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FLINT. I The third annual show was held in the Cattle Grounds on Wednesday, and eclipsed all previous ventures. There were some excellent exhibits, 580 being staged. The space was taxed to its utmost. Unfortunately, rain fell all afternoon and evening, whilch told on the attendance. The Flint and Connah's Quay bancis played for dancing, and an elegant array of star arti6ts displayed their turns with marked effect. The proceedings terminated with a ball in the Town Hall. The following is a list of the prizes:— SECTION f.-COTTAGEWI-). Vegetables. Spring onions: 1. Mrs. Bixjcklev, Red House; 2, Edwd. Hayes, Holy- well-road. Aufi'.irrn onroii.s: 1. P. MeCorinie! School iiou.v:; 2, Thomas Roberta, CQrnist Cot- tages. Eschalots: 1, Thomae Jones Williams, Chapel-street; 2, James Brock ley, Red Houses. Turnips: 1, Thos. Roberts: 2, P. McCormick. Carrots: 1, Richard Thomas, Chester-street: 2, Wni. Bcavan, Coleshill. Parsnips: 1, Wm. Beavan 2, R. Thomas. Beet: 1, Wm. Beavan 2, John Lloyd, Earl-street. White kidney potatoes: 1, Edward Hayes, Holy well- road; 2, Wm. Beavan. White round potatoes: 1, James Brockiev; 2, W. Roberts, Marsh Cot- tage. Potatoes (any kind): 1, J. O. Jones, Oak- inholt: 2, T. J. Williams. White cabbages: 1, j W. Beavan; 2. Thomas Roberts, Cornist Cot- tagea Red cabbages: 1. Thoi. Upton, Duke- street; 2, Thomas Roberts. Peas: 1, Thomas Roberts; 2, Win. Beavan. French beans: 1, i Edward Hughes; 2, W. Roberts. Broad beans: 1. Richard Thomas: 2, Thomas Roberts. Cos; lettuce: 2. Edward Dean, Hill-street. Cabbage! lettuce: 1. Wm. lieavan; 2. James Brockley. Parley: 1, T. J. Williams; 2, Richard Thomas, Red celery: 1, Thomas Upton; 2, Richard Thorn an. White celery: 1, Thomas Upton; 2, James Brockley. Rhubarb: 1, Thomas Upton; 2, Edward Hayes. Leeks: 1, Wm. Beavan; 2, T. J. Williams. Collectioin of vegetables: 1, Wm. Beavan; 2 (equal), Thomas Roberts and T. J. Williams. Fruit. Cooking apples: 1, Evan Davies, Hill-street; 2, Be'tlis, Feather-street. Dessert applet*: 1, W. B. Foulkes, Rockliffe; 2. T. B. Bellis, M utn forth -.itreet. Pears: 1. W. B. Foulkes: 2, George Davi. Brook Cottage. Gooseberries: 1, W. Beavan: 2, T. B. Bellis. Black currants: 1, T. B. Belli*. Red currants: 1. '1'. B. Bellis. Flowers.—Bouquet of cut flowers: 1, James Brockley: 2, E. Hayes. Dahlias: 1. T. J. Morris, Eyton Terrace; 2, J. Brocklcv. China asters: 1, T. B. Bellis. Ten week stocks: 1. T. B. Bellis. Carnations or picotees: 1. T. B. Bellia; 2, W. Beavan. Sweet peas: 1, James Brockley; 2, George Davies. Pansies: 1, Edward Hayes. Pot plant: 1, W. Roberts: 2, J. Brockley. Table decoration: 1, Miss E. Jones, Feather-street; 2, Mrs. T. B. Be!lis. SECTION M. AMATEURS. Vegetables.—Spring onions: 1. T. W. Hughes, Coleshill; 2, C. J. Bishop, Crown Inn. Autumn oniorm: 1. C. J. Bishop; 2, T. W. Hughes. Eschalots: 1. Robert Williams: 2, John Hughes. Coach and Hor^v. Turnips: 1, T. W. Hughes; 2, Thomas Roberts, Cornist Cottages. Carrots: 1. T. W. Hughes; 2, K. Lombard. East-street. Parsnips: 1. Thos. Carr, Seafield; 2, C. E. Dyson. IVet: 1. C. J. Bishop; 2, K. Lombard. White kidney potatoes: 1. Ed. Williams. Cattle-street; 2, T. W. Hughes. White round potatoes: 1, Ed. Williams; 2, J. R. Alexander, Oakenholt. Potatoes (any kind): 1. C. E. Dvson; 2. E. Williams. White cabbage: 1. R. Williams: 2. E. Williams. Red cabbage: 1, R. Williams: 2. C. J. Bishop. Cauliflowers: 1, C. J. Bishop; 2, Thomas Carr. Peas: 1, Thomas Roberts; 2. T. W. Hughes. French beans: 1. K. Lombard; 2, C. J. Bishop. Broad beans: 1. C. J. Bishop; 2, Thomas Roberts. Cos Lettuce: 1, D. Dale, Manor Farm; 2, R. Jones. Bridge Side. Cabbage lettuce: 1. Thos. Carr; 2, R. Williams. Parsley: 1, C. J. Bishop; 2, D. Dale, Red celery: 1. D. Dale: 2, T. Carr. White celery: 1. D. Dale. Cucum- bers: 1, J. R. Alexander: 2. John Lloyd. Rhubarb: 1. Robert Williams: 2. John Lloyd. Salisbury-street. Leeks: 1. Thomas Carr: 2. D. Dale. Collection of vegetables: 1, T. W. Hughes; 2. J. R. Alexander. Fruit.—Tomatoes: 1. Thos Carr. Hardy fruit (thiec dishes): 1. T. W. Hughes; 2. D. Dale. Dessert apples: 1. T. W. Hugho.s; 2, D. Dale. Kitchen apples: 1, A. B. Lloyd Halkyn- street; 2, K. Lam bard. Dessert pears: 1, W. B. Foulkes; 2. D. Dale. Plums: 1, T. W. Hughes; 2, D. Dale. Gooseberries: 1. D.Dale; 2, T. W. Hug-bee. Black currants: 1. D. Dale. Red currants: 1, D. Dale. Flowois.—Table decoration: 1. Miss L. E. Hughes. Heathfield 2, M iss Woof. Stocks: 1, I J. R. Alexander; 2, C. E. Dyson. AEoteis: 1, T. Carr. Roses: 1. T. W. Hughes Sweet peas: 1. J. R. Alexander; 2. T. W. Hughes. Dahlias: 1. T. W. Hughes; 2. D. Dale. Car- nations or piootees: 1, C. J. Bishop Bouquet of cut flowers: 1, C. E Dyson. Pansies: 1. J. B. Denny. Four coleus: 1, T. W. Hughes. SECTION III.—Open. Collection of stove and greenhouse pa-rits: 1. F Woof, Chester-road; 2. '1'. Carr, Leafield Four stove ferns: 1. J. E. Bankes. K.C. Four coleus: 1, T. W. Hughes; 2, J. E. Bankes, K.C. Six out roses: 1, J. R Alexander. Her- baceous cut flowers: 2, E. G. Copley, Wcpre Villa. Connah's Quay. Basket of flowers: 1. J. E. Bankes, K.C.; 2, J. R. Freme, NN7epi, Hall. Cucumbers: 1, J. R. Freme; 2. J. E. Bankee. Tomatoes: 1, T. Carr; 2, J. R. Freme. Six tuberous-rooted begonias: 1, J. R. Freme. Carnations 1, J. E. Bankes, K.C. 2. E. G. Copley. Dahlias (cactus): 1. E. G. Copley; 2. J. E. Bankes. Dahlias (show or fanoy) 1, J. R. Freme. Sweet peas: 1. W. Brooks, Soughton; 2, J. E. Bankes. Six stove or greenhouse plants: 1, J. E. Bankee. SECTION IV.-School Children. Bouquet of wild flowers (prize given by C-apt. E. J. H. Williams): 1. Winnie Adams. R.C. School; 2. Maggie Griffiths, RC. School; 3, Florrie Lloyd, Haikyn-street; 4. Bertie John son. Nant. Collection of v?geiables, boys un- der 14 (given by bhe late Mayor of Flint): 1, John W. Hewitt, R.C. School; 2. Wm. Sher- ratt, R C. School; 3, Robt. Parry, R.C. SohooL CoLlection of 'hardy and half-hardy annuals, girls under 14 (given by the late Mayor of Flint) 1. Mary Bradley; 2, Maggie McCormick; 3, Maggie Griffiths SPECIAL PRIZES. Best kept and cropped vegetable garden (prize given by Major Dyson): 1, C. J. Bishop; 2. Edw. Hayes; special, Richard Thomas. Most prettily arranged and beet flower garden, under 912 rental (given by the. Town Clerk of Flint, Mr. T. W. Hughes): 1, Robert Jones; 2, FAw. Hayes. Best inside window garden, facing road, under JE12 (given by Dr. J. H. Wil- liams: 1, F. Woof; 2. A. J. Motbersoie. Hal- kyn-street. Climbing .plants on wall, trellis, etc. (given by the late Mayor of Flint): 1, J. R. i Alexander; 2, R. W. Bowen. Chester-street. Coitection of vf?ctabies (given by Messrs. McIIattie, Chester): 1. T. J. Williams. Beet back-yard flower garden (given by Mr. F. Woof! 1. H. Cartwright, Swan-street.


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