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AUCTION DIARY. Sales by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS. Sept. 8-At the Smithfield, Chester—Dutch Flowering Bulbs Sept. 11 At the Smithfield, Chester Fat and Store Stock Sept. 11—At the Smithfield, Cheeter-Cheese- uiakmg Plant Sept. 12-At the Old Smithfield, I-looton-Fat and Store Stock Sept. 13 At the Smithfield, ()he8ter- Sheep Sept. 14—At the Llaufair Mines, Llanfairtal- halarn-Mlaing Machinery, &c. Sept. 15-At the Blossoms Hotel, Cliester-Fi-ee- hold Properties at Kelsall and Tarvm Sept. 15-At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester—Free- hold Property Sept. 21-At the King's Head Hotel, Holywell- Properties in the County of Flint Sept 21—At the King's Head Hotel, Holywell- Freehold Properties Sept. 21-At the King's Head Hotel, Holywell- Freehold Cottages and Building Land Sept. 29—At the Blossoms Hotel. Chetoer-Froo- hold Residence on Eaton-road Oct. 4-At the Smithfield, Chester—Colts and Foals By MESSRS. CHUllTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON Sept. 15-At the Grosvenor Hotel—Residence and Land at Westminster Park Sept. 15—At the Grosvenor Hotel-Dwelling, House in Sandy-lane Sept. 15-At the Grosvenor Hotel-Business Premises in Bridge-street Row Sept. 18—At the Auction Mart, Foregate-street- Antique Furniture, &c. Sept. 18—At the Auction Mart, Foregate-street— Dutch Flowering Bulbs Sept. 19, 20 & 21—At Newton flall-Furniture, Plate, China, Outdoor Effects, &c. Sept. 25—At Great Western Goods Yard-181 Stacks of Sleepers, Timbers, &c. Sept. 26 & 27—At Mollington Hall—Furniture Pianofortes, Ornaments, Carpets, &c. Sept. 1 29—At the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester- Freehold Dwelling-house, No. 3 Grey Friars Sept. 29—At the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester- Freehold Dwelling-bouse, No. 2 Grey lfriars Oct. 2-At the Auction Mart, Furega.te-street- Furniture and Effects By MESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE & SON. Sept. 11—At the Ermine Cattle Mart, Chester- Fat and Store Stock Sept. 17-At Moilington Hall-Live and Dead Farming Stock, etc. Sept. 22-At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester- Freehold Properties. Sept. 22—At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester Free- hold Dwelling-houses By MR JOHN A. LYON. Sept. 13-At the Linen Hall, Chester—Household Furniture, &c. By MR. S. R. FEARNALL. Sept. 19—At 98, Tarvin-road, Chester—House- hold Furniture and Effects By MR. HENRY JONES, F.A.I. Sept. 24-At the Rhos Abbey Hotel, Colwyn Bay—Rhoc-on-Sea Freehold Estate Bv MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD & SONS. SepL 24-At the Shotwiek Home Farm, Saughall —Jersey and Shorthorn Cattle, Pigs. &c. Oct. 2, 3, 4. 5, & 11—At the Repository, Wrexham —Light and Heavy Horses By MESSRS. JOHN SWAN & SONS, LTD. Sept. 17 & 20—At Newtown St. Boswells, N.B.— Sheep a.nd L:i.lI1bs SALES BY AUCTION. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS AND RICHARDSON. AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS. LAND AND ESTATE AGENTS, THE AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-ST., CHESTER. Agents for the Norwich Union, and Law Union and Crown Insurance Companies. Telegraphic Addioss: "Mart, Chester." Telephone No. 210. WESTMINSTER PARK, CHESTER. Important Sale of a very Choice and Valuable Leasehold Residence, situate in Westminster Park, Hough Green. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. J..f. have been favoured with instructions from the Executrix of the late Henry Thomas Brown, Esq., to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel;, — Chester>, on SATURDAY, the 15th day y.ixt. PUU<.TU,NI ) subject to conditions to be then produced, the substantially erected and well arranged Detached RESIDENCE, with Gardens and Pleasure Grounds, Lawn, Rosery. etc. The house is exceedingly well planned and contains entranC3 porch, vestibule, cloak-room and lavatory, spacious hall with fireplace forming sitting-room, dining-room, drawing-room, library, six bedrooms, box-room, bathroom, housemaid's pantry, linen closet and w.c., housekeeper's room, butler's pantry, kitchen, scullery, larder, etc., with excellent wine and ale cellars in basement. Paved and enclosed back yard with coal-house shed, w.c., tool-house, etc. Well-arranged pleasure grounds with choice flowering shrubs, rosery, lawn, and kitchen garden, the whole comprising an area of 3,725 sqnare yards or thereabouts. The property is leasehold for a term of 999 years from 25th March, 1903, at a ground rent of £ 21. 2s. per annum. For further particulars and orders to view apply to the Auctioneers, Messrs. Churton, Elphick, Roberts and Richardson or to Messrs. BROWN & DOBIE, Solicitors All of Chester. SANDY-LANE. BOUGHTON. CHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. l' at the Grosvcnor Hotel, Ch<?tcr. en SATURDAY, tlw 15th day of September, 1906, at three o'clock in the a.ftCn1ootJ- The Modern and pleasantly-situated DWEL- LI:C:-HUCSE. No. 13, Sandy-lane, known as "Mount Lodge," in the occupation of the Rev. H. J. E. Williams, containing hall, drawing and di n:ng-iooms, kitchen, scullery, pantry, four bedrooms, bathroom, closet, w.e (separate), good cellars aii(i -tid, with wash and coal- bouses. and bicycle house, etc Hot and co lei water throughout. The property is freehold, the sanitary arrangements are in perfect order, and tho house is weii-built and in excellent- re- pair. Further information may be obtained from the Auctom'ers Chester; or from Messrs. GAMON, FARMER & CO., Solicitors, Chester. CITY OF CHESTER. Important Sale of Valuable Freehold Shops and Dwelling-house situate in Bridge Street and Bridge Strpet Row. MESST: CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. 31 will offer for SALE BY AUCTION at the Grosvcnor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, September 15th, 100ti, at 3 o'clock p.m. punctually, in one Lot, and subject to the Conditions to be then produced, the above-mentioned FREEHOLD BUSINESS PREMISES consisting of the FRONT SHOP, Xo. 59, BRIDGE STREET, and the DWELLING HOUSE, No. 67, BRIDGE-STREET ROW, in the occupation of Mr. William Pattinson (late Normansell & Co.), Chemist, c-omprising:-On the Street Level Spacious Shop, 34ft. long, with a frontage to Bridge-street of 23ft. 7in., several storerooms, office and cellar. On the Row Level: Dwelling- house containing entrance hall, dining-room, small sitting-room panelled in old carved oak, nine bed- rooms, bathroom, lavatory and w.c, kitchen, scullery, pantry, &c., with fine old oak staircase from basement to upper floors, large paved yard with entrance from Rows and cart entrance from Pepper-street, warehouse, and studio over same with skylight, two lavatories, &c.; all of which premises are on lease for 21 years from 1st July, 1903, at the annual rental of £105. Also the Handsome and Beautifully fitted SHOP, No. 69, Bridge-street Row, in the occupa- tion of Johnson Brothers Limited, dyers, &c. The premises compnse front shop, small sitting- room and pantry, with side entrance to passage, on lease to tenants for 14 years, from 4th Sep- tember, 1901, at the annual rental of B65 for the first seven years, and afterwards a.b £70. The Property has a frontage to Bridge-street of 23 feet 7 inches and a depth of about 160 feet. It is substantially erected, the floors and staircase being fine old oak. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, 1 or to Messrs. BRIDGMAN, WEAVER & WILD, | Solicitors, I Westminster Buildings, Newgate-sfc., Chester. SALES BY AUCTION. Sale of small quantity of very choice and Valuable Antique FURNITURE, Sheffield Plate and Books, removed from "The Cloisters," Ruthin, to the AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-ST., CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO, have received instructions from the Rev. Chancellor Bulkelev Jones (warden of Ruthin) to SELL BY AUCTION, at their MART, on TUESDAY, September 18th, 190G, at 3 o'clock p. m., a set of 6 Rare and Costly Queen Anne Walnut Single Chairs, Antique Chippendale Settee, in fine condition; Rare and Valuable Tulip Wood French Commode, Semi Grand Pianoforte, by "Collard & Collard" 4 Sheffield- plated Entree Dishes, etc. N.B.—Catalogues may be obtained from the Auctioneers, Chester. AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. will SELL BY AUCTION, on TUESDAY, 18th September, 1900, at 3-30 p.m. punctually, a large consignment of choice Dutch Flowering BULBS. Catalogues may be bad from Messrs. Churton, Elphick, Roberts and Richardson, Auctioneers, Chester. NEWTON HALL, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. -?' have been favoured with instruction from the Executors of the late Miss Humber- ston to SELL BY AUCTION, on WEDNES- DAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY, September 19, 20, and 21, 1906, commencing each day at 11 o'clock a.m. punctually, the valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, in- cluding set cf 12 mahogany single chairs, in Morocco; mahogany and walnut lounging chairs and couches, superior rosewood, maho- gany and walnut dining, card, sofa, writing and other tables mahogany dwarf bookcases, ditto sideboard, with carved legs and back; rose- wood Davenport with fittings, specimens of antique mahogany and oak, including valuable Chippendale wardrobe, ditto sofa, table, bureau with fittings, Sheraton guardevin, beautifully inlaid; ditto work table, pole fire screens, linen chest, on stand, with Cabriole supports; numerous chests of drawers, with brass drop handles, etc. grandfather and mantel clocks, antique mirror in walnut frame, lamps, a choice assortment of silver-plate, Sheffield and ether plated goods, and choice ornamental china, linen and blankets, about 350 volumes of books, curtains, Turkey, Brussels, and other carpets, hearth rugs, iron and brasi and wooden bed- steads, spring, hair and wool niiatxnuftes, feather beds, paJiit-e-d and other wardrobes, dressing and wash tabh-s, "Merlin" invalid wheel chair, ditto carrying chair, kitchen requisites, etc; also the whole of tliL1 Outdoor Effects, including an as- sortment of choice greenhouse plants, cucumber and propagating framos, iron garden roller, lawn moweis, water tank cn wheels, 1,500 flower pots and other garden requisites, valuable dark bay Carriage Horse, 16g hands, 10 years old, and goes well in double or single harness; light- running waggonette, with lamps, polo, cushions, etc., complete, by Starey, Nottingham; 5cts of double and single harness, with plated fittings, ¡ by Dean and Rigby, Chester 2 dairy cows and 4 prime fat pigs, small quantity of hay and straw, poultry-louse, with run, and other mis- cellaneous effects. The Goods will be cn view on Tuesday, Sept. 18th, from 10 to 4 o'clock. N.B.—Catalogues may be obtained from Messrs. Churton, Elphick, Roberts and Richard- son, Auctioneers, Chester. CHESTER. Sale of 131 Stacks of Old Sleepors, Timbers, Firewood, etc. "1/TESSRS CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. 1". have received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, in the Yard adjoining the Great Western Goods Warehouse, Chester, on TUES DAY, S(,p:exiiber 25th, 1906, commencing at 11 o'clock a.m. punctually, the above-men- tioned TIMBER and SLEEPERS, in lots, viz. 100 Stacks of Sleepers (50 in each lot). 55 Stacks of Timbers (20 in each lot). 24 Sta-c ks of Firewood (about 2 tons each). tons —•• IMW 1.1: ^JLKUIt & HJnS in each lot). Any further, information may be obtained from Mr. F. Morris, Permanent Way Inspector, Chesto: General Station; or from the Auction- eers, Messrs. Churton, Elphick, Roberts and Richardson, Chester. Sale of Valuable Household Furniture and other Effects at IVIOLLINGTON HALL, near Chester, and about one mile from tho Molling- ton Station, on the Chester and Birkenhead Railway. l\ESSÍ{S. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. -?'- ? have been favoured with instructions from H. G. Feilden, Esq., to SELL BY AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, Sept 2G and 27, 1906, commencing each day at 11 o'clock a.m. punctually, a portion of the Excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, including maho. gany telescope dining tables, set of 18 superior mahogany chairs, upholstered in morocco ditto pedestal sideboard, two ditto dinner wagons, single and lounging chairs, couches and ottomans upholstered in rep, cretonne, needlework, etc. manogany secretaire and other bookcases, an excellent semi-grand pianoforte, 7-octaves, in rosewood case, by W. Wieck, Dresden cottatre pianoforte, 7-octaves, in walnut case, by Allison I and Sons loo anti-occasional tables with inlaid and marble top, mahogany kneehole writing table, fire screens with needlework and silk shades, Buhl, Lacquer and other cabinets, a quantity of china, glass, Algerian brass vases bowls, etc. ormolu, bronze and ivory ornaments' boxes, portfolios of prints and engravings, stationery and writing cases, paper knives, etc. Brussels and other carpets, Damask, Cretonne' and twill curtains, sots of half-tester and other bedsteads, wool mattrasses, mahogany, birch and other wardrobes, chests of drawers, dressing and wash tables, toilet services, contents of domestic offices, dairy utensils, including Bradford's patent cream churn, six enamelled milk pans, butter tubs, scales, etc. Catalogues may be obtained from the Auc- tioneers, Messrs. Churton, Elphick, Roberts and Richardson, Chester. GREY FRIARS, CHESTER. Sale of Freehold DWELLING-HOUSE. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. ?iL will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, September 2)th, 1903, at 3 o'clock p.m. punctually, subject to Conditions to be then produced— The Valuable MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE. situate and being No. 3. GREY FRIARS. The House contains on the Ground Floor: Entrance hall, laid with Minton tiles, dining- room, morning-room, kitchen, scullery and pantry, with good cellar in basement. On First Floor: Drawing-room and two bedrooms. On Second Floor: Three bed rooms, bathroom and w.c. Good paved yard, with coal-house, w.c., &c. The Property is subject to a chief rent of 22s. per annum. Orders to View may be obtained from the Auctioneers. For any further information apply to the Auctioneers, Messrs. Churton, Elphick, Roberts and Richardson or to MESSRS. POTTS, POTTS & GARDNER, Solicitors, Chester. GEY FRIARS, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Gros- venor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, 29th September, 1906, at 3 o'clock, and subject to conditions- The Valuable Freehold DWELLING-HOUSE, being No. 2, Grey Friars. The House contains on the ground floor: Entrance hall, laid with Minton tiles; three entertaining rooms, kitchen, and back kitchen. On the first floor Three bedrooms, box-room, w.c., and lavatory. On the second floor: Two bedrooms and bath-room. Excellent cellars in basement, yard and w.c., small walled III g-arden; also entrance from the Mews. The property is subject to a chief rent of 22s. per annum. For any further information apply to the Auctioneers; or Messrs. Royle and Reynolds, Solicitors, Chester. SALES BY AUCTION. AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. will hold a SALE of Miscellaneous FURNITURE and EFFECTS on TUESDAY, 2nd October, 1906. Entries invited. ESTABLISHED 1858. MESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE AND SON (LATE PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE), AGRICULTURAL AND GENERAL AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS. FARSI STOCK, FCRNITCHB & MISCELLANEOUS SALES settled for the same day as held. PROPKRTV SALES ALSO CONDUCTED. All Sales and Valuations conducted on Reasonable Terms. MR. W. H. NIGHTINGALE having had fifteen years practical experience at Farming, can with every confidence recommend Farmers to place their Sales and Valuations for Unexhausted Improvements, Tenant Right, &c., in his hands, as their interests will in every way be guarded. VALUATIONS also conducted for Probate Properties, Mortgage, &c. OFFICES: 4, NEWGATE ST., CHESTER. ERMINE CATTLE MART. TUESDAY NEXT, Sept. 11th, 1906. MESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE & SON M will SELL BY AUCTION at the above Mart on Tuesday next- 75 Head of Fat CATTLE. 200 „ CALVES. 400 „ STORE PIGS. 250 „ SHEEP & LAMBS. Entries include Six medium weight Polled Bullocks from one farm, Three Fat Bullocks from Peter Owen, Esq., Great Sutton, Young Black Boar Pig, &c. A grand trade expected for fat cattle. Scarcity of fat pigs and sheep. Further entries will be esteemed; large numbers of buyers will attend. Order of Sale :—Calves 11-15 a.m., Pigs 12-30, Cattle 2 o'clock, Sheep to follow. On MONDAY, September 17th, 1906. Attractive and highly important Sale of stylish Carriage Horses, Cobs, Cart Mares, Pedigree Guernsey Cattle, Fat Bullocks, Fat Pigs, Fat Sheep and Lambs, 15 Tons of Hay, Poultry' Ducks, Carriage and Cart Harness, Implements, Garden Effects and Plants, at THE HOME FARM, MOLLINGTON, being two-and-a-half miles from Chester, and five minutes' from Mollington Station. ESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE & SON JLTJL have been favoured with instructions from H. G. FKILDEN, ESQ., Mollington Hall (who is leaving the neighbourhood) to conduct his important Sale of CARRIAGE HORSES, &c., Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs, Poultry, Harness, Saddlery and Gears, 130 Lots Farm Implements' &c. Order of Sale Sale of Garden Effects, Plants, &c., at Eleven a.m. sharp Carriage Horses, Harness, at One o'clock prompt Farm Stock, &c., to follow. Catalogues may be had on the Premises, or from the Auctioneers, 4, Newgate-street, Chester. Saturday, the 22nd September, 1906. CHR1STLETON-ROAD and SANDY-LANE, CHESTER, and IIOOLE-LANE, near CHESTER. Sale of valuable Freehold Shops, Cottages, etc. MESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE & SON will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Blos- soms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 22nd September, 1906, at 3 o'clock p.m. punctually, subject to conditions to be then produced, the following valuable Freehold PROPERTIES, viz. I.V. A. rtroir onoi I1U. 0, OllI lsnewul- road, in the occupation of W. Huxley, and also all those Three COTTAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES adjoining, and numbered 1, 3 and 5, Sandy-lane, in the respective occupations of Mossrs. Huxley, Williams and Huxl-y. This Property is well let, bringing in the total annual rent of JE35. 16s., and is situate in a good, dry, healthy position. Lot 2.—All that newly-erected MESSUAGE and SHOP, situate at the corner of Hoole-lane, and the continuation of Canadian-avenue, Hoole. The premi-es contain shop with double window (lead lights) and block floor, entrance hall, parlour, kitchen, scullery and larder, four bedrooms, bath room, hot and cold water, ooal house, w.c., etc., with large yard suitable for the erection of a bakehouse or stabling. The shop is well adapted for general grocery or provision stores and outdoor license or Post- ofiice or other business. Vacant possession can be had on completion. N.B.—Orders to view this kt can Le had on application to No. 83, Claie-avenue. Lot 3.-All those Six MESSUAGES or COT- TAGES, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, Vivian-terrace, Hoole-lane aforesaid, in the occupations of Mr. H. Roberts and others. These Cottars contain four rooms, good yards and usual out-offices', and are let at 4s. 6d. per week each. They are well situated and form an excellent investment. If not sold in one lot they will bo offered in pairs, or singly, to suit purchasers. Two- i thirds of the purchase money may, if desired, be left on mortgage. For further particulars apply to the Auc- tioneers, Newgate-street, Chester; or to E. BRASSEY, 9, St. John street, Chester, Vendors' Solicitor. On SATURDAY, 22nd September, 1906. Sale of Freehold Dwelling-houses, situate in VICTORIA-ROAD, SALTNEY. MESSRS. W. H. NIGHTINGALE & SON ?L will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Blossoms Hotel. Chester, at 3.15 p.m. punctually, all those Six Valuable DWELLING-HOUSES' situate in Victoria-road, Saltney, in the following or such other lots as may be determined upon, viz. Lot I.-All those Two Freehold Semi-detached DWELLING-HOUSES, in the occupations of Messrs. Tillit and Hughes, and let at a weekly rental of 4s. 9d. each. Each house contains sitting-room, kitchen with boiler and bath, two bedrooms and coal-house, and has a good garden back and front. Lot 2.-All those Two Freehold DWELLING- HOUSES, adjoining Lot 1, in the occupations of Messrs. Hogg and Kinsey, and let at a weekly rental of Gs. each. Each house contains sitting-room, kitchen, back kitchen with boiler and bath, three bedrooms, outside w.c. and coal-house, and has a good garden back and front. Lot 3.—All those Two Freehold DWELLING- HOUSES, adjoining Lot 2, in the occupations of Messrs. Swift and Stringer, containing similar accommodation, and let at a weekly rental of Gs. each. The houses are newly-erected, well-built, and within five minutes' walk from the tram service- Water and Gas is laid on. For plans and further information apply to the Auctioneers, 4, Newgate-street, Chester or Messrs. BARKER & ROGERSON, Solicitors, 12, White Friars, Chester. SOUTHDOWN EWES FOR SALE. THE EARL OF HADDINGTON is now Disposing of his entire Flock of SOUTHDOWN SHEEP, which has been for fifty years established at Mellerstain, Scotland, and which has been carefully bred from all the best flocks in England. Daring the last few years Rams from the follow- ing have been bred from :—Adeane, Webb, Ellis, McCalmont, Duke of Richmond, Lord Ellesmere, r Lord Cadogan, and others. For particulars apply to H. BILLINGTON, Arderne Lodge, Tarporley. For history of the > Flock see Southdown Stud Book, VoL 6. page 39. SALES BY AUCTION. THIS DAY (SATURDAY), 8th Sept., 1906. SALE of a Choice Consignment of DUTCH FLOWERING BULBS at the CHESTER SMITHFIELD, commencing at 11 o'clock. Catalogues from- CUNNAH & ROBERTS, Auctioneers. TUESDAY NEXT, 11th Sept., at 11 o'clock. AT THE SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will ?LM. hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT CATTLE, SHEEP, LAMBS, PIGS and CALVES. Entries respectfully solicited. There was an excellent trade for Fat Bullocks and Heifers last Tuesday, whilst Lambs and Sheep are now meeting an exceptional market. Auction Officee, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. TUESDAY NEXT, 11th September, at 2-30. AT THE CHESTER SMITHFIELD. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS have been favoured with ivjiruotions from Mr. Malcolm Taylor, Barnstun (who is giving up dairying) to Sell his CHEESE-MAKING PLANT, comprising: -Presq, by Corbett," 1G inches diameter, Three Tinned-steel Cheese Vats and Collars, Curd Mill, Curd Breaker, Wooden Milk Vat, &c. WEDNESDAY NEXT, 12th Sept., at 2 o'clock. AT THE OLD SMITHFIELD, HOOTON. MESSRS. CUNN Ail & ROBERTS will hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT CATTLE, SHEEP, LAMBS, PIGS and CALVES, including 100 grand Cross-bred Lambs. Entries respectfully solicited. Auction Office*, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. THURSDAY NEXT, September 13th, 1906. ANNUAL SALE of Stock RAMS and Store EWES, AT CHESTER SMITHFIELD. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will JLTi- SELL BY AUCTION, at 11 o'clock punctually- 350 Good Young Kerry and Clun EWES. 60 Crossed Shropshire EWES. 75 Young Cross-bred EWES. 30 Well-bred Shropshire EWE LAMBS. 150 Strong Cross-bred LAMBS. 75 Pedigree Shropshire RAMS, from His Grace the Duke of Westminster, Messrs. J. W. Kenworthy (Castle Hill), R. and W. Roberts, T. Handley, &c. G5 Pure-bred Leicester RAMS, from Messrs. W. W. Bower, Hy. Dodd, T. L. Mitchell, and others. Catalogues from the Auctioneers, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. On FRIDAY NEXT, September 14th, 1906. Re Llanfair Mines Ltd., by order of Trustees for Debenture Holders. JiLANFAlR MINES, LLANFAIRTAL- HAIARN, ABERGELE, six miles from Aber- gele Station. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are 1- favoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION- The whole of the Valuable and Modern LEAD MINING PLANT and MACHINERY, com- prising the best and latest makes and processes, and including complete DRESSING PLANT (Luhrig System), comprising horizontal condens- ing engines, marine dry-back and loco-type boilers, screens, stone breaker, picking table, three pairs of crushing rolls, elevators, three sizing drums, ten jigs, three large Spitzkastens, five double vanners, four centrifugal pumps, mechanical dolly, knife buddle, &c. tandem air compressor, water wheel, winding engine, horizontal pumping engine, diagonal engine, lathe, vertical drill, smith's hearth and bellows' quantity of tools, four rock drills, two tripods, two screw jacks, pulley block, 12-ton Weigh Bridge; air, water and steam piping (1 to 4 inch) Wood and Corrugated Iron Erections, steam winch, safe, theodolite and dial, head gear and pulleys, tanks, small tools, stores, and mis- cellaneous Eifeets •- a substantially-erected and well-built BUNGALOW; all the timber is bolted and not nailed, and is in good order. Sale to commence at 11 o'clook punctually. Busses will meet Trains at Pensarn Station Single fare Is., Return Is. 6d. Full particulars in Catalogues, which may be obtained from Messrs. Collier & Co., Solicitors, 44, Mosley-street, Manchester; or from the Auctioneers, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. On SATURDAY NEXT. KELSALL and TARVIN, CHESHIRE. Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES to be SOLD BY AUCTION by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SEPTEM- BER 15th, 1906, at 3 o'clock punctually— Lot I.-The Valuable FARM, with House, Outbuildings and Six Fields of Land, known as "Weetwood Cottage," Tarvin, containing 19a. lr. 25p. or thereabouts. Lot 2.—The compact HUNTING BOX, known as "Holly Bank," Kelsall, with good loose-boxes, buildings and grounds. Lot 3.—Two good COTTAGES adjoining Lot 2. Lot 4.-Three old PASTURE FIELDS, con- taining 5 Acres or thereabouts, situate off Back. lane, Kelsall. For further particulars apply to the Auc- tioneers or Messrs. W. U. Churton and Son, Solicitors all of Chester. On Saturday Next. To Millers, Corn Factors, Merchants, and others. KINGSLEY, FRODSIIAM. Notice of Important Sale of the valuable Water Corn or Grist Mill with the House, Outbuild- ings, Yard, Garden, and Fields adjoining, known as Kingsley Water Mill," to be SOLD BY AUCTION by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATUR- DAY, the 15th day of September, 1906, at Three o'clock punctually, in one lot, and subject to conditions to be then and there produced and read, the valuable Freehold PROPERTY, known as "KINGSLEY WATER MILL," now in the occupation of Messrs. Cooper and Gibson. The premises comprise two dwelling-houses, with good yard containing trap house, cart shed, shippon, stable. calf cote, &c. 3-storey mill with 18ft. water wheel, containing store roomsi garners, worms and elevators, four pairs of French burr mill stones, Hour-dressing machine, Cornish boiler (80lb. pressure), 12-h.p. horizontal engine, circular saw bench, together with the machinery, fixtures, fittings, shafting, belting, pulleys, &c., oomplete as erected and in good working order, together with the large garden and orchard, well- stocked with fruit trees, greenhouse, mill pool, and three good crofts in pasture, containing 5 acres 2 roods or thereabouts. For further particulars and cards to view apply to the Auctioneers, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester or to Messrs. BOYDELL & TAYLOR, Solicitors, 2, Pepper-street, Chester. COUNTY OF FLINT. Important and Extensive Sale of Freehold and Leasehold PROPERTIES at GREENFIELD, HOLYWELL, BAGILLT, LYGAN-Y- WERN, HALKYN, and LIXWM. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the I King's Head Hotel, Holywell, on FRIDAY, the 21st September, 1906, at Twoj o'clock p.m. punctually, in the following or such other Lots as may be determined upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be i then and tIre produced, the following valuable PROPERTIES— Lot 1.—Tho desirable Freehold PROPERTY, comprising the double-fronted Shop known aa I "Manchester House," Greenfield, with the two I Dwelling-houses adjoining, and the extensive Premises, Warehouses and Stabling at the rear, together with tho Pasture Field at the rear, now in the occupation of tho Basingwerk Com- pany, and Meesrs. J. Lyon, W. Ralphs, and J. Jones. Lot 2.—Eight Freehold COTTAGES, with Gardens and Out-offices, and large room adjoin- ing, known as "Ivy Terrace," Greenfield. Lot 3.—Four Freehold COTTAGES, known SALES BY AUCTION. as "Chirk Cottages," situate near "The Boot, Bagillt, and fronting the main road. Lot 4.—The Leasehold DWELLING-HOUSE, known as "Whelstone House," situate near "Tho Boot," Bagillt, with the large storeroom under, and garden attached. Lot 5.—Seven Freehold COTTAGES, with the corner Shop and House, and good Gardens; also a Two-Storey Building (used Iù5 a Mission Room), known as "River View," New Brighton, Bagillt. Lot 6.—Two Freehold COTTAGES, Nos. 1 and 2, Conway's-row, Bagillt, with the Plot of Land at the end thereof. Lot 7.—Twenty valuable Leasehold COT- TAGES, known as "Bro(»Ui.j-a Terraoe," Bagillt, fronting the road from Bagillt, with the Yard, Outbuildings, Gardens, and Field at the rear, containing about 2a. lr. 2p. Lot 8.—A Piece of LAND, situate near the Gletch Houses, Greenfield, containing about 560 square yards. Lot 9.—A similar Piece of LAND, almost adjoining Lot 12, containing about 520 equare yards. Lot 10.—A Piece of LAND, containing 3a. Ir. 15p., also another piece, containing 3r. 14p., also another piece containing 16p., also one undivided third part or share in the land and wharf known as "Dee Bank Wharf," containing 2a. Ir. 20p., ako one other undivided third share in the plot of land, containing 6a. lr. 37p., all situate at Dee Bank, Bagillt. Lot ll.-A valuable Piece of Freehold PAS- TURE LAND, containing 3a. Or. 39p., situate at Lygan-y-Wern, Halkyn, with extensive frontage to the Holywell and Mold Road, and in the occupation of Mr. E. Jones. Lot 12.—The Compact Freehold HOLDING, known as "Erw Bach," Halkyn, comprising the Dwelling-house, with Shippon, Outbuildings, Garden, and Two Pieces of Land, containing la. Or. 21p., in the occupation of Mr. E. Jones. Lot 13.-The Freehold COTTAGE and Piece of LAND, situate at Lixwm Green, in the occu- pation of Mr. William More. Tracings of Lots 1, 2, 5, 10, 11 and 12 mav be. seen at, and particulars of the whole of the Lots obtained from, the Auctioneers' Cliegter; or from Messrs, H. A. Cope and Co., Solicitors, Holywell. COUNTY OF FLINT. Important Sale of Valuable Freehold Propcrtios in the PARISH OF YSCEIFIOG, in tin- County of Flint. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY MEf^ CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the nCS Hcad ???' HofyweJi, on FRI- DAY, ?thuo 21&t of &,pt 1906, at '?? o'dock P m im the following or such other Lots as may to determined upon at the time of Sale and subject to conditions to bo then and there pro- duced, the following Valuable PROPERTIES, viz. :— Lot 1.—AH that Valuable Freehold FARM. known as "Pareiau," situate in tho Parish of Ysoeifiog, in the County of Flint, containing in tho whole 34a. 3r. 4p. or thereabouts of Arable and Pasture Land, now in the occupation of John Price, as yearly tenant. The Property comprises an excellent HOU.SoCl, containing par- lour, kitchen, back kitohon, and two bedrooms. The Outbuildings comprise a cowliouse (for four cows), barn, two-stall stabie, and pigstye. T'ho House and Outbuildings are in excellent repair, having only been recently built. There is also a largo iron boiler now used for storing water. and which will be included in the Sale. This Lot will be sold subject- to a right-of-way in favour of the owner of Lot 2 over the occu pation road leading from tho main road to Lot 2. Lot 2.—All that Valuable Freehold FARM, adjoining Lot 1, known as "Pare Mawr," situ- ate in the Parish of Ysoeifiog, in tho County of Flint, containing in the wholo 12a. Or. 31p. or thereabouts of Arablo and Pasture Land, now in the occupation of Thomas Da.vics, as yearly tenant. This Lot comprises a Dwelling-house, containing kitchen, bedroom, pantry and out- house or second: room. The Outbuildings comprise- barn, stable, cow- house, pigstyo and ofwl-hou-so. T h ese Lots command magnificent views of Mool Fammau and the Clvvydian Hills, and from their elevated and healthy situation are admirably adapted for the erection of Villa Residences or Bungalows. They are within easy reaeh of the market town of Holywell, and about 1 miles from the Nanneroh Railway Sta- tion, while the recently-opened HolyweLl Golf Links are within. 20 minutes' walk. T"h-ero is excellent Partridge Shooting over these Lots, and tho Flint and Denbigh Hounds hunt the district. Lot 3. -All those Two Freehold Pieces of PASTURE LAND, formerly part of "Cocdy bryu Farm," situate in the Parish of Yscoifiog, in the County of Flint, containing 5a. Or. 15p. or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Thos. Davies, as yearly tenant. This Lot is a favour- ite spot for Game, and there is a Pool at the lower end. The Minerals are not included in the Sale. Traoings of the above Lots may be inspected at, and further particulars may be obtained from the Auctioneers, Chester; or from Messrs. H. A. Cope and Co., Sol icitors, Holywell. HOLYWELL. Important Notice of Sale of Freehold Cottages and Building Land, situate in the centre and beet position of the town of Holywoll, North Wales, to be SOLD BY AUCTION by MESSRS. CUNNAH and ROBERTS, at the King's Head Hotel, Holywell, on FRIDAY, the 21st September, 1906, at 3.30 o'clock punctually, in the following or such other Lots as may be determined upon at the time of 8&10, and subject to conditions, the fol- lowing Valuable Freehold PROPERTIES, viz.: Lot I.-The Corner SHOP, No. 2, BagiUt- streot, in the occupation of J. W. Jones, at the annual rent of £10. Is. 6d. Nine COTTAGES, with yard and gardens, be ing Nos. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17 and 18, Bagillt- stroet, in the occupations of J. Sorbie, S. Ed- wards and others, at the annual rent of L70 4s. AM the Cottages contain two bed lOoms, kitchen, back kitchen and pantry, and garden, and No. 2 has a good corner shop in addition. The DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 19, Bagillt- strcet, in the occupation of Wm. Jones, at tho annual rent of JB9, containing four bedrooms, two sitting-rooms, kitchen, back kitchen and largo yard. Lot 2.—The SMITHY, with pond, large gar- den and orchard, situate adjoining, and having good fiontagee to Cfcleshill-.street and Bagillt- sfcroot, now in tho occupation of Mr. W. Rotli- woll, and leased for a term of 30 years from Nov. 13th, 1891, at J67 per annum. Lot 3.—Two COTTAGES, with largo gardens. Nos. 1 and 2, Rose Hill, situate close to the previous Lots, in the occupations of Jane Hughes and Kobt. Evans, at the annual rent of £ 7 16s. Tho above Propert'es will bo offered in one Lot in the first instance. For further particulars apply to the Auction- eers, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester; J. B. Feild- ing, Esq., Downing Estate Offico, HolywelJ; or to Messrs. BIRCH, CULLIMORE & DOUGLAS, Solicitors, Friars, Ohest-cr. CITY OF CHESTER. Salo of a Valuable Freehold RESIDENCE, known as The. Hollies. No. 6, Eaton-road, Chester, to bo SOLD BY AUCTION by MESSRS. CUNNAH and ROBERTS at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATUR- DAY, 29th September, 1906, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and subject to conditions. I For further particulars and orders to view I apTAy to tho Auctioneers, or to Messrs. Birch, Cullimore and Douglas, Solicitors, Friars, Chester. I THURSDAY, 4th October, 1906. CHESTER HORSE FAIR DAY. AT THE SMITHFIELD. CHESTER. I MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will B hold their ANNUAL SALE of COLTS j and FOALS. Prize Lists and Entry Forms from the Auc- I tioneers, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. I On THURSDAY NEXT, Sept. 13th. SALE of useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Miscellaneous Effects at the LINEN 1 Hall, Chester, at 2 o'elock in the afternoon. Full particulars on Posters. JOHN A. LYON, Auctioneer, &c. SALES BY AUCTION. THE NORTH WALES COAST BETWEEN COLWYN BAY AND LLANDUDNO. RHOS-ON-SEA FREEHOLD ESTATE. Highly Attractive Sale of VALUABLE FREE- HOLD ESTATES AND BUILDING SITES, forming part of the Rhos-on-Sea Estate, with its Two Miles of Open Sea Frontage. MR. HENRY JONES, F.A.I., has been .instructed by W. Horton, Esq., J.P., to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the RHOS ABBEY HOTEL, Rhoe-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay, on MONDAY, 24th SEPT, 1906, at 2-30 o'clock in the Afternoon, SEVERAL FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS, secured by well-built Detached Residences, all of which are regularly tenanted. 32 CHOICE BUILDING PLOTS, fronting well-made ROADS and AVENUES, and the MARINE DRIVE, and eminently adapted for Seaside Residences, Villas, Private Hotels and Bungalows. Lot 38. An Ideal Site for a firet-class Marine Hydro, Mansion, or large Residential Hotel, with ex- cellent subsidiary buildings already erected. Sea water easily available at all states of the tide. Lot 39. THE RHOS-ON-SEA GOLF LINKS, comprising 120 Acres of Old Turf Land, on which the well-known 18-hole Golf Course has been formed, and on which 28,511. 2s. 3d. (in- cluding the Club House) has been expended. Lots 40, 41, 42. THREE COMPACT FREEHOLD BUILDING ESTATES, containing 40 acres, 30 acres, and 51 acres res- pectively, and all open to the South and South- west, and sheltered by the Little Orme's Head Range of Hills and the Gloddaeth Woods. One of the estates has been partly developed, and has 650 yards of 6ea frontage. All three Estates have extensive Road frontages, and are served by the Llandudno Electric Tramway, and are within short walking distances of both Colwyn Bay and Llandudno. RHOS-ON-SEA is the most unique Seaside Residential Resort in North Wales. It is placed between Llandudno and Colwyn Bay on the head- land projecting seawards, with the Chester and Holyhead Railway sufficiently away at its back to be clear of the nuisances arising from the perpetual passing of trains and their incidental signalling and annoyances. The locality is well-known to visitors by its Ancient Royal Fishing Weir, and many other historic associations, and as regards the extent and variety of its surrounding scenery over land and sea, it is unrivalled. The atmosphere at Rhos is reposeful and in- vigoratinir, and the surroundings cheerful and quiet. The sunshine records rank higher than any seaside resort in the Principality, and the range of view over the coast and inland towards the mountains is always clear and extensive. Modern railway developments have brought this locality almost equivalent to a fashionable Suburb of Liverpool, Manchester, and other populous English centres. An excellent service of corridor trains enables business men leaving Colwyn Bay about 8-30 a.m. to be at their offices in those towns about 10 a.m., and with corres- ponding return trains after 4 p.m. they may be back about 6 p.m., m ample time for dinner and the evening entertainments. Rhos-on-Sea will soon become a fashionable yachting rendezvous, having good anchorage and shelter for pleasure craft, and being a convenient intermediate station between the Mersey and Menai districts. THE NEW PROMENADE, extending from Rhos to Uolwyn Bay, affords direct communication with the Station, and connects with the MARINE DRIVE along the front of the Rhos Estate, and the whole forms one of the best Promenade Drives in the country. THE LANDING STAGE at the end of the Rhos Promenade Pier has been completed, and the Liverpool and North Wales Co.'s Steamers and also the Mersey Trading Co.'s Steamers run regular services to it during the season. The Permanent Way of the Electric Tramway has been constructed between Rhos and Llan- dudno, and runs through the middle of the Estate, and all parts are within three to four minutes of the route. THE ROADS and AVENUES having been made, and the Drains constructed by the Vendor, no charge in respect thereof will fall on the Pur- chasers, neither will they be required to pay for the Land forming the Sites of the Roads. Nothing but the Net Land Measurement will be charged, and no fee will be payable for Contracts. The Land Tax has recently been redeemed. Particulars, Plans, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained at Rhos-on-Sea Estate Offices, Colwyn Bay; or from the Auctioneer, Mr. HENRY JONES, F.A.I., 5, Cook Street, Liverpool. THE SOUTHERN CENTRAL AUCTION MART, NEWTOWN ST. BOSWELLS, N.B. GREAT ANNUAL SPECIAL SALE- of GDraft HALF-BRED EWES, on MON- DAY, 17th September, 1906, at 9-30 a.m. Numbers sold last year, 10,896 Ewes. ANNUAL SPECIAL SALE Of HALF-BRED GIMMERS, FEEDING SHEEP, and Half-bred, Three-quarter-bred, Cross Oxford, Cross Suffolk and Cheviot LAMBS on THURSDAY, 20th September, 1906, at 10 a.m. Numbers sold last year, 10,326 Sheep. The attention of Buyers is directed to these Highly Important Salea, which will afford Pur- chasers the best selection of Half-bred Ewes and Half-bred Gimmevs obtainable in Scotland. The Auctioneers will be pleased to execute Com- missions at these Sales for Buyers unable to be present. JOHN SWAN & SONS, LTD., Salesmen. G, Clifton-terrace, Haymarket, Edinburgh. MONDAY, September 24th, at 1-30. Highly Important Sale of a Select Herd of JERSEY CATTLE, 82 Shorthorn DAIRY COWS, two-year-old Calving HEIFERS, Stirks, ripe fat Heifers, yearling Heifers and weanling Heifer Calves, pedigree Shorthorn Bull Calf, Cart Mare, 45 Pigs, including several well-bred Berkshires; 3 stacks of Oat Straw, 30 Buff Orpington Cockerels and Pullets, &c., at SHOT WICK HOME FARM, SAUGHALL, situate three miles from Chester, FRANK LLOYD & SONS have been in- structed by Reginald Rigby, Esq., to conduct this High-class Sale. Catalogues from the Auctioneers. 80 Gs. PRIZES. 1500 HORSES. THE LARGEST SALES IN THE WORLD. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM FRANK LLOYD & SONS invite Early JU Entries. OCT. 2nd-Hunters and Harness Horses. „ 3rd—Hackneys, Show Horses, Cobs, and Ponies. „ 4th-Heavy Town, Lurry, & Van Horses. „ 5th—Shires and Young Horses. lith-The North Wales Coaching Teams. Enter at once for best positions. Entries close Saturday, September 22nd. THE CITY AUCTION ROOMS, 14, WATERGATE-STREET, CHESTER (Opposite God's Providence House). ? ASTON & SON s. hold a.ÆE at the above Rooms every TUESDAY, at 1-30, throughout the year, for the convenience of Clients having Surplus FURNITURE or GOODS of any description to dispose of. Settlements day following Sale of I Goods. Terms moderate. Sales and Valuations of all descriptions con- ducted in town or country. SALES BY AUCTION. Sidney ti. MASNAZL SI£n!ced sin! after Twelve years' practical experience with Messrs. CUNNAH A. ROBERTO as AGRICULTURAL AND GENERAL AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, AND ESTATE AGENT. Special feature made of Acrricultural Sales and Valuations, which will be conducted on the most reasonable terms. Property, Furniture, and Sales of all descrip- tions will be undertaken and carried out witk prompt and personal attention. All Sales will be settled for same day as held. Valuations made for Probate, Change of Tenancy, Mortgage, etc., etc. Inventories made and checked. Auction Offices: NKWGATE ST., CHESTER. WEDNESDAY, Sept. 19th, 1906. MR. S. R. FEARNALL has been favoured -i?JL with instructions to SELL BY A Uo. TION the Valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE and EFFECTS, at 98, TARVIN-ROAEL CHESTER. Sale to commence at ) o'clock. Catalogues frcm the Auctioneer, 3, Newgate-street, Chester. KITCHEN RANGES. GRATES & MANTELPIECES. These are a Speciality with us. A LARGE AND COMPLETE STOCK TO SKLECT FROM Ranges and Grates Fixed ii desired by our own men. ANDREW STORRAR & CO. (R. F. BILLINGS & R. A. SQUIBB, Partners), MANUFACTURING IRONMONGERS, CHESTER. FINE OLD BOTTLED B U RGUNDIE S. PURE COTE D'OR WINES. PER DOZ. MACON Vintage 1902, Bottled 1904. 16/- BEAUJOLAIS „ 1899, „ 1902. 18/- BEAUNE „ 1902, „ 1904. 24/- POMMARD „ 1900, „ 1903. 30/- VOLNAY „ 1892, „ 1894. 36/- QUELLYN ILZOBERTS & Co. THE OLD CRYPT CELLARS, CHESTER. EDWARD DEAN, J TINR., UPTON MILLS STEAM BAKERY, NEAR CHESTER. COUNTRY-MADE Best HOUSEHOLD BREAD, Made in a patent Drawplate Oven, the only one of its kind in Chester and district. Inspection invited at any time of the day. OUR SPECIALITY. The "Princess" SULTANA LOAF, Price 6d. and 1/ PATRONISED BY ROYALTY. VAN DELIVERIES DAILY to all parts of the City and Suburbs. GOLD MEDAL DIPLOMIST, London Exhibition, 1904. TEL. lSx. P POWELL, COACH BUILDER, COMMERCIAL HALL, FRODSHAM ST., CHESTER. Established over 40 Years. Estimates Given. MOTOR CARS REPAIRED, RE PAINTED AND RE -U PHOLSTERED IN BEST STYLE. TSAAC WILLIAMS & SON, REGISTERED PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS & GASFITTERS, CUPPIN STREET, CHESTER. PLUMBERS' BRASS WORK OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Patent Water Closets, Lavatories, Baths, &c. GLASS in all Qualities and Patterns kept in Stock. TOOLATE FORCLASSIFICATION- CITY & COUNTY BOROUGH OF CHESTER To Farmers, Graziers, Butchers, and Others. ROODEE WINTER LEY TO BE LET, the GRAZING of the Roodee by Sheep, from the 1st day of December, 1906, to the 31st March, 1907. Tenders to be sent to me, at the Town Hall, marked "Ley Tender," on or before TUESDAY, the 18th day of September instant. The Corporation do not bind themselves to accept the highest or any Tender. J. H. DICKSON, Town Clerk. Town Hall, Chester, 6th Sept., 190G. WANTED, YOUNG LADY for Fancy Department. -Apply Boots, Ltd., East- gate-street, Chester. 1473 NOS. 30 and 38, HOUGH GREEN TO BB LET, Unfurnished; 3 reception rooina, 5 bedrooms, bath, etc.; good gardens. Imme- diate possession.—Apply W and F. Brown and Co., Eaetgate Row, Chester. 1473 W ANTED, BED and SITTING-ROOM. within easy distance of The Cross. Good plain cooking; not more than 15& per week. If suitable, permanent.—Address H 65, "Observer" Office. 1471 ^OTTAGE TO LET; 3 bedrooms, parlour. kitchen, washhouso, coalhouae, garden back and front; rent 5s. clear.-Burley Bros., Waverton, Chester. 1469 IjlOR SALE, Four Freehold HOUSES. Rcnia £ 52. Prioo £ 730.—Burley Bros, Waver. ton, Chester. 1470 HAIRDRESSING and Tobacconist. — An JLJL APPRENTICE WANTED; good wages. A grand opportunity for a smart boy.—Apply W. S. Evans, Cigar Merchant, 5, Bridge-street, Chester. 1472