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ATHLETIC NEWS. I FOOTBALL NOTES. I Chester concluded their Ooiribination fixtures on Wednesday, when they entertained Birkenhead in a. return engagement. Neither side was at full strength, the home team being represented by the follolv,ng:-Earciley, goal; Astbury and Turner, full backs; Barker, Breen (Hoole' Rovers) and Lloyd, half-backs; Kelly, Sherman, McGuffie, Hardacre and Delaney, forwards. Chester started the game, and were put on the defensive for some time, Turner, Astbury and iE,:idley clearing well. Aftar a quarter of an hours' play, Deianey obtained possession, and headed the ball down the held. McGuffie and Hardacre tested the goalkeeper (Keeley), and then Kelly sprang on to the ball and banged it into the net. j ust afterwards Eardley cleared a nasty twisting shot from Coupe, and conceded a corner, from which Howard headed over. The Cestrians resumed the offensive, and McGuffie put out to Keily, who in turn gave to Sherman, enabling that player to beat Keeley with a. fine shot. The referee ruled Siterman offside, though it appeared to us that the ball was passed back to him, in which case he would be onside. J Eardley's abilities received a severe test a little later. He made a miraculous save, and just aftBr- i wards punched out an awkward shot. Barker let the ball pass from Astbury to Kslly, who tipped it to Sherman. The last-named player put in a. hard shot, which just went over the bar. Kelly and Sherman again had hard lines, and Delaney sent in a weak shot. At half-time Chester led by one goal to n-1. For the first ten minutes of the second half the visitors played with more energy, and had matters i entirely their own way. Cunningham lost a splen- did opportunity, and Coupe narrowly missed. The home team then resumed the attack, and Barker sent a long and high shot, the ball dropping into Keeley's hands. Kelly put out when close to the goal. Clever play was then witnessed on the left wing, and both Kelly and Sherman came within an ace of scoring. The Birkenhead goal was bom- barded for a time, but was kept secure. Ten minutes before the end of the game a heavy down- pour came on, the wind driving the rain in the faces of the city players. Birkenbcad pressed and Asking equalised. Soon afterwards the visitors obtained the lead from a corner. On account of the muddy state of the ground at the visitors' end of the field, the (Jestrians could make no headway, while their opponents had the advantage of attack- ing on drier ground. The game ended as follows: Birkenhead two, Chester one. j Chester are to be sympathised with, as they were the better team and deserved to win. The game was very tame, and neither side shewed much energy or combination. The only attempt at organised play was on the Chester left wing. McGuffie kicked wildly at times, and. Hardacre wandered all over the place. DeLaney was left pretty much alone. Barker and Lloyd played well in the half-back line, but Breen was not per- sistent enough. Astbury played a fine game, and his presence was always where most needed. Turner was not to be depended on. Eardley played a fine game, and made some grand clear- ances. i This week brings us to the close of the second season since the revival of tha Chester club, and we are glad to record improved results. In the Combination table they have finished, seventh in- stead of thirteenth as last year, and have gained 26 points against 17 last season. Besides this, they reached the semi-final stage of the Cheshire Cup competition before their career was stopped. Generally speaking, the team gave a better ao- count of themselves in the earlier part of the season than during the latter part. In the autumn they played for eleven weeks without being defeated, and came to ba considered one of the beat teams in the Combination. Their form, however, de- teriorated, and they became one of the most in- consistent teams in the district. While they have often. been too liable to go to p-eces in the face of misfortune, they have also pLtyed most dashing games, and owing to the fast pace they have main- tained they have at times given, one the impression of being almost tireless. The following have besn their best perform- ances:-Thc- defeat of V\ itton Albion at North- wich by 2-0; the defeat of Birkenhead at Chester in Chesh.re Cup tie by 3-1; their victory over Manchester City Reserve by 3-2; and their beating of both Bangor and Winsford by 6—0, and of Tranmere Rovers by 5—0. There are now some clever players in the team. and it is to be hoped they will be retained for next season. As our readers will be interested to know who have been Chester's most prolific scorers, we print here a. list of the players and the number of times the opposing goalkeeper has been beaten: De- laney 17, Kelly 16, Riley 9, Hodnett 4, Turner 4. Hardacre 3, Sherman 2, MoGuffie 2, Lewis 2, Griffiths 2, penaltv goals (all scored by Delaney) 7.; other goals (resulting from scrimmages) 4. during the season the Chester team has registered 72 goals, while 64 have b2en recorded against them. The Chester Reserve team entertained Gresford on Saturday, and defeated them by 5—0. On Monday they concluded their league fixtures, when they lost to Rhyl Reserve at Rhyl by 2-0. They are to be congratulated on the sound position they have secured in the league table. The final stage of the Chester Charity Cup competition was reached on Saturday, wheti Hoole Rovers met Connah's Quay at Whipcord- lane Chester. There was one of the largest crowds ever seen at a Charity Cup tie, atid the receipts reached the gratifying total of i.Z&. In the first half Hoole had the advantage of the wind, while Connah's Quay had to face the sun. The Rovers were at once put on the defensives and in less than two; minutes Green scored splendidly from a pass by Roberts. Just before the interval W. Jones worked his way through and scored the second goal. In the second half W. Jones registered an. easy goal for Connah s Quay, and R. J. Jones increased the lead to five. H. Green, after a beautiful run, scored splen- didly, Connah's Quay thus winning by six goals to nil. Both teams gave on the whole a mediocre exhibition of football, but the winners were de- cidedly the better side. Not once did Hoole shew their best form, though they occasionally had hard lines. They appeared half asleep, and played in such a disorganised way that it soon became apparent that they would lose. Connah's Quay were loose in their play at times. They held the upper hand throughout, and fully deserved their comfortable win. The Mayor (Dr. Roberts) presented the cup to the winning team at the conclusion of the game. He said he found the work of refereeing had been done by an experienced man, with whom both teams were perfectly gatisfied. He also found that that was the second time Connahr3 Quay had won the cup. He had great pleasure in handing the cup to the captain of the Connah's Quay team. He was pleased to be with them, because he was an old footballer himseit. Ane time when he played dated back fifty years. They did not go about it then in exactly the same fashion as the teams of the present day. They used to play then simply for recreation and amusement. There was a spirit of competition drawn in which adided much to the interest of the game, but he could not say whether it added much to the physical recreation with which the game was so closely associated. The "gate" was to be devoted to an excellent charity, the Chester Infirmary, and he was pleased to say the "gate" had exceeded the anticipation of the energetic treasurer, Mr. Hankinson. Mr. W. Lumberg, captain of the Connah's Quay team, responded. Mr. J. C. H. Hankinson, hon. treasurer, in the absence of the chairman of the Hospital Saturday Committee, thanked the Mayor for presenting the cup. The Chester Charity Cup, which was presented by Mr. R. A. Yerburgh, is offered each year by the Chester and District Hospital Saturda, Com- mittee for competition among local lu??! ?h,, gate reoeipts being given to c?aritle%. The fol lowing are the previous winners:—1890, Chester; 1891 Chester St. Oswalds; 1894, Railway Invin- cibles 1895, Queen-street P.S.A. 1896, Connah's Quay; 1897, Queen-street P.S.A.; 1898, the Rossett; 1899, Chester L. and N. W. Locos; 1900, Helsby; 1901, Newton Rangers; 1&02, Wrexham Victoria. Helsby met the Druids Reserve in the replayed final tie of the Chester and District Challenge Cup on Saturday on the Wrexham Racecourse. The Druids had the advantage of the wind in the first half, and at once attacked, Hough clearing from a long shot. Free kicks to each side were followed by Price only just failing to open the score for Helsby, the Druids' custodian clearing from a free kick directly afterwards. The game was fiercely oontested, neither side having much advantage, as the defence of both teams was much in advance of the attack. Hough cleared once or twice in good style his vis-a-vis having to do likewise from Jones and Bibby. The Druids on one occasion scored from a free kick, but were ruled offside. Cartwright got in a fine shot at long range, which the Druids' custodian cleared well. The game was well oontBsted up to half- time, but no score had taken place. The Druids restarted, and after a couple cf free kicks to each side Helsby pressed, both Jackson and Bibby just missing by inches. Helsby con- tinued to have the best of the exchanges, but failed to utilise a couple of corners which they gained. Hough then saved a long shot, and the Druids scored another offside goal. Helsby again pressed, but without success, the Druids' gcai- keeper and backs defending stubbornly. V; heji time arrived neither side had scored. Extra time was decided on, and Helsby started with the wind, but after play had been in progress a short time the light became so bad that the game had to be abandoned, the uaateli thus ending in a goalless, draw. On Monday evening Helsby met the Ihtuds Reserve at Whipcord Lane in the final tÎlj\- of the Chester Senior Cup competition. This is the third time the clubs have attempted to decided who should carry off the cup. the two previous games having been drawn. There was a small attendance, nearly all the spectators being Helsby men. The Cheshire lads started the ball and pressed for a short time. ThE) Druids then attacked vigorously, and Hough made a grand save from a near shot, while Cooke also narrowly averted disaster. Helsby pressed vigorously for some time, and after a couple of fruitless oorners Hughes worked the ball into the goal from a third. The Druids were kept on the defensive for some time, and Boyle, Hughes and Fletcher i made good attempts. The Welshmen broke away occasionally, but with no effect. After neat play several final efforts on the part of Helsby were spoilt by erratic shooting. Shortly before the interval Hughes pushed his way through the defence and centred accurately to 'Price, who shot up under the crossbar, the ball bounding into the net. Just before half-time a penalty was awarded to Helsby. It was taken by Boyle, but, Westley saved finely. At half-time the score stood Helsby 2, Druids 0. j The first few minutes play after the interval was of an even character. Presently the Druids made a determined onslaught, and suffered hard lines on several oocasions. Play then became transferred to their own quarters, Jackson and Price hitting the posts during a rush by Helsby. The goalkeeper (Westley) effected marvellous saves. Another attempt was made to storm the Welshmen's citadel, and Boyle scored a third goal in fine style. Hough was then called upon, and succeeded in clearing his charge. Shortly afterwards the Druids obtained a comer, and after » scrimmage they registered their only goal. After keeping up the pressure for sc. short time, i they were repulsed. The next episode of the '• game was witnessed when Jackson took the ball down by himself, and after a smart ruia he scored j Helsby's fourth goal. Thus the game ended- Helsby 4, Druids 1. j Mr. J. Davies, Wrexham, presented the cup to the Helsby team, and congratulated them on having brought a protracted final to a close. Mr. A. Cooke, captain of the team, responded on their behalf, and thanked the Chester officials for the way in which they had oonducted the competition. Mr. E. T. Hallmark proposed and Mr. G. S. N. Hull seconded a vote of thanks to Mr. Davies, which was heartily carried. The victorious team were accorded quite a royal reception on their return to Helsby. The Silver Band met them at the station, playing as the train drew up to the platform See the Cftfiquering Hero Comes," the streets being thronged with villagers, who. joined heartily in the welcome given to the team. A procession was formed, headed by the, band and followed by the players, carried shoulder high, and a large number of supporters, the village being paradud until late in the evening. The cup was filled ,several, times at the Robin Hood and Railway Hotels, and the team's health drunk amid great cheering. It was almost midaight when the village,, which reminded one of Mafeking night, assumecE its normal quietude. The final tie between Broughton United and t Flint U.A.C., to decide the possession for one year of the Flintshire League Charity Cup. presented at the opening of the season by Mr. Frank B. Summers, was played on neutral ground at Mold on Saturday. In the opening stages Broughton played the best game, and after some little time had elapsed they were penalised for fooling Bradley, who WAA having a warm time of it in the Flint goal. The free kick was speedily relieved, and Sanderson obtaining possession drew the first blood for Broughton. Fouls occurred wish undesirable frequency after this, but no further scoring occurred before half-time. A regrettable incident was witnessed in the second; portion of the game. Cummings (Flint) and W. H. Jones were competing for the ball, when a spectator struck the former. Flint onlookers rushed to the spot, and matters assumed an ominous appearance, but play was resumed after an anxious 15 minutes' interruption. No further scoring took place and Broughton. thus won by a goal to nothing. Mr. Frank B. Summers pre- sented the eup to the victorious team. At the close of the cup tie a game of far greater merit and! interest was witnessed, wherein the Mold Amateurs and Saltney played their return fixture in, the first division of the Flint-Mre League. Just before. the conclusion of the first half Saltney forced a corner off Eaton. The ball was well placed and was eventually rushed into the net.. Upon the restart the Mold forwards soon got into working order, Davies and McFarlane putting in some good work on the left. McFarlane centred: nicely, and Jim Millington was enabled to head, in the first goal for the Amateurs. Straight from the centre Millington. scored a second goal with, a fast shot. The Amatears forwards were now going/great guns, and Davies- scored a third and Thomas a fourth goal. The Saltney team in this half rarely crossed the half-way line, in fact they appeared to be com- pletely outclassed. In contrast to the preceding game, there was an entire absence of rough play. The fmal score was Mold Amateurs four goals. Saltney one goal. COMBINATION. RESULTS UP TO DATE. ^-Goala-^ P W. L. D; ForAgst, Pts Wrexh8.m. 26.19. 2. 5 80.23 43 Nantwich .26 15. 7. 4 ..69 .43.. 34 Birkenhead 26..15 7. 4 52.36 34 Burslena Port Vale .2G 12. 7. 763.35 11 31 Oswestry .26 ..14..10.2.57 Wittoa Albion .6.11. 7. 8 52 .49 30 Chester 26..9.9.. 8.48 49.21) Middlewieh 26. 9. 9.. 8 42 62 26 •Bangor 26. 9. 9. 8.52 72.24 Rhyl 25 8.13. 4 51. 62 20 *Winsfoad 26 8 13. 5.51 54 .19 Newton-le-Willowa .2;) 7.15 3 50 72 17 Tranmeea .26.. 4.0.17, 5, 30 64 13 Chirk 26 4.19.. 3 36.72.11 *Two poiats deducted White Star Wanderers withdrawn—record expunged. CHESTER & DISTRICT FOOX&ALL. LEAGUE DIVISION I. ■>■> RSABVRS UP TO DATE. r~Goals' • P. W. L. D. for Ajiut. Pts. Druids Reaarve .12.9. 1. 2 3Q 12 20 Helsby 14. 9 3. 2.45 20.20 Wrexham Vies.14. 7. 4.. 3 45.21 17 Chester Keserve. 13 7. 4. 2 44.29.16 Coo.na.b's.Quay 13. 6. 5.. 2..33 37..14 Rhyl Reserve .12.. 3. 7. 2.13 32.. 8 Cambria,n Athletic 14. 2. 9.. 3 32 CO 7 Gresford .14 1.11 2.27.55. 4 CHESTER & DISTRICT FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIVISION IL RESULTS UP TO DATH. r-Goals-, P. W. L. D. For Affst. Pts. Hoole 14 11 1. 2.. 67 13 24 Wrexham S. Giles 13.11. 1. 1.52.12 23 Garrison H.. 7. 3. 4 58.29.18 Little Suttor 14. 4.. 6 Whitb.y C. A.13. 4. 8. 1.0.42. 9 Sealaud Road 13. 4. 8. 1.18, 35 9 Great Saughall 14 4, 9. 1 19.65. 9 Chester United .13. 1.10. 2.13.37. 4