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BOARDS OF UUAltDlANS. WIRRAL. I Mr. C. Morris presided (ivpr the fortnightly I meeting of tins Board, held ?t Clatterbridge Workhouse en Wednesday. The attendance in- ,y ?l cluded Coienel J. C. Lloyd, Mesdames Hodg?on and Hannay, Messrs. H. Lea, W. Knowles, J. ±v. Thompson, J. R. Turton, J. McLeavy, Thomas lJavies, H. Price, W. Bui-key, C. E. Hope, W. U. Sutton, J. H. \\arbrick, H. -Larl, J. Deianiore, W. W. Christian;, »\. AicAeiil, ooim Evans, and tiie Hev. P. C. itobin, witn the cierk ¡itir. J. E. b. (Jlhve), the assistant cierk iAlr. D. liuiitingj,. the relieving oiheer \Mr. J. iiignettj, tne WOI-K- house master k.Nir. W. L. Richards), and tue Locai Government Board inspector \\lr. Uansey). n It appeared tram the minutes of the lVoriiiiouse Committee that the number in the iiou.se was Lub, as compared with 116 at the same time last year, and included 26 HUJle-s and 25 iemaies in the in- firmary. During tho past fortnight 64 vagrant;, had been relieved, as against Do in the correspond- ing two weeks in 1902. A resolution had been passed by the Workhouse Committee thanking the various donors of jplts in connection with the Christmas festivities, in- cluding the Brabazon Committee, Miss Richards, of Lpton, Mr. C. Morris and friends, by whom an entertainment had been provided for the inmates. The Workhouse Committee reported the receipt of a letter from Dr. Fuller, the chief medicai officer under the Local Government Board, '11 reply to an inquiry addressed to him with respect to his remarks as to the inadequate equipment oi the viorkhouse. \1r. Dansey (the Local Govern- mcnt Board inspector) had borne out the doctor's observations at the Workhouse Committee meet- ing, and had said he would defy any medicai officer to report that the present night nursing arrangements were efficient. He cogently pointed out the necessity of appointing a competent night nurse. Dr. Fuller's communication was referred to the General Purposes Committee for their immediate consideration. The medical officer of the work- house will also be asked to attend and confer wich them on the subject- Accounts were passed for payment amounting to £845 lis. 4d., which included £ 608 17s. öd. due to the treasurer of the County Uouncil, and £ 115 for outdoor relief. The balance in the treasurer's hands was reported to be £ 1,551 2s. lid. WHiTCii UlvCH. Last week the fornightly meeting was held Mr. R. P. Ethelston (chairman) presiding.—Gilts were acknowledged from the following :—Mrs. Hobson, oranges; Mr. Churton, oranges; Miss Vernon, doll's house and rocking-horse for the nursery. The thanks of the Board v.ere accorded these donors for their kindness.—The Chairman apoued for permission, on behalf of the ladies, to give the usual Christmas treat. On the motion of Air. Langley, seconded by Mr. Vernon, this offer was accepted with the thanks of the Board.—The contracts accepted for the ensuing quarter were as follows:—Groceries, Air. Hopwood; meat, Mr. Wilkinson, beef bd., mutton 7d., suet 3d.; flour, Mr. Walker, 2Cs. the sack of 2401b.; oatmeal, Mr. Walker, 24s. 3d.; ooal, no acceptance; hauling, Mr. Nevitt.—In reference to the coal contracts, of which there were three, Mr. W. H. Smith said that inasmuch as the system of choosing between these coal Contracts was not altogether satisfactory, he thought some inquiry should be made as to the quality of the coal, and, if possible, some specific information should be gained. He thought the tenderers should have a clar understanding as to the quality of the coal they were tendering to supply. At present there AOag no means of telling what the quality of the coal was, and, although lie knew nothing about these particular tenders, it was possible that the highest priced coal would be the most economical.—A discussion ensued, and it was eventually decided to postpone the acceptance j of a tender for a fortnight, to make the suggested inquiries.—Mr. Pearson, on behalf of the House Committee, stated that. in rcnlv to an advertise- ment, there were ten applications for the post of industrial trainer. These had been considered, and some selections had been made.—Two of the applicants appeared before the Board, the first being Miss Bessie Downes, who had filled a similar position (temporarily) in the Birkenhead Union, and the second Miss Alice Davies, at present a mother's help employed at Wycherley Hall, Bas. church.—Major Godsal proposed and the Rv. R. B. Faulkner seconded that Miss Downes be ap- pointed. This was carried, and it was decided that she should take up her duties in a fortnight.— The children in the house were brought before the Board, and much satisfaction was expressed with their appearance. There were 22 children, 15 girls and 7 boys, and their ages ranged from 3 to 14.- The Clerk read a letter from Mr. J. H. Warburton Lee complaining about the action of the Board in including a 2d. education item in the poor rate for Iscoyd for the first half of the past year. He thought that the step the Board had taken was likely to have unfortunate results. As a Flintshire county councillor and a resident at Iscoyd, he asked tiie clerk to let him know the amount collected for education purposes from Iscoyd in connection with the Act, and also how it had been disposed of. it was a matter of congratulation for the Ellesmere Board that they did not take such a line of action as Whitchurch had done. The Clerk pointed out tnat Major Godsal had had an explanation of the action taken by the Board some time ago, and he had expressed satis- faction with it. lie (the clerk) had had previous correspondence with Mr. Lee on the subject, and had endeavoured to explain very fully to him all the circumstances. It now appeared that he was not satisfied with the explanation given. As a matter of fact, it was thought necessary to include the educational 2d. in the Iscoyd call in case the County Council needed it, and if not, it was under- stood that the 2d. would go to the relief of Iscoyd rates, and no other parish would receive any por- tion of it. It transpired that the county did not make the demand for educational purposes, and consequently, in the second half year, the call on Iscoyd was about 2d less than it would otherwise have been, so that in the course of the year Iscoyd stood in exactly the same position as if the call had not been made in the first instance; but it was necessary to do this, otherwise the money would not be forthcoming if the r-o-jnty demanded it.- Mr. Langley further explained the circumstances of the case, and said it was no doubt well known to aJl the Board. He wa3 '?orr, and rather sur- pris ;d, that Mr. Lee had tliouil iI t it necessary to write this letter to the clerk. Mr. Godsal and the assistant overseer had been able to understand the position, and the clerk had tried to make it plain to Mr. Loe. lie did not know that the clerk was compelled to carry on a discussion of this kind with individual ratepayers, or even county coun- cillors, and, personally, he rather resented it. He thought it would be best for the clerk to write to Mr. Lee and tell him that he had laid the letter, together with the unofficial letter previously written, before the Board.—This was agreed to, and Mr. Godsal said he should probably see :11'. Lee that afternoon, when he should mention i he mtttei* to him. Mr. W. H. Smith, on behalf of the House Com- mittee, reported that that committee had met Mr. LDsnse? pnd considered the proposed alterations and improvements, with the result that the scheme lately entertained had been knocked on the head, and it was thought desirable to adhere to the original idea of balconies outside the house, "it,!) steps leading down to the ground from outside. The matter had better, perhaps, be referred back to the committee.—This course was decided upon.