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BUNBURY. I A FINE AND VARIED SHOW. I The thirteenth annual exhibition under the I auspiced of the Bun bury Horticultural Society, whose president is Mr. R. Brocklebank, was held on Wednesday in the Oaldande Park, by kind permission of Major J. M. Gordon. Un- fortunately, the event was attended by wretched weather. About two o'oloek rain began to fall, and continued heavily throughout the remainder of the day, reducing the ground to a soaking condition. On this account tbe-attendanoe must have suffered severely, yet in the ciroumstanoes •free* was Dome consolation in the fact that a few hundreds should have braved tho dduge in order to visit the show. As in previous years, a programme of athletic sports had been arranged, as some competitors had come from a consider- able distance, the committee, with heroic deter- mination, had the events carried out, although the majority of the spectator contente d them- selves with a distant view of the racing from the sheltering tents. Fine weather on this occasion would have been particularly welcome to the society, because for some years past it has met with extraordinary misfortune through the visitations of Jupiter Pluvius. Two large mar- quees were devoted to the horticultural exhibits, and roots, butter, bread honey, eggs, etc.; while the cheese show, which is always a popular and well-supported adjunct of the Bunbury Flower Show, occupied a separate marquee. The entries in every department were well up to the average, and the quality of the horticultural exhibits generally agreeably e-urpnised the judges. Perhaps the most striking features were sweet peas and the children's display of wild fruit and flowers. Owing to the encourage- ment which is given in the low! schools to nature study, and to special prize's offered to children at this show, the competition in wild fruit and flows is a keen and growing one, as is evidenced by the fact that there were 130 exhibits as compared with 99 last year. Among the wild flowers oome very rare specimens in- eluded the ro t harrow, a flower belonging to the pea family and the scabius. The hardy fruit was a unique exhibition, and reflected great credit on the children, four of the collections being pronounced excellent, embracing practically every variety of wild fruit in the district. Among the rarer specimens noticed were wild gooseberries, mulberries, s?ocs. and wood-strawberries. In rfiui Ib urri ',Lt-:k, 6!oes, and wooK]-,?trawb?--rnes. In a pre-eminent exhibitor, had on this occasion to be content with third prizes in both causes owing to deficiency in arrangement, although the quality left nothing to be desired. Com- petition was exceedingly strong, and some very fine varieties included the Mrs. HardccMlc Svkes, the Countess Spencer. Bolton's Pink, Mr. Henry Eckford and Helen Pierce. Table decora- tions shewed much artistic ta.;te. Plants in the gentlemen's gardeners' section shewed an im- provement, splendid palms from Mr. Gordon Houghton being a distinguishing feature. Fine collections of fruit from Lord Tollemache and Mr. C. Threlfall attracted much notice. Ferns, stove and greenhouse plants, and collections of vegetables were all well represented. In the latter there was very little to choose between the collections shewn by Mr. R. Brocklebank and Mr. C. Threlfall. w ho were awarded first and second prizes respectively. Button-holes were considered to be too large —a fault which the judges had occasion to mention in previous years. The vegetable section throughout was distinctly above the average in quality. As to the hardy fruit, the unripe state of apples and pears indicated the backwardness of the season. Black currants were exceptionally fine, being generally twice the size of those seen in otlier disfcric s. Potatoes did not appear to have been affected by the destructive blight, and they are always a strong feature at Bun. bury. Special prizes, offered by Mrs. Gordon for eschalots produced a strong competition, and a finer collection could not have been seen. A much admired feature of the show was a col- lection of dahlias (not for competition) from Mr Ecott, Adleston. Surrey, which was very highly commended by the judges. Considering the un. favourable econ. the first and second prize sections of honey were excellent. Extracted honey was on the whole good in colour, but lacking very much in density. The judges were r Horticulture. Messrs. Tant (Calveley Hall), John Breen (Tattenhall), Roberts (Sham- ton Hall. Northenden), Wobbcrley (Oulton Park), and G. F. Dutton (Bunbury); honey. the Rev. T. J. Evarw>; butter, Mrs. Piatt (Eaton) and Mr. T. Parton (Weston Hall); table decorations. Miss Edmon, Mrs. Forwood and Mrs. Ash ton; cheete, Messrs. W. Austin (Manchester). H. E. Holt (Rochdale), W. Thomas (Liverpool) and J. Smith (Bradford) roots, Messrs. T. Parton and I. A. Brown. During the afternoon the Duchess of West- minster paid a visit to the show, and distributed the prizes A hearty vote of thanks was pa.ed to her Grace on the proposition of Mr. W. Dutton, seconded by Mr. C. Parton. The Jatter said agricuiturisr.s observed with pleasure the practical interest which the Duohees took in the Cheshire cheese industry, which had made Cheshire one of the leading agricultural counties in the United Kingdom. On behalf of his brother farmers he welcomed her noble husband as Master of the Cheshire Hounds, and could say on their behalf that they would welcome the Duke over their land and give him as good sport as there had e\er been in Cheshire. (Applause.) The Duchess, who briefly acknowledged the compliment, congratulated the society upon the excellence of the show, and added that as the wife of the Master of the Cheshire Hounds she hoped the farmers would give him a welcome and help to secure good sport. Mr. Robert Vickens (Bunbury Heath) and Mr. G. Brookes ably discharged the duties of show and sports secretaries respectvely. The sports judges were Major J. M. Gordon, Capt. Jones, Dr. Archer, Dr. Robertson, Mr. J. B. Littiedale and Mr. W. J. Blain. Gentlemen's gardeners.—Stove plants in bjoom 1. R. Brocklebank (T. Wink worth); 2, C. ThrelfaJl (T. Herbert). Stove plants in foliage: 1, J. Gordon Iloug-htoai (C. Sprack- l-:ng-); 2, C. Threlfall; 3, R. Brookiehssik. Greenhouse* plants in bloom 1, R. Brockle- bank; 2, C. Threfall; 3, Mrs. Blain (W. Davenport). Specimen plant: 1, J. Gordon Houghton; 2, C. Threfall. Begonias (tuber- ous rooted): 1, R. Brocklebank; 2, Mis. Blain. Ferns: 1, Mrs. Blain 2, R. Brockle- bank 3, C. Threlfall. CoAeus: 1, R. Brockle- bank. Geraniums: 1, R. Brocklebank. Plants arranged for effect: 1, R. Brocklebank; 2, C. Threlfall; 3, Lord Tollemache. Button- holes: 1, Mrs. Dixon; 2, R. Brocklebank; b c, Mis. Blain. Carnations: 1, J. Gordon; 2, 0. Threlfall. Roses: 1, R. Brockle- bank 2, J. Gordon Houghton; 3, C. Threlfall. Collection of sweet peas without foliage: 1, R. Brocklebank; 2, J. Gordon Houghton; 3, Major J. M. Gordon h c, Mrs. Blain. Collection of swceit potts with foliage: 1, J. Gordon Houghton; 2, Mis. Dixon; 3, Major Gordon; h c, Mrs. Blain. Annuals: 1, C. Threlfall; 2, Mrs. Blain. Tomatoes: 1, C. Threlfall; 2, R. Brocklebank. Collection of fruit: 1, C. ThnelfaJl; 2, Lord Tollemache. Collection of hardy fruit: 1, J. Gordon Houghton; 2, Major Gordon. Collection of vegetables: 1, R. Brooklebank, 2, C. Tbrelfall; v h c, Major Gordon. Spccial prizu-Th.ble decorations (ladies) 1, M. Byrd; 2, Miss Robertson; 3, Miss Meet wood. Table decorations (cottagers and maidservants) 1, Miss Rothery; 2, Miss E. Dutton (May-fields) 3 Mrs. T. Frodsham. Table decorations (gentlemen.) 1, H. Chet- wood; 2, S. Triokiett; 3, W. Davenport. Cot- tagers' window plant: 1, F. Proctor; 2, Mrs. A Brookes; 3, Mrs. T. Latham. Bunch of escliaiots: 1, F. P root or; 2, T. Thompson. Collection of cut garden flowers: 1, F. Proc- tor; 2, T. Frocfebam; 3, G. Hewitt (Tiktane.) Honey (prizes presented by Mrs. Gordon).— Six lib. bottdes (cottagers): 1, MTS. Mcssford; 2, Mrs. C. Thompson. Shallow boxes: 1, G. Woolley (Little Bud worth); 2, Mrs. Moffiforo; 3, T. Vickers. Twelve lib. bottles (open): 1, W. Reeoe (Tarparley); 2, J. Recce. Six lib. sections: 1, J. Reeoe; 2, W. Reeoe; 3, C. Threlfall; 0, S. Mossford. AMATEURS.—Greenhouse plants: 1, C. E. Parton; 2, R. J. Parker. Specimen 'green- house plant: 1, C. E. Parton; 2, R. Vickers. Begoniaa: 1, C. Parton; 2, G. F. Dutton; 3, G. W. Hewitt. Geraniums: 1, R. V iclrers 2, C. Parton. Roses: 1, W. Dutton; 2, Dr. Archer. Asters: 1, Mrs. D. E. Byrd; 2, C. Parton. Double dahlias: 1, C. Parton. Qao tus dahlias: 1, C. Parton. Porn-porn dahlias: 1, C. Parton. Sweet peas without foliage: 1, H. Ohetwcod; 2, R. J. Parker. Annuals: 1, Mors. Byrd; 2, H. Chetwood. Perennials: 1, Dr. Robertson; 2, MTS. Byrd; h c, Dr. Archer. Dwssert apples: 1, J. Hughes; 2, G. W. Hewitt. Kitchen apples: 1, G. W. Hew it; 2, W. Dutton (Brmdley Hall. Pears: 1, Mrs. Byrd; 2, C. Parton Plums: 1, H. Chetwood; 2,- G. F. Du;tton. Gooseberries: 1, H. Chet- wood; 2, Dr. Robertson. Red currants: 1, H. Chetwood; 2, W. Jackson. Black currants: 1. J. Evans (Bulkeley); 2, Dr. Robertson; he, H. Cbetwood. Tomatoes: 1, C. Parton. Cucumbers: 1, C. Parton. Kidbey (whito,&nd coloured) potatoes: 1, J. Evans. Variety of potatoes) 1, J, Brood beans: 1, G. F. Dutton; 2, J. Evans. Peas: 1, J. Hughes; 2j G. F. Dutton; h<^ J. Harghes and W. Wool- ley. Onions: 1, J. Piatt, junr.; 2, Dr. Robert- son. Eschalots: 1, Dr. Robertson; 2, J. Evans. Cabbages: 1, W Dutton. Catil flowers: 1, J. Piatt; 2, Dr. Archer. Red cabbage: 1, W. Woolley. Beetroot: 1, Dr. Robertson; 2, C. Parton. Vegetable marrow- (white): 1, Mrs. Byrd. Carrots: 1, J. Plat; 2, Mrs. Byrd. Table turnips: 1, Dr. Archer; 2, J. Platt. junr. Lettuce: 1, J. Platt, junr 2, Mrs. Ernest Vickers. Rhubarb: 1, W. I Woolley; 2, J. Evans Herbs: 1, Mrs. Byrd; 2, J. Hughes. I COTTAGERS.—Four window plants: 2. Mrs. Frod-,hum. Two window plantas: 1, T. I Latham; 2, T. Frodsham. Specimen plant: 1, T. Lartham; 2, T. Frodsham. Roses: 1, T. Hewitt; 2, T. Frockhana. Stocks: 1, Mrs. F. Vickers; 2, Geo. Hewitt (Tilstone). Double dahlias: 1, J. H. Jackson. Cactus dahlias: 1, J H. Jackson. Pom-pom dahlias: 1, J. H. Jackson. African marigold: 2, G. Hewitt. Sweet was without foliage: 1, G. Sumner: 2. Mitrk Bennion; 3, G. Hewitt. Sweet p- -.e-s with foliage: 1, F. Proctor; 2, G. Hewitt; 3, M.. Bennion. Perennials: 1. F. Proctor; 2, G. Hewitt. Annuals: 1, F. Procter: 2. T. Frodsham. Hand bouquet: 1. Mis. C. Thompson; 2, T Frodsham. Hollyhocks: 1. J Guest Dessert apples: 1, G Hewitt; 2. J Guest. Kitchen app-les: I, J. H .Jackson: 2, H. Jackson. Plums: 1. Mrs. F. Vickers: 2, T. Nightingale. Gooseberries: 1, Mrs. C. Thompson; 2, G. Hewitt. Currants (red; 1, F. Proctor; 2, G. Sumner. B!ack currants: 1, M. Bennion 2. Mrs. C. Thompson. Kidnev potatoes, white and coloured 1, T. Latham 2. T. Frodsham 3, J. Guetst. Round potatoes, white and oo louiied 1, T. Latham 2, J. Guest; 3, W. Stookton. Varieties of pota- i toes: 1, J. Gucvt 2, W. Stockton; 3, T. Latham. Broad bcHjrs: 1, T. Thompson; 2, J. H. Jackson; 3, W. Stockton. Runner beans: 1, T. Frodsham. Dwarf beans: 1. T. Frodsham. Peas: 1, T. Latharn; 2, G. Hewitt: 3, T. Frod?hiun Onions: 1, G Hewitt; 2, H. Jaekwm. Carrots: 1, F Proctor; 2, G. Hewitt Celery: 1. G Hewitt; 2, H Jack- son. Vegetable marrows (tureen) 1, T. Fred. aharri. Vegietable marrows (white) 1, T. FrodslKiin Eschalots: 1, T. Thompson; 2, T Latham Red cabbage. 1, G. Hewitt; 2. G. Sumner. Cabbages: 1, G. Hewitt 2. T. Proctor. Boietroot: 1. F. Proctor?; 2, A. Griffiths. Savoys: 1. H Davenport 2, J. Guest. Cauliflowers: 1, A. Griffiths; 2. H. Jackson. Table turnips. 1, F. Prootor; 2, H. Jackson. Letuoe.: 1, F. Proctor; 2, A. Griffiths. Parsnips: 1, F. Proctor; 2. G. Hewitt. Rhubarb: 1, C. Elson. Parsley: 1. Mrs. C. Thompson; 2, T. Latham. Leeks: 1, G. Hewitt; 2, J. Guest. Collection of herbs: 1, F. Proctor; 2, G. Hewitt; 3, J. Guest. BOTTER-Two pounds of butter (open to cottagers) 1, Mrs. Bebhingtosi (Pinfold House); 2, W. Twisk (Ridley); 3, Mrs Evans (Bulkeley) Butter (open) 1. R. Brocklebank 2, Mrs. Blain 3, Mm. Jane Jones (Hargrave); I-. c, Mies S. Jones (Huxley); c, Mrs. E. For- wood. Dressed fowl, ..1, 1\11:95 Couzerie (Al- praham); 2, Mrs Evans (Bulkeley). Dreei ed ducks: 1, Mrs J. Jones; 2, Miss Couzens; b u, MIs. Evans; c, Miss Hodkinson. White eggB 1, Mr. S. Dim ton 2, Mrs. F. A. Hanks 5t. R Brocki-ebank; vhc, Majjor J. M. Gordon; he, Mrs. D. E. Byrd. Coloured eggs: 1, Mifs Glutton 2, Miss L Sheen; 3. E. Groooft (Haughton); h c. W. Twist. Bread 1, Mrs. Edwards; 2, MTis- E. Vickers; 3, Mrs. T. F rodsham. WILDFLOWERS.—Bouquet: 1, Gertie Lovckin; 2, Grace Woolley 3, Mary Elson and Fred Cookson; 4, Frank Ambrose; 5, j Donul Jackeoti; 6, Jessie Elson; 7, Doris Mathews. Jessie Rutter and Annie Helsmore. Collect Vein of wild fiowem (najtra^d): 1. F. OartmaJe; 2, Annie Large; 3, J. Byrd; 4. F. Vickers; 5, W., H. and F. Ambrose, 7, J. Davien and F Tiimnis, 8, A. Edwards. Wild fruit: 1, Annie Large; 2, F. Gartmale; 3, J. Byrd; 4, W. Parker; 5, T. Tbelwell; 6, C. Large; 7, W. Critchley; 8. B. Tyler, J. Billington and H. Dutton CHEESE. Champion prize given by the president of the society (Mr. R. Brocklebank), for the best three citoeso in the show: Won by V. Smith, Nantwich. Mr. Webb, cooper, of NantwitJi, gave a pair of new vats as a second champion prize for the best thiee oboeise in the remain- ing classes: Won by Mr. \V. II. Hobeon. Messrs Fullwood and Blamd gave a. prize (in plate) value L2. 2s for the best coloured cheese, and ono vaiue £ 1. Is. for the best uncoiouied eiioese, made with the use of their annotto and rennet (Fullwood's, Michell's or Nioholl's): 1. V. Smith; 2, W. H. Hobson. Messrs. Cha.1- hnor, Rowson and Ohallinor. of Chester, gave a prize (ill plate) value £1. Is. for the best lot of colouttxl cheese in the show, made from Mcwsre. Barnekow s annatto and rennet; also a prize (in plate) value 109. 6d. for the best lot of uncoloured cheese made from Messrs Barne- kow's rennet, purcltaaed through them: Won by Albert Hughes. Open to farm en, whose holding is not under seventy acres.—Thrc-o coloured cheese: 1, V. Smith, Hunsteirson 2. C. E. Paitou, Houghton Hall Farm; 3. A. Hughes, Wiliington Cross; 4, J. H. Bourne. Baddington. Very highly commended J. Hobson Audlom Hugh Rut- ter, A Id em? y 0 F Hobson. Eoclesiiali. Highly commnded S. Charswort,d, Lcighton J. A. Jackson, Bunvanis:cy; J. E. Jones, Haughton W. H. Hobeon, Blalcenha.1L Commitnded: S. P. Broughtou, Ridley; G. F. Hobson,. Eocles ball; Geo. Watson, Kiiigh:;ey. Open to farmers whose holding is not under seventy acres.—Three uneoloured cheese 1. W. H Hobson 2, V. Smith Hunsterson; 3, C. È. Parton; 4. A. Hughes, Wiliington Cross. Very highly commended: S. Charlesworth, Leigh- ton; J. E. Jout-s, I laugh ton; J It Bourne, Baddington; T. G. Parton, Choriton; John Hobson, Audlom; S. BonoU, Buerton. Highly cormnended: J. Southern, Rushton; T. E Hughes, MaJpes; Ja& Hobson. Nantwieh; Hugh Rutter, Aldersey; Mrs. Kinney, Wctren hall. Wirrefoid. Commended: J. A. Jackson. Burwardeley; A. Bateman, Chorley; E. A. Grooott, Hruigfeton, Win Evans, Tattenhall; W. Edge, Rushton. Open to farmers W!K»? holding is under seventy acres—Three cheese, coloured or un- oolourcd: 1, S. Clutton, Haughton; 2. W. Pinningtoo, Spurstow; 3, S. Dutton. Haugh- ton; 4 E. S. Jones, Stak? Very b'gblv com meDdcd J HasaaJi, EgPTton; T. Ro?insM?, Burwardsley; W. Large, Bunbury; S. Shaw, Ferrot Oak. Haughton. Highly commended Geo. Probin Birch Heath. Commended: G-eo West. Haughton; E. Dickenson Hurleston; John Tap'ey, Bunbury Open to farmers who have not won a prize at any &how since Jaimary 1st, 1904.—Three cheese, coloured or unooloured 1. Mrs Boffey. Wa.rdle Bridge; 2, S. P. Brougbton, Ridley; 3, E. S. Jones. Stoke. Very highly oummendied: J. Hassall Ee-erton; E. A Grocott. Haughton. Highly commended: A- E. Willis, Ricfiey Farm. Obmmended: Alf. Hull, Haughton. ROOTS. Six roan gel wuncl: 1, John Wynne, Rowton; 2, A. Brock. Tarporley; 3, F. Dutton, Haugh- ton. Six swedes: 1. S. Bonell. Buerton; 2. John -Wynne. Rowton; 3. John Hobson,. Moss Hall, Audlem; r, A Brock. TVrpoHey SPORTS. 100 yards handicap (boys): 1, F. Timmis; 2, J. Cliffe; 3, A. Harding. 60 yards handicap (girls): 1, A- Waring; 2, J. Rutter; 3, D. Matthews. 120 yards handicap (open): 1, J. L. Brooks, Saitney; 2, Growcott, Bunbury; 3, T. Sawyer, Kelsall. High jump: 1, C. Chapman, Sandbaoh (4fL 8 £ in.). One mile bicycle handi- cap 1. W. T. Roberts, Little Sutton; 2, C. Cummins, Alpraham; 3, G. Latham, Ewloe. 440 yards handicap (open ): 1, J. Booth. Sandy Brow; 2, J. L. Brooks, SaJLtney; 3. E. Cad man, Rbuddal Heath. Two mi ice bicycle han- dicap (open): 1, J. Tomlinson, Northwicb; 2. W. S. Roberts, Little Button; 3, W. Bowen. EUesmere. Heads and posts: 1, Pte. A, L. Richardson; 2. C. Cummins; 3, J. B. Hewitt, and E. Windsor. 120 yarcfe obstacle race: 1, E. C. Cad man; 2, C. Cbapman; 3, R. Richards.