-E. Forwood. This was a still more one-sided game than the I last. The Hotspurs scored three goals in the I first 10 minutes and steadily increased their lead t in each of the subsequent periods until the fifth, when Hooton registered their only goal. In the last spell the Hotspurs gained two more goals and I won by 8-1.




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