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HUNTING. I SOUTH CHESHIRE. I A fine day's sport took place with Mr. Corbett's pack on Friday, the fixture being Brindley Lea. Hounds commenced by finding in the Bath Wood a fox which took them a ring towards Spurstow, and went to ground in a drain, where he was bolted and killed. A grand fox was found in Peckforton Wood, and took hounds smartly up to Ridley. Going through the wood they ran down the valley towards Cholmondeley. Leaving Higginstield on their right, they ran tor Cholmondeley Schools into the Wrenbury country. Passing the Teld cover, the Black Firs and Starkey's Gorse at a nice pace, they ran by Baddiley. Here our fox must have made a sudden turn or been headed. However, hounds carried on the line up to Wrenbury Heath, and were soon afterwards run out of scent, after one hour and twenty minutes' hunt over a tine line of country. Another fox from Chesterton Wood ran past the Bath Wood, then to the lett for Peckforton Wood, and was killed in some gardens close to the Beeston and Cholmondeley road. Among those who en- joyed this fine day's sport were the Duchess of Westminster, the Marquis and Marchioness of Linlithgow, Lord and Lady Arthur Grosvenor, Lord Gerald Grosvenor, Mr. Hugh L. FitzPatnck, Mr. Hubert Wilson, &c. NORTH CHESHIRE. Astie Hall was the fixture on Saturday. With- vrigton -Gorse provided them with, a fox, which kept thorn busy for tho next thirty minutes. He van past. Blakedon F I rs, thence for Gailey Piece and up to Peover. Here hounds were run out of eccut. A Gailey Piece fox took hounds again for Peover, but owing to a bad scent he also was given up. Monday brought this pack to Ince Hall, the residence of Mrs. Park-Yates. The home coders were drawn without finding. Dunham Gorse held a fine-looking fox, which ran for Ince, ajid then down the meadows below Elton. Here one hard-riding lady slipped into one of the big drains, but fortunately without any injury to edther horse or rider. Nothing more couldi be made of our fox's line after reaching the Chester- road at Horn's Mill. Dunham Willows held our next fox, whioh ran towards Alvanley, but turned to the right by the railway. Hounds ran fast for Ashton Hayes, but just under Manley the fox got into a culvert, under the railway. This was a fast twenty minutes over a rather difficult coun- try. The next fox was found in Barro w MORE, but alter being got on his logs he was killed in cover without any sport. A couple of covers werre drawn without any result, hounds being then taken home. BLUECAP. SIR W. WYNN'S HOUNDS. I Sir Watkin Wyrm's Hounds met at Fenn's Bank Station on Saturday, when there was a large com- pany, which included the Marquis of Cholmon- deley and Lady Lettioe Cholmondeky, The Mar- quis and Maj-chiones9 of Linlithgow, Lord Arthur G-rtoevaiKKj, Lord HarLech. Lord 'Gerald Gros- venor, Sir Wyndham Hanmor, Sir Walter Cor- bett, Oolcxnel Rivers Bulkeley, (Daptaiin and Mrs. Ethelaton, Mr. and Mrs. W. Thorn, Mr. Jones, Mr.. Dugdalo, Mr. and the Misses Greenshields. the Hon. A. Parker and Miss Parker, Mr. K. Davies, and Miss Moss. Hounds found almost im- media-tcly at Alkington, and went out past Doarnford Hall and on to Sir Wm. Honeyman's estate, and round again to the district of Alking- ton. whero they lost after a hunt of half-an-hour, in the course of which wire had been encountered. Finding again at The Fenn's Wood, hounds made for Bettisfield1 Park, and on noaily to Greding- ton, the homo of Lord Kenyon; veering round, they got across to the Wychee, on to the Higher' Barns, and to Wychangh, where they killed after an hour's run. IN DISTRESS IN THE DEE. I An accident is reported as having occurred during a run with Sir W. W. Wynn's Hounds on Freday. An attempt was made by Colonel P. A. Kerma. of the 21st Lancers, and Mr. J. Hope Nelson, son of Mr. W. Nelson, of Acton Park, Wrexham, to cross the river Dee in the neigh- bourhood of Pickhill Hwll. The water was much deeper than they had anticipated, and although Mr. Hope Nelson got safely across. Col. Kenna was less fortunate. Seeing he, was in difficulties Mr. Nelson went promptly to his assistance, and he also got into danger. A younger brother of Mr. Nelson then went to their rescue, and even- tually 411 tohree gwt safely :to bank, THOUGH* GREATLY exhausted. NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE. I AT DODDINGTON PARK. I The meet of the North Staffordshire Hounds on Monday at Doddington Park, Nantwich, the Cheshire seat of Sir Delves and Lady Broughton, proved very popular, the field including many followers of the Cheshire Hounds. Wheatley, who hunted the hounds, found Chapel Wood alive with foxes. Going away with one that crossed the park, hounds ran through the belt by Doddington Mere, 'and, reaching open country, hunted merrily away to Wrinehill. Crossing the brook below Wrinehill Hall, they rose the high ground beyond and headed for Blakenhall. Afterwards hounds took a ring right back to Doddington, and then, carrying the line into the South Cheshire country, they were run out of scent after a nice run of 46 minutes. Subsequently, from Wybunbury Bogs, hounds were well served by scent, and they ran at an excellent pace down to Hough village and thence to Blaken- hall, where they accounted for their fox. There were many falls in this run, and Wheatley got a nasty shaking over wire, his horse being severely mauled. The field included Sir Delves and Lady Broughton, Major Dobson acting as master for Lord Huntingdon. THE CHESHIRE BEAGLES. On Thursday, 14th December, these hounds mot I at Back ford Hall, tho residence of Mr. Birkejihead Glegg, and 'there was a fair field present. A haro was soon found upon a fallow field in the occupation of Mr. Hughes, but after being hunted for a few minutes she went through the Lodge gates at the ball, and hounds ran into her in tho grounds. We afterwards crossed over the brook, and the- pack took up the line of a travel- ling haie in a ttubble field, and ran to close by the railway. whore the hare. was viewed coming back again. I-loiiiids ran very fast past Backford and straight on for thirty-five minutes without a. check. We had almost reached the meadows and Ellosmore Port was loonvng before us in the dis- tance, when the lxarc probably got headed, as she turned straight back again. We lost, her near to Rake Hal'i, after a short but very enjoyable run. As wo wero returning to Backford wo got. upon her lino again, only to lose her immediately afterwards upon tho high load. Later a hare was found upon the Damage Farm. which afforded a nice run of about, forty minutes. Then hounds wore stopped and all adjourned to the Hall, where the Squire hospitably entertained us at luncheon. On Saturday a large field assembled to meoet, the hounds at Calveiey Static.I, some of whom were Mr. Peicy Roberts (master). Messrs. R. Parry and G, W. Morrison (whips), Mr. C. B. R<ypds,"Mr G. Stuart. Gen. Owen Williams, Col. Hunt, Mr. and Miss Robartes, Mrs. Littledalc, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blain. Miss B. Corbett. Miss. Maclaran, Mr. A. Smyth. Mr. O. M. Legh, Mr. J. Urmson. Mr. A N. Wyat" Mr. J. Hadweu, Miss Samuel, Miss Ruth Bud, Mr. Guy Rutledge, Mr. W. Oceles- ton, Mr. J. N. Evans, Mr. W. K. Gallagher. Mr. Edw. Comrrford, Mr. W. H. Mathews, etc. We soon found in on,' of Mr. Johnson's pasture fields, and hounds ran hard in the direction of Town's Green. Then, turning right-handed, they crossed th(1 Wettonhall Long-lane, and raced up to Mrs. John Ravenscroft's faimliouse. Scout was good, and in about five and twenty minutes they ha? her almost beaten, but soon afterwards changed to a fresh hare. From this time we keut on changing hares throughout the afternoon,' until at last we succeeded in getting one to go straight. Passing to the right of Page's Wood, hounds ran in tho direction of Oulton Lowe, but. we wero obliged to stop them near to Philo to catch the train home again, after they had been running continuously for about throe hours. On Tuesday we met at Oak Bank, Hoole. the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Powell. A wet and stormy morning accounted for A rather small attendance. A hare was soon found on Mr. Dutton's farm, but we lost her again immediately immp d '?lato l v during a cold rain storm. Mr. William Hayes's farm at Wov.n supplied us with another, but SHE was not a very stout, one, and after running for a short while close at her scut. hounds obtained a view and rolled her over. The next one, how- over. was made of different stuff, and ran to Pieton. where she swung round right-handed, and leaving Mr. Hayes's faim on the right, sank the hill and ran parallel with the canal for a good dis- tance before crossing over it near to Little Stan- ney She. soon ro-erossed at one of the bridges, and made a wide dot-cur over the water meadows, during which s lie cro?sed the river Gowey twice. SIK* eventually ran hounds out of scertt after a hard run of two duration, when all were to return to the welcome shelter of Oak Bank, wirer" we were hospitably entertained by Mrs. PoweU. I LEVERET.