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ATHLETIC NEWS. FOOTBALL NOTES. I RESULTS. l COMBINATION. Chester 1. Nantwich 1 CHESHIRE SENIOR CUP. L Birkenhead 2. Helsby 1 Northwioh 1, Davenham 1 WELSH AMATEUR CUP. Saltney 2, Flint U.A.C. 0 Mold Alyn Wanderers 1, Oak Alyn 0 Wrexham Victoria. 4, Grosford 3 CHESTER JUNIOR CUP. Sealand-road Albion 2, Plemstail 2 Old St. Mary's 2, Newton 2 jJ CUDDINGTON AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Verdin Gymnasium, 2, Hartford 0 W averham, 7, Ashton Hayes 2 Cuddington 4, Wilmington 0 WIRRAL LEAGUE Bebington Viotoria. 4, Connah's Quay 2 HeswalL 5. Waiiasev Reserve 1 Eliesmere Port vies. Reserve 4, Thornton j Ilouyh 0 Eastham. 3, Hooton and District 3 j Heswail Resorvo 2. N\ston Reserve 0 OTHER MATCHES. Frodsham S, Ncv.viown 1 Moid Alyn duinois 1, Mold Casuals 0 Buckley Rangers 3, sliolton Swifts 1 Helsby Juniors 10. EUesmcre Port Christ Church 0 Et?n.?ero Port A. 6, Anti-Smoking League 2 Hawardon 3, Sandycroft 1 Whitohurch 13, Bayston Hill 5 Mold Junction 4, Tniuty United 2 j Great intcrest was taken on Saturday in the visit of tho Chester team to Nantwich. Remembering the stubborn fights last April for the Cheshire Cup between those teams, tho supporters on both sides 1 looked forward to a hard a.nd even game, and they wera not disappointed. Few were daring enough to predict a victory for either side, and the result was no more than was expected. So promising was the game that the gate money swelled the coffers of tho home club to tho extant of £ 17. 113. 5d., a lotiord for thus soason. The attendance numbered) over one thousand, and a considerable number journeyed froin OLo-st--r. The teams were much the same as those which met last year at Nori-nwioh and Crewe, tne most • notabie change being the transt^rance oi Oase ana w hita tioin one side to the other. Cnesun- sta.ted with a slight breeze, and Case so-ii got away, but was stopped by Davies. Ietueivni^ from Ganutt Brett worked himself to a. good posit-on, but spoilt his chances by handing, l- roni the ireo kick, T. 14ipstiani raced away ana sent LB,) baii over tho bar. Whito tested Latham with a good shot, and then Coventry's charge was ill clanger. after a splendid run, oievoiiiy. The home right was veiy aggressive, and Brett banged the ball mto the net. The retcr-e (Mr. vyood) gave a. goal, but CovenUy called his attention to the fact that the bill had pa-ssod through. a wing" of the net, and between the posts, and ho awarded a goal kick to the visitors. (Jario got awty in grand style, and was stopped by Davies, but a mistaka by Gox. let in J. hp- sham, WHO, however, faded to score. Another miss by Cox again gave J. Lrp&ham an oppo^ou- ni ty. Latham, ran out, but ijipsnam passed, to Case, who scored from in front of an emp.y goal. Th? gai*a became still moiu iuœre:>, a.?d botn s;dvs played vIgorously. Shortly b?ore tha mter- val Jack Yootur oquaiised with a fast, low shot from a pass by Brett. The teams crossed over with the score ona goal each. Chester were quiolciy placed on the defensive, but a srntu t centre by Betteley was sent outside. Soon after tho recommencement of the garni. Pountney unfortunately twisted his kne-e and iiad to le-ivo the field. Both teams then played the oil- back game, and the forwards were so -irla- quontly offside that the match lost much of it& in- terest. A dai?gc.rou? run by J. Lipsham Wiia  3 atioz. h cr brea k away p?pp,.d by T. Davies, whdo another breakaway by i- L p&hu,m. and Whit.o was ended by Cnes- woiih. Towaros the end the Cxiester defence wa.s I sorely taxed, and soma fino clearances were made by Hughes and Coventry. The latter made a marvellous save in the last minute. Jack ioster sent m a. hard drive. Coventry diverted the flight of the bail, and then punched it out. This effort well men ted the applauso which greeted it. The gain* ended in a. draw ot one goal. During- this half Chester scored, but the point was not aJlowod From a breakaway th2 ball was put aoross the goalmouth, and it hit the upright. Apparently taking it for granted that the ball wus going out, the referc-e. blew his whistle, but the ball rebounded to Matthews, who sent it into I the goal. The- Chester players did not appeal at the time, as they thought the whistle had gone be- cause J. Lipsham was offside. This was not so, but it was impossible when the mistake was dis- covered afterwards to rectify it. The Chester team were very unfortunate in losing Pountney, who, it is expected will be on the sick list, for some weeks. Had he not met with the accident the result might have been diff r- ent. All the players did very well, especially Hughes and Coventry. In the third round of tho Wednesbury Charity Cup, on Saturday, Whitchurch beat Bayston Hill by thirteen goals to five. In the Cheshire Cup competition, Northwich Victoria entertained Davenham on Saturday. The visitors were prominent at the start, Masse-y almost getting through in the first few minutes. Play afterwards became even, the defence of each side being better than the attack. Roche and Randies found a doughty opponent in Fred Williams and ho pulled them up repeatedly. Darlington got rid of several nioe shots. At the interval th-Lre was no score. In the second moiety the Vies played a bettor game, but the villagers' defence was sound ,ers' de f ence, was soun d After about 17 minutes' play a penalty fell to the home team. Hughes was running to breast the ball, when it struck his elbow, and the referee awarded the kiok, from which Rose scored. Daven- ham seemed a beaten team for a time, but the Vies' forwards wore completely broken up by the vil- lagers' halves, Ravenscroft working hard. Gradu- ally the visitors began to have another look in, and Darlington put in a fine centre, which Rose in trying to clear, put through his own goal, much to the delight of the Davenham contingent. Re- sult Northwich one goal, Davenham one goal. At Helsby the athletic field was occupied by the local juniors, who entertained and defeated Eiiles- mere Port Christ Church by no fewer than ten goals to nil, while the Anti-Smoking League, who received a visit from Ellesmere Port Athletic, had to accept defeat by six goals to two. On Saturday, the semi-final stage of the Chester Junior Cup competition was reached. The teams still in the running were Old St. Mary's, Newton, Sealand-road Albion and Plemstail. The first two met. on the Hooie road ground. The teams weie as follows:—Old St. Mary's: Speed; Thompson and White; Stretch. Dutton and Ford; Evans. Goode, Allshaw, Moore and Minshull. Newton Mansell; Moore and Whitlow Ball, Sumpter and Stacey; Morris, Walters, Pope, Garratt and Thomas. Newton at once began to press, and Speed was penalised for carrying, but the free kick was cleared. Tho Sa.into went away rapidly, Minshull i centred well, but Whitlow cleared. Newton now attacked very strongly in the centre. Popo passed to Moms, who shot into the net well out of Speed's reach. Newton came near scoring, but Speed cleaved. Evans led a hot attack upon Man- sell, who cleared time after time. The Saints now bombarded the Newton goal, and Sumpter handled, a penalty being awarded. This. was en- trusted to White Mansell stopped the ball, but White rushed it through. The Saints now easily held their own. and' Mooro, Allshaw and Goode I gave the Newton defence a warm time, but they proved safe. Mansell saved a good shot from Min- shull, but it was returned again, and he cleared partly, and Goode drove the ball into the net but the whistle had sounded for an infringement by Evans. At half-time the score was one each. Albhaw started for the Saiata, but Sumpter cleaned. The Newton forwards went down in a line but Thompson stopped them. Evans and Goode now led an attack upon Mansell, which was spoilt by a player being offside. From a pass by Garratt, Thomas gave Newton the lead. Tho Saints now pressed severely, and some good foot- work among the forwards was seen. Allshaw had a good opening, but Whitlow robbed him. Stretch cheeked Thomas, and passed to Evans, who shot and hit the crossbar. Fino work between Moore and Minshull ended in Moore beating the backs and equalising, but he got hurt and had to leave the field. Goode. beating Sumpter, shot hard against th- orogsbar, Mansell clearing. Minshull now found himself with a good opening, beating Loth tho backs, but placed the ball the wrong side of the posts. Morris broke away, but Ford easily beat him and placed the ball well in the centre. A hard-fought game end'd in a draw of two goals each. Sealand-road Albion, who at present head th? second division of the league with an unbeaten record, met Plemstail, who are at the other end of the table, at Whipcord-lane, but despite their  superiority of position in the league the Ceg-\ t:ians failed to obtain the uppor hand. They must h. been dec.dedty off colour or over excited, for the game ended in a draw of two goals. At tho interval the score was one each. Picmstall de- serv d to win, a feat they will have tho opportu- n.ty of performing to-day. when the teams meet aga n at Wlipeord-lane. It is very strange that both the somi-final ties should end in a draw of two goals. Saltney Carriage Works and Flint U.A.C. met at Saltney in the hrst round of the Welsh Amateur Cup. Both teams turned out their stiongest elevens. Th re was a strong, cold wind blowing fiom goal to goal. Flint won the toss and elected to play with the wind behind them. Mr. Chas. Deolev kicked off for Saltney before P-bo, t four hundred gpectitors- The home team at once set about their work, and the visitors' custodian was exiled upon to save in the first two minutes. The visitors got. away on the left, but were pulled up by Haddock who transferred play to-the other end. Evans, receiving the ball from Manifold, sent in a lightning shot. which the visitors' goal- keeper had great diffioulty in getting away. Mid- field play followed, and then a free kick against Flint enabled tho home team again to hover around th" Flint goal, but tho defence prevailed. The visitors kept up an attack for a short time, Smith saving a shot from the left wing. SaJt nev, however, returned to the attack, tho visitors' goal- keeper being called upon to save from S. Bennion and Crawford in quick succession, while Robinson forced an abortive corner. Flint raced away, but Con-oy repulsed them. The game was very rough, fouls being numerous. A foul against Flint cio-e to the penalty area made matters look black for them, but th ball went wide From the goal kick the visitors took play towards Smith but he was not tested. Lloyd clearing them out. The home left wing got away, Evans finishing up with a neat centre to Bennion., who sent in a good shot. which the goalkeeper only partly cleared. An ex. o ting scrimmage followed, and ended in one of tho visitors very kindly putting the ball into his own net, thus registering the first goal for the C-vrriago Works after half-an-hour's play. After this reverse the visitors' defence had a busy time for the next few m'nutoa. The home team were awarded a fr e kick inside the penalty area, but nothing ",iro of it. Towards tho interval the visitor made d sperate> efforts to get through, but tho Saltney defence was equal to all attempts, and the teams crossed over without further scoring. Saltnoy C. W. have now passed into the second round of three cup contests, and havo entered the thi: d round of one of these. To-day (Saturday) they meet their dear rivals, Hoole, on the Hoole- road ground in the second round, of tho Chester Senior Cup. This, will be the third meeting of these two clubs this season, and the ninth in twelve months. The results of the last eight mate lies have been that Saltney have won Sve, lost none, and drawn three, scoring fourteen goals against Hoolo's four goals. Up to and including last Saturday tho Carriage Works eleven this s aso:i have played twelve matches, won ten, lost none, and drawn two, scoring forty-nine goals agxinsfc their opponents' four goals., a fact that I speaks well for the defence. With the wind behind them, the home front rank were soon in the visitors' quarters. A shot from Crawford went wide, while another from Robinson struck the uprights and rebounded into play. Saltney were- having the best of the game now, the visitois' defence being sorely taxed. A free kick against Saltney brought relief. The visi- tors right wing, with some neat play, worked the ball up to the other end. but Conroy relieved. Eud to end play followed, neither side claiming much advantage. The home team made a deter- mined attack on the visitors' goal. Robinson sent in a capital shot, which the goalkeeper caught and was attempting to clear when Crawford knocked tho ball out of his hands. S. Bennion pounced upon it and banged it into the net after fifteen minutes' play in tho second half. Saltney con- tinued to hold tho upper hand. the visitors' cus- todian being kept on the mov e Tho visitors' left wing pair took play to the home half. Conroy, in (;ori-i, n -in ontact with one of tho visitors, was winded, but was soon right again. The visitors foreed a fruitless corner. The game was of a scrambling nature, netthcr side displaying any- thing like good football. The visitors tried hard to reduce the homo team's lead. The inside right netted the ball, but the whistle had gone for off- side. The whistle sounded with tho i-estilt-galtiiey Carriage Works two goals, Flint U.A.C. nil. The Frodsham team, who are going strong at the present time, were in irresistable form on Saturday when they received Newtown as visitors, before a fair crowd of spectators, many of whom aocompanied the visitors. The home team won the toss and elected to play with the strong wind at their backs. Booth resumed his place in the team, which was otherwise unchanged. After a series of exchanges Frodsham pressed and forced a corner, from which Calvely cleverly centred, the ball glancing off the custodian's knees into the goal. Continuing in an aggressive attitude, the home quintette, who throughout the game shewed excellent combination, went down in irresistible style, but Roughsedge, in goal, cleverly and re- peatedly cleared. Sutton, however, having a try all on his own overcame all opposition and scored a fine goal after very tricky play. The visiting backs, Smith and Hayes, kicked well and surely, but their forwards had tco much of the rushing game, and too little cohesion to be effeotive. Be- fore the whistle blew for half-time Frodsham were awarded a penalty, which Calvely turned' into goal number three. The same player, from a judicious pass from Kinsey scored again, and Wild a few minutes after made the seere 6—0 for his side. Resuming, the visitors, as was anticipated, shewed up better with the wind in their favour, and gave the Frodsham backs ample scope to use their resources. Jennion had gone in goal vice Roughsedge, probably owing to the prolific scoring of the home contingent. Roughsedge quickly and amply demonstrated his ability to score goals, even if he could not stop them, and with a good shot notched the first and only goal for his side, Spencer having no ohanœ whatever of getting near the leather. Tho home team now rallied, and some pretty passing culminated in Calvely scoring a fine goal. Directly afterwards the home quintette again came down with a rushing movement, and the ball was carried clean into goal, the Newtown backs being at fault with miskicks. Rutter and Wild also added goals, the whistle blowing with Frodsham victorious by 9 goals to 1. This scarcely represents the play, although the winners played their finest game of the season, the passing and shooting being excellent and effective. The backs had not a great deal to do in such an aggressive game, but were safe when called upon, as was also Spencer in goal. Shotton Swifts had Buckley Rangers as visiters on Saturday. When the Swifts went to Buckley they were beaten by three goals to one, and on their own giound it was thought that the Swifts would return the compliment. Tho Rangers at once became aggressive, and Garrett saved early a warm shot from E. Ratcliffe. Hill got away on the left, and caused Hayes to run out to clear. Helped by the wind the visitors kept up the at- tack, and Garrett fell a victim to a good shot by J. Evans. Edwards and Jones transferred play into the visitors' territory, but Williams and Davies I intercepted a shot by Hill when clcse up. The home team forced a corner, and although it was nicely placed by L. Williams, it could not be got through, as the visitors' backs were playing a ster- ling game, and all attempts to score were frus- trated. By the aid of some fine play on the part of the visiting quintette, Garrett's charge was subject to a warm bombardment, during which Williams headed the ball out of Garrett's reach into the goal. This was the signal for the home team to attack in a determined mood. Hill, es- pecially, causing Hayes and his backs many anxious moments, one of his sh-ots striking the upright with terrific force. The home team came again, and this time A. Jones scored with a lightning shot. The interval arrived with the Rangers lead- ing by two goals to one. j The opening exchanges in the second half greatly favoured the Swifts. Shearg^eld was re- sponsible for the checking of a nice run down the wing by Ratcliffe and Thornton, and transferred the ball to Hill, but that player sent high -ov-,r the bar when in a good position. L. Williams got- tno better of J. Evans in a sprint down the field, but failed to make use of a good opportunity. Garrett had to concede a corner when almost hemmed in by the visiting forwards. The visitors wero smart on the ball, and had it not been for the alertness of the brothers Dawson, at back. Garrett's chargo would have succumbed on more than one occasion. Just before the final Stanley aga-IL seored for Buokley, and the homo team retired defeated by three geals to one. j How a.re the mighty fallen! Sandycroft Insti- tute journeyed to Hawarden with all unbroken record, and a determination to keep it unbroke-n but alas! it must. bo told they never looked like winning all through the game, and retired beaten by thi< e goals to ona. This reverse-, however, should not d<sh«uton the Institute team. Thoy are piobably the lightest team in the Flintshire League and Ha word, n seemed to know lt. as they uaod their superior weight with a will. The boys aro determined to have their revenge in the re- turn match, and are looking forward to two points. Tire Helsby seniors journeyed to Reek Ferry on Saturday, whero they met Birkenhead in tho first round of tho Cheshire Senior Cup. and although beaten in almost the last minucc of the game by two goals to ono, w,xe by no In.ans j diegraoed. Tho homo te-?m. who ha4 the hill and elements in their favour in the first half, did most, of tho pressing, but the Helsby | well, and Birkenhea.d could only manage to, score onoe, leading at half-time by one- to ILl. In tho second half the Helsby team more than he-i^ d ti.eir own with the home team, and alter Cartwlight had equalised with a grand shot they cxper;enccd tho hardest of bnee in not increasing their s; ore Oll sevoral ocx>a.s-ion^. Just before tho uticu yvfiiSCao blew, the home team mane-god to score again, and thus won, as stated, by two to one. Flint Town and Hawardon Bridge met at Flint in a friendly match on Saturday, in which hitle interest was taken. Flint were poorly represented, but managed to just win a most umntoi; SCING game. Oak Alyn and Mold Alyn Wanderers met at Gwersyllt Park on Saturday in the first round for the Welsh Amateur Cup. Oak Alyn won tho toss and Phil Jones kicked off for the visitors oo- fore a fair gate. Although playing with the ground uphill the visitors gained a corner wirhin the first minute of the start, but the home defence was sound and nothing came of it. Midfioicl play followed momentarily until Lewis, the Wanderers' custodian, was tested by an awkward shot which he negotiated cleverly. Phil Jones then shewed up, missing the Oak Alyn gcal by a matter of inches. The teams were obviously very evenly matohed, but during the remainder of tha first half Lewis was severely tried, but rose on each occasion superior to the ordeal. At half-time tho teams crossed over with a clean sheet. Upon the resumption, Oak Alyn invaded, but the Alyn defence stemmed' the tide. Slill the game was stubbornly contested without, tarrgibio result until ten minutes off time, when Peter Davies soored for the Wanderers with a grand shot. Later on Phil Jones beat the Oak Alyn defence, but the efforts of this forward and a lso MoFarlane, on the same side, caused the home custodian some anxiety. Oak Alyn then pressed ineffectively, and at the call of time the result re- mained unaltered, the visitors entering the second round to the tune of one goal to nil. A match in which much local interest was cen- tred took place at Mold on Saturday between the Mold Alyn Wanderers (Juniors) and the Mold Casuals. During the first half the game ruled evenly and no goals were scored in spite of the fact that the Juniors were awarded a penalty. In the second moiety both sides made strenuous efforts to gain the lead, and it was not until wit,hin a few minutes of the close of the game that another penalty fell to the lot of the Juniors, from which the only goal of the matc h was scored. Tho second elevens of the neighbouring clubs of Ne.ston and Hoswall played their Junior League match on Saturday at Noston. For a game of this calibre there was quite a large number of spectators present. and they were rewarded by a good, fast, well-contested gamo. A corner obtained by the' home side was cleared, and end to end tl?,v  for a. time, tho forward play of the visitors being at times exceedingly good in combined movements, while tho Noston pe.ss- ing was faulty. Just before half-time a Nestonian handled within tho area, and although the en- suing penalty wa.s cleverly saved by Crawshaw, Swift safely netted from the rebound, and tho visitors held one goal lead at the interval. Down the hill Noston did not play so well as in the first half, while Heswail maintained a slight, superi- ority, and D'Auber obtained a further capital goal. This was all the scoring, and Heswail deservedly won by two clear goals. In the second division of the Wirral Senior League. Heswail gained a clever victory by beat- ing Wallasey Village Reserve by 5—1. Irwin (2), Bucldey, Williams and Shono wore the scorers, The draw for tho second round of the Welsh Amateur Cup took placo at Wrexham on Wed- nesday. with the following result :-Buckley Juniors v. Flint, Overton-on-Dee or Borsham United v. Brymbo Victoria.. Wrexham Vies. v. Hope Village, Eselusham White Stars v. Wrex- ham St. Mark's. All the other clubs left in the competition had bves. The ties are to bo played on the ground of the ifrst-named club in each instance OIl December 17, with the exception of the match Wrexham Vies. v. Hope Village, for which a week's extension was allowed. FIXTURES. .1 10" The following matches will be played to-day (Saturday) on the ground of the first-named club COMBINATION. Broughton United v. Chester CHESTER SENIOR CUP. Hoole v. Saltney CHESTER AND DISTRICT LEAGU £ Old St. Mary's v. Haiidbridgo St. Marv's CUDDINGTON AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Tarporley v. Weaveiham Athletic Cuddington v. Marston Old Boys Verdin Gymnasium v. Barnton Villa. COMBINATION. RESULTS UP TO DATE. (—Goals—j P. W. L. D. F. A. Pt". Chester 11 8 2 1 34 .18 .17 Wrexham 10 8 2 0 .25 8 .1(J Middlewich 11 6 4 1 22 .13 .13 Tranmere 9 5 2 2 17 .12 .12 Port Sunlight 7 4 2 1 .18 13 1) 1 Nantwich 7 2 I 4.18 !) 8 Broughton 8 2 3 3 7 Whitchurch. G. 3 3 0 I- 6 Bangor 8 2 4. 2 17 .30 0 Birkenhead 9 1.. 5 3 .12 19 5 Druids 7 2 4 1 .11 18 5 Rhyl 7 2 4 1 6 .15 5 i Oswestry .10 2 7 1 .13 .29 5 Ch;rk 8 1 5 2 .13 .9 4 CUDDINGTON AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. RESULTS UP TO DATE. ^-Goals—, P. W. L. D. F. A. Pt-B. Weaverham Athletic (> 5. 3. 1.25 :1.11 Cuddington 7. 4. 3. 0 23.15. 8 Davenham 4. 3. 1. 0.18 G. Verdia Gymnasium 4. 3.. 1. 0.. 8. (! 6 Barnton Villa 4. 2.. 1. 1. L. 6. 5 Tarporley 5.. 1. 2 2.11.14. 4 Winnington Pa.rk. 5. 1. 3. L. 7.12. 3 Marston Old Boys. 3. L. 2. 0.. 7.10. 2 Ashton Hayes 5. 1. 4. 0. 9 23 2 Hartford Villa 5 0. 4. 1. 6.. 20. 1