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HESWALL CYCLING CLUB SPORTS. -Y The twe]fth annual athletic sports in conncc- tion with the Ileiwa.11 Cycling Club were held on Saturday in glor ous weather. The entries for the various events pioved to be larger than at any previous iiicxytliig, viiiilo the attendance was tho best for the past ten years, and the sports were of an allround capital description. The programme opened as u-sual with the ever- popular schoolboys' race of 150 yards, and tho entry was so gieat that t.ho officials divided the race into two portions, for lads under oight I years and those over eight years. The first was won by Baden Brieriey, who was closely fol- lowed by Fred Law and Win, Price; while tho older boys' rtco losuited: E. Barlow 1, Percy Lamb 2, and Tom Barlow 3. For tho local mile bicycle raco only eight members had qualified, but an interesting race resulted in J. Wiiliarns winning from T. Lightfoot, with E. Law third. Tho 100 yaitb flat race attracted no less than 76 runnors, including many woJl-known sprin- ters, and when the second round was reaclud several handicap pprfoHucrs above the average wero left in, tho tinny bwng -Jy gooii by reason of tho tra'k having a slight, decline. The 220 yards flat. b.ought 67 competitors, and the mile raeo 38 runners, whilo in tho half-milo 42 nwn faced the starter. A i>opular feat mo was tho winning of the mi!o and two-mile cyclo ovents by II. llazlehurst, a rm-mber of the pro- moting club. Another local r.der of note, J. A. was riding well when lie had the mis- fortune to run into a peg marking the oouise, and was thrown. Fortunately he was unhurt. Results: — Mile cycle (members) :—1, J. Williams, 130; 2, T. Lightfoot. 135; 3, K Law, 150. Four lengths; bad. Time, 2nxin. 38 4-5see. 440 yards (local).—1. H. Smaliwood, Heswall, 4; 2, W. G. Thomas, Park-gate, 18; 3. W. Jonos, Hetswall, 25. Foot; sams. Time, 57 4.59OC. ILjlf-mile flat.-I, O. Sykes, Salford. 13; 2, J. Cahill, Sefton H., 18; 3, G, Beswick, Wôlr- rington, 43. Yaid; five yards. Time, 2111iii. 2-5scc. ]I>v,aH C C.. 105; 2. F. Stubhs. Manchester, 135; 3, W. E. Heiningsley, Oldham, 132. Easily; length. Tane, 2min. 4.5s.ee, 100 flat racc.-l, S. Hurdsfield, Salford II.. 2; 2, W. Keily, Li, II., 9i; 3, W. S. Brookes, Pembroke II., 9k. Yard; inches. Time, lOscc. M le flat—1. J. Hewitt, West Cheshire H., 117; 2, J. R. Heaton. Crewe, 129; 3, O. Sykes, Salford II., 52. Two yards; bad. Time, 4min. 19sec. Two-miles bicycle: 1, II. llazlehurst, Heswall C.C., 160; 2, R. Jolley, East Liverpool Wheelers, 195; 3. W. E. Hemingsley, Oldham, 205.Wheel; two lengths. Time, 5min. 57 4-5eec. 220 yard s flat: 1. S. Hurdsfield, Salford H., scratch; 2, R. Nicholson, Liverpool, 13; 3, G. L. Warburton, West Cheshire H., 16. Three yards; foot. Time, 23sec.








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