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ATHLETIC NEWS i FOOTBALL NOTES. RESULTS. J COMBINATION. J Chester 1, Wrexham 1 CHESHIRE AMATEUR OUP.-F\ntl. Witton Albion 4, Holsby 1 WELSH COAST JUNIOR OUP.-F:ul. Bangor RESERVE 1, Flint 0 CHESTER AND DISTRICT LEAGr K Saltney O. W. 2, WREXHAM CRESCENT 0 Old St-. Mary's 3, Chester Albion 2 I FLINTSHIRE LEAGUE. J Mold 2. Buckley 0 Galohog RANGEIS 3¿ HOLYWELL 0 J OUDDINGTON AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Barnton 2, CUDDINGTON 1 VQrdin Gymnasium 2, Tarporley 2 DAVENHAM 6. WEAVERHAM < OTHER MATCHES. J Hawarden Bridge 6, Wallasey 0 Frodsham 5, Frodsham District 3 The meeting of such giants of the Coiubma- tion as Chester and Wrexham at Wh'pcord-iano on Saturday was anticipated with considerable interest by the supporters of both clubs. excursions were run from the stronghold! oi Vv elsh football, and it is estimated that fully one thousand people availed themselves of TNE rail- ( way facilities offered. Local football 10\ r,¡ de- sired no more attractive fixture, and were present in great strength. Fully 4,000 spectators wore present, and the number is a reocrd for ilie pre- asnt season. Both teams played one substitute. White's ab- sence from the home. side letting in Lloyd MW t;,o; halves and Delaney to the forwards, and WHILE j Oestrians did not anticipate a victory, \v II_A.IIA.IU quite expected to lose. The visitors' w-11 the toss. and er-ose to piay with the wind. Tuis at first was gentle, but it increased in F-^IOO, illld J when ends were changed the Ce-strians received greater aid from it than did their oppoueuia. For some time play settled in midtilJ, buc gradually the visitors by superior eonibintition forced, the Cestrians down. iiugbea and DAWSON were found plenty of work, but they PIEAN.TED a stubborn front, it was some time bOl. THA ■ Wrexham forwards obtained a r-aal 3hootiuy pusi- tion. From free-kicks the home forwards ivi.eved their backs by play on the. wings, and IIIPSHARN ] and Matthews both placed the wrong a DO the uprights- Grundy, on the visitors' extreme left, slipped: past Hughes near the oentre and raced 10 r g-- ai with Lloyd at his heels. Owing to the Ce=>'s persistence he was unable to get a steady si tot, and the ball went over. This, however, oaused play to veer again into the home haii, tne Wtelshmen gave a brilliant display of accuiato passing. Grundy received the ball again UIIU put in a. beautiful shot, the- ball guding luzl uuuor- neath the bar out of Coventry's reach and .nt.o the net. Davies, the centre forward, foli-jvvvd this up with an offside goal soon, afterwaidb. Wrexh-am maintained a firm PREASUIE, and Coventry cleared several difficult shots, but tro ought to have been beaten by Davies, w.o nnssed a grand centre from Grundy. Chester then BROILS away, and Morgan came out to a long drive by Jones. Jcnes again secured the ball, and threw away a good opportunity by shooting w-de. For & short time Wrexham wena deprived of the ser- vices of E. Hughes, who retired owing LO in- juries. Towards the interval the home left CAUSED the Wrexham defence a. good deal cf trouble, end Lipsham's efforts were almost successi-ii (II two or three occasions. His last and best effort proved too much, and very foolishly a back fouled him just within twelve yards of the goal. A penalty kick was given, and amid tumultuous cneenug Delaney equalised. The teams crossed over at the interval with the sooro one goal each. In the semnd half Chester had the best of the game, and brought out the best qualities of the Wrexham defence. The fine oombinat.on among the Welshmen so conspicuous in thl) iniiiai por- tion of the encounter was entirely absent in the second half, and the work of the forwards wa- mainly individual. On the other hand Blew, at full-back, andi Robinson, at centre half, were. seen at their best, and between them they undoubtedly saved the game for the visitors. On one occa- sion Blew stepped CaBe when that forward seemed to have a clear field before him. The Chester forwards worked! hard, but were not quite steady enough in front of goal. Early in the half Lipaham was knocked on to the rail- ings, and had to leave the field for somo timo. It was quite an unnecessary charge as the ball had already gone out. However, he reiu:ned in time to do much useful work. The city forwards were frequently given offside, and on one or two occasions we thought the referee's diecis.oi. was open to question. Generally, however, he was right, although his application of the rule aeiemed at times too rigid. Unfortunately for the home side, their efforts, although persistent, were destined to go univ- warded l, and there was no increase in the crc. the game cndirig in a draw of oit3 goal. Con,sidered from every pcint of view, one must admit that the result was a fair representation of the play. Ch EST.r were the best team during the second half, but Wrexham really deserved more than one goal in the first half. It was a pleasure to w ,tnezi-, their accurate pas.3ing, and it is to BE hoped the Cestrians will learn a lesson from them in that respect. When clearing, the home backs kicked tha ball to thetir opponents nearly every time. Wrexham are undoubtedly the finest team that have visited Chester this season. Chester's performance in making a draw was very creditable. Of course they did not shfine against Wrexham as they do against weaker op- ponents. Among the forwards J. Jones was THO mainstay of the attack in the first half, during which he did splendid work. Afterwards Mat- thews and Lipsham were the most prominent. The halves played- a strong game but the most noticeable feat-ure- cf the defence was the splendid display given by Dawson, who rather outshone his partner, Hughes. For the second sucoesive season Chester will appear to-day (Saturday) in the final of the Cheshire Senior Cup. Their opponents will be Altrincham. They are quite an unknown quan- tity, save that they are above Sale Holmfield and Northwich Victoria in the Manchester and Dis- trict League. The Northwich Drill Field' will be the soene of the encounter, and no doubt there will be an interesting game. We hope next, wetek to oongratulate the Chester Club on a great vic- tory, and we shall be greatly disappointed if it is otherwise. By an unfortunate combination of circum- stances, the Welsh v. Ireland match takes place on Saturday at Belfast, and the Principality have requisitioned the services of Matthews as outside right. The splendid form he has recently been shewing makes him thoroughly deserving of honour, and we must congratulate him on this recognition of his abilities. We hope he will have ample opportunities of justifying the trust re- posed in him by the Welsh Association. On the other hand. it is very deplorable that Chester should be without, him in the final for the Senior Cup, but we understand that T. Lipsham will come forward again and take his place. Genuine expressions of regret were felt by all Chester footballers when the news became known this week that Harry Astburv had passed away on Wednesday morning at his residence' in Hoole at the early age of 30. Astbury's playing career came to an end about two years ago. owing to ill- health. A few weeks ago a match was played between Chester and Chester Wednesday for his benefit, and since then he has been in the Park- gate Convalescent Home. He was discharged as incurable, and died of rapid consumption. Astbury had given about six years' splendid service to Chester F.C. In his early days he played for Saltney, afterwards joining Chester as left half-back, when they played on the old Faulkner-street ground. About this time he was acknowledged to be one of the finest halves in the country. Afterwards he cast in his lot with Rock Ferry, and a season later, when Chester were disbanded, he played for Rhyl. When the club was revived at Whipcord-lane, he served another season with them, until ill-health com- pelled him to give up the game. -He will be re- membered by all who knew him, not only as a clever player, but as a true sportsman who played the game for the sake of the game. Old St. Mary's and Chester Albion met on Sat- urday. The Albion pressed at once and opened tho scoring, and from a free kick against Dutton Jones added a second. The Saints now got awav'l AHshom and Goo&, playing well together, worked their way to the AJbion goal. In taking a centre from Evans, Garner was badly fouled in the penalty arc?a by Sawyer. Evans took the kick and scored eas?y. At half-time the sooro was—Chester Albion 2, Old St. Mary's 1. For the Saints Goode got away early, and made tlic- scores revel with a clever goal. The Albion now pressed through Riley and Jones, but White checked THWN and cleared to Evans, who tricked Roberts and centred to Garner, who beat the Albion baok s and gave the Saints the lead. Jones now got clean away for the Albion, and looked like sooring until Biowu neatly checked him. The game was now exciting, but there was no further scoring. Final: Old St. MARY'S thiee, Chester Albion two. Saltney Carriage Works received a visit from Wroxhani Crescent in a return Chester and Dili- trict League, match. Both teams were stroargly represented. Saltney were the first. to be aggres- sive. Williams kicking away a long shot from Jones in the first few minutes. Jones and WIL- iiams, on the visitors' left, worked their way to tho other end, where the latter forced a com-or off Lloyd. This was succeeded by another oor- ner, which was cleared. Play was for some con- siderable time confined to midfieid, neither side ,o iiildfield, n,,iI t h <-r s i c i (, b"lllg able to make any headway. From a throw in oioso to tho HONIL> cud Davies tested Smith with a good shot, which he saved cleverly, and then the homo team, by the aid of Evans, forced an opening at tho other knd. S. Bennlon was about to shoot when he was fouled apparently inside the penalty aiea, but, the leferee did not NEEM to l ave seen it. Keeping up the pressure. Evans forced Edisburv to concede a corner, which was so nicely placed by O. Jones that Evans just touched tho ball with his head and it flew past Edisbuiy mta the nd after the game had been in Pyogr(,??s thi?ty-hYc mhiute's. Tho inter- val amvod with Saltney leading by one goal to nil- Upon resuming, Wrexham, with die aid of a very strong wind. forced the home side on the defensive, but only for a diort time. Saltnev were not long in asserting the mastery, but bad shooting spoiled them nine after time. In about ten minutes Evans, receiving the ball from G Bennion, beat Edi&bury from about twenty yards' range with a clever shot. Saltney were now shew- ing a little of then true foim, and kept up the pressure for some time. The Wrexham goal had some very near shaves. Towards the -(>nd the game became rather rough. und fouls were a little too frequent on both sides. The visitors were seldom dango.ous in the second half, and a verv poor game resulted in A vieioiy for the Carriage Works by two goals to nil. The fates were against on Saturday, and our eongratulatiors to Wittoii Albion must be mingled with a considerable amount, of sympathv '0'1' Holsby. The two clubs appeared on the Wins- ford ground and decided the destiny of the Cheshire Amateur Cup for another year. Both aides were supported by a large number of spee tators. The game was started in a downpour of raill. which lasted only a short time. In the earlv stages Witton, who had the advantage, of tht, breezev attacked strongly, and gained a couple of corners, which were. however, cleared. Helsbj retaliated, and gained one. but this likewise was futile, tho Witton custodian afterwards clearing from Hughes. Directly afterwards Witton scored from a penalty kick given against Jones, tht Helsby custodian. In the next few minutes Wit ton scored a second, as the result of a mis-kick bv Knight Griffiths, for Helsby. tried a long shot but Barber, the W itton custodian, cleared easily. \V .LTIOA scored their third goal soon afterwards from a penalty given against Knight, and al- though Holsby tried hard to reduce the lead the soore at half-time remained at 3—0 in favour of Wittml. Not) long after the icstart Witton got away, and Jones leaving his goal, they had no difficulty in obtaining their folli-th. For some time the game was evenly contested, and both sides at- tacked in turn. Helsby then began to display better foim, and after pressure Griffiths scored with a good shot, while Cartwright directly after- wards just missed by inches when a goal seemed certain. Twice Boyle beat the backs in splendid &ty!e. but with only the goalkeeper to beat he shot outside, much to the disappointment of the Helsby supporters. In the latter stages of the game Helsby played up strongly, but they failed to get through again, and had to retire beaten by to !zc.,t throtiga agt.:i. cLi)(I ]]a( ] t o i-c,,t,ira L*-at?ii by Helsby. much to the disappointment of the large number of SUPPORTERS who accompanied them, failed to maintain the form displavcd in their recent matches. Although the Albion were undoubtedly the better team on the day's play, a.nd deserved to win, there is no doubt that had Holsby played throughout the game in the same way as they did in the last twenty minute-s the result might have been altered considerably. The first tluee goals obtained by Witton, two of which were from penalty kicks, weie practically gifts, and should never have been obtained. The first penalty kick given against Jones, the Helsby custodian, for holding a player: should never have occurred, as Jones ought to have i cleared easily before ho was cha.rged down. The seoond penalty kick, given against Knight, ap- parently for pushing, was even more doubtful, and the Helsby players declare that the Witton man fell himself; while the third goal was the re-tilt of a. very bad miskick by Knight in tho goaimouth. Unfortunately for Helsby, Knight was practi- cally listless thioughout tho game. due, it after- wards tnm-pired. to tho fact that tho kick in the gron lie received M the Macclesfield match, wh eh he THOUGHT v.'US all light, developing bad symptoms dÜc2,Uy aftei' the game started. This not only considerably weakened the Helsby de- fence, but, with the mistakes which resulted in W itton s first thie ■, goals, it sc-emed to have a bad effect on tho other players, with the result that they did not do themselves justice until the latter stages of the game, when their efforts were too late Cooke, the Helsby captain, however, played a good game throughout, and was in fact the most conspicuous player on. tho field, but one man cannot win a match. The Frodsham organisation, disappointed of their fixture with Widnos Recreation on Saturday. hurriedly arranged a match against tho Frodsham district, a good representative eleven being chosen to fight tho premier team. Frodsham, with Rim- mer an absentee kicked off in wet weather, but for some LDllsidorablo time were penned in tiuvr OWN tiuartevs. where Austen at back was to the fore with good defence and clean kicking. Tho District played up manfully, Clays being particu- I bdy promincnt with good dribbling and accurate shooting, and seared a fine goal. Continuing on the aggressive, the District manifested thoir superiority by fin-O passing, and Ciays. from a difficult position, notched goal number two. Tho homo eleven, now thoroughly aroused, were on their mettle, and good half-back play by Comes and Law.oss led to Sutton gaining poose&ion, and ho opened the scoring for his side with a fast. low shot. The noiidescripts were not done with yet, and from the kick off took up tho running, Kinsey finishing a good offort with an equally fine goal. Frodsham retaliated with nice passing, the result of which was a second goal, cleverly gained by Sutton from a wide angie. Thus at half-time the District were one up with three goais to their credit. Resuming, it was early apparent that the District had "shot their bolt," "nd that condition and staying powers are very groat, if not absolutely necessary, factors to- wards winning games. Desultory midfield play was followed by strong forward movements by the L'hod-Iia.m quintette, which eventually culminated in Caldwell beating the opposing goalkeeper with a dropping shot. Tho homo team, once on level terms with the scratch team, fought valiantly for tho winning point, and Rutter successfully beat the backs and scored the fourth goal for his side. The District were now thoroughly disorganised, and their efforts were distinctly feeble and spas- modio. The pace had told on them, and the re- maining portion of the game was spent in defend- ng thoir goal. Caldwell added another goal from a melee. Frodsham winning a good game by five goals to three. Moss, on the District side, ■ shewed good form. Hawarden Bridge were at home on Saturday, with Wallasey Village as their opponents in a Wirral League fixture. When the Bridge Reserve team went to Wauartey the game ended in a goalless draw, and Wallasey, so far this season, have only won two matches. The Bridge attacked, the whole vanguard participating in a really clever movement, but Brooks cleared finely. The locals were quite the masters of their oppo- nents in midfieid, but Wallasey defended well. Jenkins, Taylor and Baird were prominent, the former just skimming the bar with a shot which Broolw might have had some difficulty with. Their persistency, however, was rewarded by O'Neil heading the ball past Brooks from a well-placed corner by Jenkins. At the other end Wallasey forced a corner, which was cleared by Baird- Jones and Hewitt. The Bridge took up the running, and Taylor scored at twenty yards' range, the wind evidently causing Brooks to mis- judge the ball. The visitors were kept in their own quarters for some time, during which the visiting custodian and backs had a most anxious time. Before the interval Brooks was again de- feated by O'Neil and Taylor, and the Bridge led by four goals to nil. The visitors played minus Rutter in the second half, owing to a twisted knee, but they did not. play the one-back game. Wallasey pressed, and early Hill hit the crossbar with a good shot. when well up. Hewitt intercepted a warm shot from the visitors' right wing, and put the Bridge for- wards in possession, who got away at top speed, and Brooks brought off a grand save from Baird. Hewitt had to concede an abortive corner when hard pressed. Jenkins fastened on to the ball, and after cleverly tricking the visitors' backs and half-backs, beat Brooks with a swift, low shot. Although the visitors were now five goals in arrears, they played up pluckily, and Bradley had to run out of goal to save from Haywood and Joinson. They. however, lacked method when in front of goal, and many chances which might have been turned to account were lost. E. O'Neil and J. Griffiths played a grand game for the Bridge, and all attempts to defeat Bradley were frustrated. Before the cessation of hostilities O'Neil again scored, and the Bridge were returned victorious by six goals to nil. I FIXTURES. I The following matches will be played to-day I (Saturday) on the ground of the first-named. club I CHESHIRE SENIOR CUP (Final). Chester v. Altrinchiun (at Northwich) YERBURGH CHALLENGE CUP (Final). Saltney v. Hawarden Bridge (at Whipcord-lane). CHESTER AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Helsby Reserve v. Chester St. John's. Hoole v. Little Sutton. Little Sutton Reserve v. Sealand-road Albion. Chester Albion v. Plemstall. CUDDINGTON AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Marston Old Boys v. Ash ton Hayes. Tarporley v. Barnton Villa. Wilmington Park v. Davenham. I COMBINATION. RESULTS UP TO DATE. ,-Goals, P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts. Wrexham .2 .18 B 1 .W .15 .37 CHESTER 22 .15 5 2 C)O .31 .32 BROUGHTON .23.12 6 5 .38 .41 .2!) NAUTWICH 22 .10 5 7 .51 .32 .25 Port SUNLIGHT 22 .10 8 4 .51 .40 .24 Whitchurch 21 10 9 2 .53 .54 .22 TRANMERE. 22 7 8 7 .33 .S4 .21 Mirldlewwh. 23 T) .12 2 .40 41 9-0 OSWESTRY 21 9 10 2 .38 46 20 RHYL 21 8 9 4 .28 38 20 BIRKENHEAD 20 (J .10 5 .29 .38 .14 Druids 20 4 .11 5 24 .46 .13 Bangor .20 5 13 2 42 .54 .12 Chirk .21 3 .13 5 .30 .67 .11 CHESTER & DISTRICT FOOTBALL LEAGUE. DIVISION II. RESULTS UP TO DATE. f— t! oal k—> P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts. Sealand-road Albion 14. 9. 1. Newton .13. 8. 0.. 5 47.18.21 Old St. Mary's -13.. 8. 2.. 3 40 21 11) Chester Albion .14. 7 4. 3 46.26 17 Handbridge S. Mary's. 15. 7. 7. St. John's Reserve .15. 5. 8. 2 41.45.13 Plemstall 13 3. 8 2.20.29. 8 Victoria Athletic .15. 3..11.. 1..24.64. 7 Little Sutton Reserve .14 2.11. 1 24.60 5 UUDDINGTON AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. RESULTS UP TO DATE. r-Goals- P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts. Bamton Villa 16.11. 3. Verdin Gymnasium IS 9 4. 5 ,.36.2<> ..23 Davenham .15 10. 3. 2 55,19.22 Weaverham Athletic .15. 7. 2. 6.39 30.20 Winnington Park. 17 7. 6. 4.37 26 18 Cuddington 18. 6. 9. *Tarporley .16 5. 7 Hartford Villa 16. 4. 9. 3.39 37.11 Marston Old Boys 15. 4 11. 0 22.48. 8 Ashton I-loyeg 16. 3.12. 1.2-1..t;O. 7 Two points deducted for playing an ineligible I man.



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