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-n- FLINTSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL THE L. AND N.-W. RAILWAY BILL. A special meeting of the Flintshire County Council, Mr. J, W. Summers presiding, was held at Mold on Monday to consider a report concern- ing the opposition by the County Council and the Holywell Rural Council to the London and North- Wcsiorn Railway Bill, und to decide upon the steps to be taken. The railway company desire to acquire certain lands on the norta-east side> of the Bagilit Sta- tion, to BO utilised for the purpose of widening THE company's main line from Chester to Holy- head. Ihe petit.on that had been drafted against the Bill stated that the widening of the railway at this point would have the effect of increasing tho levol-crossing at the laorth end of BagiUt Station upon the road leading from the town to the river De-o by about 40 fed- This level-crossing is the only access for vehicular traffic to the land lying between the railway and the river for a eonsidor- ab.e distance both up and down the river. The petition tears that the increased width of the railway and the increase of tralfio will, besides increasing tho delay, make it impossible to use the level-crossing without very serious risk. The County Council therefore proposed to petition that Mt,; rail way company provide a bridge, giving access from the main road to the river and foreshoiv, in place of the level-crossing. I'he Cieik EXPLAINED that a conference between a DEPUTATION from the Council and the, railwav authorities in London had taken place. The company had written stating they could no: see ther way to construct a bridge at Bagilit. Mr. E. Williams (Rhyl) said if proper evi- dence was put before the Parliamentary Commit- tee he did not think their petition for a bridge would bo refused. Mr. W. Davies (Caergv/rk;) suggested they ask the railway company to provide an under bridge. Mr. J. Philip Jones (Holywell) said the welfare of the whole district depended upon access to the river being provided, and proposed that they iu- sist upon the construction of a bridge at Bagillt ■—-Mr. S. Jones (Hoiywell) seconded. Mr. P. Harding Roberta (clerk to the Holywell Rural Council) spoke on behalf of that authority. He thought there was a good prospect for Bagilit and it was important that the interests of the trading and industrial community of the district should be well watched The Rural Council hoped the County Council would not withdraw tho opposition to the Bill until the interests of tho ratepayers had been proteoted and safeguarded as far as possible. Mr. Samuel Lloyd, representing the Holywell Parish Council, said that Bagillt. was looking to the- County Council to protect the interests of the locality. Mr. R. U. Jones (Rhyl) said it WAS not. pro- posed to stop acoess to the river Dee. A clause had been put in for the protection of the Dee Conservancy Board. The level-crossing was not muoh used. He proposed an amendment to the effect that if at any future time works arc estab- lished or any other cause should arise necessi- tating the levol-crossing at Bagilit being largely used, the railway company undertakes to provide a bridge to accommodate such traffic to the reasonable satisfaction of the surveyors of the Flintshire County Council and Holywell Rural Council within two years of their being c-aled upon to do so. On the suggestion of Mr. P. P. Pennant, Mr. Jones added the following to the a.mendment: "And in default that the sub-committee be autho- rised to insist upon tlie Council's demand for a bridgx>, and to oppose the Bill in committee." I The amendment was passed by a large majority, and :t was decided that the olerk and the chair- man of the Holywell Rural Council accompany the deputation to London for a further confer- ence with THE railway company.








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