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FUNERAL OF MR. HENRY PRITCHARD. The funeral of the late Mr. Henry Pritchard, who died under the peculiarq sad circumstances already reported took place at Neston Parieh ChUlCh on Satlll day at te-rnoon, As already inti- mated the faIJdy have tiie. deep sympathy of the entire neighbourhood, and this has been mani- fei>tad in many touching ways, wh.le at tho inter- ment every symptom of mournful respect was shown by the res denis throughout tne village and oil the route to the parish church. The remains wore conveyed in a giass hearse, and a considerable crowd of spectators many of them in tear6, watched the affecting cortege as it left the resi- dence in Victoria-road and wended its way along Meliock-lano and Bushell-road The blinds of tho residences were closdy drawn., and the route, particularly at tile church approaches was lined with onlookers. Tne coffin of podshed oak with brass mount ngs. and covered with floral tributes. was removed from the heaise at the churchyard entrance and borne should:"r high into tho church, the VI (ar (the Rev. Canon Turner) leading the way and repeating tne usual sentences. He afterwards read the customaiy Church of England sonl. and the body was interred in the family grave in, the presence of about a thousand spectators. The mourners in the procession numbered about 150. The chief mourners wero:—Messrs. George Pritchard (father) Joseph W. Prl tchaid (brother), A. Hitchmough (Lrot .er-m-iaw), Harry Evans (brother-in-law) Samuel Pritchard George Tay- lor. Thomas Pritchard tuncles ), William Pritchard. William Nunneriy, Harold Taylor, George Tay- lor. Fred Taylor. Frad Pritchard, Dee View. Fred Pritchard, Neston Albert Prit hard, Thomas Pritchard, Widr.d Pritchard and dohn Young (cousins). Messrs. T. Bedson R. Kamecn, E. Evans. F. Evans J. McLevy and J. KtrrL-kii atted as boaiers. and among the general inourneis were Messrs. H. T Gill Harold Gill R. Durham, R. E. Roper j. Gilbert (Park street). J Buahell (Park-street), jos. Johnson (Park-street), James Maddox (Parkguts), G Norman (Parkgate). Garner, C. Anyon, Joseph Anyon J. Williams (Gladstone-road) Joscpa Taylor (Hovlake). Ashbiook Edward Minshud (Liverpool), R. Bin- ner, Moses Cottrell (Neston), Moses Cottrell (Little Neston) R. Bridson B. O. Carruthers, T. Jones. Thompson Sidney Higgms, Walter Nor- man, S. Dav.os, W. Oxcon. Hy Cros3 (Heswall), E. Grundy, W. Grundy Harry Grundy, H. Grundy Robt. Scott .J. E. Evans (Neston), E. Grant. John Fleming, junr. oos. L. Clarke (Nes- ton), T. Leigh J. Smith (Little Neston), James Roberts. Benjamin Bennett, H. Woodward Albert Woodward, R Woodward, William B&rtloy, T. Pyke-, F. Higgins (Parkgate), A. Kerns. W. Thomas G. Thackwr y. Moses Rob nson, junr.. J110. Tilley, Mathew Roberts, T. Mathews (Park- gate), C. Hancock (Neston) James Davies (Hes- wall), T. Smith Walter Hughes. Daniel Jones (Colliery), \V. Taylor, W. Molynoux, George Cot- trell (Little Neston), W. Aaherton, W. Cartmell, E Cartmell. E Ch rimes James Lee John May, T. Wilbams (Ili-h-st eel) S. Cottrell (Neston). F. Dodd (Little Neston) T. Buriows, etc. Wreaths were sent by "The Family," h.a feUow workmen were, sent bv i'Tike Fanil l y, .s fellow workmen at Mostvn House, his comrades Mr R. E. Roper, Miss Rop?r, Mr. and Mrs. W. Pnt. hard (Dee View). Mr. and Mrs. Taylor (Eastham) Ernie and Ada Taylor, Haio.d George, Fied and Nellie Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Holloway (Chester), Miss Jones (Chester), Miss Nces e Jones (Chester). Mr. and Mrs W J. Jackson (Neston) Mr. and Mrs. A. Fleming (Neston) Mi-s Davenport (Southport). FUNERAL OF MR. G. E GRUNDY. Tho funeral of th? !a.t? George Ernest Grundy, fourth son of Mr. William Grundy, of Parkgate- road, whose life so tragically closed on the pre- ceding Tuesday evening took place at Neston. Parish Church on Monday afternoon, in the pretence of a vast concourse of ret-itions and friends. The interment, took place at half-past two. and prior to th s hour the blinds all along the route to the church were without exception, drawn, while several of the business premises were en- tirly closed. The funeral cortege practically reached from the rcsidt-n- e to the church gates, and the parapets weie iined with spectators, the prevailing note bemg one of sincc-re sympathy for the sorrowing rclativs and of regret, for the promising young life so. untimely ended. The casquct. of polished oak with brasses, was half hidden beneath the wealth of floral emblems that had been forwarded and was borne by eig-ht com- panions of the decasrd young man. Tho church- yard was c-iowdcd with sympathising onlookers, and the large budding was almost filled bv the mourners and members of the congregation who attended the service. By the special request of the mother of deceased the bell was not tolled for the interment. The cortege- was met at the churchyard entrance by the Rev Cancni Turner (vieai), who afte:wards impressively read the usual service and offered the prayers at the grave- side. The interment was made in a new family grave near the church tower. Messrs W. Han- cock. H. B. Swft. H. P Swift, Jno. Medcalf, Joseph Cottrell junr. C. cn C. Roberts and J. MedcaJf acted as bearers. and the chief mourners were Messrs. William Grundy (father), William Grundy. Charles Grundy, Herbert Grundy, Evelieodi Grundy. Harry Grundv (brothers) T. Ccyle Andrew Bra-dbv. Benjamin Bradley (uncles) T. Coyle, J. Coyle, E Evison. senr.. Jno Evison- Jas Evison James Taylor and T. Johnson (eourins). Among the general mourners were lVI"'Q!<s J. E. Evans Willi-m Platt. WaJter Platt. John Woodward, T. Cottrell (Liver- pool-road). R. K Roper R. Durham W. Gray (Cross-street), W. J. Jackson H Norman. John Birch. Albert Fleming, Robert Walsh (Old Vicarage). James Woodward MiW Anyon, Jas. Cassell. F. Goodwin Conrad Walsh (O'd Vicar- age), T Matthews. W. Law ton. J. R. Tozer. T. Jones (L-ttle Norton) F. Pritchard (Dee View), H. T. Gill G. Lewis F. Dodd. J. S. Worsam, Moses Robinson. H. Sm'th Pemberton. Swift, John Flood J Gilbert John Bushell (Park-streetjv B. O. Carruthers Alfred Fleming, John Fleming". Joseph MedcaH T. Coventry. junr., Samuef Pritchard. Josenh (Kfon R. Wragg. W. BartJey, John Harris E Grant T Whoolam, W. Oart- mell, John Will 'am5 (Gladstone-road) R. Oxton. James Oxton G^orore Oxton John Ma-ytor (Little Neston), B. Lawren e. R. Woodward H. Wood- ward A. W oodward, F.. Woodward, T. Maddox (Parkgate) T Matthews, J. Pressor, Jess;(- Bird (Hovlake), R. ixamoen, T. KftmGn Jftmps Lawley C. Castle, T. Smith (Parkgate) H. Pm th IP. kgate). R. Smith (Parkgatoh James Roberts 0. Roberts. Staiuel Evanti (Heswall) Humphrey Jones E Jones, H Briscoe (Park-street) John Cassidy, S. Garner and W. Thompson. Wreaths wero forwarded by Fat heir, Mother and family, Charlie vaict Em. Auntie Jane and Cousins Johnme and' Tom. Auntie Harriet. J. C. nnd Mr C. H and A. H.. Mr. and Mrs. TMwpn Mr. E. Mol"Wid family, Hancock and fam !T Mri Fleming "Mid family, Mr and Mr?. T. B. wift Mr. E. R. Ror, Brewer's Arm-, Tonf-'ne Society Louie and Betty, Mr and Mrs. Cassel, "A Friend and5 Neighbour," G. C. Grundv etc. REFERENCE AT CHUtt (CH. ihe V:("ii ,t Rrv. Canon Turner), who preached at the parish church on Sunday evening. referred to the m '.ny t'aredies which had taken place in the di=tr:e' during the year j'ust drawing to a close and I c- would make- the year 1903 a memorable one to them, Dm ihg tiie year there- hid been 82 fe»n-"r<l« at tl,, rvvrish church, and of these no fewer th n 50 had been those of young- persons under 35 of a;, With i-eference to the two reeent tri-ied c-s wh-i h had cast theip s hadow over the parish this Cliri^tmas time. he felt assured that th-2 sympathy and praye rs ei, the congregation woud i)- wiVft the bereaved families in their bitter anguish. LETTER FROM MR. ROPER. TO Sir,—On hohn'f nf K, fi'ib Qf which I have the honour to be T beg to state that I ha"e personally eevr-n [1." "very assista-nee in My nower to obte>'> evi'-tepw in the case which has been heard b *.■>■»•«■> Iv-V eoroner, and that no part (of the evidence hi of any member (f th" ehb ha been- ,w;fI,}",lrl.T nm. ;'t, REGINALD E. ROPER. Sec. Neston Liberal Club. December 21