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EDUCATIONAL. THE KING'S SCHOOL, CHESTER. FOUNDED 1541. Chairman of the Governing Body THE BISHOP OF CHESTER. Headmaster: THE REV. J. T. DAVIES, M.A. (Late Scholar of Wadham College, Oxford). Staff of Six Oxford and Cambridge Graduates with three Visiting Masters. Under the Secondary School Regulations of the Board of Education, the School provides a syste- matic course of instruction for boys between the ages of 8 and 19. PROPERLY EQUIPPED CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL LABORATORY, FRENCH and GERMAN are taught by a Foreign Resident Master (Mr. O. P. SCHMITT, B.A., Cam- bridge; StrasburgLycee), by modern oral methods. Art Master Mr. W. SCHRODER. Violin Mr. L. VEERMAN. SCHOOL FEES (TUITION) £ 4:4:0 and E5 5 0 per Term. The School has valuable leaving Exhibitions (£60 per annum) to the University, Woolwich, or Sandhurst. This year's distinctions include Senior Classical Scholarship of JS80 per annum at Magdalen College, Oxford. NEXT TERM BEGINS SEPTEMBER 19TH. A PREPARATORY CLASS is conducted by MISS SALMON at 39, WHITE FRIARS. Full Prospectus from the HEADMASTER or the Clerk, Mr. F. B. MASON, 9, St. Werburgh-street. The HEADMASTER will attend at the School on TUESDAY, 18th inst., at 11 a.m., to interview parents. A RNOLD HOUSE SCHOOL, CHESTER. REV. A. H. FISH, B.A., B.Sc. 1 articulars of the School Course and Terms for Boarders and Day Boys on application to the Principal. The Schools may be seen at any time. NEXT TERM will begin on TUESDAY, Sept. 18th. SECONDARY DAY SCHOOL, £ 3 GROSVENOR MUSEUM, CHESTER. HEADMASTER MR. JOHN A. McMICHAEL, B.A., B.Sc. WILL RE-OPEN SEPTEMBER 13TH. The School is provided with well equipped Workshops and Laboratories. The Curriculum includes a carefully arranged course in English Literature, History, Geography, French, Practical Science, Drawing, Manual and Physical Training. Arrangements can be made for Latin and Short- hand. FEES:Cl. 13s. 4d. per term. For further information apply to the HEAD- MASTER, or JOHN DODD, Clerk to the Governing Body. 16, Corn Exchange Chambers. PROSPECTUS POST FREE. SMART'S BUSINESS TRAINING COLLEGE, St. Oswald's Chambers, St.Wer- burgh-street, CHESTER. And at LIVERPOOL, WAR- RINGTON and ST. HELENS. Open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Each Pupil is taught individually, not in a class. Handwriting, Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Arith- metic, Composition and Letter-writing, Languages, Civil Service Examinations. ERENCH CONVERSATIONAL FCLASSES will be conducted by MONS. B. MEUNIER (offioier d'Academie author of "French Pronunciation"' and "Colloquial French," French Master at Arnold House School, the Grosvenor Museum, Miss Leaton's School), in ST. JOHN'S PARISH ROOl. Vicar's-lane- Chester, every THURSDAY EVENING, com- mencing SEPTEMBER 27th. Elementary Class, 6-45; Intermediate, 7-45; Advanced, 8-45. No drudgery, pure accent, .besfc^pj&J, method- Prospectus from the SECRETARY, 2, Belgrave, street. Chester. N.B.-Two PRIVATE CLASSES for LADIES will be held at BISHOP LLOYD'S PALACE, Watergate-street, Chester, every THURSDAY MORNING. Intermediate Class 11-15, Advanced Class 12-15. 983 HAMPTON HOUSE, 2, KING'S -LJL BUILDINGS. Boys' Preparatory Board- ing and Day School. Visiting Masters. The AL^TUMN TERM will begin September 18th.- Principals: MRS. and Miss M. GREEN. 1416 QCHOOL FOR GIRLS, THE BARS. Principal: Miss LEATON, assisted by an efficient Staff of Teachers. Visiting Masters for French, German, book-keeping, etc. NEXT TERM commences SEPT. 11th. 1375 PREPARATORY SCHOOL FOR BOYS. JL The MISSES CARTWRIGHT, 11, Vicar-ige- road, Hoole. TERM commences THURSDAY, September 20th, 1906. 1325 STONE VILLA, HOOLE, CHESTER — DAY SCHOOL for GIRLS. Successful in Cambridge Examinations and Trinity College Music. French Teacher resident. Coll oqui&'French taught. Miss MORCOM will Resume Duties SEPTEMBER 11th. 1241 THE ELMS, FLOOKERSBROOK, CHESTER tB0ARDING & DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Well qualified and registered resident teachers, English and Foreign. Best masters attend. Successful in Women's Higher Cam- bridge, in Associated Board of Music and other Examp. Terms moderate. Work Resumed Sept. 19.-Apply Miss NEVILLE. 1121 FOREST ROAD SCHOOL for GIRLS, FTARPORLEY. NEXT TERM com- mences SEPTEMBER 10th. Vacancies for Boarders principal MRS. BLAIR. 1376 TLTUSIC.—Lessons on PIANOFORTE JUL given by MISS MAY WILLIAMS, A.L.C.M., Bradford House, Connah's Quay. Terms moderate. Reference, Dr. Bridge, Organist, Chester Cathedral, Chester. 1436 MRS. WHIT WORTH (nee Amy Rigby) Teacher of PIANOFORTE, VOICE PRODUCTION and SINGING, had resumed Lessons. Pupils successfully prepared for Exam- inations, Competitions. &c.-For terms apply 29, Tarvin-road, Chester, 1228 MISS STAINTON will Resume '.l.. DANCING CLASSES at the HOLBOKN ASSEMBLY ROOMS, CHESTER, SATURDAY, Sept. 29th. Private Lessons by special arrangement. For terms and particulars of Classes and Private Lessons apply 14, Bersham-road, Wrexham. 1422 Al R. BRUNO, Teacher of BANJO, GUITAR, MANDOLINE. Also VIOLIN and VIOLA for Orchestral playing. Terms at the STUDIO, No. 7, on the Eastgate Walls. Home Lessons by arrangement. 1194 Appointments Youths, Ages 14.22. in the FOR Civil Service. Young Ladies, Ages 15-20. CHOICE SITUATIONS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE Of Secondary as well as Ordinary School Education. ABOUT 700 VACANCIES ANNUALLY. PRINCIPAL GOVERNMENT OFFICES: THE GENERAL POST OFFICE. H.M. INLAND REVENUE. THE INDIA OFFICE. His MAJESTY'S TREASURY. THE WAR OFFICE. THE ADMIRALTY. THE ROYAL MINT. H.M. OFFICE OF WORKS. LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD. BOARD OF AGRICULTURE. H. M. PKISON COMMISSION. GENERAL BOARD OF LUNACY. HIS MAJESTY'S CUSTOMS. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT. The SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS of SKERRY'S COLLEGE number over 16,000. For full particulars, write the SECRETARY, SKERRY'S COLLEGE, 5, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL, for "The Civil Service Guide," EDUCATIONAL. THE QUEEN'S SCHOOL, CHESTER. Under Inspection of the Board of Education. HEAD MISTRESS Misa BEATRICE CLAY, B.A.. Lond., Associate and late Reid Scholar of Bedford Coll. Uni v. of London. STAFF: Miss SKEAT, Sc.D., Newnham Coll., Cambridge; Trinity College, Dublin; and Munich. Miss DAVIS, B.A., Durham. Miss DAY, B.A., Lond. Ecole Normale d'lnsti- tutrices, Amiens. Miss JAMES, B.A., Lond., Royal Holloway Coll. Miss MACKENZIE, B.Sc., Wales. Miss DESGRATOULET, Frcebel Institute. Miss GLASCODINE, German. Miss GALLAHER, Physical Culture. Miss JAMESON, Maria Grey Training Coll. Miss POLLARD, Drawing. Miss H GILES, Kinder- garten. Visiting Teachers for Music, Singing, Painting, and Dancing. THE KINDERGARTEN is open to Boys and Girls, between the ages of three and eight. Pupils are prepared for the Universities. This year, Three University Prizes and a Studentship have been won by former pupils of the Queen's School. NEXT TERM begins on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th. The Head Mistress will be At Home the preceding- day to Parents who may wish to consult her. Application Forms and Prospectuses may be obtained at the School; or from Mr. F. B. MASON. 9, St. Werburgh-street, Chester. THE MISSES A. & L. J. PYE will JL RECOMMENCE their CLASSES for DRAWING, PORTRAIT PAINTING, etc., at 23. Bridge-street Row, and 59, Bouverie-street, Chester; September 24th. 1318 DAXCES, &C.-E. DALE S BAND now booking for DANCES, EVENING PARTIES and AT-HOMES, &c. Pianist only, or any number artistes. -Term; E. Dale, 51, Bridge-street Row, Chester. 1410 PUBLIC NOTICES. EDUCATION ACT, 1902. CITY AND COUNTY BOROUGH OF CHESTER LOCAL EDUCATION AUTHORITY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accord- L ance with the provisions of Section 3 (1) of the Education Act, 1902, that the Council of the City and County Borough of Chester being the Local Education Authority for the purposes of Part III. of that Act, propose to provide a new Public Elementary School for about 550 children in the said City and County Borough The School will be available for the following area: The said City and County Borough and in particular the Northern portion thereof. Da-bed this 10th day of August, 1906. J. H, DICKSON, Clerk to the Local Education Authority. Section 8 (1) of the Education Act, 1902, pro- vides as follows:- "(1) Where thc Looal Education Authority or any "other persons propose to provide a new public "Eleinontary School, they shall give public "notice of their intention to do so, and the "Managers of any existing School, or the "Local Education Authority (where they are "not themselves the persons proposing to pro- "vide the School) or any ten ratepayers in the "area for which it is proposed to provide the "School, may, within three months after the "notice is given, appeal to the Board of Edu- cation on the ground' that the proposed "School is not required, or that a School pro- "vided by the, Local Education Authority, or not so provided as the case may be. is better "the School proposed to be provided, and any "School built in contravention of the de- "cis'on of the Board of Education on such "appeal shall be treated as unnecessary." EDUCATION ACT, 1902. CITY AND COUNTY BOROUGH OF CHESTER LOCAL EDUCATION AUTHORITY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accord- -?? ancc w:th the provisions of Section 8 (1) of the Education Act, 1902. that the Council of the City and County Boiough of Chester being the Local Education Authority for the purposes of Part III. of that Act, propose to provide a new Public Elementary School for about bOO children in the said City and County Borough. The School will be avail-able for the following ilrea: The said City and County Borough and in pa.rticula.r the Southern portion thereof. Dated this 10th day of August. 1906. J. H. DICKSON. Clerk to t-he Local Education Authority. Section 8 (1) of the Education Act, 1902, pro- rides as follows:- "(I) Where the Local Education Authority cr any "other propose to provide a new I iiblic "Elementary School, they shall give public "notice of their intention to do go, and the "Managers of any existing School, or the "Local Education Authority (where they are "not themselves the persons proposing to pro- "vide the School) or any ten ratepayers in the "area for which it is proposed to provide the "School, may, within three months after the "notice is given, appeal to the Board of Edu- cation on the ground; that the proposed "School is not required, or thaf a School pro- "videcl by the Local Education Authority, or "not so provided as the case; may be. is better "suited to meet the wants of the District than "the School proposed to be provided, and any "School built in contravention of the de- cision of the Board of Education on such "appeal shall be treated as unnecessary. R. CLAMP & SON, PORTMANTEAU AND BAG MANUFACTURERS. GLADSTONE BAGS (real Cowhide), from 20/- LADIES' DRESS BASKETS, from I. 24/- WATERPROOF HOLD-ALLS, from 12/6 41A, North John Street, Liverpool. TELEPHONE No. 141. EDGAR DUTTON & SONS, Complete Funeral Furnishers AND CARRIAGE PROPRIETORS, 30, Frodsham-street, Chester. E. D. & SONS, having the Largest Stock of Belgian Horses, Superior Glass and Closed Hearses, Private Broughams and Coaches are prepared to Supply Funerals cheaper than any )ther shop in the City. E. D. & SONS take the ENTIRE MANAGE- MENT OF FUNERALS in Town or Country with due regard to economy and taste. Infant's Funeral, with a Pair Horse Coach, Coffin and Grave, from 24s. To the Poor or Benevolent, a good Coffin, Schillibeer and Grave complete, 38s. SOLE AGENTS FOB PATENT METALLIC COFFINS. (The trade supplied). Superior WEDDING CARRIAGES for hire, kept only for Weddings, at moderate charges. PKIVATB ADDRESSES 12, UNION WALK, IJodjoininft Stables; and WELLFIELD HOUSE, NEWTON, 200 STABLE RATS FOR A KENDAL HOTELKEEPER writea:I found A- 200 Bats in my Stableyard after using two Is. tins 'RODINE RAT POISON. It Kills on the spot; leaves no smell; Dojfs and Cats don't eat it. RATS LIKE IT, EAT IT, AND DIE. PKICE 6d., Is., 2s., Ss., and 53.; Post 2d. T. HABLEY, Chemist, Perth, AGZXTB T-CHZFXS HOPLEY, Chemists, Chester. II LOST. 5I /— REWARD—LOST, in Chester on Tues- <3/ day, August 27th, a GOLD NECKLET.- 8, White Friars. 1406 LOST, from Hoole C.C. Field, between Sept. JLj 4th and 6th, FOUR WELSH EWES; marked green, middle of back.—Apply Fred. T. Dinwoodie, Butcher, 67, New Faulkner-street, Hoole, Chester. f 1 REWARD. — LOST, on Saturday, Xi September 1st, between 14, Stanley- place, St. John's Church, and Fern Rock, Queen's Park, a GOLD BROOCH with a clear Yellow Amber in the middle.—Apply Fern Rock, Queen's Park or Police Office, Chester. 1390 PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS -L OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES:- HOUSES TO BE LET, APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, LOST OR FOUND, ARTICLES TO BE SOLD, are now inserted in The Clieshire Observer at the following rates:— NOT EXCEEDING TWENTY WORDS— ONE INSERTION 1/- Two INSERTIONS 1/6 THREE I,SERTIONS 2/- NOT EXCEEDING THIRTY-FIVE WORDS- ONE INSERTION 1/6 Two INSERTIONS 2/6 THREE INSERTIONS 3/- WANTED. W ANTED, YOUTH, able to drive.— Hooley's, Bridge-street. 1464 SMART BOY WANTED as Apprentice.- ? Apply J. Cumm¥,-9,_<2.iy-ro19- AN experienced HAND for Workroom ?- WANTED.—Apply Miea MacLennan, 16, St. Werburgh-street. YACANCY for one or two GUNS, in well T preserved Mixed Shoot, near Denbigh.— Address T 24, "Observer" Office. ERRAND BOY WANTED for Printer's Workshop. — Apply Observer" Office. Chester. G1 ENERAL WANTED, experienced, able to Gcook.-Mr,;3. Wildgoose, Marlbro' Arms, Chester. 1412 UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS Wanted, in Chester good locality, not too far from Station.—Address B 36, Observer" Office. 1334 WANTED, Lady-day next, HOUSE, in or T T within easy reach of Chester. Rent about £ 30.—Address C 53, Observer" Office. 1401 WANTED, at once, a Strong COUNTRY TV GIRL, as General (sleep in); age 16 to 17.—25, City-road, Chester. 1430 WANTED, two young Boys as BOARDERS, or Youths going to business.—Address A 16, "Observer" Office. 1317 WANTED a shavp. "respectable GIRL, as an Apprentice for the Workroom.—Apply after &8Ven at 10, St. Werburgh-etreet, Chester. BOARD and RESIDENCE, or Apartments, WANTED in Chester for a lady; moderate torms; w.c., bathroom.—Address N 70, "Observer" Office. 1445 WANTED, in Chester, for September 25th, WT good modern HOUSE two entertaining, four or five bedrooms, bath, &c. Rent S30 to £ 40.—Apply 71, West-street, Crewe. 1420 APARTMENTTS REQUIRED near to tram _x and station sitting-room and bedroom, with bath; good cooking essential. Apply, stating terms, L 88, Observer" Oiffce. 1434 YOUTH WANTED for Flour Room, must be JL able to weigh and wrap well.—Apply Secretary, Co-operative Society, Black Diamond- street, Cbester. 1416 TH 7TURNISHED HOUSE WANTED from the IPUR.NISHED HOUSE WANTED froir, the careful tenants.—State lowest terms to E 64, Observer" Office. 1415 A PPRENTICE WANTED every oppor- L tunity for gaining a thorough knowledge of the business.—W. Roberts, Chemist, 73, Brook- street, Chester. 1414 SUPERIOR APARTMENTS.— Bath h.c., w.c. separate beds. Suitable for ladies or gentlemen good cooking, thorough cleanliness. Over Dale, Panton-road, Hoole. 1297 W ANTED, GENERAL, for one lady; must have good character.-Apply, by letter, to Mrs. Davey. 58, Seymour Grove, Old Trafford, Manchester. 1285 GERMAN Lady, experienced Teacher, GSEEKS PUPILS for German, Conversa- tion, Preparation for Examinations, etc,—Address W 68, Observer Office. 917 CONSTANT EMPLOYMENT is offered to a few Men who can furnish good credentials. No outlay. Apply by postcard for particulars.— Address Bell, "Observer" Office. 1330 A Young LADY DESIRES an Engagement AL as DAILY GOVERNESS in or near Chester; English, French, Latin, music, &c.- Address S 49, Observer" Office. 1399 WANTED, a GROOM, under a coachman, W must be able to drive, and to thoroughly understand stable work. Live in —Apply Coach- man, Christleton Hall, Chester. 1397 BOARD-RESIDENCE WANTED by Trades- Bman, in small family, where there are no other lodgers no objection to take meals with family. State terms.—Address Y 75, Observer" Office. 1432 COACHMAN WANTED, for country housel; cottage found must be good driver. State age, height, weight, &e. and if married, what family.—E. H. Herbert, Woodfield, Acton Bridge, near Northwieh. HOUSE WANTED, 29th September, on the N a suburbs of Chester, south aspect; two or three reception-rooms, five bedrooms, batli-roon, h. and c. No basement kitchen. Good garden.— State rent, Curlett, 5, Victoria Grove, Southsea. WANTED, COOK-GENERAL, E20, and v v Housemaid, E18, Waitress for one lady (Southport), Nurek-Housc-rnaid and General (Chester).—Mrs. Bow den, 20, Pepper-street. Chester. 1382 ADOPTION.—HOME WANTED for healthy ABoy, few weeks old. No premium nor payment. References exchanged. Complete surrender.—Whiehaw, Orphanage, Arnsi(le, Carnforth. 1286 REQUIRED immediately.—COOKS, House- i^j maids, Parlourmaids, Nurses. House- parlourmaids, Kitchenmaids, Stable boy. Float boy, Farm boy, Hotel servants. Brown's Registry, 8, White Friars. 1298 WANTED, by a respectable person, aged 42, (1' SITUATION as Working Housekeeper to a widower or bachelor; undertake all duties. Small salary for comfortable home. Address E 61, "Observer" Office, 1265 DETACHED 1110 USE (F ti rn isb ed) W ANT ED N F for a year, within 12 miles of Chester eight bed and dressing-rooms, three reception rooms; stabling for at least two horses small garden and grounds.—Particulars to H. F. Thomas, 31. Eastgate-street, Chester. 1431 MILK, MILK.-We are prepared to com- JL?JL mence taking Well-cooled DAIRIES on and from the 1st of September. All churns found and farmers kept well supplied. Prompt pay- ments.—Apply Freeth & Pocock, Ltd., 93, Albert Embankment, London, S.E. MRS. RED'S REGISTRY, Abbey Buildings, Cheater. —W ANTED, COOKS, £18 to £35; Generals, Cooks, for Chester, £ 16 to £ 26; Kitchen and Scullerymaids, Houeemaick, Parlourmaids, £ 18 to £ 26; Housemaid- Waitreeeea, House-Sewingmaids, General, two ladies; Housemaid- Waitress, for London; General, for Canada, £ 24; Vessel Cleaners and Housemaids, Groom, L24 per year; Working Housekeeper, must understand dairy; Nurses, Hotel Cook-General*. 1461 WANTED. WANTED, strong GENERAL, aged about 20, at once. Good reference.—Apply Stanley Arms, Brook-street, Chester. 1430 WANTED, to wart, a Small FARM, 10 to 20 acres; some arable land.—Address A. Rickards, Rouse Cottage, Falfield, Gloucester. ERRAND BOY WANTED for morning, evenings and Saturday.—Apply Fair- weather and Clarke, Milliners, Bank Buildings. W ANTED, laL'ge IRON TANK, to hold rain watcr.-Apply to J. Griffiths, 18, Crook-street. 1456 Y? ANTED, a young '?AN for the ware- house; must be able to drive.-W. Deneon and Son, Flour Merchants, The North- gate, Chester. 1453 GENT'S OUTFITTING.—WANTED, Smart GYOUTH, commence October. — Apply in first instance by letter to Arthur Ballan, 3, Brook-lane, Chester. 1398 WANTED, plain FAMILY WASH, by V t Country Laundress no machinery good drying fields. Particulars Brown's Registry, White Friars. 1407 WANTED, Permanent APARTMENTS for T T Two Single Gentlemen, with or without board must be near Cross.—State terms, which must be moderate, to D 76, Observer" Office. WANTED, a BLACKSMITH; one used to railway wagon work preferred. State experience and wages. -Address E 65, "Observer" Office. 1462 w ANTED, in North Wales, a FITTER used to chemical works' plant. Regular em- ployment for a good and steady man.-State experience, also wages required.—Address W 70, "Observer" Office. 1463 ANTED, SITUATION as HOUSE- V T KEEPER or COOK-HOUSEKEEPER, thoroughly experienced; good references.—Apply, with particulars, M.R., 20, Prince's Avenue, Chester. 1433 WANTE, D, young, strong, steady, single » MAN, to look after pony, help in garden, and make himself generally useful; wages 17e.— Apply Rev. Kinloch, Eccleston Rectory, Cheater. 1441 SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS received too late for Classification will be found on the 6th page. TO BE LET. i, r- WI L L I A M E. BROWN, YT LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, SURVEYOR & VALUER, 39, PEPPER STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET:— 3, Chichester-stroet. Large House. Union Hall, Foregate-street. Rooms for Storage and Workshops, etc. 47, Egerton-street. JB18. 18B. Shavington Avenue, Newton. JS42. Business Premises, Watergate-street Row. Raymond-street. £32. 10s. Office, 86, Northgate-street. Lion Brewery, Pepper street; joiner's shop, several large rooms, and extensive cellarage. House and Shop, Bridge-street Row. High-street, Saltney. 5s. 6d. weekly. 59, Frodsham-street. 8s. weekly and rates. 5, Stanley-place. 955. 14, Chichester-street. £ 26. 34, King-street. £30. 5. Newry Park, Brook-lane.. £26. 98, Tarvin-road. £ 20. "Poole House," Flookersbrook. £ 63. 161, Christleton-road. £17. WAKEFIELD, DODD&THORNELY, WLAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENTS, 16, CORN EXCHANGE CHAMBERS, CHESTER. TO BE LET Roodoe Houee, The Watergate. £75. House and Shop, 67, Lower Bridge-street. £25. Cottages, Carter's-court. 2s. RICHARD JONES & CO., LTD., HOUSE & ESTATE AGENTS, REMOVAL CONTRACTORS & COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, FIRE INSURANCE AGENTS. Telephone 149. Telegrams: "RICHARD JONES, Chester." TO LET, UNFURNISHED. 27, Bold-square. B26. First-class Residences on Banks of Dee. Rents £60, £80, and £ 120. A good Villa, Lumley-road. J630. Houses, in City, suitable for business or pro- fessional purposes. Rents P,40 to E45. Several Residences in Hoole, FURNISHED HOUSES to Let in Chester and North Wales. RHYL.-3 to 6 guineas per week. Applications invited. Lists forwarded free. AHUGHSON, Surveyor, &c., 2, East- -10 gate Row North, Chester. Telephone No. 64. TO LET, No. 7, Sidney-road; 7s. clear. FOR SALE, a Semi-detached Villa and small Field; suit poultry farmer, seven minutes from station two entertaining, four bedrooms, and out-offices. JOHN WIL LIAMS, LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENT, 9, St. WERBURGH-STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET:— 8 and 10, Louise-street. 7s. 6d. clear. 30, South View, Sealand-road. 78. weekly. 8, Church-hill Terrace, Garden-lane. £ 19. 58, Walter-street. 6s. 6d. weekly. 5, King-street. B18 year. 27, Saughall-road. £ 19. 10s. 7, William-street. 5s. weekly. Warehouse or Workshop, Steam Mill-street. 3s. 6d. weekly. FOR SALE:— Several lots of small Property. 1448 TO LET, 48. TRAFFORD-STREET. Ront JL 5s. 9d. a week.—Key at No. 46. 1466 TO LET, 34, EATON-ROAD, Chester; rent Tn6. Ear'y poon.-App]y Challinor, Rowson and Challinor. APARTMENTS.—Comfortabte front Bed Aand S'tt' iig-room TO LET; piano, bath. Terms mo&-rate.-Apply 25, Prince's Avenue. BEERHOUSE TO LET; respectable locality, Bdoing good business. Burton Ales.-Apply Quellyn Roberts & Co., Chester. 1428 TO LET, No. 58, Watergate-street. Chester.— TApply Sharpe & Davison, 12, Abbey-square, Chester. HOUSE TO LET, 3, Moss Bank, Parkgate- road.-Apply Mountford, Stationer, North- gate-street. 1438 S ITTING-ROOM and BEDROOM with board, suit one or two gentlemen. Terms strictly moderate.—Address W 68, "Observer" Office. HOUSE TO LET, 62, Trafford-street, New- town. Rent 4s. 8d.-Apply 7, Gresford Avenue, Hool.o, Chester. 1386 A:70.-TO BE LET or SOLD, very superior HOUSE on Hoole-road; every modern conv,onic-nee.-Apoy H. Crowder, Hoole-road, Chester. 1452 TO BE LET or SOLD, splendid Corner HOUSE; four bedrooms, all modern con- veniences 9s. 6d. per week.—Apply 23, Charles- street, Hoole. 1295 HOUSE and SHOP TO LET, China, Toya and Hardware; present tenant 15 years. Rent 6s. 6d. clear.—Apply 21, Brook-street, Chester. 1444 TO LET, 32, Crane-street, 7, New Crane-street; t roomy houses, at very moderate and reduced rents 6s. 8d. and 7s. 3d. weekly, including rates (except water).—Apply S. Rycroft, 28, Princess- street. 1343 TO LET, HOUSE, situate Halkyn-road, Newton, containing two entertaining rooms, kitchens, five bedrooms and bathroom.— Apply Davies and Sons, 14, Newgate-street. TO BE LET. BERESFORD ADAMS, JD LICENSED VALUER. LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENT, 22, NEWGATE-STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET:- House and Garden, Hoole. EGO. House, near Vicar's Cross. 919 10s. House, Bouverie-street. JS30. Houses, Brook-lane. B33 and £ 35. House, Gladstone-road. 7s. 3d. weekly. Holyrood," Victoria-road. B30. House, Newton. £40. FOR SALE:— Semi-detached Villa, Eaton-road. J6475. House, off Upper Northgate-street. L775. House, off Saughall-road. R290. Two Houses, Vicar's Cross. £550. Land, at Tarvin. Land, Brook-lane. Cottage, Tranbrd-street. B125. OHN WHALLEY & SON, €j LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENTS, SURVEYORS & VALUERS, ASHFIELD, CHESTER. Tel. 6 y 5. Two commodious and well-built Houses FOR SALE in Church-street, Frodsbam, containing kitchen, back kitchen, pantry, two large enter- taining rooms, entrance hall, bathroom, and four bedrooms; coal-house and wash-house and out- offices. Grand situation and fine view of Overton Hills. Good garden back and front. FOR SALE, Land in Telegraph-road, Heswall Good position and view, and with two frontages. FOR SALE, Land at Hough Green, Chester. TO LET, No 2, Gladstone-road, Chester. £19. 15s. TO LET, No. 12, Gladstone-road, Chester JE19. 15s. TO LET, No. 24, Chichester-street, Chester. Rent JB30. TO LET, 43, Cambrian View, Chester. Rent 240. WANTED, Detached Villa, in easy distance of Chester. TO LET, good HOUSE and Garden, Christle- ton-road. Rent 3a.-Apply J. Griffiths, 18, Crook-street. 1455 GOOD COTTAGE in the centre of city. Rent 5s. per week.—Apply E. Noel Humphreys, 9 and 11, Old Bank Buildings, Chester. SAUGHALL.— HOUSE TO LET, 6 rooms, garden. Pleasant, healthy situation; near railway station.—Apply Holly Bank, Sea Hill, Saughall. 1368 TO LET, Two good six-roomed HOUSES, Noe. 28 and 38, Louise-street. Rent 78. weekly, clear.—Apply D. Hughes, 30 Upper Northgate-street. TO LET, 10, VICARAGE-ROAD, Hoole; two JS_ reception, four bedrooms, two kitchens, pantry, bath-room, w.c., hot and cold water. Garden front and rear.—Apply Levingston, Peny- ffordd, Mold, 1262 TO BE LET or SOLD, excellently-built HOUSE; large and lofty rooms, garden, fitted for electric light and gas all modern con- veniences.—Apply Mona Lodge, Hoole-road, Chester. 1294 NO. 16, DEVONSHIRE PLACE, Hand- bridgo; good parlour, kitchon, back kitchen and pantry, with three good bedrooms and bath; 7s., clear.—Apply No. 17, or F. H. Fernyhough, Saughall. 1387 HOUSE TO LET, in Lime Grove, near new S B park, Hoole, containing two sitting-rooms, kitchen, scullery, three bedrooms, bath and lavatory (h. and c.), and good yard.—Apply A. Jenkins, builder, 7, Lime Grove, Hoole. 1396 TO LET, BROOKDALE, Flookersbrook, Chester, containing 3 entertaining rooms, 7 bedrooms, usual domestic offices. Rent £ 45.— Apply to Wm. Williams, Builder, West-street, Hoole. BEDROOM TO LET. furnished, for gentle- man, with or without board. Terms moderate; near tram and train; bathroom (h. and c.).—Apply A. C., 14a, Ermine-road, Hoole, Chester. 1283 DEE FORDS HOUSE, TO BE LET, or Sold JLF containing four entertaining, 11 bedrooms, servants' hall, kitchen, ccllwrs, &e.; modern conveniences. Lawn and garden to river. Also LAND on river-side for Sale, in plots.—Apply Smith, Rudale, Dee Banks. 1308 TO BE SOLD. INVESTMENT. CHESTER CORPORA- JL TION 31 per cent. Redeemable MORTGAGE LOAN, on mortgage to the value of £1,500 (re- deemable September, 1909). FOR SALE.—Apply Messrs. Warmsley, Jones and Co., 29, Eastgate Row North, Chester. KUSTIC CART, suitable for cob, 13 to 14hds. _SJL' City Arms, Frodsham-street. 1413 SPECIAL BARGAIN. Rosewood PIAN- k9 NETTE by E. Dale, in perfect condition £ 9.—E. Dale, 51, Bridge-street Row, Chester. FOR SALE, TICKET of valuable Diamond Pin; 9 stoncis.-Addrces Z 80, "Observer" Office. 1439 GOOD Second hand COTTAGE PIANO- GFORTE. Address Y 74, "Observer" Office, Chester. 1394 GENT'S CYCLE FOR SALE, che^~ (New GHudson make); good condition.—Roberts, care of Briggs and Co., Eastgate-street, Chester. FOR SALE, sound FR [ED FISH and CHIP FBUSINESS. Good trade, no oppositon. Cheap ingoing.—Address A 17, "Observer" Office. CJPECIAL OFFER.—Rosewood Grand PIANO t? by Rosenor; cost 75 guineas only two years ago, now offered for £ 42.—E. Dale, 51, Bridge- street Row, Chester. 1409 HUNTER, Bay Gelding, by Speed"; 15-2. _[jL age 6; hunted with Tipperary Foxhounds. Apply Miss Pritchard-Rayner, Trescawen, Llan- gwyllog. A good lot of Second-hand CYCLES TO BE ASOLD cheap; sound and in good con- dition from -Cl. 10s. and upwards.-Apply W. Maher, 34, Bridge-street, Chester. FOR SALE, a few hundred Sacks of old English WHITE OATS, 3s. per 451bs.. or 3s. 2d. crushed here.—Apply Willis, Barrow Mills, Chester. 1460 HARDWARE, TOY, and GENERAL BUSINESS in Chester FOR SALE; ill- health cause for disposal. Splendid opportunity. —Apply 2;), Faulkner-street, Hoole. 1356 FOR SALE, by Private Treaty, No 2, DEE VILLAS, Wepro, Connah's Quay.—Apply to Mr. Owen Lewis, 4, Belle Vue Terraoe, Aberayron, Cardiganshire. 1129  FOR SALE, handsome up-to-date Four-wheel FDOG-CART; cushions, lamps, etc., com- plete. Excellent condition.—M 50, "Observer" Office. 1332 THE GRAND OLD MAN that was (Glad- Tstone) one of England's noblest and greatest statesmen; a Bold Medallion of him in massive relief in Antique Bronze; splendid for hall or corridor; for Sale cheap.—Woodson, Marple. 1337 I Modern Freehold HOUSE, in <??0?f healthy part of Chester, one minute from Tram route, containing two sitting and four bedrooms, bath. w.c., h. & c. water, and electric light throughout. Balance of j6350 purchase money can remain at 4 mortgage.—Address W 67, "Observer" Office, Cheater. 1446 TO BE SOLD, several well-built HOUSES, TSt. Mark's Terrace, Hough Green, Saltney, with lobby, parlour, kitchen, back kitchen and pantry, three good bedrooms, and wash-house in yard. Good garden in front and back.—Apply Henry Vernon, Builder, 19, Upper Northgate- street, Chester. 1339 FOR SALE, a nice HOUSE, recently built, beautifully situated on Dee Banks, with Gardens front and back, also slope to river con- taining drawing and dining-rooms, kitchen, scullery, larder and out-offices, five bedrooms, bathroom, linen closet and two w.c.'s.—Apply to A. R. Smith, RnI}ee Banks, Chester. 1309 MALL~ ADVERTISEMENTS received too ?.3 late for Classification will be found on the Gth page. MISCELLANEOUS. cROQUET.-All Sets in stock at reduced prices to clear.-J. E. Newman, Iron- monger, 12, Bridge-street, Chester. DAINTY STYLES for Autumn Wear in Ladies' BLOUSE LENGTHS, 1/. each, carriage paid; patterns free.—Bradford Dress Warehouse, Quebec, Bradford. 1319 LAWN TENNIS, CROQUET, BABY CAR- JU RIAGES and PERAMBULATORS, all this season's stock, reduced to clear.—R. G. Shaw and Co., Ironmongers, 6, Bridge-street. 1435 EAUTIFUL BABY LONG CLOTHES; JD Sets of 50 Articles, 21s.; a bargain of loveliness. Approval.—Mrs. Max, 16, The Chase Nottingham. 1324 LAUNDRY, country washing special atten- J tion to Ladies' and Children's Dresses. All hand work.—Send for price list to the Tarvin Bridge Laundry. 1347 BARGAIN. Ladies' Cashmere DRESS BLENGTHS, all colors, 2/11, carriage paid. Autumn Tweeds and Mixtures; patterns free.- Pearson's Dress Warehouse, Leeds. 1321 SPAR GRA VEL CHIPPINGS, Macadam. Rockery Stone, Sleepers, and Timbers, Quotations to any Station.—Robt. W. Killon, Coal Exchange, Chester. Telephone 70. 885 G EESE.-IF you want the best and cheapest Geese in Chester, call at the Durham Ox, Tower-street, Chester (opposite Cattle Market). —John Leonard, Goose Merchant. 1291 LANNELLA BLOUSE and DRESS FMATERIALS in Diamond, Spot and Floral Designs, 4fd. yard, carriage paid patterns free.—Dress Warehouse, Darlington. 1320 ROUND LIME FOR AGRICULTURAL \JT PURPOSES. Breedon Lime has been used by Agriculturists for centuries, and can now be obtained in bags ground into a flour at lis. per ton (4 ton lots), free on rail. Bags as usual.— Apply J. G. Shields, Isley Walton, Derby. PAYING PROFESSION.—Electrical Engin- JL. eering taught by post. Send to-day for free book, "How to become an Electrical Engineer." It tells you how to double your salary. Write for a free copy to Electrical Engineering Institution, 413, Norwich House, Southampton-street, Holborn, London DUTCH BULBS.—Enormous Consignments of Hyacinths, Tulips, Narcissus, Crocus and many others, received direct from Holland lotted to suit large and small buyers. 10,000 Lots sold weekly. Auction Sales every day (excepting (Saturdays) at Protheroe & Morris's Sale Rooms, 67 and 68, Cheapside, London. Commissions executed for thsse unable to attend. Lots packed and forwarded to all parts. Catalogues free on application. TENDERS. CHESTER UNION. To Millers, Bakers, Butchers, Grocers, Provision Dealers, Druggists, Spirit Merchants, Iron- mongers. Drapers, Farmers, and others. THE Guardians of the Poor of the Chester TUnion HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that they are prepared to receive and consider TENDERS for the supply of the following Articles to the Workhouse at Hoole, the Central Home, Wrexham-road, the Childrens' Homes at Dodleston, Saughall, and Upton-by-Chester, for the Half-year ending 30th March, 1907, viz. Beef (English), Veal, Mutton (English), Suet (English), Lamb, Pork, Barm, Flour, Oatmeal, Bread, Bran, Indian Meal, Manure, Hay, Oats' Salt, Hearthstones, Chandlery, Brandy, Sacra" mental Wine, Tobacco, Snuff, Fish, Butter, Margarine, Bacon, Lard, Cheese, Sausage- Builders' Merchants' Goods, Plumbing, Hair- dressing, Leather, &c., Tinware, Crockery, Ironmongery, Drugs, Brushes, Paint, Oils, &c., Tea, Grocery, Drapery Goods, the Sweeping of Chimneys and Flues, and for the supply of Coffins and Funerals for the Outdoor Poor. All Goods supplied to the Workhouse and the several Homes must be according to the Guardians own samples except Tea, of which samples are to be sent. Printed Forms of Tender, fully specifying the articles to be contracted for, and the conditions under which the Tenders are to be made, may be obtained on application to me, the Workhouse Master, or the Superintendent of the Childrens' Homes, Wrexham-road, Chester. All articles must be delivered free of charge at the Workhouse, the several Homes, or such place or places, and at such times, and in such quantities as the Guardians or their officers direct. Accounts amounting to £ 5 and upwards will be paid monthly, under S5 quarterly. Sealed Tenders endorsed "Tender for to be delivered at the Board Room, Union Work- house, Hoole, not later than 9-30 o'clock in the forenoon on TUESDAY, the 18th September, 1906. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. By order, WILLIAM TURNOCK, Clerk to the Guardians. Forest House, Chester, 6th Sept., 1906. HA WARDEN UNION. CONTRACT FOR PROVISIONS, &c. THE Guardians of the Hawarden Union will Tat their meeting on FRIDAY, the 28th Sep- tember, 1906, be prepared to receive and con- sider TENDERS for the Supply of the follow- ing Provisions, Goods. Articles and necessaries to the Union for Six Months from 30th Sep- tember, 1906, to 30th March. 1907 (both days inclusive) — 1. Bread, Seed Cake, Flour and Oatmeal, Indian Meal and Bran. 2. Beef, Mutton, Suet, and Pork for the In- mates. Beef, Mutton, and Suet of the best quality for the officials. 3. Butter, Cheese and B-acon. 4. Rice, Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Sago, Arrowroot, Trea>c]<\ Jam, Pepper, Mustard, Peas, Starch, Pearl Barley, &c. 5. Candles, Soap, Soda, Paraffin, and Colza Oil. 6. Brooms, Brushes and Hardware. 7. Coal (best main coal), and Rough Slack. The Tender must state colliery and seam. 8. Boots and Shoes. 9. Clothing, Flannel, Calico, Towelling, Worsted, Thread, kc. 10. Coffins. All the Provisions, Goods, Articles, etc., must be delivered at the Workhouse at Broughton, free of charge, in such quantities and at such times as the Guardians or their officers shall direct.. Accounts will be paid quarterly. Tenders must be made on trie prescribed form, and separately for the articles or goods in the classes above-named, and numbered 1-10. Forms of Tender may be obtained on appli- cation at the Union Offices at the Workhouse, Broughton, between the hcu>s of 10 and 5. Tenders and Samples must be sent to the said Offices on or before FRIDAY, 28th September, at 10.30 a.m. The Guardians do not bind themselves to ac- cept the lowest or any Tender. Security for the performance of the contracts, or any of them, shall be given if the Guardians so require. HUGH G. ROBERTS, Clerk to the Guardians. Union Offices, Broughton, 6th September, 1906. TT AIR COMBINGS — MADE UP, 2/- PER OZ. COVERLETTE TAILS OF "j FROM HAIR FRAMES, PURE r la From 3/6 each. HAIR, 5/6 T. SEALE8 BROWN, J, LEECE-ST. (Car Station), LIVERPOOL. PLEASURE CRUISES. 'J' THE DEE STEAM BOAT CO. The above Company is the only one authorised by His Grace the DUKE OF WESTMINSTEB, to run their STEAMERS regularly to EATON HALL. The Ormonde" & "Bend Or" Will run as follows (Sundays excepted) :— jam a am i pm pm pm/ pmi pm Chester.dp I!la li lilfolfII!loo!l 30 EccIeatonF. 9 50! 1120 12?0 1 50 3 20 3 35! !4 20 ?5 4250 5 20 Iron Bridge 10 15111451 1545 Iron Br'g..d 1015,11451   5 45' Eccleston F 1040''1210 li,;z 1 1 Eol2*icl3* 35 1 4.?o 16 10 Chester, arr 1130(l 0/1 25 2 40 3 10 25 J 5 20 7 0 FAR-US CHESTER to ECCLESTON, 6d. Single; 9d. Retura, IRON BRIDGE, 8d. „ la. Weather and other causes permitting. J^IVERP00L&0RTH-^Y^S REGULAR DAILY SAILINGS (Sundays included). By paddle-steamer '• La Marguerite" Every Dajr (Friday, St. Tudno), leaving Prince's Landing Stage (weather permitting) at- IOA5 a.m., for Liaududno. Beaumaris, Bangor, an#; Menai Bridge, (with Carnarvon connection wee?dy allowing 3 hours ashore at Llandudno, and due bl 7p.m. EXTRA SAILINGS, SEPTEMBER. 2 p.rn Saturdays. 8th aud 15th; also Mondays 3rfi and lOtll, for Llandudno, Beaumaris, Bangor ane Menai Bridge. Early Boat to Liverpool, Mondays 10th and 17th, due at 10-15 a.m. 915 a.m., Isle of Anglesey Trips by "St. Elviea"R Sunday, 9th, and Wednesday, 12th September, doii back in Liverpool at 8 p.m. Through bookings from principal Stations. For further information apply to the Liverpool SUC, North Wales Steamship Co., Ltd., T. G. Brew, Secre- tary, 40, Chapel-st., Liverpool.! I S L E o F A N New Turbine Steamer VIKING, from Liverpool at 10-30 a.m.. returning from Douglas at 3.30 p.m. DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE (Sundays excepted). From LIVERPOOL. I From DOUGLAS. Daily, 10-30 a.m. &2 ?p.m. ) Daily.9 a.m. & 3 30 p.m. EXTRAS. Saturdays, 5p.m. Mondays 12.30 8o.m. and 12-50 night I Mondays 12.30 a,aw 4/- DAY EXCURSIONS. 6'- FORE CABIN. SALOON. From LIVERPOOL (weekdays) 10.30 a.m., and froa1; DOUGLAS 3.30 p.m., due Liverpool about 7 p rn. Day Excursion Tickets issued by Saturdays' 12.50 nighf steamer from Liverpool to return Sunday midnight. LIVERPOOL TO R,&MSEY (direct). -SaturdayaL, 12-15 noon; via Douglas, Thursdays, 2.15 p.m. GUIDE AND SAILINGS FREE.-ISLE OF MAlf STEAM FACKRT CO., Ltd., Douglas; THOMA, ORFORD & SON, Water-street, Liverpool. DAWSON & WEST, PAWNBROKERS, JEWELLERS, CLOTHIERS, AND COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS. Cash Advanced to any amount on Gold anfl Silver Plate, Jewellery, Furniture, Pianos an 4 Organs, Furs, Carpets, and on all portable property. Parcels by Post receive prompt attention caali by return. Private Pledge Office. NOTE ADDRESS— 54 & 56, FOREGATE-ST., CHESTER. "| /—Very handsome PARLOUI, -<?j??0O JL?7/ SUITE, in solid dark walnuf? frames, comprising couch, pair of large room? easies and four small chairs, upholstered ii| very fine quality chenille saddlebags; sprinf seats and nicely carved and padded backs, ii- bargain.  1 A /—Solid Dark Walnu'WARa, '-I:i. ROBE; long robing mirroM plate glass, large hat drawer, and cormcef, nicely made and finished 3ft. Gin. by 7ft. 25/-Very useful CHAIR BEDSTEAD ?<.?/ make arm chair, couch or bed three !argr? wool flock cushions. The lot complete, 25/ OO I AND S3. 15-The verv best' O/ make in WRINGING andt wMO ANGLING MACHINES 24in. sycamore roller, brass capped, top lever spring, patent splash board. Fully guaranteed. _00 "I /— Neat solid Fumed OaU c-P a ex BEDROOM SUITE, comr prising ift. by /7ft. wardrobe dressing chest with bevelled plate glass mirror, two largO drawers, &e.; washstand with marble slab, double row tiled back; chamber cupboard aoc towel rail. Well made and all solid oak. The lot complete, B8. 10/ ¡"2 — ?trnn? useful Double MAILg CART. 1)?tent sHding footbua.rd for two children twisted brass lever. We take Weekly or Monthly Payments. LARGE STOCK of Forfeited JEWELLERY B J always on Sale. "S W/—Lady's handsome Lon? c,t ?.?/?) GOLD GUARD; very thick and heavy; neat and strong pattern f Hall-marked. 9ct. gold. jO A ~| I—One of Russell's note& 0j??'/J<b! JL?/ Hand-made English Lever HUNTING WATCHES, capped and extra, jewelled; gold balance, patent unbreakable mainspring, gold joints and heavy silver Hall- marked cases. Written warranty for 25 years, gi ven. L3 "j K /—Pretty DRESS RING, set oWtf • with six pure white diamonds and large ruby claw setting, lSd. gold shank. Cheap. 7. /6-Soid Copper TEA URN; antique 4 v/ design. O /—Very handsome Set of three hand- ??/ painted VASES, ornamented with real burnished gold pretty design. A bargain.  /"k I—Very fine Chippendale <?<? A.?/ CABINET; three mirrors in back and large china cupboard underneath, with plate ghtss doors. Made 01 solid mahogany nicely polished. I—New shape and style in 36in. Ladies' Overland TRUNKS, bound with brown leather and brown leather straps brass locks, &c. 1 ? /?"?? DRESS PIECE; verv fina -B-??/ O quality navy blue 6 yards, douM< width. OO I— Complete. Full-size massive I 5/ Black and Brass BEDSTEAD, 2in. pillars, fitted with treble wire woven mattress and thick wool mattress. Hardly soiled. Has cost C5. 5/ Q I—Second-hand solid Mahogany Duchessa OO/ DRESSING TABLE, with extra largo bevelled dressing glass and jewel drawers, in splendid condition and nicely polished. CALL AND INSPECT OUR STOCK. CONNAH'S QUAY. THE Proprietors of the "CHESHIRE TOBSERVER have Opened an UP-TO-DATE PRINTING OFFICE, in DOCK ROAD (opposite Messrs. Coppack Bros.), CONNAH'S QUAY. The office is in charge of MR. FRED Collins, of 17, Rylands-street, Shotton. Mr. COLLINS will be pleased to call upon Customers, give Quotations, &c ( on receipt of post card. EVERY KIND OF COMMERCIAL & LETTERPRESS PRINTING, Executed on the Premises, at the Shortest Notice. MEMORANDA. MAGAZINES. CATALOGUES. PAMPHLETS. CIRCULARS. RULE BOOKS NOTE HEADINGS. POSTERS. BILL HEADS. HAND BILLS. TONTINE CARDS. HYMN SHEETS. "IN MEMORIAM" CARDS, &c. AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE CHARGE Business Men in the vicinity of Connah's Quay will find our Branch Office a real boon. It is fitted with Modern Appliances, and Up-to-date Type. It is handily situ- ated-a post card will fetch Mr. COLLINS any time. NOTE ADDRESS: "Observer" Printing Works, DOCK ROAD, CONNAH'S QUAY.