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AUCTION DIARY. Salee by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS. Aug. 20—At the Sraithfield, Chester—Fat and Store Stock Aug. 21-At the Sraithfield, Hooton-Fat aud Store Stock Aug. 21, 22 & 23-At No. 23, Bridge-st. Row, Chester—Stationer's and Fancy Stock Aug. 23—At No. 23, Bridge-street Row, Chester —Shop Fixtures, Fittings, &c. Ausj. 2(5—At Parkgate-road, Neston-Household Furniture and Effects Sept. 2-At the Robin Hood Hotel, Helsby Frc.PhK)ld Meadow Land By MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK. ROBERTS & RICHARDSON Aug. 20 At No. C. Nicholas-street—Household Furniture and Effects Aug. 22-At Crosbie House, Frodsham-Furni- ture, Pictures, &c. Sept. 3—At the Grent Western Goods Yard- Sleepers. Timber and Firewood. Sept. 4-At the Black Lion Hotel, Mold-Farm, Etc., at Padeswood Sept. 10-At the Auction Mart, Foregate-stre.t- Furniture and Effects Sept. 21—At the Grosvenor Hotel-Building Land at Boughton By MESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE & SON. Aug. 20-At the Ermine Cattle Mart—Fat and Store Stock By MR. S. R. FEARNALL. Au-. 19, 20 & 21-At 18. Brook-stieot, Chester Shop Fixtures and Stock-in-Trade Bv MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD & SONS. Aug. 17-At the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester- Residential Farm and Estate, Hotel, &c., Sealand and Chester Aug. HI-At the Glynne Arms Hotel, Hawarden —Building Sites, &c., at Buckley and Shotton Ang. 19—At the Glynne Arms Hotel, Hawarden Valuable Small Holding at Buckley By MESSRS. S. ASTON & SON. Aug. 20—At the City Auction Room-lIollw- hold Furniture and effects By MESSRS. HARTLEY & en. Aug 21-At- The Firs, Frodsham-Holisdlold Effects By MR. T. S. ADAMS. Aug. 31-At the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester- Country Residence at Blacon By HENRY MANLEY & SONS, LTD. Sept. 11, 12 & 13-At the Crewe Horse Repository Horses SALES BY AUCTIONI. SALES BY" AUCTION. IHJRTON, ELPHICK. ROBERTS AND RICHARDSON. AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS. LAND AND ESTATE AGENTS, THE AUCTION MART, FOIIEGATE ST., CHESTER. ESTABLISHED OVER A CENTURY. TELKPHONK No. 210. On Tuofdny Next. 6, NICHOLAS-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. 1.' have tccn favour with ifjstructions from the Exccutors of the late Miss Lyon to SELL BY AUCTION, Oil TUESDAY, Aug. 20th, 1907, commencing at Eleven o'clock a.m. punctually, the Va!u.;t>!o HOUSEHOLD 1 L lv- NITURE and EFFECTS including sets of mahogany an-J walnut chairs upho'?cied ia moi'oc'o waiiit, tapctry; diainn, oatd. Ic-athc-r and ciiiiing, oLi, chairs and couches, valuable Sheffield and other f>b:.J IWI'lic:b,.l, gla:.¡. c.hilla" book, w:Lb:lIt china cabinet, with silvered glass panel and brackets, whe:-l barometer, invalid carrying chair, fOts of iion and brass bedsteads, hair and wu>i ina; tro^se*, f4 atiici beds bolsters and pillows, blankets and hiel COVIT mahogany, birch and ash chests of drawers, dressing and wath tables, two gasa'iers and itall lamp, cut- lery, kitchen and culinary lequisites, and other miscellaneous effcct.3. Catalogues may be obtaiflod from the Auc- tioneers, M/essrs. Churton, Elphick, Roberts and Richardson, Chester. On Thursday Next. CROSBIE HOUSE. MAIN-STREET, FROD- SHAM, CHESHIRE. About two minuU'w' walk from the Railway Station. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. have been favoured with instructions ftom Miss Himnr. to SELL BY AUCTION, on THURSDAY, August 22nd, 1907, commenc ing at 11 o'clock a.:n. punctually, the undet- mention-cd Valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE and EFFECTS, including walnut sit- ting-room suite dining table with screw and four loose lcav..ti. eight brown oak single chilli's, two pianofortes, sjrveral inlaid oval, loo and occasional table*, antique chimney g,lasa. met hogany chiffonier, inlaid knife box, barometer, musical box also a collet ion of valuable oil paintings, including one entitled "Queen Esther and King Ahasuerus," by W. Etty. R.A.; "Tli, Wotirid-L,d Highlanders," by J. Pet-tie, R.A. others by Wheeler, Oswald Keith and W. J. Tooke; water-colour drawings by Wooliet; and Sydney, fine remarque artists' pioof etchings, eoveral fine o'd engravings, also the shop fit- tings and fixtures, oounfers, show eases, eea-les and weights weighing machine, fir.proof safe; sack trucks, baking tins, etc., together with the remaining portion of the stock-intrad. of gro- ceries, garden tools, wheelbarrows, lawn mower, cucumber frame, and other miscellaneous effects. Cataloged may le obtained at Cro-bie House, or from l3te Auctioniceis, Messrs. Chur- ton, Elphick. Roberts and Richaidsjn, Chester. CHESTER Sale of 167 Stacks of O'd Sleepers, Timber, Firewood etc. M ESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. i L have received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, in the Yard adjoining the Great Western Goods Warehouse. Chester, on TUES- DAY. Sept. 3rd, 1907, commencing at Eleven o'clock a.m. punctually, the a bove- men t ioned TIMBER and SLEEPERS, in lots, viz. 144 Stacks of Sleepers (50 in each lot). 7 Stacks of Crossing Tiinfceis (20 in each lot). 8 Slacks of Firewood (about 2 tons each). 2 Lots of Keys and Treenails (about 2 tons each). 6 LoG Firewood, short ends .about. 2 tons each). Any further information may be obtained from the Auctioneers Messrs Churton, Elphick. Roberts and Ric hardson, Chester. PADESWOOD & BISTRE, FLINTSHIRE. Important Sale of a very Valuable Freehold Farm, Dwelling-house and Cottage, pleasantly situated close to the Padeswood Station on the Chester, Mold and Denbigh Railway, and ahout 3 miles from Mold, comprising together 115 acres or thereabouts. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Black Lion Hotel, Mold, on WEDNESDAY, the 4th day of September, 1007, at Three o'clock p.m. punctually, in Lois and subject to Conditions, the under mentioned Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY:- Lot I.-Tlie very Desirable DAIRY FARM known as Spon Farm," with good house and suitable range of agricultuial buildings, and superior Cottage with Croft and Garden, comprising together 108a. 2r. 2p. or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mr. Peter Winward. The Farm is in good order and condition, the whole of the land. with the exception of two sm3.11 crofts, is in old pasture and in a ring fence. Lot 2.—The Commodious DWELLING- HOUSE known as "Padeswood Lodge," with the outbuildings, gardens and land belonging thereto, comprising together Ga. 2r. 38p. or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mrs. G. N. Marston. To view, upply upon the premises. Particulars, with plan and any further informa- tion, may be obtained on application to the Auctioneers, Chester; T. F. Linnell, Esq., Duddon Lodge, Tarporley or to Messrs. BIRCH, CfuLLIMORE & DOUGLAS, Solicitors, Friars, Chester. AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. M E. SSRII. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. i'- t will hold a Sale of Miscellaneous FURNI- TURE and EFFECTS on TUESDAY, 10th September. lilil1- Early nutrif* inuiteti. SALES BY AUCTION. Preliminary Notice of an Important Sale of 65 Lots of Valuable BUILDING LAND, situate on the TARVIN, CHRISTLETON, HEATH, I' PEARL, and BACHELORS ROADS, BOUGHTON. CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, on SATURDAY, September 21st, 1907, at Two o'clock p.m. punctually, the above-mentioned Valuable BUILDING LAND. I Particulars, with plans and conditions, will shortly be published. TO BE SOLD, or LET, RESIDENCE, No. 14, JL Curzon Park, Chester. For particulars apply to Churton, Elphick & Co., Auctioneers, Chester. CHRISTLETON BANK, CHESTER. THIS Property to be SOLD, by Private TTreaty.-For particulars apply to Messrs. Churton, Elphick and Co., Auctioneers, etc., Chaster. ERMINE CATTLE MART. On TUESDAY NEXT, August 20th, 1907. MESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE & SON will SELL BY AUCTION, at the above Mart, the following Head of STOCK;- 90 Head of Prime Fat CATTLE. 150 „ REARING CALVES. 340 and Store PIGS. 2GO „ „ SHEEP and LAMBS. Further Early Entries will be greatly esteemed. Order of Sale Calves 11-15, Pigs 12-30, Cattle 2 o'clock, and Sheep to follow. Several fresh Buyers of Pigs attended last Sale, and a smart clearance was effected. All classes of Stock met a first-claas market. The Auctioneers anticipate a continuance of good trade. Under D;ed of Assignment. By instructions of ttho Ti usta\ Mr. S. M. Hughes, Incorpora- ti-d Accountant, Parr's Bank Chambers. Chester. On MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY NEXT. August 19th, 20th and 21ft., aud fol- lowing evenings if n2'C'ery. SIDNEY R. FEARNALL will SELL BY AUCTION, at 13. BROOK-STREET, CHESTER tho wh()'{\ of the SHOP FIX- TURES and STOCK-IN-TRADE including joiner's bosses, butcher's baskets, clothes bas- kets, cake stand, lady's work basket on stand, large poultry hamper, a vety large assortment of marketing bag-? and baskets, cradles, net school bag- ehildien's toys, dolls, games, bats, sets of wickets composition and rubber balls, bass and hiiir brooms, banister, carpet, cocoa, shoe, stove, scrubbing, whitewash, spoke, dandy, home body brushes china ornaments, gc-nitf' and ia<h<?' pm?s. p!acquca. jug mops, glove and handkerchw f Itoxcs, knife boards, washing bccuds, hair. nail, shaving, tooth, furniture and hat. bru8!J(,.¡. puff boxes, dog collars, lady's com- panions, scissors, photo frames, combs, broom handles, eaipet swotpeie. rug straps, belts, ehildien's spades a.nd buckets. featlier dusters, catt, lopes, head collars, elect rie light pendant, sl.-kitied counter with cash drawer, quantity of shelving, partition to window with sliding glazed doors, window platform, etc. The fixtures will be sold 0'. Monday everting at 6.45 prompt. Sa'e of stock to commence at S?wn o'clock cach evening. Auction Offices, E'lptgute Chambers, Chester. A REMINDER FOR THIS DAY (SATURDAY), 17tli August, At the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, At Three o'clock, THE Valuable Freehold RESIDENTIAL JL FARM and ESTATE, known as Thorn- leigh," SEALAND, comprising over 212 acres; and the Freehold Fully-Licensed Premises, known as "THE GOLDEN LION HOTEL." Chester, with Two Excellent SHOPS adjoining, to be SOLD BY AUCTION, by FRANK LLOYD & SONS, Auctioneers and Valuers. n_ -I On Monday Next. re BENJAMIN PIERCY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. FRANK LLOYD, at the Glynne Arms .ITi. Hotel, Hawarden, on MONDAY, the 19th day of August, 1907, at 5 p.m.— Seven Lots of Excellent BUILDING SITES, &o., situate close to Buckley Junction Station, on the Great Central Railway, in the County of Flint. Also all that Valuable FREEHOLD ACCOM- MODATION LAND, situate at Shotton, near Connah's Quay, in the County of Flint, and com- prising bh Acres or thereabouts, with access thereto from Bridge-street, Shotton. Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be had gratis from the Auctioneer, Parr's Bank Chambers, Wrexham or from Messrs. EVAN MORRIS & CO., Solicitors, The Priory, Wrexham. BUCKLEY. MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD & SONS will offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the Glynnc Arms Hotel, Hawarden, on MONDAY, the 19th day of August, 1907, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale to be then produced. The desirable and Valuable SMALL HOLD- ING of 14i acres or thereabouts situate at Buckley. close to two Railway Stations, and on the out- skirts of the village, and known as "Highfield Farm," Buckley, and now in the occupation of Mr. Edwin Astbury. The Property is exceptionally well built and placed in a splendid position. The House stands well back from the road and contains parlour, sittingroom, two kitchens, dairy, and four bedrooms. The Out-buildings comprise shippon for eight cows, stabling, piggeries, barn and hay shed, &,c-. There is a nice Garden and the land is all in pasture, clean and well fenced, and divided into four fields. The tenure is freehold. The mines and minerals with working powers I are reserved to the owners thereof. The Property can bo inspected on application to Mr. Astbury, and for further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, 9, St. Werburgh-street, Chester or Wrexham, or to Messrs. SHARPE & DAVISON, I Solicitors, 12, Abbey-square, Chester. FRODSHAM. I Pianos, valuable furniture and other Effects. Peremptory Sale. Without Reserve. HARTLEY & CO. will SELL BY AUC- JL1 TION, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, Aug. 21st. at Twelvo o'clock, at the detached resi- dence known as "THE FIRS' (near the Chinch and within ten minutes' walk of the Railway Station), the whole of the Valuable HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE including in tho Diawing-room: Chippendale su Itt,. uphol- st. led in silk tapestry; fine inlaid walnut cabi- net, valuable pianoforte in rosewood case, by Strauss; Axminstei carpotj, antique, comer cabinet. Dining-ioom: Oak suite upholstered in dark gie?-n velvet, oak dining table with two loose leaves, large overmantel, about 70 books, Ax- rnirwter caiprt. dinner service. Bedrooms: Bedroom suite, also on? in wal- nut and one in satin walnut, wood bedsteads, largo feather beds, choice scl-s toilet ware, box ottomans, blankets, etc., caipets, linoleum, and otlier bedroom essentials. Ilall: Oa.k liat and umbrella. stand. Axminster stair carpet and massive bnasw rods. Kitchens: Superior wringer (almost new), by Hodgkinson, Ltd., Warrington; chairs, tahles, gaiden and other tools. House to Let. Catalogues and all further particulars from Hartley and Co., Auctioneers and Valuers, at their Offices and Salerooms, 202, London-ioad, Liverpool. Telephone 1793 Royal. G. FLYNN, A UCTIONEER, VALUER, AND HOUSE AGENT, OLD BANK CHAMBERS, CHESTER. FROM MESSRS. YOUNG AND GILLING, CHELTENHAM. Agent for the Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation, Limited. The Emplqyer'slnsurauce (domestic servants). SALES BY AUCTION. TUESDAY NEXT, Aug. 20th, 1907, at 11 o'clock. AT THE SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will -T- bild their usual WEEKLY STOCK SALE, comprising— JOb Prime Fat and Store CATTLE. 500 Choice Fat SHEEP and LAMBS 200 CALVES and PIGS Also 80 strong Cross-bred Leicester Lambs, and 30 Half-bred Lambs from Mr. W. E. Swetenham. Choice Lambs and Beef, were better sold than any time this year, and entries are wanted, and respectfully solicited. Mutton is also in good demand. Entries respectfully solicited. Auction Offices. Grosvenor Buildings, Cbeater. WEDNESDAY NEXT, August 21st, 1907, at Two o'clock. AT THE SMITHFIELD, HOOTON. "IflTESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will -? hold their u?ual WEEKLY SALE of FAT CATTLE, SHEEP, LAMBS, PIGS and CALVES also 200 good Scotch Cross-bred LAMBS, from Mr. J. D. Rawline. Entries respectfully solicited. Auction Offices, Grosvenor Buildings, Chaster, Under a Deed of Arrangement.—re Arthur Blayney. On WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY & FRIDAY NEXT, 21st, 22nd and 23rd August, 1907, and following days if necessary. ltTESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are l.' favoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, on the premises. No. 23, BRIDGE- STREET ROW, CHESTER, in lots conveniently arranged for purchasers, the whole of the STATIONER'S and FANCY STOCK, including Leather good in purses, cigarette casas, writing desks, etc. also brass and metal inkstands, pen trays, paper weights, etc. stationery cases, servi- ette rings, thimbles, etc. paints in water and oil, and all other miscellaneous artists' materials stationery of all kinds, including a reserve stock bras. letter scales and weights, rulers, pencils, penholders and pens; biMes. prayer books, hymn books, and albums in leather, etc.; account books, memorandum books, etc., etc. Sale commences each day at Two o'clock p.m. and Six o'clock p.m. Any further information may be obtained from the Auctioneers, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. Under a Deed of Arrangement.—re Arthur Blayney. 23, BRIDGE-STREET ROW, CHESTER. m ESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will lfA SELL BY AUCTION, on the above premises, on FRIDAY NEXT, the 23rd August, the following SHOP FIXTURES, FITTINGS, Etc. three plate glass mirrors, six mahogany wall cases (including three glazed), three mahog- any and plate glass show cases, five mahogany and other desks, Milner's safe, 2tj by 2L by 20, two eight-day clocks, seven counters with drawers, etc. two nests of drawers, four deal tables, desk stands, stools, chairs, ladders, shelving, blinds, reflectors, etc., etc. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock prompt. Auction Offices Grosvenor Buildings, Chester- MONDAY, 26th August, 1907. PARKGATE ROAD, NESTOX. m ESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS arc favoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS on above date. Particulars in later advertisement. Auction Offices Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. HELSBY. CHESHIRE. Valuable Freehold MEADOW LAND TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION bv MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, on MONDAY, 2nd September. 1907, at 4.30 p.m., at thi- Robin Hood Hotel, Helsby. Five FIELDS of excellent meadow land, known as "Tho Delights," containing about 11 acres statute measure, numbered on the ordnance map pfirt of 326 and Nos. 327, 328, 329 and 277, situate near to the Robin Hood Hotel and to Spring Field Farm, and bounded on the south by the line of t-he Hooton and Helsby Railway, and on the north by land of the Marquis of Cholmondeley. The Land is let to Messrs. William and Ar- thur Guest, at JE25 per annum, for a term ex- piring on 2nd February next, and is in the occu- pation of Mr. A. HughjCS. of Springfield Farm. For further particulars and inspection of a plan apply to tho Auctioneers, Grosvenor Build- ings, Chester; to Messre. Henry Linaker and Sons, Land Agents. Frodsham; or to Messrs. Tyrer, Kenion, Tyrcr and Simpson, Solicitors, 10, Cook-street, Liverpool. BLACON. NEAR CHESTER. Important Sale of a delightfully situated Resi- dence, with Outbuildings, Gardens, Orchard. Fish Pond, Paddock, Land, Etc. TS. ADAMS, F.A.I., will SELL BY To PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, SATURDAY, August 31st. 1907, at 3-30 p.m., subject to conditions to be then produced— The Desirable and Attractive COUNTRY RESIDENCE known as "CLEMENT HOUSE," Blacon, about 21 miles from Chester, and 7 minutes' walk from Blacon Station, on the Chester and Liverpool Section of the Great Central Railway Co. The house accommodation contains two reception rooms, dining-room, kitchen, etc., four bsdrooma and landing. The Outbuildings, etc., comprise shippon for three head, two stall stable, fowl run, piggeries, etc. there is a capital kitchen garden and orchard well-stocked with fruit trees, shrubbery, small paddock, fish pond, excellent pasture field, about 3a. 2r. 29p. in all. The Property is very compact and replete with every attraction for anyone desiring a residence in a healthy and charming district, within short distance of Chester, and easy access to Liverpool. Portions of the land, etc., have extensive frontages to the Saughall road, and are adaptable for build- ing purposes. Houses are in great demand. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, at his Estate Offices and Sale Rooms, Chester- street, Mold or to E. S. GILES, ESQ., Solicitor, Chester. THE CITY AUCTION ROOMS, 14, WATERGATE-STREET, CHESTER. (Opposite God's Providence House). Q ASTON & SON S hold a SALE at the above Rooms every TUESDAY, at 1-30, throughout the year, for the convenience of Clients having Surplus FURNITURE or GOODS of any description to dispose of. Settlements day following Sale of Goods. Terms moderate. Sales and Valuations of all descriptions con- ducted in town or country. TUESDAY NEXT, August 20th, 1907. SALE of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, removed from several residences in town and country, consisting of excellent well-toned piano, iron frame, etc,, in walnut- case, by Crane; bedroom suites in black and satin walnut, dining and diawing-ioom suites in leather elot-hand moquette, walnut and painted chosls. oak knee-holo desk, kaihoHincd top; bedsteads, wire, wool and straw rnuttresvxs. gas hall lamps, carpet squarM and Axminster mats, mangle in good concStion, also a large assortment of kitchen furniture, consisting of tables, chairs, ourb, stool-top fenders, fir-en oris, stools, otc., and a quantity of sundry lots. Sale to oommono? ait. 1.30 prompt. 600 HORSES. £ 12 PRIZES. CREWE HORSE REPOSITORY. HENRY MANLEY & SONS, LIMITED. JL1 announce their FIRST GREAT AUTUMN SALES as follows;- SEPT. 11TH-High-class HUNTERS. SEPT. 12m-HARNESS HORSES, Pedigree HACKNEYS, COBS, &c. SRPT. 13TH-CART HORSES and SHIRES. Many special studs already entered. Enter early and secure good position. Prize Schedules and Entry Forms on application. PUBLIC NOTICES. CHESTER MUNICIPAL CHARITIES. QWEN JONES'S CHARITY A GENERAL MEETING of the COM- PANIES of the City of Chester will bo held at too TOWN HALL, CHESTER, on WEDNES- DAY, the 18th day of September. 1907, at 7.30 p.m., in pursuance of the 81st Section of the SCHEME sanctioned by tho Charity Commis- I sionors for England and Wales by their Order of the 29t.h Ma-rch 1892, for the administratioii of the Municipal Charities in the City of Chester, and of the Rules sanctioned by the Commissiondis, under their Order d&ted the 8th July, 1892. for the APPOINTMENT of SIX REPRESENTATIVES of the Companies of the City of Chester to act in oonjauction with the Trusts-ea of the abovoment.ioned Chari- ties in giving preference in t-ho application of the income of the Charity of Owen Jones to PelFO113 who are Freemen of the said city and members of one of the said Companies, or (in the ca-e of the application of too proportion of income applied for educational purposes) Chil- dren of such persons. The names of peisoiw proposed as suoh Re- presentatives must be sent through the post to the undersigned, tho Clerk of the Trustees of tho Chester Municipal Charities, at least four- teen da.J1; before tho meeting. Dated this 16th day of August,, 1S07. DOUGLAS DOBIE, Clerk to the Trustoes of the Chester Municipal Charities. 53, Northgafo-strect, Chester. EDDISBURY CONSERVATIVE REGIS- TRATION ASSOCIATION. REGISTRTION OF VOTERS. REGISTER j_EEGISTBR! HOUSEHOLDERS, LODGERS already on the Register, and SERVICE VOTERS, arc earnestly requested to see that their Names appear on the New Lists of Electors. On the lit day of August the Overseers will place Lists for the coming year on the doors of each Church, Chapel, Post Office, and other Public Buildings, and unless your name appears on the Lists you cannot Vote, so, therefore, it is essential that every Conservative and Unionist entitled to vote should see that their Names appear thereon. QUALIFICATION FOR LODGER VOTERS. As a Lodger Voter you must have occupied rooms in the same house for 12 Months preceding 15th July. The annual value of the rooms is fixed by Law atCIO. A Son living at home may claim when he is the sole occupant of a room in the house. Every man over 21 who has the sole use of a room of the required value, in his Parents' (or any other) house, should, therefore, claim to be put on the Register as a Lodger Voter. The Overseers are compelled to insert the names of all Householders, including Service Voters entitled to Vote, on the New Lists without sending in a Claim, but, if omitted, they must send in a claim to vote by August 20th. Lodger Voters already on the Register, and who have not changed their residence during the year ending July loth, must reclaim each year by July 2Gth. New Lodger Claimants must send in a claim to vote before they can be inserted in the new List, the last day for sending in Claims being August 20th. All information and Claim Forms supplied free on application to CHARLES F. PRICHARD, Central Conservative Registration Agent. 9, Godstall Chambers, Eastgate Street Row (North), Chester. TENDERS. CITY & COUNTY BOROUGH OF CHESTER. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are REQUIRED for NEW PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL for GOD Bovs and Girls, to be Erected in LOVE- STREET, CHESTER. Plans and Specifications can be seen at the Office of Mr. H. Beswick, Architect, Newgate- street, Chester, on and after August 26th, and Qantities obtained on deposit of 21, which will be returned on receipt of a bona-fide Tender. Tenders are to be sent to me at or before 10 a.m. on Monday, 16th day of September, 1907, endorsed Tender- for School, Love-street, Chester." The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. J. H. DICKSON, Town Clerk. Chester, August 17th, 1907. HAWARDEN INSTITUTE, HAWARDEN. THE Bowling Green Committee of the above Tlnstitute invite TENDERS for SOIL STRIPPING. EXCAVATING, TILLING, LEVELLING, Etc., to be executed for the making of a BOWLING GREEN, on a site behind the Institute at Hawarden. Drawings may be seen, and specifications and quantities may be obtained on application to me, at the Institute, on or before the 29th inst. Sealed Tenders, fully priced and on forms provided, to be addressed to the Chairman of the Bowling Green Committee, Hawarden Institute, Hawarden, endorsed "Tender for Bowling Green," must be received not later than G p.m. on :30th inst. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. H. COCKUP, Hon. Sec. Hawarden, 15th August, 1907. CONNAH'S QUAY. THE Proprietors of the "CHESHIRE TOBSERVER" have Opened an UP-TO-DATE PRINTING OFFICE, in DOCK ROAD (opposite Messrs. Coppack Bros.), CONNAH'S QUAY. The office is in charge of MR. FKED COLLIXS, of 17, Rylands-street, Shotton. Mr. COLLINS will be pleased to call upon Customers, give Quotations, &c., on receipt of post card. EVERY KIND OF COMMERCIAL & LETTERPRESS PRINTING, Executed on the Premises, at the Shortest Notice, at tho LOWEST POSSIBLE CHARGE. A LARGE VARIETY OF WALL PAPERS IN STOCK. Customers are requested to call and choose their Patterns. Business Men in the vicinity of Connah's Quay will find our Branch Office a real boon. It is fitted with Modern Appliances, and Up-to-date Type. It is handily situ- ated-a. post card will fetch Mr. COLLINS any time. NOTE ADDRESS: "Observer" Printing Works, DOCK ROAD, CONNAH'S QUAY. — —j —- EDUCATIONAL. #' K ING'S SCHOOL, CHESTER. NEXT TERM begins SEPTEMBER 19th. Full Prospectus from Clerk, MR. F. B. MASON, 19, Newgate-street, Chester. ARNOLD HOUSE SCHOOL, CHESTER. J. G. GARNETT, M.A. (Cantab). REV. A. H. FISH, B.A. B.Sc. (Lond.) The School provides Preparation for the Public Schools and Universities, for Professional and Business Life. The Premises include Physical and Chemical Laboratories, Gymnasium and Playing Field. There is a Preparatory Department for Young Boys, under the charge of a Lady Graduate. Boarders are taken at the School House. Illustrated Prospectus on application. NEXT TERM BBGINS SEPTEMBER 20TH. CITY AND COUNTY SCHOOL FOR BOYS (LATE SECONDARY DAY SCHOOL), GROSVENOR MUSEUM, CHESTER. HEAD MASTER MH. JOHN A. McMICHAEL, B.A., B-Se. NEXT TERM commences 10th SEPT., 1907. FEFs:-Ej per year. The Curriculm includes a carefully arranged course in English Literature, History, Geography, French, Practical Science, Drawing, Manual and j Physical Training. Arrangements are made for j Latin and Shorthand. Prospectus, ready shortly, may be obtained on application to the Grosvenor Museum or 16, Corn Exchange Chambers, Chester. JOHN DODD, Clerk to the Governing Body. OMESTIC TRAINING FOR GENTLEWOMEN, 37, WHITE FRIARS. CHESTER. PRIVATE LESSONS IN COOKERY. Class Lessons given. Schools attended. Lessons Resumed Sept. 17th. Terms on application, Mus. T. J. POWELL. Full Diplomas of the Board of Education. PROSPECTUS POST FREE. QM ART'S BUSINESS TRAINING COLLEGE, St. Oswald's Chambers, St. Wer- burgh-street CHESTER. And at LIVKK? )or., ST. HELENS, WARRINGTON and SOUTHPORT. REASONABLE FEES. Modern Commercial Instruction. Languages, Civil Service Examinations, Professional Pre- not in a. class. Each Pupil is taught individually, not in a class. F RENCH ORAL CLASSES will be conducted by MONS. B. MEUNIEU (officier d'Academie) in ST. JOHN'S PARISH ROOM, Vicar's-lane, Chester, every THURS- DAY EVENING, commencing OCTOBER 3rd. No drudgery, pure accent, best oral method. Prospectus from the Registrar, 21, Raymond- street, Chester. N.B.: Two Private Classes for Ladies will be held at Bishop Lloyd's Palace, Chester, every Thursday Morning. 4516 THE UNIVERSITY OF L IVERPOOII. SESSION 1907-8. FACULTIES OF ARTS, SCIENCE, MEDICINE, LAW, and ENGINEERING. UNIVERSITY TRAINING COLLEGE FOR TEACHERS. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE. SCHOOL OF COMMERCE. INSTITUTE OF ARCHAEOLOGY. SCHOOL OF TRAINING FOR SOCIAL WORK. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH. SCHOOL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE. SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE & SURGERY. SCHOOL OF DENTAL SURGERY. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY. INSTITUTE OF COMPARATIVE PATHOLOGY. DEPARTMENTS OF BIO-CHEMISTRY AND EXPERI- MENTAL MEDICINE. HALLS OF RESIDENCE FOR MEN AND WOMEN. EVENING COURSES FOR THE DEGREE OF B.A. EVENING LECTURES AND LABORATORY INSTRUC- TION. FELLOWSHIPS, SCHOLARSHIPS, EXHIBITIONS, SPECIAL GRANTS AND PRIZES. The AUTUMN TERM commences on TUES- DAY, OCTOBER 8. Prospectuses and full particulars will be for- warded on application to P. HEBBLETHWAITE, M.A., Registrar. rjlEACHERS EXAMINATIONS. MOST SUCCESSFUL PREPARATION FOR PRELIMINARY CERTIFICATE AND CERTIFICATE, DECEMBER, 1907. Special Courses of Postal Tuition in all Subjects. FEEs :-21/. per 12 weeks, or 30/- till examination. NEW TERM NOW STARTING, also DAILY, SATURDAY, AND EVENING CLASSES. Model Solutions to latest Preliminary Certificate Arithmetic and Mathematics. Papers free on application to SKERRY'S COLLEGE, 5, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. ELLIS'S BARGAINS in Second-hand PIANOS. Rosewood PIANOFORTE by G. (??JL?M Russell & Co., celluloid keys, panel front, brass sconces. In first c condition. Just been renovated throughout. Hire Pur- chase price 14 guineas, at 10/0 per month. A Walnut PIANOFORTE, by Ct J. m Chappell & Co.; seven octaves, cellu- loid keys, three-compartment top door, inlaid panels, brass sconces; equal to new, just been renovated at our own works. Hire Purchase price 19 Guineas, at 10/6 per month. jQ | Q—A Rosewood Upright PIANO, O^IO FORTE, by Hopkinson; seven octaves, ivory keys, in first-class condition, just been renovated, inlaid panel, brass sconces, trusses, &c. Hire Purchase price 20 Guineas, at 12/6 per month. X O-A Black Iron-framed PIANO, CT IV by Cramer; full trichord, check action, bushed keys, gold incised panel, braes sconces. Has been in use for three months' only. Hire Purchas price 22 Guineas, at 12/G per Month. flQf)—A Black Overstrung Upright Grand <???J PIANO, by Lange, of Berlin check action, full trichord, seven octaves, and all latest improvements, decorated panel, brass sconces. Hire Purchase price 24 Guineas, at 12/6 per Month. All the above are in first-class condition and warranted for 20 yeara. Quotations include free delivery, free tuning for one year, free exchango within 6 months if not approved of. Railway fare allowed to all purchasers. Send for further particulars and complete list of other Bargains. HERBERT ELLIS, Cestrian Piano Depot, 71, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER. WORKS: LOVE STREET. SUMMER CLOTHING In BIG VARIETY for BOYS and MEN at HEPWORTH'S. BOYS' WASHING BLOUSES & SUITS IN NEWEST MATERIALS. MEN'S ALPACA JACKETS, TENNIS JACKETS, FLANNEL TROUSERS AND SUIT, ALL AT FACTORY PRICES. MEN'S FLANNEL SUITS MEASURE FROM 25/- TAILORING DEPARTMENT on the Premises, under Experienced Cutters. Patterns and Prices on Application. J. HEPWORTH & SON, LTD. 83, FOREGATE STREET. 150 OTHER TOWNS. I THE NEW RAMIE UNDERWEAR. GUARANTEED UNSIIRINKABLE. IN ANY WEATHER IT IS A TREAT. ADDS A NEW DELIGHT TO LrFE. T People who have worn itchy, woollen underwear all winter and who are now undecided as to the best for summer, wiil miss one of the joys of living if they don't wear RAMIE the year round, and know true Comfort, real Cleanliness, complete absence of offensive odours, and freedom from wet garments. AMERICAN VISITORS to Chester should not fail to Ask for our FREE BOOKLET. DENSONS, 9, 11 & 1:3, NORTIIGATE ROW, CHESTER. A. RICHARDSON (Successor to BOUCHER & Co.) 43, BRIDGE ST. ROW, CHESTER. (TELEPHONE 230), PIANO AND ORGAN SHOWROOMS. The following are a few, amongst many like BARGAINS in LOW-PRICED PIANOS, &c., now being offered. Any instrument may be Purchased by Instalments:— 5-AMERICAN ORGAN, in perfect order; six stops and kase swell; good tone. d f>-| -J —Good Cottage PIANO in walnut O?JL J_ case, with panel front, &c.; clear ringing tone. 1, Q-| O—Well-made COTTAGE PIANO, in CT?JL? neat burr walnut case; ivory keys, full compaas, very good tone and touch. jO"|yi—Very nice Cottage PIANO in oW- B "? beautiful burr walnut case; full compass, trichord; in excellent condition throughout. K GUINEAS-Fine Iron-frame PIANO, in _t_<?L? burr walnut case, with marquetry panels; | full trichord, check action, clear ringing tone. A great bargain. 16 GUINEAS Fine toned Iron-frame 1 O PIANO, in real burr walnut case with floral marquetrie panel, iron frame, check action. All improvents. 118 GUINEAS-Very fine Upright PIANO, B O in figured burr walnut case, w!tb choice inlaid marquetry panel, heavy metal frame, best check action, full trichord. All modern improvements. I —Overstrung. Iron frame, Upright <?C? ? Grand PIANO by Rubens, Berlin, in rosewood case best check action (under- damper), ivory keys, brilliant tone; a splendid instrument. OUR TUNERS VISIT ALL PARTS OF CHESHIRE REGULARLY. A. RICHARDSON, 43, BRIDGE ST. ROW, CHESTER. PIANO & ORGAN SHOWROOMS. (TEL. 230). (Established 1813). BRANCH—20, REGENT ST., WREXHAM. MYKROL SHEEP DIPS MYKROL HORSE WASH MYKROL CATTLE WASH Are recognised to be the Strongest and the BEST Non-poisonous or Corrosive Disinfectants extant. PERFECT CURE FOR SCAB. A GUARANTEED CURE OF ALL SKIN DISEASES, A PROTECTION AGAINST ALL GERM AND INSECT LIFE. MYKROL SHEEP DIPS have held their now for Fifty Years. MYKROL DISINFECTANT, FLUID and POWDER, and MYKROL SOFT SOAP stand First in every Household and are supplied by every up-to- date Chemist and Stores throughout the Country. Bone Phosphate & Chemical Co Ltd. FLINT, NORTH WALES. Wholesale Agents DICKSONS, Ltd., Chester. I LIGHT WINES FOR SUMMER USE. CLARET- Blaye. 12/- per Doz. Botb. Fronsac 14/- „ SAUTURNE-Gravcs 16/- £ a-sac 18/- „ HOCK— Bodenheimer 18/- I" Loreber 20i- „ MOZELLE- Zeitinger. IS'- 11 Berncastler. 24/- HALF BOTTLES of above Wines 2/- Doz. Extra QUELLYN ROBERTS & CO. THE OLD CRYPT, WATERGATE ST., CHESTER. WALLACE WILLIAMS begs to announce he has commenced Business as TIOCSE DECORATOR, PAINTER PAPERHANGER, &c., at 68, GLADSTONE ROAD, CHESTER, Pattern Books sent on application. ESTIMATES GIVEN. H. F. THOMAS (Late LAMONT & SON), CABINETMAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS Is now shewing New and Exclusivo DESIGNS in SEAMLESS AXMINSTER CARPETS ranging in sizes from 10ft. 6in. by 9ft. at E4. 10s. Other sixes and prices in proportion. HOUSEHOLD REMOVALS and WAREHOUSING carefully conducted by Experienced Men at Lowest Rates. 31, Eastgate Street, Chester. TELEPHONR No. 52. n—————q——g