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EDDISBUllY PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY.—More Mr. J. Tom kinaon, M.P. | (presiding), I^ord Tol'crnachc, Mr. Threlfall, Dr. Smith and Mr. (' DANGEROUS MOORING. Reginald Parkcs, "Lahcen," Davenport- Crescent, Stock- j port, wm summoned for driving a motor bicycle along the CI letter- road on the 8th August at a spoed danercrous to the public.P.C. Meredith j said that at 10.30 a.m. on the 8t.h August he v.-m on duty on the Chester-road, Sandiway. when he met tho defendant on a motor bicycle travel- ling at a terrific epocd, which he oiiimated at from 35 to 40 miles an hour. Defendant had several cross roada to and his eiweki dangerous to the public. Witness receivcil tycverai coin plain te.—Two witiiecaea, named Jameo Hatton and William Trickett, cor- j roborated, both judging the speed at between' 30 and 40 t,t an hour.—Defendant said the motor b cycle bad evince been completoly wrecked. It wa. kept in a motor shed, which caught fire I and destroyed the contents. He could not cnt.Ï- mate the speed at which he was travelling.—The Bench im posted a fine of £ 1 and coste. i VACCINATION EXEMPTION. John Newall, jun., applied for an order exempting hiis child from vaccination. Applicant said he con- 6c iK-iieved that vaccination would be • injurious to tho health of his ch ld.-Tlie appli- cation waa granted, I NEGLKCTKUL KINGSLEY F ATHER.- j William Oultram, a iabourer, of Kingoley, was; summoned by tho N.S.P.C.C. for neglecting his! six chihlren, wliode agen ranged from 14 years to 11 years. Defendant's wife also sum- mOlwod him for persistent cruelty and asked for 1 a.el)arat.oti order.—Mr. J. E. Fletcher. solicitor, Northwich, who prosecuted on beliaif of the society, said the defendant wart bound over 1 twelve months ago for a similar offence. Since that time his conduct had been even lIe could not imagine a worse case of rwgJect I and brutality.—Elizabeth Ouitram, the wife, a! middle-aged, careworn and pale-looking woman, I r:>a.id her husbaml's conduct was betier for a: short time after tie was bound over by iho magis- trates; but afterwards he became worse. On an average he had given her 5a. a week with which Iift.Ü had had to keep the ramify Defendant would not work regularly. On the August. wheif siie returned from her sister's wedding, j he abu6tXl her and threatened her. Tie turned her out of (tws, and she had to rc-main in the open air until next morning, when he had gone to work. Then she went home and dressed and <•». Jr.«v "0 .¡<>c,l. {).ti hJ 1. L. band's eoutinucd il!-tr..a.tment bhc had to sU-iy in neighbonrw' houses for the three following night. In.rxx:(or Rogers, of tho N. S. P. C. C.. stationed at Widnes. d,,ro"] to visiting the de- fendant's house at 3 p.m. on tho 6th June and finding the defendant in bed. The children I were all peony clad, and the house was in a jioveriy-strickcn condition, with searcciv a "Yi furniture. The children, however, were fz"riv furii i t u ro. 'I' l ic c ) i I *!(ii ?' well nourished and clean. On visiting the house on t,)i<, Igth June he found a. fciniihu- of things. Defendant was again at home, and fl-ud he had not gone to work because it '¡¡' raining. If it had not been for the kindn-Yw of neighbours and char.tably-dispo* «J persons the children would heve starved.—P.O. Bancroft corroborated. Defendant denied the offence. The Chairman said the defendant had fx-en lx-forte the Court time after time, and the Bench I had come to the conclusion that he was incor- rigible. He would have to go to p-ion for six months with hard labour—Defendant St. i6 not: justice.- -The application for a separation order \<1. held over.—There was also a charge against the defendant of 1j,ing obscene language at Ivingsiey on tho 2nd August. The ir?agi.ir.e« convicted but did not impose a penalty. FORTY MILES AN HOUR—V«rrjon E vera rid Onndon, 3, Springfield. Sale, a mem- ber of tho Manchester Automobile Club, was summoned for driving a motor bicycle along the Northwich road on t.he 12r.fi August at a speed of forty ttiHe* an hour.—Superintendent Bet-ley aaid Cor^tablo l<xlwards was placed at the eleventh iniie.s-orie from Chester on the Northwich road, while P.C. Meredith statKjned at the fourte<.»nth rnilef-ioiie, for the purpose of timing motor cars. Witness timed their watches before and after they went on duty. From their cards witness ascertained that thj defendant travelled throe miles in 4 minutes, which worked out at a speed of forty i miles per hour. —The cotk--tab'efl bore out this statement.In answer to Lord I'olieniaehe. de- fendant said his machine was a three horse power "Triumph.. Tollemachc: It cannot do the pace.-Furthcr questioned, defendant said he was not a professional driver, and had never driven in a race. He Iwd been driving the machine only since last February— Lord Tolfe- machc: 1 hen it is a downright impo^ibilitv. I There must nave been a mistake—Defendant o:- I he could not travel forty mile* an hour. Recently he had an accident, and was also con victed. the C'œt of the two occurrcnces amou-u- ing to £ 20. The Oakmere road was well known to motorists for its trans, and it w&i not likely that he womd travel at such a speed-De- fendant wao fined IQs. and h. 6d. cos,,i A WEAVERHAM of, Bur- ro<C. 1- L ot NN eaverfiani, was summoned by v fo, ElizaLw-Lh Anne Bui-gess, for r.ct proviQing reasonable iuaintenance for her ai>d ebdd. 10i years of ago. She asked for a separation ord^-r.— Complainant alleged that her nufcband had been living witih his sister-in-law In cousequenoii of his conduct an agree-ment was drawn up between t-hem agreeing to a Uon, under which defendant should contribute IS. weekly towards her niaifiU'nance. He had not, how-ever, paid anything for several weeks past, and refused to do so. He was {"mpo'y'd at Messrs. Brunner, Mond and (^>s Wilmington works, and when on full time earned 226. a week. At present he was on short time, aid received 18s. weekly. lie had turned her out recently and sold ail tho Kinder, mother of the complainant, sa d she had kept her daughter for five weeks and her child for seven weeks. She described her son-in-law a-3 being "worse than the boasts in the field. Mrs. Burgess, recalled, sad hiT husband had thrashed her, and she da.re not live with him. She asked that the allowanoo of 7s. per week be increased, stating that if her husband could IM:ntain the other woman he could keep h.er.- Defendant, asked whether he would livo with his wife, replied emphatically, "No; not on a.ny considei-ation."—Mi's. Burgees: And I would not I've with you.—The bonch granted a separation, and ordered tho defendant to contribute 7s. weekly towards the maintenance of hie wife and child. KKLSALL ROWDYISM. --Jamee Wright, Church-street, Koisall, was summoned by Jos. Oofax, Chapel Square, KaJsall, for assanh.— Complamant sa.id that on the evening of tbo 22ild August ho a.nd some oompanioris had been in the Globe Inn. Keisall, drinking, a.nd were ordered to leave. Whon ouUido be vu accosted by the defendant, who, without any provocation, struck him in tho face.—P C. Wayte deposed to seeing the ooniplaiiiai-it bleeding from the face. Defendant had blood on lis face also.—The Chairman: Is there a lot of the kind of thing about tho Globe?—Yes.-—Lord Tollemache: Drink had nothing to do with the row, though? I —No.—Defendant said he was set upon by the complainant and his companions. He denied the offence.-A fine of 5s. wai, imposed. WINDOW SMASHING EXTRAORDIN- ARY.—James Foley, an evil-looking tramp, pleaded guilty to wilfully breaking a window, value 10s., the property of Jos. Hitchcn.—The latter, a giocer, of 70, High-street, Tarporley, sa d that on the afternoon of the 17th August he was at the back of the premises, when he lieard a orash of failing g'asa. and on going on to the highway the prisoner was pouued out to him as the man who had smashed his window. He spoke to tho proonc-r, who admitted what lie had done, adding, "I will break your jaw ] if you follow me."—Edward Livedey, coal doa'er, Tarporley, spoke Lo ijooing prisoner stop in front of Mr. Kitchen's shop and delilxsrately kick the plaie-giass window. This failed to kick the Avl ln d ow. break the gloss, whereupon prisoner again kicked it, compLetely shattering the window- Aeting-Scrgt. Ha-rrison said he overtook the prisonor lto&r Delamere and arrested him. He was perfectly sober.—Supt. Beeley said the prisoner had been previously convicted of a s;rtiiiar offe-ne-o at Kinit. c —Prisoner, who had nothing to say, was senunced to two months' hard labour. R.S.P.C.A. PROSECUTIONS.—Jos, Towers, 3, Moncliestor-road, Lo<?tock Gralarn, was sum- moned for cruelly ill-treating two horses by working them in an ,uifit state.—Inspector Hustr wayte, of the R S. P C.A., sa d that on the after- noon of Satuidsiv, 21st July, he met tbe defend- ant on Keisall Hill in charge of two horses at- tached to a loaded timber wagon. Noticing the animal was uneasy, lie, examined it. and found a number of small sores on the shoulders. -J ainos Eastwood. lei-i!ary P-tirgt,n. spoke to examining the horses, which belonged to Mr. Littler, of Northwich, on t.ho:r arrival home. In his opinion the sores were caused through the heat. The owner mad*: every arrangement to prevent ill t,:e-atment.—The case was dismissed. -NVtn. Ashniore. 4. Paradise place, Northwich, was summoned for a similar offence.—The cir- cumstanoes were somewhat the same as tbo in tho previous case. Defendant was in the samo employment, atid was driving two timler }torsos in war of the other defendant. Asbinoro, however, admitted to the inspector that tbe I. C. ,1 .1 I .r.rn. rõ,1r1 ("'In,). The l-Kinch fined defendant 10s. and costs. MOONLIGHT EXPERIENCE. — Arthur Hathaway, 3. Giange-lane. Didsbury, Man- chester. was sumuioued for J idng a motor- bicycle along the Tarporley-road at Little Bud- worth, without a light, at 130 a m. on the 4th August—P.C. Edwards proved the case—De- fendant said his light, would not keep in. It was a moonlight night.—Dismissed.


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