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HUNTING I NORTH CHESHIRE. I Tins pack met at the Cat and Lion,, Strei-ton, on I Saturday, Although there were plenty of foxes spoit was. not veiy brilliant. At Appieton they found a fox which took hounds slowiy up to Grap- penhail and was lost. From Rose \\ood a fox took them a nice ring and back to Daresbuiy. the fox aga.n having the best of it. Newton Gorso | was next called upon, and from here they ran up to Dutton HaiJ, hounds soon afterwaids having to bo stopped owing to darkness. SOUTH CHESHIRE. Mr. Corbet had a nice gathering on Saturday, the fixture being Buikeley, just under the hills at Bickeitori. Hounds were taken back to Brett's i Mass, Cnolmondelcy, but did not find till they drew the laurels behind the Castle. Here they disturbed two brace, oacli going in different direc- tions. Hounds went away with one past Air. Brassey s house, pointing for R,dley, but turning sharp to the lett ran hounds out of seeiit, on top of Bickertoa H lis. Mi. Corbet then took the. field to Ridley Moss. Here again they soon had at least a brace m front of them. One took hounds tne usual point up to Nevill's Wood, Cholmon- deley, and then turned to toe right back to the hills. Hounds lost him on the road between Cholmondelcy and Bickerton. This was a real nice, fast hunt over as fine a bit of country as anyone could wish for, and was much enjoyea by those who got. well away with hounds, as they rail with a fine f-ct-nt Among those who took part, in it were the Duchess of Westminster, Lord Arthur Grosvenor, Loid Gerald Grosvinor, Lo:d Hugh Grosvenor, Mr. St. John Charlton, Captain and Mrs. Higson, Major and the Misses Kearney, Colonel Rivers Botkeley. Mr. Hygh .FitzPatrick; and your torresnondentj ( BLUECAP. 1 THE CHESHIRE BEAGLES. On Thursday last, these hounds met at Uelarnere House, the residence of Mr. H..E. Wilbraham. A hare was soon found below Ruloe, but scent was very poor, and after running a number of rings sue was eventually lost near to the Park. Another hare was found near to Oneeston which afforded no better sport, being- lost .upon the road almost immediately. After draw.ng- for some time, we found again, and hounds went away at a ratting pace. Passing to the left of Onceston Hall, the hare crossed tho brook, oiid turning left-handed close to Weaverham, described a. wide circle. Ke crossing the brook below Crowton, hQULds raced back again. Eventually they threw up their heads beside some cottage gardiens and oould make nothing further of it. Tnis last run was a. Lid one of thirty minutes without a check. On Saturdav the usual Box.njr-day meet took place at Broxton, where a large muster of about one hundred and twemy ladies and gentlemen were present, a few of whom1 wera Mr. Percy Roberts (master), Mr. Eric J. Dickson (whip), Mr. and Mrs. Harold Joynson, Mr. G. Barker, the Misses Barker, Mr. B. W. S. and Miss BcJand, Miss Maclaren. Miss Morris, Messrs. C. and N. Morris, Mr. W. Welsby, Mr. T. Johnson, Mr. J. Harrison, Mr. and Miss Moss, Mr. R. Barbour, Mr. Kershaw, Mr. M. Steele, the Misses Brassey. Mr. James Turbett, Mr. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. B.rd, Mr. and Mrs. Rimmer, Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson, Messrs. Frost, Douglas, Wood, Greenhouse, Kellock, etc. A hare was found immediatoly near to the Royal Oak, and went away over the hill in the direction, of the Old' Hall, but scent was only conspicuous by its absence, and altiiough hound's continued to hunt her for over a.n hour, they never could push her in the least. Finally scent gave out al. together not far from where she was first found. After a fruitless search for another in the same neighbourhood, we descended the hill and soon found again upon Mr. Hop.ey's farm. Crossing the Chester and' Whitchurch-road hounds jurt skirtoo Holywell, and re-crossed the road again near to the Court House. Hereabouts scent wa.s very poor, but near to the Cho-wley Ledge it im- proved somewhat, and turning right-handed hounds went up the hill at a good paoo and ran merr ly down to the Coombes. They then raced away io the road leading from Harthill to Tatte-a- h-.Il, where a check took place. Hitting off the line on the left-hand side of the road, they ran into Bo If-worth Park. whore hares, being too numerous we whipped off. This was after a very nice run of one hour and thirty minutes' dura- tion. Unfortunately, we have lately had a severe, outbreak of d;stemper among the hounds which has reduced the pack considerably, but I am glad to say that they appear to be getting over it agpin now. On Tuesday, the 29th ult., iA-o met at Upton Lawn, the residence of Mr. John Frost. There was a very largo muster, some of whom were Mr. Percy Roberts, Mr. Eric Dick-on, Mr. and Mrs. Frost, Messrs. M. and H. Frost, Mr. B. Glegg, Mr. T. 11. Wood. Mr. Maclaren, Miss Maclaren. Miss Morris, Mrs. E. C. Kendal, tho Mis es Dickson, Mr. Harold Broadbent, Mrs. Edward Powell, Mr. W. Powell, Mr. Robertson, junr.. Miss Robertson, M ss U. Corbctt, Mr. U. Corbett. junr., Mr. A. Campbell. Mr. P. H. Hc-lt, Mr. P. Douglas, Air. H. Smith. Mr. Trevor Dick- on. Mr. LJoyd, etc. It froze keenly all day, and although we had several hares on foot hounds could make very little of them. We, however, had' some pretty bunting in Messrs. Dicksons' nursery gardens wit,1-¡ a hare which tock us almost into Chester. Afterwards Air. and Frost most hospitably entevta-.ned everyone to luncheon and afternoon tea at Upton Lawn. LEVERET. SIR WYNDIIAM HANMER'S BEAGLES. The foilower3 of Sir Wryr.dham I larmier's Beagles had two capital hunts 011 Monday, meef- .ng a.t the Brunette, Tybroughton. A hare was coon put up on a plough ne:ir the houss, and ran well over the Sirift, Drury-lsne, Tybroughton Hall, and other holdings, ar.d at1 the end of an hour and fifteen minutes' hunt she was killeq: in the field, where she was found. A second hare came to hand on the Drury-lane Farm, and it was late in the afternoon when hounds were stepped near the Strift-lane. A good pace was maintained throughout.





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