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CONN AH S QUAY & SHOTTON. A PLAGUE OF DOGS.—A Shotton resident Writer complaining of the intolerable nuisance 0446ed by the dogs in the district. He says ^■ariy every person owns a dog, and at night it Jø almost a. physical impossibility to get a wink of sleep owing to the howling and barking of them cms. In the daytime they run wild in Mig of a doren or moro, and it is not infre- lloent to hear of persons being bitten by them. ^attfens are rooted up wholesale, and the destruction caused is very annoying. It ie fre- quetnly aeked when are the Flintshire County Council going to enforce the collar or muzzling order, which ie in force in nearly every other town. The aggrieved residents have practically tIQ remedy when they get a bite, as they cannot 11& a rule find out who owns the dog. Perhaps the proper authorities will kindly see into this lnto!erable nuisance. THE CYCLE CARNIVAL.—"A Reader" Writes:—Much speculation is going on in ConnaJi's Quay and Shotton at the present time a* to whether there is going to be a cycle carnival this year in aid of the Shotton and Connah's Quay Sick Nursing Associations. It will be remembered that the Carnival Committee have been the means of considerably enhancmg the fuj.dii of tlui association for the past, s:x years and without these functions one fails to eoc where sufficient support will come from to "P the associations going. This time last year a Coiyi in itt-c-e was formed and everything was forking smoothly, but up to now nothing has hoeu done. No doubt the ill-advised utterances Of some of the members of the association at their annual meeting have much to do with it. It 1EI to be hoped that those responsible for the ^irupiion will try and rectify their error, and tlLai a carnival will yet be held and that all differences will be forgotten. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES.—The anni- versary services in connection with the Metliodist l'.I(}W Connexion Church were continued on Sunday. Mr. David Jones, of Hartsheath, occu- pied the pulpit morning and evening, there being crowded congregations. In the afternoon P.S.A. service was held, presided over by Mr. ph Hall, Mayor of Flint, who. in the course of an excellent address, said he first attended a JtJeeting in connection with that church some 50 yeara ago, and he was glad to notice the rapid ?tf'de» they had made since then. The follow- In.9 contributed selections:—Master James Cliffe centre), Mr. James Downey (Buckley), Mies Rati-o PeterB (Buckley). Mr. Jack Hughes (Connah's Quay), and Master J. Morrall. The choir, who had been carefully trained by Mr. E. wards, rendered the anthem "0 worship the in a praiseworthy manner. The children so rendered several special hymns. At the norvice Miss Eva Vaughan and Mr. W. r- Williams effectively rendered the duet "Love divine." Mr. R. Edwards prosided at the- ^■"gan, and the collection amounted to 222.- Anniversary services in connection with the ^olftyn Presbyterian Church were held on ny The Rev. G. Parry Williams, M.A., of °°>rtli Wales, gave excellent addresses morning 1\nQ. evening to crowded congregations. The 5hoir, under the eonductorship of Mr. James rince, gave fine interpretations of "Sun of my tioilt,17 the "Te Deum," and "Be glad and re joioe." Mr. J. T. Prince and Mr. Arthur ■Humphreys presided at the organ. TRACED BY FINGER PRINTS. The oarford youth who had given the name James Wilkinson, was on Monday afternoon charged on remand at the old Police Court with stealing eight rrs, three pains of scissors, and one pair of cutting sbaars, valued at JSl. 10s., from the of Ernest. Garland, at High.?fcreefc Con- na.h's Quay.Supt. Ivor Davies, D.C.C., said ~>a't while at H.M. Prison, Ruthin, on remand, the governor caused impressions of the Pi'iSKwier's finger prints to be forwarded to C<>J. land Yard, the result, being that the accused W-q¡i identified as George Thompson, against. hom previous convictions were recorded — he prosecutor said that on the morning of Saturday, the 27th July, he missed the articles and found that an entrance had n dfected through a broken window at the r of the premises. He now identified the 'cissiors, taxor and shears produced as his pro- ,rty.-Itoix-rt, Newns, hairdresser, of 1, Groe- ^■nor-road, Chester, said that on tho 27th alt. t6 prisoner called at his shop and sold him coi.w-,rs and razor produced for 6d. He fitness) subsequently handed the articles to detective Crewe, of the Chester City Police orce.-Robrt. Bould. the owner of a hair- 'f'.sser's shop at Najrtwich-road. Crewe. said that on the 50th July the., prisoner sold him the hair-cutting sheais produced for 2s. and a packet of cigarettes. He (witness) afterwards handr-d the shears to the police.—P.O. Samuel ^hesiiers, Connah's Quay, spoke to receiving t6 prisoner from the Chester police at Sand- eh, when he pleaded guilty to the theft. Ih}2$ remembelw{ seeing the accused in yf'ineh-street, Connah's Quay. at 2.45 on the aight of tho robbery.—The prisoner now pleaded lgllilty.-In consideration of his having been in Custody since the 31st July, the bench sentenced hi-n to six weeks' imprisonment- with hard la bour. MINISTER'S NEW APPOINTMENT.—The lbariy English Wesleyan friends of Connah's 1.tay and district wiii learn with regret that, the Rev. S. G. Scott is leaving the district; to tah up a more important position in Warwick- shire. Mr. Scott has for some years been circuit Minister for the various Wesleyan churches here he has made a host of friends. and his departure will be regretted by many. HOMING.—On Saturday the Shotton and district Homing Society flew Bath. Somerset- shire, a distance of some 136 miles. Something l-'e a record number of birHs w<-ft' despatched Oil Friday evening, and were liberated at rune ° clock on Saturday morning by Mr. Hay. After close caleuation of velocities, the result of the first three were:-l, Redfern Brothers, Fron- I"ou<.l. Connah's Quay; 2. William Horton. City- W-la(i Shotton; 3, Joseph Willington, Pentre, Queen's Ferry. ASSESSMENT ANOMALY.—The valuer appointed by the Holywell Ai-teesmeni. Committee b- we understand, completed his assessment Of the urban district of Connah's Quay, and ^any of his assessments, it is rumoured, are most '^ittJaaonable. For instance, houses which aro "^seesed at J312 in Connah'cs Quay arc only aa9ewsed at JS4 at Nori,hop Hall. It is an indis- putable fad that the property of Shotton and .h Quay is a1 higher than in any tart of the county. Why this should be many 41X5 at a loss to understand. Winter is fast Corning upon us, and nothing has yet been done to cope with the filthy roads and parapets, which 4m a standing disgrace to any civilised plaoe. I'-Plc, are compelled to pay rates. far in excess those in many fashionable towns, where they have good roads, parks, etc. If the Connah's Quay and Shotton Ratepayers' Association is not Defunct it might be asked of them what they In to do in the matter. WEDDING.—A pretty wedding wae eolem- zod at St. Ethelwold's Church on Saturday, the contracting parties being Mr. David Wild, of Shotton, and Mies Caroline Victoria Norbury, ?'dest daughter of Mr. James H. Norbury, of 41??ilby -terrace. Sho,ton-lane. The church  full of friends and weU-wisbers. The Rev. ?- H. Parkes, M.A., pric?t-ir-chargc. omeiated, the bride was given away by her father. e was attended by Miss May Norbury, o Hazeldine, Ethel Wild and Miss Wild 1\6 bridesmaids, and they carried bouquets pre- ^ted by the bridegroom. Mr. Whitaker acted best man. Immediately after returning from ? Ureh the weeding party had their photographs taken close by the Shotton Cricket Club pavilion, II.nd afterwards the wedding breakfast was par- taken of at the bi-ide's mother's residence. The P^sents were many and costly. The happy pair left about 4.30 for Blackpool, where the honey- lOOn will be auent.
















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