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Cambnaa Vies had Calve .ej as visitors V" Saturday. A ta.rly fast game was witnessed, but it was partly <po,i-ed by the heavy state of the ground, iiic ws.tore had the advantage 1Il being tho h<.»avi«*$t icdin. Calveley won a good game by four goals to three. Chester Vice entertained Sandycroft Artillery on Saturday in the first round of the Junior Cup competition. The Artilery were the first to make headway, and R. Edwards moored from a free kick. At half-time the visitors led by one goal to nil. Soon after the restart Banks equal- ised with a fine shot Afterwards the visitors forced a oorner, from which Parting scored. Thus the game ended in favour of the Artillery by two goals to one. I Smithfield Vies met Trinity Villa on the lloodoe on Saturday. The Vies, who tilayed against a slight breeze, attacked early, but the Villa backs cleared their lines. End to end play followed. From a comer, Phillips, of the Villa, put through his own goal, while a little Wter F. Rigby increased the Vic's lead. The vies were aiiso granted a penalty, which F. Rigby converted. At half-time the score stood 3-0 in favour of the Vies. In the second half the Vies pressed oftener, and Lee soorcd from oorner. Play was afterwards confined to mid- field. During a rush by the Trinity forwards: one of their men was tripped in the penalty area. Lee took the resultant kick, but Edge cleared. Ambrose Johnson added a second goal for the Villa. The Vies were pressing when the final whistle sounded, with the score 3-2 in favour of the Vies. Shotton Swifts gave another indifferent display on Saturday, when they engaeed Chester Rovers on the Roodee in the initial round of the Chester Junior Cup competition, and were decisively! defeated by four goals to two. It must, how. ever, be explained in mitigation that the Swifts experienced the worst of luck. They were the Sret to score, through Parry, but afterwards they elackcned down. This proved a great mistake, as the Cestrians attacked repeatedly, and when T. Pierce kicked through bis own goal their hopes were raised. Later Goreham raced away, lind when near the corner flag centred the ball, which, with the aid of the wind, swerved harm- lessly into the net. The home team led at the interval by the odd goal in three. On resuming, the Swifts attacked, and Pierce equalised. Later Gweham scored from a penalty awarded the Rovers, while Catherall sealed the fate of Shot-ton by increasing the lead. Thus the Swifts Were beaten by four goals to two. On Saturday Ellesmere Port premier eleven played Preacot Wire Works in a Wecit Cheshire League fixture, before a good crowd. As the visitors are at present second in the League, great interest was shewn in the match. Neither team was fully represented. In the first half the Port pressed strongly, but the Prescot defence was very sound. Eventually Taylor scored for the Port, but Prescot equalised close on half-time. McCuJloch put the Port further "•head, but the visitors played up gamely, and equalised. A very fast- and the best home match of the season resulted in a draw of two goals each. Frodi ■Jiam had to bow down once more to defeat on Saturday, when they were somewhat easily vanquished by the Arley team on the Athletic Ground. The visitors quickly asserted themselves, and during the initial half monopo- lised the play to a great extent, their passing movements being characterised by more dash and objective than the spasmodic and uncertain rushes of the home men. Two goals were eoon scored by the visitors. The seoond reverse ap- peared to waken up Frodsham, who, after a prolonged footing in the visitors' quarters, scored through Rimmer. The visitors imme- diately retaliated, and further increased their lead. The second half was fairly evenly con- gested but the home defence was sound and ()Quld not be penetrated. The game ended in favour of the visitors by three goals to one. Hawarden Bridge entertained Flint United on Saturday under the auspices of the First Division of the Flintshire League. The ground was on the soft side. The home eleven won the toss, and at once commenced to press, but without result. At last Flint raced away and were awarded a penalty, from which they opened the score. This was distinctly hard lines for the Bridge, as up to this point Flint had done very htfcle attacking. Despite the heavy going, the home players set to work in earnest, and Lloyd was called upon to negotiate several good shots. Eventually they equalised through J. Parry. The game continued at a fast and furious pace, and Fox missed a penalty for the Bridge. Although both sides tried hard to gain the lead, Nothing further resulted, and the interval ar- rived with the score one goal each. The second half opened in favour of the Bridge, and G. Whittaker missed by inches. Shortly afterwards Rimmer Brown nearly Past Lloyd, who had to concede an abortive corner. Cummings raoed away at a fine rate for the visitors, but he had the mis- fortune to fall when in front of the Bridge goal, Ind Tompkins had no difficulty in clearing. Bentham and Bithell cleared repeatedly when the home forwards were dangerous. Cummings was again put in possession, but he fell once n.orc and was nearly blinded with mud. After a determined attack on the home goal, in which the Flint forwards combined well, Tompkins was beaten for the second time. The home vanguard Put more method into their play, and Lloyd,  was well served by Bithell and Bentham, iw? to work hard to ataTC off disa?. Hewitt  Darlington played a fine defensive game for fk Bridge, while the Flint defence was very found. The game ended in favour of Flint by two goals to one. Ashtoo Hayes were visited by Christletan en at-urday. Tho home team kicked off against a strong wind. Christleton had most of the play during the first, half, Hughes scoring after te minutes' play, and Selby increased the lead fore die interval In the seoond half, play- Jng with the wind. Ashton had more of the play. Just before the finish one of the visitors bandied the ball within the penalty area. ■•nwrstan took the resultant penalty kick, which 'Was splendidly saved by Bartley, the visiting Cnstodian. Nothing further was scared, Christie- ton thus winiiin., a pleasant game by two goals to The Malpa.3 Juniora visited Tushingham on Saturday, and met the looal club, a good game resulting in favour of the visitors by three goals to one. At tho close of play both teams were entertained at tea at Maesfen HaJI by the Rev. the H<m. and Mrs. A. R. Parker. Before dispersing a hearty vote of thanks was accorded the rev. gentleman and Ms wife. Hobby on Saturday rr»Pt Waliasey Village in tho fifth round of the Cheshire Amateur Cup. Riding was again absent from the team, his place being taken by Antrobus. The game was played at Wallasey before, a good number of spectators. Hclsby, who played uphill, were the first to become dangerous, and Boyle missed a glorious chance of opening the score in tlle first few minutes. Ilelsby kept up the prosstrre for some little time, but Wallasey's custodian, who displayed exoollent form tii long ho ut, effected some wonderful saves. The gJame then opened out, and oaoh side attacked in turn. Eventually the home men opened the soaro from a corner, but Helsby equalised tbrough Boyle soon afterwards. Just beiforo haif-tirnKj, however, the home team Hoosied again from another corner, and led at the in- terval by two to one. It was quite expected that Helaby, with the slope* in their favour, would soon rub off the arrears, but luck was against tlnem, and the ball ropoatedly went anywhere but through the goal. Not only did the homo custodian eglain save time after time in marvellous fashion, but many shots whiq-h deserved to score were either charged down or passod just wide of the posts. After further pressure by Ile'sby without re- sult, the home playeirs in remarkable fashion quickly added two more goalsi. Tln-se reverses oppoairod to dishearten the visitors, whose at- tempts to get level were but poor, and the homo team, wito were now playing a winning game, scored again before the close, and even- tually retired ,I,rinnem by five to one. Ii eisby Bible Class had Runcorn Combination as visitors, whom they beat, after a good game, tor two to uil. Oonnah's Qua.y Vios. brought a strong team, to oppose St. Oswald s on the Roodee on Satur- day. The g'amø commenced rather badiy for the home team, the V icta. being awarded two pima.itiee wiiiiiin five minutes of ilie start, llutt, the home goalkeeper, brought off two smart saves, which encouraged his team. St. Oswald's gained three successive corners, which camo to nothing, and alter this tho visitors got to work in earnest, but the home goal was kept intact until a few minutes prior to the interval, when Conn ah'a Quay scored. The centre-kick being taken, St. Oswald's raoed down in line, and from a pass by J. Allan, Ben- nett hooded a good goal, thus equalising. 10 the &eoond half the game was very fas??, eaoh side trying hard to 800m The visitors' goal- keeper saved capitally on two oooa?iona. Aus- tin gave the Vies. the lead, and St. Oswald's not to be Ix-atem, after a period of pressure, w-eic rewarded just on time, J. Williams mak- ing tlho scores level. The whistle sounded witih the soort—St. Oswald's two, Connah's Quay two. Both in Mold and Buckley great interest was centred in a match on Saturday between Mold Town and Buckley Engineers in the third round of the Welsh Amateur Cup competition. The Mold Recreation Ground walt the venue of hos- tilities, and it is computed that there was a crowd of upwards of 1,500 spectators. Both clubs placed their strongest available teams in I the field, and an added importance waa imparted to the match in that the visitors were last season's holders of the trophy. The Engineers won the toss, and had the best of the opening exchanges, but they were checked by Arthur Jones, who parted to Sydney Peters, and this forward, eluding all opposition, severely tested the Buckley custodian. Midfield play followed. After a spell of long passing tactics by the Engineers, Davies centred grandly and Lewis repelled, but before he could effect a complete clearance Millington banged the ball into the net five- minutes after the start. Soon after this reverse S. Peters was in evidence, and, eluding the Buckley backs, he put in a magnificent shot, which the visitors' custodian saved at the ex- penee of a corner. This waa well plaoed, and N. Lloyd was enabled to equalise with a long range shot. Encouraged by the plaudits of their sup- porters, the home team attacked determinedly, but. the Buckley defence proved equal to the pressure. After a bout of midfield play, the Engineers again invaded, and Phillips gave the home custodian an awkward handful. While holding the ball he was fouled. The ensuing free kick enabled Mold to visit the other end, but the Buckley defence was impregnable, and half- time arrived with the eoore one all. On resuming. McFarlano was to the fore, and he forced a corner off H. Hughes, but to the chagrin of the Mold enthusiasts he shot outside. Aft,er a period of apathetic play, S. Peters forced a oorner off Lewis, but he repeated the mistake previously made by MoFarLane. Whether the home forwards had become "rusty" owing to a succession of open dates, or whether the heavy ground was telling it-) tale, at any rate it was apparent that the Mold quintette were not stayers, and several fine centres by McFarlane and Peters came to nought. The next- incident of note was a fine sprint by Jenkins, who, beat- ing the Mold backs, got within a yard of Lewis and lowered his ooloum with a fast groundshot. After a period of protracted pressure on the Mold goal the home team aroused. The Buckley goalkeeper just succeeded in keeping out one of McFarlanc's shots, and later he mulled a shot from P. Davies, which was kept out of the net just in tho nick of time. Eventually the game ended with the score two to one in favour of the Buckley team. The visitors deserved to win. The Mold eleven were very clever in mid- field, but in front of goal they appeared to lack method and resource. A meeting of the Chester and District Foot- ball Association was hold on Friday, when W. Mooro, of Chester Albion, was suspended for fourteen days from Monday, January 21. K Company protested against Connah'a Quay for playing an iineligible man, and the tie was ordered to be replayed at Oonnah's Quay on February 2. A protest by Kelsall against St. Werburgh's for a similar offence was heard, and the tio was ordered to bo replayed on Sat- urday next. Sealand Albion v. Chester Depot, to be played on Saturday next. The draw for the seoond round of the Chester Junior Cup resulted as follows:—Chester Rovers v. Mold Junction, Kelsall or St. Wer- burgh's v. Sandycroft, Oonnah's Quay or K Company v. St. Oswald's, Chester Albion v. Depot or Seal.and Albion. To be played on February 9th. The draw for the first round of the Charity Oup resulted as foUowb- K Company v. Rossett, Nestom v. Saltney. To be played next Satur- day. Hightown, Hoole, EUesmene Port, Kaleyards, Oonmah's Quay Twenties and Queen's Ferry byes. A special oonmniesion was appointed to deal with the Offeree's report of tho disturbance at Saltney. Tho case will be fully gone into on Friday next. In the fourth round of the Army Oup compe- tition the 1st Cheshire Regiment axe drawn against the 1st Duke of Cornwall's Light In- fantry, while the 1st Royal Welch Fusiliers am to moot the 1st South Staffordshire Regiment, the matches having to be decided on or beforo February 9th. A special meeting of the Oommiasion of the Welsh and Chester Football Association was held at Cheater on Friday to consider the re- ports of referees. Referee Ixxikwood reported G. Dutton, of Sandyoroft, for threatening him, and he was suspended for two months. Referee Ooppaok reported Walter Williams, of Buckley Rangers, for leaving the field without, permis- aion in the match against Chester Rovers and delaying the game, and lie was suspended for fourteen days. Several of the Buckley players were cautioned also for their oonduot. I FIXTURES. COMBINATION. Bangor v. Chester. SENIOR CUP.-SEMI-FINAL. Chester's Ground, 3 p.m. Connah's Quay v. Ruthin Road. CHESTER AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Division 2. Saltney "K" Co. v. Kelsall. St. Werburgh's v. St. Oswald's. Buckley Rangers v. Chester Rovers. Mold Junction v. Sandycroft. COMBINATION. rGoaIø, P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts. Chester 13 .12 0 1 .49 5 ..25 Whitchurch 14 .12 1 1 .50 15 .25 Wigan Town .13 6 3 4 24 .20 .16 Wrexham.16 7 7 2 .26 .25 16 Birkenhead .16 7 7 2 .39 42 16 Tranmere R.14 6 6 3 .20 20 .15 Nantwich 14 7 6 1 .24 35 .15 Chirk .15 6 7 2 .29 .27 .14 Oswestry U.14. 5 6 3 .24 .20 .13 Crewe Alex.Il 5 4 2 27 .28 .12 Rhyl .16 4 .10 2 .22 .39 .10 Druida .15 3 8 4 .17 .41 .10 Bangor .16 2 11 3 15 .33 7 Wrexham Vies..14 3 .10 0 .11 21 6 INFLAMMATION OF THE KIDNEYS, DROPSY AND WEAK HEART, CURED BY VENO'S SEAWEED TONIC AFTER DOCTORS GAVE CASE UP. Mr. H. McDOWELL, N.B. Guard, 130 Barrack Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow, writes:- Thanks to VKNO'S SKAWKBD TONIC, which has, I believe, saved my life. 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