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CHRISTMAS, 1905. FOR BEST SHEFFIELD CUTLERY, SPOONS AND FORKS, And all Household Ironmongery TRY ANDREW STORRAR & CO. (R. F. BILLINGS & R. A. SQUIBB, Partners), MANUFACTURING IRONMONGERS, CHESTER. Kitchen Ranges and Grates a Speciality. FINE OLD IRISH & SCOTCH WHISKIES, OF HIGHEST QUALITY & GREAT AGE. From 32/- to 48/- per doz. QUELLYN ROBERTS & CO. WINE MERCHANTS, THE OLD CRYPT CELLARS, CHESTER. XMAS PRESENTS- NEW YEAR GIFTS. BUTT & CO., 32, EASTGATE ROW & STREET, CHESTER. SEE OUR WINDOWS, display OF SMALL SILVER ARTICLES In the Showroom, where the Goods are laid out plainly marked and ranging in price FOOM II" UPWARDS. CHRISTMAS SHOPPING MADE EASY. OUR STOCK INCLUDES ALL THE LATEST Novelties in Gold and Silver, AT .PRICKS UNSURPASSED ANYWHERE. INSPECTION CORDIALLY INVITED. ARE YOU INSURED AGAINST ALL CASUALTIES? IF NOT, WHY NOT? You can now obtain a. Bolicy Indemnifying you Against ANY AND EVERY SICKNESS (not a. limited number of diseases only AND ACCIDENTS O-, ALL KINDS. NO MEDICAL EXAMINATION REQUIRED. Annual Premium ZI siad upwards. Write for Prospectus and Terms of Agency, CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED, F. J. LEE-SMITH, Managing-Director. 7, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London, S.W. DO IT NOW. LIVERPOOL BRACH-8. VICTORIA-STREET. AGKNT—Mr.ERNESTHA«WKLL, 31, Lord-st., Chester. A REAL LUXURY! ISAAC'S PERFECT PIES. SOLD BY G. DUTTON & SON. EASTGATE STREET; r. 94. NORTHGATE STREET. CHRISTMAS COMFORTS I.I.I. I Y P 0 L E BUTTER. Guaranteed Absolutely Pure. WE DO NOT SELL "FAKED" OR "MILK BLEMBED" BUTTERS. "MAYPOLE" TEA, THE FAMILY FAVOURITEWithin the reach of Everybody, for it is Sold at our 428 Branches, and the VERY BEST is ONLY 116 A POUND. WHY PAY MORE? Also at 1/4, 1/2 and 1/- a Lb. IN SEALED PACKETS. All Full Weight without the Wrappers. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., LIMITED, 8. WATERGATE STREET, CHESTER. sm WALTER SCOTT'S INFLUENCE —At the annual dinner of the Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club held in the ftoyal -Hotel, Edinburgh, on Soibwday evening, the toast-of the memory of Scott wos proposed by the Earl of Lytton, who presided- Lord Lytton -considered Scott from a European standpoint, aadxmzht to indicate the place he .occupied in the great intellectual move- mc-nt at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Scott revived romance and opened up a, new world -to hie astonished readers. In whatever medium ,h? oho? tp write he was from firkt?.to  cs^1' ?iaHy & poet?n the widest sense of that art. The groat popularity which be. secured was due, he ;thought, lese t.o the excellence flf his pootry than to .the wealthti his fancy and the freedom of his utterance. Bdfind each of Soabt's books was a aa personality, a glowing human heart that i believed in iand was Simulated by a Jove -of enterprise and vigorous action It was the .quality of humanity in Scott's- writing which ,-caussii him to beuso universally apprcciatea, and ,which placed him .<at the head of the romantic ftnov^a^nt. which -swept, over the whole ipteuec- ftuøl life of Europe iUt the }1;m< feeqth century. Goerttae and Schiller reflected i s influence in Germany, .and in France he destroyed of the- Ectpire, and created a loe:lltf adwanture and an waterest ia others bes*wles t^he Giweks and Romans. 'Victor Hugo, Dumas and Babuao wecc his pupils. All departmejsos of) thought came under the influence, and ewory-. where them was a breaking down of barnere wia an enuuiCipation from, lortg-established tradition. What the An&erican Revolution and the French; Revolution had accomplished in the region of politics tb-e nsgpasntio writers, of whom Scott was the most popular, had accomplished in the region of letters. SUGAR CUPZAD HAMS, Smoked or Pale, from 56. ewb.-T%v>mpn, Son, and Clenienoo. 115, Northgate-streat, 17, PAotgiLte-otreet, 16, IfWegafce-etreet, and 1, Market Hail. FOR THE BLOOD IS ipn LIFE."—Clarke's world- famed Blood Mixture is warranted to cleanse the blood from all impurities, from whatever cause arising. For Scrofula, Sottrvy, Eczema, Skin and Blood Diseases, and Sores of all kinds, its effects are marvellous. Thousands of testimonialc In bottles, 2/0 and 11/- each, of all Chemists. Pro- prietors, Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Company, Lincoln. Ask for Clarke's Blood 3fixtare, and do JWb be persuaded to take an imitation.



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