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I ATHLETIC NEWS. CRICKET NOTES. Boughton Hall played their return match against Eaton on Saturday, at Eaton Park. The home side won the toes, and Colonel LLoyd was accompanied by Mountford to the wickets. A bad start was made, Mountford being caught'off a tame stroke in the first over. Owen came in, but soon lost Colonel LLoyd, who was well stumped by Wilson. Captain Holloway soon got going, but after making 31 by good cricket he was stumped off Blencowe. Captain Hunts- man and Kinloch made a stand, Huntsman play- ing a free game. A separation, however, was effected by Kinloch being caught at third man after making 10. Huntsman was last out, being caught in the deep for 47. His innings was a very valuable one to his side, but he had a little luck, aft several of his miss hits just, failed to go to hand. The innings closed for 128. Hack got three wickets for 10 runs, V. Churton tlirek3 for 27, Hales one for 10, and Blencowe three for 56 runs. Boughton liall started with Douglas and V. Churton. With the score at 13 Douglas was caught at 1.110 wicket. Churton was soon after- wards bowled, after getting 13. A stand was made by Hodgkin and Hales, both hitting well, Hodgkin getting a fine drive for 6. With the score at 60 Haios was bowled off his pad for a very useful 18, and soon afterwards Hodgkin was given out lbw, having played well for 18. On Henshall and Wilson becoming associated the stand of the innings was made. Henshall hit brilliantnly, obtaining a niagrnfi- oent 6 to long leg, while Wilson also batted well and confidently. With the score at 126, Hen- shall was well caught at deep mid on for a splendid innings of 36. Dryland, on his arrival, made the winning hit by a straight drive to the boundary, the Eaton total thus being parsed with five wickets in hand. With the match won, the succeeding players began to hit. Wilton was given run out, a doubtful decision, having played a very fine innings of 40. The innings closed for 146. Roberts and Holloway bowled well for Eaton, although the wicket wtM rather too slow for the last bowler. Roberts obtained three wickets for 74 runs, Holloway two for 26, and Hunteman three for 25 runs. St. Mary's gained a. decisive victory over Eaton Park second eleven an Saturday, on the former's ground. The home team batted first, and ran up a score of 60, only two men reach- ing double figurvs H. Scott was dismissed by Lambert for a well-made 14, while Lambert also bowled Burgess, who retired for 13. The Kettomans wore first repieserited by Penson and Laking. wlio mado a bad start, the former be- ing run out for a single, while the latter was given out Lb. w. by Burgess for two. The higbteut was made by Beckett, who was smartly bowled by liurgms after scoring 11 runs. He was followed by J. Edwards, who was run out for soven. At the conclusion the scores had reached only 34, so that St. Mary's won by 26 runs. After a most succosisful season, having won all their matches, Rivertown (Shotton) fell to pieces on the Roodee on Saturday, when they were defeated by the Ceistria team. Winning the toss, the Shottonians bitted first on a fast wicket, but collapsed for 18 runs. Jones bowled well, taking eight. wickets for 11 runs. The Cestrians triumphed by a margin of 15 runs Nock captured four wickets, Hughes throe, and Sheargold two Hughes keeping the best length. A mixture of players of the Frodsham first and second teams brought off a remarkably fine and exciting win on Saturday against Runcorn. The latter labour under the decided disadvantage of not possess ing a ground for practising. The liome team took initial knock on a good wicket, but opened disastrously, Howard losing hift wicket with the score at only two. Pearson and Selby, however, soon made amends, and trounced the bowling to all parts of the field. He was beaten eventually by a good ball from Plant, an old Frodsham player, after con- tributing an invaluable 23. Wood was in rather a quieter mood than usual, but he made 15, the outcome of good cricket. Hutchings played strongly, one drive of his into an adjacent field for 6 being splendid. Ho was not beaten until he had scored 31 runs. Solby and Greening continued titerr aggressive tactics, the former being unfortunate!y out when two runs short of the coveted half oentury. The innings was declared at 173 for eight wickets, Greenin, a second team youth, carrying out his bat for a well-played 29. Runcorn also made a bad start, Hutchingfl clean bowling Draper with a beautiful ball. Abrams and Prescott suffered a similar fate soon afterwards, three wickets being down for a elozen. Baxter, another old Frodsham player, came to the rescue, and with fine cricket caused a change in the attack. He was the principal factor in raising the score to 43 ere he was bowled for a meritorious 31, the top score of his side With only ten minutes to play, eight wickets were down, and the excite- ment ran high. The visitors played the block- ing game, but Hutchings got Cunningham caught, while ho clean bowled Hill, the game being won just on time. The Runcorn total waa 67, Frodsham winning handsomely by 106 runs. Hutchings had the fine analysis of seven wickets for 17 runs. An exciting game footpace between Comber- mere and Cholmondeley on Saturday on the ground of the former. The visitors were vic- torious by the narrow margin of two runs. Cholmondeley won the toes and batted first. They scored 57 runs, T. Lanceley being the principal scorer with a well-played 23. A. Nield bowled splendidly for the home team, taking eight wickets for 21 runs. Combermere at one time appeared to have a very distinct advantage, as they had scored 52 and had three wickets in hand. They all fell, however, at 55. Coffin, as usual, was in great form, capturing five wickets for 13 runs, while C. W. Dodd took five for 19 runs. The fielding of the visitors was good, the catches dismissing Nield and Severn being par- ticularly fine. Neston was defeated at Aigburth on Saturday. Neston ventured first, and made a rather poor start. Kirby and McNeil faced the bowling of Pearson and Clare, but the score had only reached six when the former was dismissed. Houghton followed in, and contributed a useful 15. F. C. Roberts hit out in characteristic style, and was good for 24, and T. C. Roberlti carried the total to 68. The next four wickets fell for the addition of only four more runs. J. H. Gilling compiled 37 (top score) his hits included five 4'6 three 3'a, and two 2's. Clare was the most successful of the bowlers, securing six wickets. Aigburth started with Johnson and Cottier. The latter hit out in his usual brisk manner, and had made 12 when Kirby beat him. Miller joined Johnson, both batsmen hitting out freely; between them they carried the score to 46, when the former was clean bowled by Vosper. The board shewed 75 when Johnson retired. He had played well for his innings of 30, inclusive of one six hit. Harrison was responsible for 17 runs. Brock and Pearson were the other two men to reach double figures. The latter retired at 132. The ninth wicket saw the score unchanged. Of the trundlers, Houghton secured four wickets for 13 runs. Northop received a visit from Penbedw on Saturday. Penbedw won the toss and batted first, sending in J. A. Main and W. C. Hughes to face the bowling of J. Banks and F. Jones. The firat. wicket fell for 11 runs, and very shortly afterwards W. C. Hughes was bowled by J. Bankes. The next five wickets raised the score to 32, and the team was dismissed for a total of 34. There were no extras. For the Northop team J. Bankes took four wickets for 17 runs, and Fred Jones five for 17 rune. None of the Penbedw team reached double figures, the two highest scorers being W. C. Hughew and J. A. Main, who made 6 and 8 respectively. Northop sent in C. Lewis Jones and H. Rob- son, Priichard and Davies beginning the bowling for. In the first over Robean was eba- nassed by IVifecboiri, the first wicket falling with- out a run being added. The next three wickets were down for OIÙJ: 11 rung. R., W B&uko% however, improved the aspect of the game, but after sooie very pretty cricket he was dismissed by PritchareL The next four wickets brought the total to 41. The most exciting part of the game was the stand or the tenth wicket. Astbury and J. Davies raised the score to 53. For the Penbedw team Pritchard bowled very well, taking seven wickets, and Davies two wickete. Buckley undertook their longest journey from home on Saturday, when they paid their first visit to the Rainhill Asylum team. Leaving Buckley Junction at 11.35 a.m., it was just two o'clock when the party arrived at Rainhill, but after the long and trying journey they were amply repayed, as the ground was undoubtedly the finest the Buckley men have ever played on, the actual pitch prepared by the groundsman being perfect. Indeed, there are not many county grounds that are kept in better condition. The Buckley captain won the toss, and T. J. Davison and Arthur Peters started. After about two overs had been sent down, rain drove the players to the pavilion. On restarting, Arthur Peters was caught with the score at only 3. Herbert Piercy followed, and he and Davison took the score to 21 before Piercy was caught by Blundell at square leg. J. Lindop soon lost Davison, who was smartly stumped by Wilson. W. S. Lindop and Joe Peters did not trouble the scorers much, their wickets falling at 24 and 31 respectively. J. Lindop and R. M. Giboon added 15 for the sixth wicket, before Lindop was out to a fine catch by Tutt from a very hard out. Gibson left at the same total, being also out to a good catch by Bixter at extra cover. T. Lindop and H. Griffiths added 17 for the eighth wicket before Lindop was bowled. During GriffitJllÙ. partnership with the remaining bats- men he played merry cricket., and carried out his bat for 21 the highest score of his side in a total of 90. Rainhill had about three-ejuartere of an hour in which to get the runs, and Wilson and Bixter started to the bowling of J. Peters and H. Griffiths. No fewer than 18 runs were scored in the first ten minutes, before Wilson was caught- in attempting to hit Griffiths's breaks. Towill followed, but with the total at 26 he was clean bowled by H. Griffiths. A. E. Goodwin followed, and ha and Bixter hit merrily, and took the score to 59 for three before Bixter was clean bowled by Griffiths for a well- played 33, which included three fours. Tutt was bowled by H. Griffiths for a "duck," and Davison, who substituted J. Peters, got Bishop caught by Lamb for a duck; but R. Blundell, who followed, stayed with Goodwin until time was called, when the total was 67 for five wickets. Thus an enjoyable game ended in about an even draw. H. Griffiths got four of the Rainhill wickets at a cost of 31 runs; Davison secured the other one at a cost of 11 runs, and J. Peters had 25 runs knocked off him without securing a wicket. It was unfortunate that rain stopped play for about an hour. To-morrow (Saturday) Buckley play Flint at Boughton Hall in the final for the Chester and District Cricket Cup. The poorest, display ever given 011 the Shot- ton ground was the exhibition by the local re- serves on Saturd&y. when they received the return visit of Halkyn. When the beams met a.t Halkyn, the miners won by 38 to 30 runs. On Saturday the locals were below strength, play- ing with no fewer than five would-be specta.- tors. Winning the toss, Shotton batted first, Taylor and Holden opposing the trundling of R. P. Jones and J. L. Francis. With only nine on the board, Holden was clean bowled, while with only two singles added, Taylor was bowled. At fourteen Oatherail was bowled by FMUKSO. Afterwards them was a continuous procession to and from the pavilion. Three wickets were down for fourteen, and all wero out for 18. This was due to the fine bowiing of R. P. Jones, who captured eight wickets for serven runs. With only 19 to win, Halkyn's task was a light one. The Rev. W. L. Johnson and Wyatt cammenoed the innings, but with four runs soored the former was bowled by one of Taylor's slow breaks. Parry aLao soon de- parted, but the arrival of Francis shattered the remote hopes of Shotton. Roberts, Powell and Wyatt were quickly dismissed, Taylor and Lewis bowling. Geras and Parry offered a bright partnership, the latter scoring ten runs, including a couple of fours. The remaining three wickets were quickly disposed of without any sooring, and the side were thus out after passing the Shotton total by 20 runs. Taylor and Lewis bowled unchanged, the former tak- ing five wiokots for 23, and Lewis four for 12 runs. Tatteuhall, who entertained Whitchurch on Saturday, were in their beat form, and attained their highest score this season for a single innings, viz., 222. Messrs. W. Jones, W. E. Jones and T. Moore were the chief scorers. and W. E. Jones and K. M. Robathan the most suc- cessful bowlers, Jones taking six wickets for 34 runs and Robathan three wickets for 15 runs. For the visitors Messrs. Steele and Brucksliaw held highest scores. Sbotton's visit to Penyffordd attracted great local interest. The wicket was hard and fast- Winning the toss, Barrett set his side to bat. Phillips and Garratt faced the bowling of Dolby and R. Davies. The start waa slow, and later disastrous, an in the fourth over Phillips was bowled by Da-vies when the total scope was five. Two runs later Kcar was caught, while Jones was out likewise in the same over with- out scoring. Atkinson, however, changed the aspect of the game, and was chiefly responsible for 30 runs going up. At 33 another downfall bofel the visitors, for Garmtt was bowled by Skinner for a dooen. With another run added there was a double calamity, Atkinson being bowled for a very useful 18, and Dawson being caught off Davies without scoring. Ttit brought Barrett and Johnson in partnership' and the pair played steadily, raising- the 00 by 14 ere Barrett was taken at the wicket for eight. Popplewell hit merrily for a long time, John- son playing steadier. The partnership yielded 23 runs, when Johnson was stumped. Austin again assisted Popplewell in piling up thø soore, and the ninth partnership yielded another 21 runs, when Popplewell was clean bowled by Davies, after contributing an invaluable 26. Gordon was soon disposed of, and the innings closed for 82 runs. Davies carried off the bowl- ing honours with six wickets for 29 runs. Skin- ner and Bellis opened the home team's ven- ture, to the bowling of Gordon and Austin. For a time the cricket was lifeless. At three BeUis was bowled by Gordon. Hill assisted in adding 19 for the second wick-L-t before being bowled by Gordon. R. Davics and Skinner be- came partners, and oontinued defensive cricket, time arriving with the pair unseparaied In ninety minutes the bome team scored 33 for two wickets. Gordon captured both wiokets at It cost of only three runs eaoh. I FIXTURES. I The following matches will be played on tl- I ground of the first-named club to-day (Satur- day) Denbigh v. Boughton Hall Eaton Park v. Tranmere Wesley St. Mary's v. Penyffordd Hoole v. Boughton Hall 2nd Neston v. Rock Ferry Cholmondeley v. Cbton Barrow v. Ashton Hayes Northwich v. Tarporley