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ATHLETIC NEWS. I FOOTBALL NOTES. I RESULTS. COMBINATION. Broughton United 2, Chester 1. CHESTER SENIOR CUP. Saltney 3, Hoole 2. CHESTER JUNIOR CUP (Replayed Semi-final). Sealand-road Albion 2, Plemstall 1. CHESTER AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Helsby Reserve 3, Saughall 0. Old St. Mary's 4, Handbridge St. Mary's 2. Victoria. Athletic 3, Newton 3. OTHER MATCHES. Helsby 6, Clifton Park, 3. Helsby St. Paul's 5, Anti-Smoking 1. Ellesmere Port 8. Birkenhead North End 2. Thornton Hough W. 2, Heswall Reserve 0. Heswall Amateurs 3, St. Mary's 1. ABANDONED. Widncs Juniors v. Frodsham. We have seldom in Chester had a gathering so representative of the football world as we had last week, when Mr. E. T. HalLmark, chairman of the Cheshire Football Association, entertained the members of that body and several friends at din- ner. The function passed off very satisfactorily, and wag thoroughly enjoyed by all present. The speakers touched upon various topics of great in- terest to the footballers, and provided much food for thought. All were glad to learn from Mr. C. J. Hughes, the popular secretary of the Cheshire Footbail Association, of the prosperous state of the association game in the county, and while its management is in such capable hands it is certain to continue flourishing. Mr. Clayton brought forward a most interest- ing matter when he mentioned that the county did not possess a League team. There are some who think that Cheshire ougnt to be represented in first-class football, and all would be glad if it were possible. It is a question whether the popu- lation in any centre is large enough to support such an organisation. Certainly it could not be done in Chester,, while Birkenhead, the most like- ly place, is fully exploited by Rugby clubs, and we doubt whether the Combination club of that town fare as well as the Chester club do. Crewe main- tains about the strongest club in the county, and yet they have not climbed beyond the Birmingham League. A League club for Cheshire is still, we are afraid, a thing of the distant future. Everyone will agree with the remarks of Mr. Clayton concerning clubs playing local players. Football would be raised to a higher standard, and the interest with which it is followed would become greater and healthier if all clubs played teams of men belonging to their own districts. The Chester organisation, during their second season at Whip- oord-lane, were represented in the field mainly by strangers, and they had the cordial sympathy of every Cestrian footballer when at the beginning of last season they boldly decided to engage as many local players as possible, even at the risk of having an inferior team. This policy has turned out a gigantic success, for local t.uent captured the Cheshire cup and almost obtained the Combination trophy. The club could have no I higher object than that of encouraging local players, and of developing budding G. O. Smith's or C. B. Fry's, who might otherwise have been left to "waste their sweetness on the depart air. Foot ball ers. when suffering keen disappoint- ment, do not usually fly to the classics for solaee, but the Chester team, on their return from i'la3 Powr, might justifiably have parodied Caesar's famous message, "Veni, vidi, vici," by exclaiming "Venimus, vidimus, victi sumus" ("We came .wo 1 V t* S saw, we weve conquered."). Broughton United themsel.ves scarcely hoped to come off best enii in their own stronghold, destructive tho 1 ylr it is to many fair reputations; while no Ces"ln ever dreamed, unless perhaps in a nigh^ni-.v thr,t their favourites would not repeat their perform- ance of a fortnight ago. Football, however ce- pends for much of its popularity on the surprises it provides, and it would be a very dull game if the expected always happened. Pountney's absence caused a re-arrangement of the defence. Evans went full-back, and Dawson partnered Delaney and Barker. The ground was covered with snow. Owing to the late arrival of the visitors the start was delayed, for some time. Broughton were prominent at first, but were met by a stubborn defence. The Cestri-ins at tirnos attacked dangerously, but their opponents guarded their citadel carefully. Several exciting incidents were witnessed, and Coventry made some smart clearances. The visitors improved and were re- warded with a barren oorner. The scoring was opened by the Welshmen, who succeeded through a mistake by Coventry. He received a long drive, and instead of picking up the ball he kicked it away. It caught an attacking forward and re- bounded into the net. Ten minutes after the restart, T. Lipsham, who had previously missed several good chances, equalised, but in the last minute Broughton rushed the winning goal through. Coventry cleared twice and was lying on the ground when he was beaten. The result was—Broughton United two goals, Chester one. The home side wore aided to a certain extent by the unnecessary roughness they infused into their play. On their visit 'to Chester they had evidently studied their opponents' strong points, and they took good care to render them ineffective. White and Case were so knocked about in the early stages of the game that they were useless afterwards. while J. Lip- sham had his legs knocked from undor him on every opportunity. The Cestrians by no means did their best, and the speotators looked in vain for their aocustomect dash. Broughton up to the interval were the better side on the play, but when the city men began to realise the danger of their position they improved greatly, and had they accepted their chances a different tale might have been told. Brt' Matthews and T. Lipsham were to blame for slowness in this respect. Evans at full-back played- better than Hughes did. ——— The visiting players were subjected to a dis- graceful demonstration of ill-feeling on their re- turn after the match to tho dressing-room, which is nearly a mile from the ground. They and the j officials as they drove along the road experienced a kind of guerilla warfare from a cowardly enemy. Taking oover be-hind the hedges several men bom- barded them with snow, and even gravel and cin- ders. The Broughton club would do well to see as far as lies in their power, that their visitors receive more, congenial treatment in future. We are sure the officials of the club were as much an- noyed by such irresponsible and mean conduct as their Chester friends were. Sealand-road Albion and Plemstall met in the replayed tie of tho semi-final of the Junior Cup on Whipcord-lane ground on Saturday. Plemstall kicked off and the Albion soon pressed, several good shots being put in From some nice play by the Sealand forwards, Evans opened the scoring. Not long afterwards Jones followed with a second goal with an excellent low shot. Thus at half-time the Road led by two goals to nil. On restarting, Plemstall went away with rare dash, but were soon beaten back by the Scaland d8 fence, who were playing a splendid game. They were awarded a penalty kick. from which they scored. This enlivened the Albion, but they could not pierce the Plemstall defence again, although several shots hit the crossbar and the uprights.. The game terminated with Sealand winners by two goals to one. Old St. Mary's entertained Handbridge St. Mary's. Tho home team at once attacked, but Taylor relieved The visitors' left kept play in the home goal for a while. Evans and Garner broke away, the former centreing to Goode, who scoied The home side now had the bulk of the piay, and continually pressed, Hutton saving good shots from Minshull and Allshaw. Brown broke away and passed to Rogers, who gave Speed a good shot to save. Minshull carried play to the other end, and Goode quickly scored twice. The visitors shewed better form in the second half, and they gave the home defence a, severe test. After give-and-take play, Rogers scored for the visitors, who soon rushed another goal. This en- livened the home team, and a good game now fol- lowed. Minshull and Allshaw worked the ball well together, and Goode got possession, and he easily beat Hutton for the fourth time. Old St. Mary's ran out winners by 4--2. Victoria Athletic had Newton as visitors in a re-arranged league match, at Clare-avenue, on Saturday. Both teams were fairly representative. The visitors immediately attacked, and after eleven minutes' play the score was opened in their favour. Some pretty passing by the Vies. for- wards led to Robinson swinging out to Gandy, who shot through but the point was disallowed for offside. From a free kick, Gandy headed through, but he was also offside. Bayley was badly tripped inside the area, and Gandy scored with the ensuing penalty. Newton then got to work, and gave the home defence no little trouble, and through Pope and Firth were leading by three goals to one at the interval. During the second half Newton again attaoked vigorously, until Crosby got away for the "Blues" on the right, and his centre resulted in Gandy scoring the second goal. A moment later Gandy again got through and scored his third and the equalising goal. The home left-winger was in fine form, while the other extreme, Crosby, who played ah exceedingly good game, was not quite as dangerous as usual. The Vies, defence was very shaky, Barton, the centre-half, being the only shining light. Final result: Victoria Ath- letic three, Newton threo. Hoole footballers looked forward to Saturday as the day on which they would have a chance of revenging themselves on Saltney Carriage Work'! for the heavy defeat they received from them a few weeks back. By the draw for the second round of the Chester Senior Cup, the Fates de- creed that Saltney should go to the Hoole-road ground, and the home club set. to work to make their position as strong as possible. The merits of the players belonging to the club were care- fully considered, and several alterations were made with improved results. Unfortunately the ground was very slippery, and the weather was bitterly cold; but for all that 600 spectators braved the elements. The teams faced eash other as follows: —Hoole: A. Pope, H. Jones, S. Lewis (late of Oswestry), Lanoe-Sergt. HaIJ, Tullock, Fartam, Gilliam. Whitebo-use, Walker. Powell and Scott. Saltney Carriage Works: Smith, Lloyd, Conroy, Had- dock, Roberts, Manifold, Robinson, S. Bennion, Crawford, G. Bennion and R. Evans. The home team wore the first to be offensive, but Lloyd cleared them out, and the victors raced off to the other icrifd, woone Robinson shot outside.. Play was carried on in m dfield where a free kick against Earlam brought danger to Hoole. Lewis, however, relieved, and Smith cleared from Whitehouso in fine styte. Crawford and G. Ben- nion worked the btil down. The latter sent out a nice pass to his partner, Evans, who sent in a lightning shot, which caused Pope to fall full length in his endeavour to clear. The ball went about a foot wide. It was a splendid shot, and was greatly applauded by the crowd. Haddock pieced the ball right in the home goalmouth, S. Le-wis missing his kick. An exciting tussel fol- imved. and Lewis conceded an abortive corner. Robinson shot in, and Pope only partly cleared away. and S. Bonmon, rushing up, put the ball in the net. Hoole got down, but Conroy relieved. Powell sent to Scott, who put the ball right out of Smith's reach, thus equalising. The visitors made a use- less appeal for offsicfo, but Mr. J. P. Crooke (the referee) pointed to the centre The teams again being on level terms a great struggle was wit- nessed for the lead. Smith brought off a splendid save from Hall, and another from Scott, fcaltnoy worked their way to the other end, Evans shoot- ing over A freC) kick against. Hall almost let in the visitors, Evans forcuig an abortive corner. After a. spell of mid £ eld play the visitors, by a series of throws in, woikod the ball into tho homo quarters, and Ci-awford ba.nged the ball into the net qui te out of Pope's reach, thus giving the visitors the lead after thirty-five minutes' play. Robinson was pul ed up for offside when in a nice position while Walker, for Hoole, was pulled up by Roberts time after time. Smith had to save hard drires f.om Gilliam and Whitehouso 1 in quick succession. Haddock robbed Scott and put Robinson in possession. That player missed the mark only by inches. Half-time arrived with the score—Saltney Carriage Works two goals, Hoole one goal. The referee oaused the teams to resume without any breathing time, he was no doubt afraid of tho fog coming on. Hoole were the first to shew up, Scott shooting outside. Tho visitors soon foroed tho home team to act upon tho defensive Pope saving from Evans at the expense of a fruit- less corner. The home team, by the aid of Gil- liam and Whitehouso, worked their way to the other end. where Smith saved from Powell and Walker in quick succession. The Hoole front rank now made a determined effort to draw level, Smith, Lloyd and Conroy being kept verp busy. At length the efforts of the home teum were re- warded. After Smith had saved from Gilliam, 1 Whitehouse sent right across the. goal mouth. Powell rushed up and put tho ball into the not. Onoe again the teams were level. Hoole kopt uo the attack. and gave the visitors' defence a warm time. Conroy, who was playing a. splendid game, however, cleared. Saltney attacked, and it beoani? noti 3eable, that the Hoole players had made the pace a little too warm for themselves, and it was tolling its tale upon them. From a throw in close to the home oorner flag the visi- tors fairly swarmed around Pope, and Lewis con- ceded a fruitless corner. A free kick against Had- dock brought relief. Lloyd cleared from Powell, anexoiting play in midfiold followed. The Saltney eleven tried hard to break through, and were at length rewarded. Evans. on the left, took the ball to the other end where G. Bennion gave the visitors the lead with a good shot. Hoole I tried to overcome the Saltney defence, but they were as sound as a rock. Saltney seemed to move better as the game advanced, and the home Backs had their work cut out The struggle be- came sterner as the end approached, and Hoole wore still behind; but the eleven's most plucky efforts failed to prevent Saltney from securing their seventh victory over them in twelve months. Tho final result was-Saltney Carriage Works three goala, Hoole Rovers two The only consolation we can offer to Hoo!e is that "Everything comes to him who waits," and the time may yet come when they will be able to balance accounts with their rivals. They will have the opportunity as early as Boxing Day, when they visit Saltnoy. A win on the Mount Pleasant ground would be a. crushing blow to the Carriage Works, and would make up for a good many defeats. Such a result is, however, only just possible., and bv no means probable. While sympatkising with Hoole, we must not forget to congratulate Saltney on their successful career. Sino they have been formed they have run up a wonderful record, and are likely to maintain their position. The Helsby seniors journeyed to Birkenhead on Saturday. whArc they mot Clifton Park under the auspices of the I Zingari League, and scored a meritorious victory by six goals to three, the goals fo" Helsby being scored by Phillips (3), Bibby (2) and Cartwright (1). At Helshv, the Reserves met Saughall in a Chester and District League matoh, and they wore also victorious by three goals to none. Free kicks to both sides were followed bv a corner to Helsby, which, however, proved fruitless. The home team now pressed, and the Saughall cus- todian cleared from Fowles and A. Fletcher. Another attack by the home team was followed by a penalty, but the custodian saved, and the ball eventually went out. The home team con- tinued to press, but shot outside several times, the slippery state of the ground making accurate shooting almost impossible. At half-time there was no score. Immediately after the re-start Jackson got through and scored the home team's first goal from a centre by Lockett. A. Fletcher obtaining a second directly afterwards Another at,tack by Helsby resulted in Jackson beating the visitors' custodian at a second attempt with a capital shot. Helsby still had the best of matters, and it was only the smart work of the Saughall custodian which kept them out. The visitors then I had a turn. and managed to score, but it was adjudged offside. The remainder of the play was in s-emi-darkness, and although Jackson again scored, the referee would not allow it. St. Paul's Bible Class defeated the Anti-Smoking League by five goals to one, the game taking place on the formers' ground. A curious case came before a special commis- s:on of the Cheshire F.A. this week A short time ago local footballers were astounded to learn that Port Sunlight ha.d succumbed to Wirral Railway in the Cheshire Senior Cup competition. The I soapmakers protested against the result on the ground that the railwaymen played an ineligible man. The victors retaliated by bringing the same charge against their opponents. Both sides proved their case, with the result that both teams were debarred from taking part in the compe- tition this season. West Kirby will now have a I bye in the next round. FIXTURES. I COMBINATION. Wrexham v. Chester CHESHIRE AMATEUR CUP. Chester v. Helsby CHESTER AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Little Sutton v. Cheshire Bearer Co. Y.M.C.A, v. Saltney C.W. Chester St. John's v. Helsby Reserve Saughall v. Wrexham Crescent ViZ a Athletic v. Newton FRIENDLY. I Chester Albion v. Mold Junction COMBINATION. I RESULTS UP TO DATE. r-Goals-^ P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts. Chester 22 8 3 1 35 .15 .17 Wrexham 10 8 2 0 .25 8 .16 Middlewich 11 6 4 1 .22 .13 .13 Tranmere .10. 5 2 3 .19 .14 .13 Port Sunlight. 7 4 2 1 .18 .13 9 Nantwieh. 7 2 1 4 .18 9 8 Broughton 9 3 3 3 .12 .16 9 Whitchuroh. 7 4 3 0 .19 21 8 Rhyl 8 3 4 1 .10 .15 7 Oswestry 11 8 7 1 .15 .30 7 Bangor 9 2 5 2 19 .34 6 Birkenhead lo 1 5 4 .14 21 6 Druids 8 2 5 1 .12 .20 Chirk 9 I 6 2 .13 .33 A 1


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