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WREXHAM. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. -On Thursday, at the fortnightly of tiie Beard (Captain Griffirh-Boscawen presiding), tho que.-tion of workhouse acoommodaaon was again (x.ns.dered, the Visiting Committee reconimeud tig the erec- tion of two iron bunding, tc accommodate 25 male inmates in earn, the work co Lo completed within a month. Plans Lad been submitted, by 1\1r. Giuger, d Manchester, and was agreed to invite, tenders from the tr:.d(vonen, the Visiting Committee to have fuel power to deal with the venders and proceed WLth tiie Vliork at once. Tlie Chairman said ce wa.i c-xc,-L-L-dingly glad the Visit ng Committer had deoided on these temporary hui.dmgs, as t. c, hc-u-e wis now very much overcrowded. — Mr. J. SuiHh (\\ roxnam,. speaking on the general quesiion of actvunimoda- tion, advocated the erection of a new workhouse altogether in place of the present inadequate building, which the Local Government Board had told them pia.r.Jy tiiey must go ill for.The Chair- man said the erection of temporaiy iron buildings would in no way atiect the general and larger question, and Mr. Smith then gave Dotje that he- would bring the subject of a uew work no use for- ward at the next Board.—-Tne Rev. E. K. Jones (Brymbo) gave notice- that at tne m,xt meeting h2 would move that they respcctfudy memorialise the' mag.strafe:- on the licenci ug cuiiumttees of the borough of Wrexitam and oi the Broinfield, and lluahou licensing divisions urging upon themi the propriety of reducing the number of licensed !iou.»i within the union as far as possible.



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