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FLOWER SHOWS. I ——♦ —— HELSBY. I Tlie -fifteenth annual sports and flower show in connectiati with the Athlet-io Ciub took place on Saturday. Being fav-oured with flue wea- ther, tho event was again a distinct success. About 2,000 spectators witnessed too sports, while a la: ge number visited the show. Al- though there was a slight falling off in the show entries, the quality of tho exhibits was iu most cases of an excellent character. In both the cottagers' and open classes there was a splendid disp!ay of blaok and rod curtaato, raspberries and gooseberries, some of which were abnormally largo, while oberries, though small in entry, were exceptionally fin. Apples and pears were both small Pit number of entry and below tho usual standard in size and quality, due. no doubt, to the Lateness of the season. In tho cottagers' section of vegetables there were some excellent exhibits of onions, shallots, broad beana, peas and potatoes, the latter being particularly good. The oompeti- tion in vegetables in the open oiass was also very keen. some exceptionally good stuff being shewn. The display of herbaceous flowers was not quite up to last year's, but the groups of plants were a grand lot. Mr. R. Hermon, who has usually been a most suooeesful exhibitor in carnations. pansiee, violas, herbaceous flowers and roses, did not compete this year, with the result that the display in these floweis was not up to the usual standard. Sweet peas were very strong in both classes; iu fact, the display was "to of the features of tho show. The col- lection of fuchsias and fems were also dis- tinctly good The table decoration class, always one of the most attraotivs features of the show, was quite its popular as ever. Miss M. L. Biandreth won tho piOtuior prizo with a most tasteful arrangement of as- paragus, springa-i and gysophela; Mrs. H. Wood the second prize with a.n effective dis- play of poppies; and Mrs. Brotherton the third prize with a pietty arrangement of sweet peas. Tho competition among the children in the coilection of wild flowers was, as usual, very keen, and some excellent bunches and collec- tions of twelve distinct specks of those were shewn. In the honey section, owing to the bad I season, tho ent.ry was not a strong one, but the quality of both the extracted a.nd comb honoy was on the whole very good Mr. H. Browuhill. of tho Rose Nurseries, Barrow and Sale, had. as usual, a very choice collection of roses and herbaceous plants. The Toogood sil- ver championship challengo shield and certifi- cate of excellence in horticulture, presented by Messrs. Toogood and Sons, of Southampton. was won by Mr. H. G ask ell, Nethertou (gar- dener, Mr. A. Oarr); and the Toogood bronzo championship challenge shield and certificate of excellence in horticulture by Mr. J. Chorl- ton, Bridge Trafford. The whole of the arrange- ments for the show were excellent, and were dive to the untiring efforts of the hon. secre- tary (Mr. J. M. Ham&ntMi) and the assistant secretary :md treasurer (Mr. J. Jeffs, junr.). who were aNSMted by the following gentlemen as executive committee Tl»e Revs. E. W. Evans and F. Clifton-Smith, Dr. A. J. Briant, and Messrs. J. Dallimore, W. Davies. R. Hermon, A. Carr, G. Bennison, E. Alvey, J. SaJadine, W. Higgins, T. Tudor. B. Oxley, F. C. Brad- ley, E. Lloyd. W. Brown. R. Loe and J. Bromley. The judges were as follow:—-Fruit, flow-ore and vegetables. Mr. II. BrownhiU, of Bartow Nurseries, and Mr. Hardy. of Inee Hall honey, eggs and poultry, Mr. Dutton, of Crewe; and table decorations, Mrs. Thomas. Mrs. Imlack and Misa Haygard. The following is the list of prize winnra: CLASS I. Cottagers residing within a radius of five miles from Helsby.—Vegetables—Rhubarb: 1, H. Fitch; 2, W. Ellis. Oelory: 1, J. Wick- stead; 2. W. Rickets. Broad beaus: 1, J. Dime'.ow; 2, J. Twinning 3, M. Boyle. Peas 1, W. Ellis; 2. T. Hatton; 3. N. Dugdale. White cabbages: 1, W. Tittle; 2, N. Dugdale. Lettuces: 1, J. G. Ehinson; 2. J Dimelow. Carrots: 1, W. Ricketts; 2, N. Dugdale. Beet- roots: 1. W. Ricketts; 2. N. Dugdale. Tur- nips: 1. N. Dugdalo; 2, W. Ellis. Onions: 1, J. Athertori. senr. 2, W Rofl.lxlalls Shallots: 1. W. Johnson; 2, G. Lo-tch- Kidney potatoas 1. W. Johnson 2, W. Rickertts; 3. N. Dugdale. Round potatoes 1, W. Johnson; 2. W. Tittle; 3. W. Ricketts. Collection of vegetables: 1. N. Dugdalo; 2, W Ricketts. Vegetable mar- rows: 1, W. Ricketts; 2, J. Rimmer. Bunch of parsley: 1, J. Slwen; 2 W. Riekefts. FrulLg-Appi,ce (Stiffw-Icls): 1. H. Jones; 2, Jos. Jones. Apples (not Suflields): 1, J. M. Ilarna- man; 2, W. Dugdale. Pears: 1. G. Youd Gooseberries: 1, J. Elianas; 2, E. Alvey. Rasp- b. srries: 1, H. Fitoh; 2, J. Wiekstead. Red cur;-ants 1. J. Littlemore; 2, G Youd. Black cutiants: 1, J. Ellams; 2, J. Littlemore. Cherries: 1, J. Littlemore; 2, E. Alvey. Flowers—Rosea: 1, E. Aivey; 2. M. Boyle. Hollyhocks.: 2, W. Ricketts. Asters: 1. H. Welch; 2, Mrs. Tudor. Fr °n('h marigolds: 2, H. Wdc-h. Pansies: 1. J. Afcherton, senr.; 2. M. Boyle. Violas: 1, S. Leooh; 2. E. Alvey. Window plant (flowering): 1. W. Randalls; 2, G. Leec h. Mignonette: 1, W. Randalls; 2, J. Rimmer. Swoct p?os: 1, J. Sheen; 2. T. Hat- ton; 3, J. Rimmer. Bunoh of annuals 1, W. Ricketts; 2. H. Welch Collection of out flowers: 1. W. Ricketts; 2. Mrs. Tudor. CLASS II, -Open. Rhubarb: 1, Mrs. H. Gaskeil 2. C. E. Ilig- girl. Celery: 1, J as. Whito; 2, H. Gwkell. Broad beans: 1, J Twinning; 2. Ilrs. Jm. Taylor; 3. 1. Wright. Scarlet runner beans: 1, Mm. Fletcher. Peas: 1, Mrs. Edmondson; 2, W. A. Tomlmaan; 3, Mrs. Hutchinson White cabbages: 1, J. Chorlton; 2, Mis. Car- ter. Ra £ cabbages: 1, Tas. White, 2. Mrs. Hutahifewd. Cauliflowers: 1. N. Dugdale; 2, JaB, White. Cos lettuce: 1. J. Chorlton; 2, Jas. White. Cabbage lettuce: 1. J. Chorlton; 2, H. Gaskeil. Carrots: 1. Jas. White; 2, W. Griffiths. Tinmips: 1, Jas. White; 2, H. Gas- kell. Kidney potatoes: 1. J. Chorlton; 2. Fred Wright. Round potatoes: 1, J. Chorlton; 8, W. Griffiths. Vegetable marrows: 1. H. Gaskeil; 2 Mrs. Jas. Taylor. Shallots: 1, J. Ohorlton; 2, W. Randalls. Onions: 1, J. Chorlton; 2, G. Fairhurst; 3. J. Atherton, »enr. Cucumbers: 1. H. Gaskeil. Mangolds (globe): 1, F. A. Dutton; 2, T. Wright. Main- golds (long red): 1. F. A. Dutton; 2, T Wright. Swede turnips: 1. F. A. Dut.ton; 2, ,1. Chorlton. Beetroots: 1, J. Chorlton; 2, Mrs. Fletohar. Collection of vegetables: 1, JaB. White; 2, H. Gaskeil; 3, Mrs. Carter. To ma to °a: 1, Jas White; 2, W. Tittle. Leeks: 1, H. Gaskeil; 2. J. Chorlton. Parsnips: 1, J. Chorlton; 2, W. Griffiths. Fruit-Suffield -pples: 1, Mrs. Jas. Taylor; 2. Mrs. Hutchin "Ma Kitchen app!es (not Suffields): 1, Jas. White; 2. W. A. Tomlinson 3, J. H. HoweU. Deseeit apples: 1. Jas. White; 2, J. Speed. Pears: 1, G. Youd; 2. Jas. White. Goose- b?rrics: 1, E. Alvey; 2, J. Ellams. Rasp- berries* 1, J. Wiokstead; 2. S. Leech. Rod currant- 1. Jas. White; 2, H. Gaskeil Black CUTrants: 1, J. Ellams; 2, T. Wright. Cherries: 1, E. Alvey; 2, Mrs. Jefferson. Collection of fruit: 1. Jas. White; 2. Mrs. Carter Collec- tion of apples: 1, J. H. Howell; 2. Jas. White. Collect ion of pears: 1, J. H. flowcill; 2, Jas. White. Flower-Posee: 1. H. Gaskeil; 2, E. Alvey. Cactus dahlias: 1. H. Gaskeil; 2. Miss Crosland Taylor. Carnations: 1, Mrs. Jas. Taylor. African marigolds: 1. Mrs Fletcher; 2, Jas. White. French marigolds: 1, Mrs. Fletcher. Hollyhocks: 1. H. Gaskeil; 2, W. Kicketts. Violas: 1, E. Alv?y; 2. J. Lockott. Specimen ferns: 1, Mrs. Carter; 2, J. H. HowelL Six ferns: 1, Mrs. Carter; 2, Mrs. Jas. Taylor. Six fuchsias: 1. Mrs. Carter; 2, W. Griffiths. Six zonal geraniums: 1, Jas. White. Sweet peas: 1, Mis. W. A. Tomlin- son 2, Mis. Fletcher. Six spikes gladioli: 1, H. Gaskeil. Colleetion sweet poas: 1. C. H. Higson; 2. Mrs. Fletoher. Bouquet: 1. C. H. Higson. Collection of six herbaceous flowers 1. Dr. H. Wood; 2, H. Gaskeil. Greenhouse p!ant in flower: 1, Jas. White; 2, J. Dalli- more. Specimen foliage pLant: 1, Jas. White. Collection of plants: 1. Mr?. Carter; 2, Jae. White. CLASS III. Best collection of wild flowers and grasses, for children under 12 years of 1, Eric Ox- ley; 2, Mildred Knight; 3, L. Britland; 4, Jno. Rowles; 5, May Nixon; 6, Cissie Massey. Best collection of wild flowers and grasses, for children over 12 and under 15 years of age: 1, Lily Hinckley; 2. Thos. Fletcher; 3, Amy Hughes; 4, Dorothy flarnarnan; 5. Percy Har naman. Collection of 12 di«f;net varieties wild flow "ic 1. Dorothy H.rnaman; 2. C «-ii < H!<\v Cissie Sioit 4 'r:n8 T?y? f:r' 5: {;.{:jssi'Jji': tJ:"C:¡ll' 1, ii M L. Brandreth; 2, Mrs. H. Wood; 3.. Mrs. J Brother Ion; lie, Miss H. B. Davies. Couple fowls: 1, T. Wright; 2, F. Wright. Twelvo eggs: 1. A. Broady; 2, T. Wright. One pound strawberry jam: 1, Mrs. W. A. Tomlinson; 2, Mrs. A. J. Briant. HûIH'Y-CLass 1. (open to Cheshire), six jars extracted honey gathered in 1907: 1. W. Lighfcfoot; 2. Job A-stbury; 3, J. M. Harnaman. Class HI three sections oomb honey gathered in 1907: 1, Job Astbuiy 2. J. Greene. Class IV. (open to radius of six miks from llolsby). six jais e-xtracted honey gathered in 1907 1. W. Lightfoot; 2, J. M. Ifarnarnan; 3. J. Griffiths. SPORTS. The sports were of an exoollent character throughout, the racing being keen, with close finishes. The hill race, which is always looked upon as tho event of the afternoon, was won in grand style by an old Helsbyite (J. T. Harrison, (of Tarv in), J. Norcross, a local youth, securing second, place. and an outsider (C. A. Clowes, of Johnstown) being third. The sports were admirably managed by the following oniciaia: Hon. secretary, Mr. E. W. Crosland; assistant secretary, Mr. A. Cooke; handicapped, Messrs. H. Oates, F. Cartwright, E. Hughes and W. Stan way; starter, Mr. F. Stott; judges, Messrs. G. Setklon and II. Oates, the Rev. E. W. Evans, and the Rev. S. Clifton Smith, who were assisted by the committee and a large staff of stewards. The results were ae follows:100 yards boys' raee-lat heat: 1. Norman Spencer; 2, C. Ricketts. 2nd heat: 1. P. Dunbabin; 2, T. Youd. 3rd heat: 1, F. Stott; 2. A. Loech. Final: 1, Norman Spencer; 2, T. Youd; 3, P. Dunbabin. 100 J flat race (open)- lat heat; J. Hind. 2nd heat: J. L. Brooks. 3rd heat: B. Flannagan. 4th heat: A. V. Sutton. 5th heat: A. Millichamp. 6th heat, W. Warring- ton. 7th heat: T. Sawyer. Final: 1. J. L. Brooks; 2, T. Sawyer; 3, W. Farriogton. 440 yards obstacle race lat heat: 1, T. Prioo; 2. James Whalley; 3rd, J. H. Bowles. 2nd heat: I, J. Mitohell; 2, W. Baines; 3. H. Carter. Final: 1, J. Mitohell; 2, James Whalley; 3, W. Baines. One mile bicycle race—1st heat: 1, F. Arnold; 2, T. Williams. 2nd heat: 1, E. Clutton; 2. J. H. Thompson. 3rd heat: 1. T. Cash; 2. James Starkey. 4th heat: 1, G. Latham; 2. J. Williams. Final: 1, G. Latham; 2, J. Williams; 3. F. Arnold. 220 yards flat rac,-Imt heat: 1, L. O'Connell; 2. J. L. Brooks. 2nd heat: 1, W. Leather; 2, W. T. Hind. 3rd heat: 1, A. V. Sutton; 2. A. Millichamp. 4th heat: 1. E. Harris; 2, W. Farrington. Final: 1. W. Farrington; 2, J. L. Brooks; 3, L. O'Connell. Half-mile bicycle race-Itd. heat: 1, G. Lathom; 2, F. Arnold; 2nd heat: 1, E. Clutton; 2. S. Evans. 3rd heat: 1. Joseph Williams; 2, James Starkey. Final: 1. F. Arnold; 2, G. Latham; 3, E. Clutton. 220 yards sack raoe-leA. heat: 1. R. Barber; 2. W. McLean; 3, J. H Bowles. 2nd heat: 1. J. Lynch; 2, R. Allen; 3, T. Maher. Final: 1. J. H. Bowles; 2, J Lynch; 3. R. Barber. Half- mile race: 1, C. A. Clowes; 2. W. A. Pritchard; 3, W. H. Cartwright 440 yards flat race- 1st hoat: 1. J. II. Littler; 2. C. Green; 3. James Piatt. 2nd heat: 1. E. Harris; 2. W. A Prit- chard; 3. C. E. Fecott. Final: 1. E. Harris; 2, Janu-m Platt; 3. C. Green. Race to the top of Helsby Hill and back: 1. J. T. Harrison; 2. J. Norcross; 3, C. A. Clowes. At the conclusion of the sports the prizes were presented by Mrs. C. E. lliggin, of Helsby, to whom a licarty vote of thanks was accorded on the proposition of Mr. James Taylor, president of the dub, and seconded by the Rev. S. Clifton Smith. During the afternoon an excellent programme of music was rendered by the Helsby Silver Band, under the oonductorahip of Mr. C. Bate. and they also played for dancing in the evening j ROSSETT. BEAUTIFUL EXHIBITION The 32nd exhibition of the Rossett, Greeford, | Pulford and Dodlestori Horticultural Society took place on Friday sit Trevalyan Hall Park. Tho exhibits, staged in three marquees, pre- sented a pleasing appearanoe, particularly the floral section, which appeared more than usually strong. The entries, we believe, create a new record, and for the first time the usual two marquees were insufficient. Favoured by fine weather, tho show was largely attended, and must be regarded as a great success. There was an excellent display in all departments, although tlie vegetable ctaseu were not so strong as usual. The cottagera' marquee contained several inter- esting exhibits, a high standard of quality generally being reached, particularly among th-a vegetables, where the potatoes and the onions were special feafcurew. The flowers were not quite so interesting, and although there was a brave display of sweet peas, they seemed to reach scarcely the standard of other years. Com- petitors in the other classes wore in a better position, of course, to produce liigh-class blooms, and one can speak only in tbo highest admiration of the beautiful display there. The principal feature of the show was the claet) for groups of plants arranged for effect. The competition was as keen as usual, and tho judges spent throe- quarters of an hour in deciding between the first and second Mr. Alfred Ashworth secured the honours, having staged an excellent exhibit, which included palms, carnations, fuschias, petunias, gloxineas, crotons, etc Mr. J. W. Summers's group was a very close second, some of the plants use d being gloxineas, petunias, palms, crotons, caladiurris, liliums, etc. Near by were some cxctllent, exhibits of stove and green- house plants, and there was a beautiful display of fuwchias. The show of ferns was a great advance on previous years, better plants never having been seen at ltow.-tt. The table decora- tions occupied the centre of the smallest of the marquees, and were most attractive. All the competitors had shewn such excellent taste, that it was a matter of great difficulty to select the prize winners. Muss Allington Hughes gained the coveted position with a light and pretty arrangement of sweet peas and grasses and maidenhair fern. Mrs. Robertson, who was second, made chief use of the crimson rambler rose. There was very keen competition in the collection of vegetables class, and Mr. Robert- son won by only one point. Only one oollection of fruit wad entered, namely, by Mr. J. T. Sykes, but his exhibit contained some really fine speci- mens Herbaceous flowers were also excellent, while the sweet peas in the gardeners' and amateurs' sections were among the best features of tho show. TImj prizert were distributed by Lady Margaret Cholmondeley. Mr. T. Griffith- Boscawen presided, ami among those on the platform were Lady Savage Mort.yn. Mr. Alfred Ashworth, the Mayor of Wrexham (Mr. Edward Hughes). Mr. E. Babb (the energetic sectary), etc. The following were the ju<;ov. Messrs. N. F. Barnes (Eaton), Rudgc (Wrexham), Weaver (Christieton). Kennedy (Me<ssrs. Uiclasons, Chester), A. Stevens (Messrs. Strachan and Evans, Wrexham), and Martin (Bryn Estyn). As is her usual custom, Mrs. Griffith-Boecawen entertained a large garden party for the show. among thot-c present being Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Boscaweri, Miss Baecawen and Mies Vera Boscawen. The following were tlie invited guests, most of whom were prer-;cn t :Thv Countess Grosvenor, Mr. and Lady Margaret Cholmondeley, Sir Watkin Wynn and Miss. Wynn. the Hon. Mm. Wynn and tho Misses Wynn. the Hon. Mrlt. Chapman, Sir Savage and Lady Mostyn, Lady Hanmer, Lady Puleston, Sir Robert and Lady Kgerton, Lady Palmer, Sir John and Lady Mark, Mr. and Mrs. Myddelton, Mr. and Mrs. Yorke and party, Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey FitzHugh. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. V. Ixloyd, Mr. and Mre. Puleston, Mr. and Mrs. Jones Parry and party, Mr. and Mm. Soames and party, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Orred, Mr. and Miss Ormrod. Mr. and Mrs. Macara Meredith, Colonel and Mrs. Dunn, Mr. Alfred A6hworth, Mr. Philip Ashworth and party, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Owen, the Mif«es Cunliffe, Mrs. Burton, General and Mm Adair, Mr. and Mrs. Darby, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Sandbach and party, General and Mra Maxwell, Major and Mrs. Glynn, the Rev. M. and Mrs. Kissett, Mr. and Mrs. Dixon, Mr. and Mrn. Nelson and party, Mr. and the Mwses Howell-Evans, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. F. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. B. C. Roberts, Miss R. S. Roberta, Mr. Wayne, Mrs. and the Misses BarnMon, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Massie, the Rev. Chancellor Trevor Parkins, Mr. II A. Jenner, the officers of the Depot of the R. W.F., Wrexham, Mr. and Miss Howard, Miss Brancker, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Rooper, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Potts, Mrs. Finlay, Miæ Duck- worth, Colonel and Mrs. Terrier, Mrs. and Miss Fenwick, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald James, Mr. and Mrs. Percy James, Colonel and Mm. Savage, Mr. and Mrs. T. Gibbons Frost, Mm Maelor. Mr. and Mrs. Oswell Bury and party, Mr. :ind Mrs. TJoyd Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. C<*der Mflward.i, Mr. and Mrs. Ll. Hugh Jones, Mr*. i-irrK*. Mr. and Miss Binning, iarts. Piorcy agd party, Mr. and Mra. D&d&qq, M. and Mrs. and Nii.-t3 Lyons, Misses Burke-Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Holme, Mr. and Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Pilkington, Mrs. and Miss Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Chambres, Mr. and Mra. Tuck. the Rev. H. and Miss Grantham, Dr. and Mra. Richard Williams and party, the Rev. H. • Williams, Dr. and Granger, the Rev. and Mrs. E. Charley, Mr., Mrs. and Miss Allington Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Cavom Johnson, Mr. and Mrd. Hussey Freke, Mr., Mrs. and Miss Manisty, Coionei and the Misses Fiaher, Dr. and Mies Llewellyn Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Swetenham, j Mm Acton, Colonel and Mrs. CleLaM, Mr. and MB. Frater, Major and Mm Hewlitt, Dr. and MrtI. Elliott, Mrs. Millett, Mr. and Mrs. I A- Bailly, Mr6. Pitcairn Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. A. Campbell, Miss Wright, tho Rev. L. and Mrd. Garnett, Miss Weyman, Mr. and Mrd. Russell, the Rev. J. S. and Mrs. Lewis. Dr. and Mrs. Lees, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Massie, Miss Mae, Mr. Ii and Mrs. R. T. B. Atcherley, Mias Boydell, etc. Tlie following i3 the I PRIZE LIST. I COTTAGERS' CLASS. Plume: 1. W. CSoso, Burton; 2, W. Griffith, Poulton; 3. S. Roberts. Marford. Apples: 1, I G. Williams, Dodleston; 2. P. Pieroe, Rossett; 3, S. E21is, Darland. Apricots: 1, S. Roberts; j 2, W. Griffiths. Culinary apples: 1, R. Wrigbt; I 2. G. Williams; 3, W. Close. Goosoborriee: 1, J. Randies; 2, T. Bennion: 3. P. Pieroe. | Red currants: 1. S. Roberts; 2, G. Williams; 3, P. Pierce. White currants: 1, P. Piorce; 2,, ] S. Roberts; 3, R. Milling. Scarlet runners: j 1. W Griffiths. Peas: 1. H. Williams; 2, T. Crump; 3. R. Millington. Beans: 1. T. Crump; 2. T. Smith; 3, R. Wright. Oauli- flowers: 1. T. Smith; 2. T. Crump; 3, S. Roberts Red cabbage: 1, W. Close; 2, T. j Crump. White oabbage (not ox): 1, T. Smith; 2, W. Griffiths; 3, II. Williams. Beet: 1, G. Williams; 2. S. Roberts; 3, T. Crump. Oar- rots: 1. T. Bennion; 2, H. Williams; 3. J. Edwards. Eschalots: 1, T. Bennion; 2. J. Edwards; 3, T. Smith. Celery: 1, T. Crump; 2, S. Roberts; 3, H. Williams. Turnips: 1. S. Roberts; 2, C. Levy; 3. T. Smith. Onions: 1, J. Edwaids; 2, T. Bennion; 3, T. Crump. Round potatoes (white): 1, H. Williams; 2, J. Marrkio; 3, R. Wright. Rhubarb: 1. S. Roberts; 2, R. Wright; 3, T. Crump. Ido- tuoe: 1, C. Levey; 2. J. Randlea; 3, T. Ben- n ion. Kidney potatoes (coloured): 1, R. Wright; 2, S. Roberts; 3, J. S. Robinson. Col- lection of vegetables: 1 S. Roberts; 2. H. Wil- lianas; 3. R. Wright. Kidney potatoes (white): 1. H. Williams; 2, P. Pierce; 3, E. Henshaw. j Vegetable marrow: 1, S. Roberts. Herbs: 1. I R. Wright.; 2, G. Williams; 3, T. Crump. Bound potatoes (ooloured): 1, G. Williams; 2, S. Davies; 3, J. Edwards. Pansies: 1, J. Randies; 2, R. Wright; 3, J. S. Robinson.. Border flowers: 1, S. Roberts; 2, W. Griffiths; 3, H. William*. Roses: 1, J. S. Robinson; 2, S. Roberts; 3. H. Williams. Stocks: 1, R. Wright; 2, W. Close; 3, T. Crump. Asters: 1. S. Roberts; 2, S. Davies. Gresford. Oar- I nations: 1. S. Roberts; 3, T. Crump. Window plants: 1. W. Close; 2, M. Manley; 3, S. Davies. Tablo bouquet: 1, S. Roberts; 2, T. Crump; 3. S. Davies. Leeks (given by Mr. G. Sandbach): 1, T. Crump; 2, C. Levey. Silver I cup. given by Mr. Trevor Griffith Boscawen for the competitor taking the greatest number of awards: 1. S. Roberta, Marford. Phlox (given by Mr. J. W. Summers): 1, H. Wil- liams 2, S. Roberts. Cactus dahfias (given by 'I Miss Binning): 1, P. Pieroe; 2, R. Wright; 3, S Roberts. Herbaceous flowers (given by Mr. J. T. Binning): 1, W. Griffiths. Gardens: 1. S. Roberts, Marford, 86 points; 2, T. Crump, Harwood's lajM. 72 points. AMATEURS. Plums: 1, P. Edwards; 2, W. Jones. Ap- pies: 1. P. Edwards; 2. R. Parker. Apricots: 1, P. Edwards; 2, P. Parker. Culinary apples: 1. R. Paikor; 2, T. Taylor. Red currants: 1. W Jom»; 2, Joshua Smith White currants: 1. J. Smith; 2, R. Tilston. Gooseberries: 1, J. W. Randies; 2, P. Edwards; 3, T. Taylor. Rhubarb: 1, J. W. Randles; 2. T. Taylor. (Jelery: 1, J. W. Randies; 2, G. D. Lloyd, Bmion Hall Beans: 1, J. W. Randies; 2, J. Bayiia. Pca?: 1, J. Baylis; 2. J. Smith; 3, J. H. Former. Cautinowem: 1, J. W. Randies; 2, J. Smith. Red cabbage: 1, T. Taylor; 2, G. D. Huyd. White mbbago: 1, T. Taylor; 2, J. W. Handles. Beet: 1, J. H. Forster; 2, J. W. Raadlea. Round pota;toes (white): 1, T. H Mason; 2, J. W. Rttid". Carrots: 1, J. W. Randies; 2, J. Smith; 3, G. D. Lloyd. Tui'nipe: 1, J. Smitth; 2, J. W. Randies. Onions: 1, J. W. Randies; 2, R. Paikcr; 3, R. Tilston. Round potatoes (coloured): 1, J. W. Randies; 2. T. H. Mason. Esahalots: 1, J. W. Randies; 2, R. Parker. Lettuce: 1, J. W. Randies. Kidney potatoes (white) 1, W. Jones; 2, W. Lewis. Cucumbers: 1, J. Smith; 2. J. W. Randies. Vegetable marrow: 1. J. Smith; 2. T. Taylor. Kidney potatoes (coloured): 1, J. W. Randies; 2, W. Jones. D.dillas: 1, W. Jones; 2. T. H. Mason. Roses: 1. T H. Mason; 2. J. Smith. Stocks: 1, J. W. Randies; 2. T. tl. Mason. Asters 1, T. H. Mason; 2. J. W. Randies. Carnations: 1: T. II. Ma-.on; 2, C. D. Lloyd. Pot plant: 1, J. W. Randies; 2, T. H. Mason. Pansies: 1, T. II. Mason; 2. J. W. Randies. Sweet peas: 1, T. H. Mason; 2, Joshua ,Smith. Cactus dahlias: 1. W. Jones; 2. T. H. Mason. Col- lection of vegetables (given by Mr. G. R. Sand- bach): 1. J, W. Randlee; 2, G D. Lloyd. Leeks (given by Mr. G. R. Sandbach): 1. J. W. Randies; 2, R. Parker. GENTLEMEN'S CLASS. Plums: 1. A. L Duncan; 2. W. T. Joiliffe. Apples: 1, Miss K Allington Hughes; 2, A. L. Duncan. Apricots: 1, W. T. Jolliffe; 2, A. L. Duncan. Culinary apples: 1, G. H. F. Robertson; 2. J. W. SumrnerlL Red currants: 1, A. Ashworth; 2, Mm. S. Griffith-Boscawen. Scarlet ruimers: 1, A. Aahwoith; 2, J. T. Sykea. B?ans: 1 Miss K. Allington Hughes; 2. A. E. Hall, Burton Town Peas: 1, G. H. F. Robertson; 2. G. R Sandbach. Cauli- flowers: 1, A. L. Duncan; 2, G. H. F. Robert- son. Beet: 1, G. H. F. Robertson; 2, J. T. Binning. Round potatoes (white): 1, G. R. Sandbach; 2, A. L. Duncan. Carrots: 1, G. H. F. Robertson; 2. A. E. Hall. Turnips: 1, A. L. Dunoun; 2, G. H. F. Robertson. Onions: 1, A Ashworth; 2, G. H. F. Robertson. Round potato-is (coloured): 1. J. T. Binning; 2, G. R. Sandbach. Lettuce: 1, W. T. Jolliffe; 2, G. H. F. Robertson Kidney potatoes (white): 1, G. H. F. Robertson; 2, G, R. Sandbach. Col- lection of vegetables: 1, G. R. Sandbach; 2, A Ashworth; 3, Mrs. S. Griffiths-Bosoawen. Stocks: 1, A. Ashworth; 2, G. R. Sandbach. Asters: 1. Miss K. Allington Hughes; 2. Mrs. S. Griffith-Boscawen. Pansies: 1, G. H. F. Robertson; 2, A. E. flall Dahlias: 1, J. T. Binning; 2, G R Sandbach. Groenhouse plants: 1, J. W. Summers; 2, A- Ashworth; 3, G. R. Sandbach. Collection of plants arranged for effect: 1, A. Ashworth; 2. J. W. Summers; 3, W. T. Jolliffe. Begonias: 1. J. T. B Bin- I ning; 2, J. W. Summers. Fuchsias: 1. J. W. Summers; 2, A. Ashworth. Stove or green- house plants: 1, J. W. Summers; 2, W. T. Jol- liffe; 3. A. Ashworth; Fruit: 1. J. T. Sykes. Vegetables: 1, G. H. F. Robertson; 2, J. T. Sykes. Cucumbers: 1, J. W. Summons; 2, G. R Sandbach. Cactus dahlias: 1, G. H. F. Robertson 2. W. T. Jolliffe. Exotic ferns: 1, J. T. Binning; 2, J. W. Summers. Roses: 1, G II. F. Robertson. 2, W. T. Jolliffe Sweet peas: 1, G. H. F. Robertson; 2, (equal), A. L Duncan and J. T. Binning. OPEN CLASS Collection of plants, arranged for effect: 1, A. Ashworth; 2. J. W. Summers; 3, W. T. Jol. liffe. Hand bouquet: 1. Misa A. Denson; 2, Miss B. Binning 3, Miss Smith Pulford. Table deeoration; 1, Miss Allington Hughes; 2, Mrs. G. H. F. Robertson 3, Miss A. Duncan. Pall- sies, given by Mr. C. W. Townshend, Chelten- ham: 1, J. Randies; 2, T. H. Mason; 3, J. W Randies. Bouquets, given by Mr. C. W. Townhend; 1. S. Davies; 2, J. W. Randies; 3, Wm Lewis. Carnations. given by Mrs. G riffith-Boscawen: 1, G. H. F. Robertson; 2, G. R. Sandbacb. Zinnia elegans, given by the Rev. E. Charley: 1. A. L. Dunoan; 2, G. R. Sandbaoh; 3, G. H. F. Robertson. Sweet peas, given by Mr. G. H. F. Robertson: 1, G. H. F. Robertson; 2, Miss K. Allington Hughes; 3. G. R. Sandbach. Nasturtium (Mr. E. Babb), 1. G. H F. Robertson; 2. J. W. Sum- mers 3, J. T. Sykes. Herbaceous flowers, given by Mr. A. L. Duncan: 1, A. Ashworth; 2, A. L Duncan. Potatoes, given by Messis. G. Cromar and J. W. Randies: 1, G. R. Sand- bach 2, G. II. F. Robertson. Cut garden Sowers, given by Miss Allington li.: 1, Miss A. Denson; 2, Joshua Smith; 3, Miss Griffiths.














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