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I KEWS OF THE WOULD. A rush of gold miners is in pro/jrcss to Lake A rush of geld miners is in pro;e to Lake fe-slin, British Columbia. It originated in the 'Hiding of a human skeleton in an o.d cabin, which led the tinders to examine the neighbourhood, and ttins to the discovery of gold-bearing lands. From January 1st the limit of amount for all irrbnd money order will b6 raised from £10 to £ 40, with rates of commission in proport.on. "ïtJl regard to telegraph orders, the new regulations require a telegram of advice for each older. The scale of co:r>mission on foreign and colonial orders has been al tered. William Dowell, 55, a pipe-layer, of Canning Town. was at Clerkenwell on Tuesday ordered to pay 5s. for being drunk and disorderly at Hollo- way rooti. P.C. Walker found the prisoner at two o'clock in the morning kissing a pillar-box and i asking it to come home. Last year we spent nearly £ 35 000,000 on our Navy. The United States on its Navy, and Russia, about 1021 millions. Japan I spent only about £ 3.009.000, but her Navy is said to be efficient, and, according to report., it will be strengthened at once by two men-o' war A young l'olish woman named Kiernicke was on Wednesday evening found lying dead on her bed in a lodging-house in Whitiield-street, London. The woman had been bound and gagged, and there was I a terrible gash in her throat. She had been robbed oi a nUUJuer OI goJU ana jewelled rings, anct about ES in money. There is no clue to the murderer. Letters of administration of the estate and effects of Miss Sophia Francis Hickman, lady doctor, who mysteriously disappeared from the Royal Free Hospital, London, and whose decomposed remains were some time afterwards found in Richmond- p trk have tieen granted to her father and next-of kin. Air. Edward Francis Hickman. The estate has been valued at £ 1.875 gross £ 1231 net. At Guisboro. on Tuesday, James Clarkson, a ycung man. was charged with the wilful murder of a girl. Elizabeth Lugnas, on Sunday night When the charge was read Clarkson said, "If I say anything will that. settle it now' The Chair- man of the Bench advised him he had better not make any statement at present. Accused, who looked haggard, was remanded. The coroner's inquiry was opened on Tuesday, and formal evi- dence of identification having been given, it was adjourned till next Tuesday. At West London, on Tuesday, Mar- garet Jano Kenny, 30. was committed for trial charged with bigamy. Ac- cused's first husband was a sailor who was ship- wrecked on a voyage to Russia. It was stated that believing he was drowned accused married again. When the first husband returned home. he was unable to find his wife, and also married again. Being charged with bigamy, he received nominal sentence of three days imprisonment. He after- wards lived happily with accused. An oxtraoidiiiary case of death through gluttony was investigated at. Bediington, Northumberland on Monday. A young miner named Robert Ernest. Stephenson, who was present at a social club supper on Boxing Night, had four plates of pork and what remained on. tke dish besides vege- tables. He was afterward-s unable to stand, and had to be led away from the table. His body was found in an outhouse on Sunday morning. The coroner's jury found that death was due to syn- cope, induced by over-eating and drinking. Late on Saturday night, or early on Sunday morning, a thief or thieves broke through the base- ) ment. window into the buildings of the University College, Aberystwyth, and stole upwards of 100 valuable and other coins from the glass case in which they were on view in the quadiangle. The collection included a complete set of Jubilee coins, coins lovering the period from King John to William IV., United States silver coins. Con- tinentat coins a silver medal commemorative, of the battle of Waterloo, and specimens of Maundy I money. Ihe nineftenth annual conference of the Incor-\ porate So iety of Mu?cia.ns w"s opened by th? Lord Provost at Glasgow Titc?sday. a cordial welcome being given. The secretary reported that there are. 2.149 members on the roll. and 21 sections holding periodical meetings in various parts of the country. Dr. Frederick Owen de- livered an interesting address on the mannerisms of composers, giving many pianoforte illustrations but refrained from extending his criticisms to British composers. Next year's conference is to be held in Alatichester. Tho spectacle of a real shower of gold was seen on Monday afternoon in Lothburv, London, when about half-past three o'clock the capacious bag of a bank messenger, who was accompanied by two gentlemen, suddenly burst, and its contents, I consisting of several hundreds of bright yellow sovereigns, rolled over the footpath and into the gutter. Luckily a police-const able happened to be (lose by, and he at onc-o rushed to the asc-.i-t- ance of the custodians of the gold, and with other policemen who came in answer to his call helped to form a cordon round the gold-covered pave- ment Ultimately they succeeded in gathering together the whole of the scattered wealth. An inqlWJt. was held at Whittie's Farm, Chelms- ford on Tuesday, on the body of Goulder J. Fen- ner, cattle dealer, well known in the Eastern counties who while shooting with his boy on Christmas Eve had his heel blown away by the accidental discharge of a new gun he had obtained on trial for his son. It was shewn that. the gun went off as easily at half as at full cock. Beforo he allowed the wound to be. dressed the father anxiously declared that the boy was not at fault. and had not c-ven been careless, but had carried the gun as instructed, pointing downwards. Tho jury returned a verdict of "Accidental de-ath," adding sympathy with the boy and the family. The southern part of Lincolnshire is again suifenng from a plague of rats. In many parts of the district the hedges and stacks simply swarm with them. and the tracks they have made resemble miniature sheep titu k. The cause is attributed to the excessively wet season which has prevailed. the flooded state of the ditches and drains having driven them from their natural haunts to higher ground, where they have taken possession of corn stacks, potato and mangold graves, and surrounding premises.. Farmers are at their wits' end to know how to deal with them Hundreds have been killed during threshing opera- tions yet they appear as numerous as ever, and successful extermination appears a matter of no email difficulty.




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