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l ATHLETIC NEWS. r FOOTBALL NOTES. I RESULTS. I COMBINATION. Chester 3, Port Sunlight 2 WELSH AMATEUR CUP. Saltney Carriage TNorks 3, Hawarden Bridge 0 PYKE CUP. Hawarden Bridge 1, West- Kirby 1 WIRRAL LEAGUE. New Brighton T. A. 3, Connah's Quay 2 Heflwall 6, Moreton 0 Hos'.vail Reserve 2, Eastham 1 Thornton Hough 1, New Fcrrv B. C. 0 CHESTER AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Sealand Road 4, Victoria Athletic 0 Old St. Mary's 2, St John's Reserve 2 CUDD1NGTON AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Davenfioffr, 1, Cuddington 1 Bar-itoxi 3, Verdin Gymnasium 1 Wilmington Park 7, Har Hord 1 OTHER MATCHES. Shothon Swifts 4, Hawarden Institute Res. 1 Frodsham Juniors 3, Runcorn Tech. 2 Chester made a new venture on Saturday, when j they tackled Port Sunlight for the first time under Combination auspioes. The match took place at Port Sunlight, and the fact that the teams had not met before gave an added attractiveness to the fixture. A crowd fully 1,500 strong, and in- cluding many Chester people, watched an even, cxciting encounter. The weather was fine, but there was a fresh breeze blowing across the ground. There was an alteration in the Chester side, Snowy Jones partnering Matthews on the right wing.Delaney went right half, and Dawson played full back. The game opened sensationally. The home side pressed, and weie dangerously near Coventry, when Hughes kicked clear. White received the ball and sent out to his partner, Lipsham, who dashed down the wing. He centred beautifully, and Case drove through by himself and scored. Even and exciting play followed, and Port Sunlight tried hard to draw level. At last Forshaw equalised from a centre by Roberts. The Cestrians made persistent efforts to icgain the Lead. and just on half-time they were awarded a penalty kick, from which Matthews scored. Port Sunlight resumed operations a goal in arrear, but, with a strong wind in their favour, they had every opportunity of regainimr lost ground. The home side made excellent use of every advantage they could get, and for quite twentyminute. the visitors were penned in their own quarters. The defence was greatly harassed, and. after surviving for a quarter of an hour, Coventry succumbed to the bombardment and let in a shot from Hancock. The Cestrians strove hard to recover the lead, but they did not do so until close on time, when weak tackling by the backs let in Jones, who scored. The game ended—Chester three goal, Port Sunlight two. On the whole, it could hardly be said that Chester were the better team, although their for- ward s had more "sting" in their attack than Port Sunlight. Case has greatly improved, but more ready passing to his wings might have given his work more effect. Snowy Jones strengthened the right wing, but. he and his partner were rather weak in shooting, while on the other wing Lipsham gave a brilliant display. The halves were fairly sound, but Delancy was not up to the mark. Dawson, at back. again shewed un- certainty in his kicking, but fortunately Hughes and Coventry were safe. Next Saturday (March 4th) Chester will have to go to Tranmere to play an intermediate round for the Cheshire Cup. an unfortunate result brought about through there being t6o many clubs in the semi-final. The winners will go to Congleton the following Saturday to play the sr-mi-final. Should Tranmere lose on March 4th, they will meet Helr-by on March 11th at RockyilJe in the final for the Liverpool Shield As two games, which with extra time have amounted to four hours' play'ng, have not enabled Hawarden Bridge and Went Kirby to d-fcide which have the claim to proceed with the Pyke Cup competition, they have been invited to settle their dispute on the Harrowby ground at Seacombe on March 4th An interesting game will be witnessed this (Saturday) afternoon on the Hawarden Bridge ground, between the English and We'sh clubs of the Wirral League. The game will be quite cf international importance, and should prove a successful fixture. The teams chosen are as follow-English: Goal, J. Bell (Harrowby): backs. W. Rainford (West Kirby), W. Penlington (Birkenhead N.E.) half-backs. J. Nelson (Wirral Railway), R. Bird (West Kirby). J. Bolderstone (Bebington Vies); forwards, C. M. Stockton (Ellesmere Port). B. Slanley (Birkenhead N.E.). J. Boardman (Seacombe). C. Price (Ellesmere Port,). F. Ingram (Wirral Railway). Welsh; Goal. J. Brad'ey (Hawarden Bridge); backs. T. J. Smith (Wrexham Vios), A. E. Billington (Wrex- ham Vies); half-backs. W. Thomas (Connah's Quay). J. Prioe (Hawarden Bridge), J. Mitchell (Wrexham Vies) forwards. J. Hughes (Wrexham Vies*. E. O'Niell (Hawarden Bridge). W. J. Jone* (Connah's Quay). J. Jones (Connah's Quay), A. Rogers (Wrexham Vies). Morton entertained Heswall on Saturday in a Wirral League fixture. A strong wind blew right across the ground, with the result that play was almost entirely confined to one wing. and neither team for a time seemed able to cope with the conditions, until, after a spell of attacking by Hes-yaU. Shone scored. This was all the score until the interval. In the second half He-swall assorted their superiority and obtained a couple more goals, thus winning by 3—0. Tho Moreton froalkoepr-r. Gilfovle, played a fine game. while the Heswall backs. Dorrieott and Caldow. were successful in preventing the home team from testing Viner. In the. second division of the Wirral League. Harrowby Reserve were due at Neston, but failed to fulfil their engagement, much to the disappoint- ment of Neston. Eastham visited He'sby Reserve in a Wirral Junior League fixture on Saturday. The visitors took advantage of the gale in the first half, and Heswall were placed entirely on the defensive, but so well d;d they cover their goal that East- ham managed to net only once. The ball was banged in from a fair range. 8nd the wind caused it to travel in a curve Edwards judged the position accurately enough, but failed to hold the ball, which rebounded from goal about a couple of yards, and ono of the Eastham forwards re- turned it into the net. On turning round the Mersey side were penned in turn into their own portion, and quickly adopted kicking out tactics with such deliberation and persistency that the referee found necessary to caution the players. After several corners had been forced, Young obtained the equaliser with a fine low shot from rather a long range. Soon afterwards a corner was conceded, the kick being nicely placed bv Davies; Caldow headed into the net, and Heswall won by 2--1. Old St. Mary's entertained St. John's Reserve on Saturday. St. John's at once had to act on the defensive, the St. Mary's forwards giving Davenport a busy time. From a pass by Allshorn. Minshull opened the scoring. St. John's got going, Ronson causing speed to handle. Lowndes returned the ball to the other end. Garner. Goode and Evans all trying shots. Early in the second half Evans and Goode got away. the former hitting- the crossbar with a good shot. From a free kick St. John's made the score level. St. Mary's were awarded a penalty, which Goode took, but Davenport saved well. St. John's went away. and Stretch accidentally put through his own goal. Evans now received" from Thomp- son and equalised with a clever goal. The final result was a draw of two goals each. Sealand-road Albion had Victoria Athletic as visitors on the Roodee on Saturday. The home team won the toss and had the advantage of a strong wind. They went off with rare dash and the visitors' goal was soon in danger, a shot from Pierce skimming the upright. After about half- an-hour's play, Jones opened the- scoring for Sea- la-nd. This was followed by a.nother goal fiom Bradshaw. and tho home team led at half-time by 2--0. On restarting, the Road had nearly all the play, although kicking against the wind. and Harrison scored tho third goal after a run of half th9 length of the field. Not. long afterwards the saina piaver put a grand centre, and Brad- shaw met it and scored the fourth for Sealand. This enlivened the visitors, but they could not pierce the home defence, and they had to retiro beaten for the second time this season by Sealand- road by four goals to nil. There wlas quito a large crowd on the Mount Pleasant enclosure to witness the strugele hc- tween Saltney Carriage Works and Hawarden Bridge elevens in the fourth round of the Welsh Amateur Cup competition. Owing to Hawardeu Bridge having to replay their tie with West Kirby in the Pyke Cup. tho reserve Uioam which included W. Riley (Hoole). A. Rilov (St. John's) and Taylor (formerly of Chester), was despatched to Saltney. The home team were .d full strength, and by winning the toss secured the assistance of the wind, which v.'as blowing diag- onally up the field Mr. Alfred Mond kicked off for the Bridge, and they at once made tracks for the home goal. Coaroy stopped their progress. Play opened very fast, each end being vi3itcd in quick succession. It was, however, soon seen that the Bridge could not keep pace with the home team, nnd they were soon forced into their own quarters, where Haswell was asked to stoo shot." from S. Bennion and D. Roberts in quick "snores sion. A foul against. W. Roberts brought rief to the visitors. Their right wing worked their way past Conrov only to be pulled up bv Law- rence. who put the home side 111 G. Bennion forced Haswell to concede a corner. which was nicely placed, and after a short scrim- mage in. the visitors' goal, D. Roberts opened the scoring with a. good shot, which gave Haswell no chance. Right away from the centre, Saltney were down again, a.nd two minutes had scarcely elepsed w hen the same player had added another goal, this time heading the sphere into the net. Tho Bridge now had a look in. Wittaker sent out to A. Rilev, w ho raced down the wing at a great pace, and tricking Lloyd seemed certain to score, but hesitating a little too long in his en- deavour to get in a better shot. he allowed Law- rence to pounce on the ball and clear it-to the other end. Saltney were all over their opponents after this, D Roberts putting on goal number three two minutes before the interval. Shortly before the interval Saltney were awarded a pen- alty, but S. Bennion shot outside. Half-time ar- rivod with Saltney leading by three goals to nil. Upon resuming, the home team became aggres- sive, but they were driven back, and mldfieid play followed for some time. A foul by Haddock helped the visitors to get within shooting dis- tance of Smith, who tipped a good shot from Riley over tho bar. The resulting oorner was safely got awuy by Conroy, and Jones, on the homo right, worked his passage to the other end, whoro G. Bennion 1 ad extremely hard lines on several occasions. But for the magnificent display of Haswell in the Br.dgû goal, and the assistance he received from tlie two backs, a big score would certainly have bc-en put up. Tne final whistle sounded with the scoie—Sadney Carriage Works three goals, Hawarden Bridge nil. After the match the Rev. T. P. Dimond Hogg (president of the Carriage Works Ciub), on be- half of the club and players, presented Mr. G. Oawferd with a silver cruet stand, etc., on the occasion of his reoont marriage, as a slight. appro- ciat)on of his valuable services to the club since its formation. The rev gentleman, in a few well- choson words, wished Mr. Crawford every happi- noss and piosperitv, and hoped to see him oon- tinue his services to the club. Mr. G. Crawford Stably responded. To-day (Saturday) Saltney entertain their old rivals Hoolo, on the Mount Pleasant enclosure, in the return Chester and District League match. This will no doubt be Hoole's last chanoe this season of overcoming their powerful opponents, and no doubt they will make a great effort to wipe off previous defeats. The Frodshlim team on Saturday expected the Ellesnvera Port Juniors, and were on the ground ready, but for some unexplained reason the visi- tors failed to put in an appearance.—The Juniors visited Rinicoin, to bring off the return encoun- ter with the clever Technical School bovs, and after a good game had to submit to defeat by three goals to two. The home team were awferded two penalties, a score accruing from each. Shotton Swifts and Hawarden Institute Re- serve met on the Shotton grouund on Saturday in a return engagement. The home team were at onco aggressive, and, owing to the strong wind, Bennion had some difficulty in keeping his cblarge intact. With a splendid shot. Dawson scored, The Swifts forced several abortive corners, Hiil placing them with splendid judgment. Again cam a the Swifts, and from a cross shot, Wflliama I increased the lead. The Swifts were all over their opponents, who failed to get over the half-way lino,evo-i onoe. Another comer camo to the Swijt3, and Hill's clover placing enabled Williams to register the home siders third goal. The In- stitute began to put on pressure, but the ball was quiokly returned, and play was onco more in the visitors' etrritory. Thomas got in a good centre for the Swifts, and from the ensuing scrimmage SrrWlman scored ag'airi for the Swifts. Half- tlmc--Slvifts four goals, Institute nil. Play on tho resumption opened in favour of the heme side, but MUsirer returned the leather with a lofty punt. After a brief bombardment of tho home goal, Challinor scored the visitors' first goal. Evon play followed. The final result was-- Shotton Swifts four, Hawarden Institute one. Connah's Quay journeyed to New Brighton on Saturday te encounter the Tower Amateurs in a Wirral League engagement. As these teams had not met before this season, speculation ran high as to the ultimate result, and the large number of tha visitors' supporters who went with the team were treated to a really fine game. The visitors were set to play against a stiff wind. The Quay defence prevailed for some time, but tho persistency of the Amateurs soon told its tale. and tho visitors' defence seemed to partially collapse. After Dodd had repelled several warm shots, the homo inside left (Jones) scored, but he was offside, and the point was disallowed. From the goal kick the home forwards went straight for Dodd, and Foster scored. From the centre kick the home side aguin swooped down on Dodd, and Jones, after easily beating tho visitors' backs, again beat him. The Quay rallied considerably, H. Green, Roberts, Peters and Thomas working like Trojans, and Ball's charge had many nar- row escapes. On one occasion, from a nice shot by Green, the ball ran along the crossbar, and Ball and company woie very lucky to effect a cJeaJ.JlIwû. Just before the interval Jones again soored for New Brighton, who led by three clear goals. The visitors entered upon the second moiety of the game with tho firm determination of shcw- ing what they couid accomplish, and straight from the kick off Ball had to Literally take the ball off Roberts's too, and befo;e lie could re- cover himself he was almost beaten by Green The Tower worked the ball to the other end, but Blucher suved the situation at a critical moment). Again went the visitors on the left, and Green scored, but the referee disallowed the point. The visitors made rings round the Amateurs, and their persistency was eventually rewarded by a penalty kick, which Ball had no chanoe with. The game opened out considerably, although the vis i- tors "ore having the greater part of tho play. From a moo pa-s by H. Roberts, the Quay for- wards obtained the ball, and Ball was beaten for tho second time. The Quay at this juncture looked all over winnGrs. Jones and Hor^pool de- fended well for the Amateurs, while Green, Thomas and Roberts were undoubtedly the pick of the Quay contingent. An interesting game eventually ended in favour of the Tower by three goals to tw"),. Hawarden Bridge journeyed to West Kirby on Satudav to play West Kirby in the third round of tho Pyke Challenge Cup. the. picvious encounter having ended in a goalless draw. The visitors '1 11(? vi si*tois str?ad against a st:N breeze. West Kirby at ort?s commenced to press, but tho Bridge defence prevailed, Bradley especially showing some cle-ver tactics Ixjtween the uprights. E. O'Niel made a smart run down the field and passed to F. Toby, who brought out the capabilities of Moore (the home custodian). Kirby pressed, but the fine tackling of Wink and Hewitt staved off disaster time after time. The interval arrived with a clea.n sheet. On restarting, Davies went into the forward lino vice Toby. Tho Wirral men went off wit,h great dash, and some loose play by the Bridge forwards caused Bradley many anxious moments, but he managed to keep his goal intact. The home team wero awarded 11 penalty through J. Griffiths handling inside the area. To make success doubly sure, the home custodian was entrusted with the kick, but to the delight of the Bridge supporters Bradley saved. However, for some infringement, the kick was ordered to be retaken, when Bradley again brought off a wonderful save. This feat was loudly applauded by the large crowd of spec- tators From a nicely-placed comer Bnadley and the ball were hustled into the net. Tlie visitors now attacked, and Buckley Davies beat Moore with a grand shot. Both teams tried hard to get the lead, but the 90 minutes arrived with the score one goal each. To try and settle the game exLta. time was played, but neither side could score, and the game ended in a. draw of one goal each. FIXTURES. The following matches will be played to-day (Saturday) on the ground of the ifrst-named club •— COMBINATION. Middlewich v. Chester WIRRAL LEAGUE. English v. Welsh Clubs at Shotton CHESTER AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Saltney C. W. v. Hoole PlemstaU v. St. John's Reserve CUDDINGTON AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Winnington Park v. Ashton Hayes Verdin Gymnasium v. Davenham Barnton Villa v. Marston Old Boys COMBINATION. RESULTS UP TO DATE. r-Goals- P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts. Wrexham .20 .17 3 0 .55 .14 .34 Chester It) .13 5 1 .52 .27 .27 Broughtou .19 9 6 4 .30 .35 22 Nantwich .17. 7 3 7 .40 .20 .21 Whitchurch 19 9 8 2 .49 46 .20 Middlewich 19 8 9 2 .33 .29 .18 Tranmere 19 6 7 6 .28 .30 .18 Port Sunlight 18 7 7 4 .35 32 18 Oswestry 19 7 .10 2 .29 .45 16 Rhyl .17. 6 7 4 ..21 .27 .16 Birkenhead 18 4 10 4 .23 40 ..12 Druids 16 4 8 4 .20 .34 .12 Chirk .18 3 .11 4 .25 .59 .10 Bangor.15 3 10 2 28 .52 8 CHESTER & DISTRICT FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIVISION II. RESULTS UP TO DATE. ,-Goils, P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts. S(lalt,nd-road Albioii 11. 8. 1. 2 32.14.18 Chester Albion 12. 7.. 3.. 2.43.. 22.16 Old St. Mary's .10.. 7. 2 Newton .10.5.. 0. 5 30.15.15 Handbridge S. Mary's. 14 7. 6. 1.42 34.15 St. John's Reserve .11. 3. 7. 1 29.37. 7 ViCria Athletic .14. 3.10.. 1 22.61. 7 Little Sutton Reserve .10 2. 8. 0.18 45 4 Plezxstall 8. 1. 6. 1.12.18. 3 CUDDINGTON AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. RESULTS UP TO DATB. f-Goals, P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts. V„ erc. in Gymnasium 14 8. 3 29.18 ..19 Barnton Villa. 12. 8.. 2. Weaverham Athletic .12. 7. 1. 4.35.. 20 ..18 Davenham 9. 6. 1. 2.36 12.14 Winaington Park 12.. 5. 4. 3 25.20.13 Cuddington 14. 6. 7. 2 33.31. 12 *Taiporley 11 3. 5 3.24.28. 7 Hartford Villa 13. 2. 9. 2.28 54. 6 Ashton Haves .11. 2. 8. 1. 16 39. 5 M.trston Old Boys 10 2. 8. 0.18.35. 4 Two points deducted for playing an ineligible man.

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