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 .KUCTION DIARY. -&;í; MF.8S-}.LPillcK:- ROBERTS & RICHARDSON. April 28-At the Au?on Mart. yorog?e-street- Household FurnMre and Effects 1, Apri? rA? No. 7@, Tarvin-rood, Chester-Hou.. hold Furniture and Effects April SO—At No. 14, Bold-square. C^e^ter—Howw- hold Furniture, Musical Instrum?ta and ?h<- Effects By MElSSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERT April 20-At No. 70, Hough Green, Cb-oster- Household Furniture and iitrecta April 21 — At the Smithfield, Ches?-F?t and Store Stock Apr??tbe Smithfield. Hoo?-?t and Store Cattle Apr??he Smith?ld. C???-Horses. CMriageil and Harness  "'E?"  Ches?- -kp")in-Tn-ntq a.-ad Effects S £ S!B^ Heifers and Cheviot Wethers April 29-At Crabwa,U Hall. OhesteT-Houhc.ld Ap^-Tt Ps&ia. Ch?-8hr.?. April 30-At the SlI1ithtJld. Obe8terhrob"" Ornamental PIR?-nt,. &c M.yTA??eF?-BuIloc? H?fer?nd Cheviot Wh' M«ylIAlthe ?itb?d. Cb?-D? and "tore Cattle -ylay 16-kt tfie Blo^oms Hotel. Ohcater-L?-nsed Houses and Cotte Prop(-rtv May IG-At the Blossoms Hotel, Chester F„r.e hold Farm May-.N,t F,trndon Hall, Cheshire-Household Furniture and Effects Bv MESSRS. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE. April 20—At the Fhnt Ua.ttie ?ar?—c? n.? -"—— ,Stock F C 1 Apr??At the Ermine Cattle Mart- at C?ttie. Pi and Shep Hotel, Ellesmere Pc)rt- AprF??t? Bock Hotel, Ellesmere Port- Freehold Building Land at Ellesmere Port April 24-At the Dingle Farm. Kel&ll1-Llv and Dead Farming 6took and Household Furmture By MR. J. P. CARTER. April 29-At Great Sutton—Farming Stock and Household Furniture April 21-At No. 19, PAstgate-Row (North)-offi(-e Effect,,i April ?At the Wirral S?ithBeId. HooOn-Fnt and Stora Stock By MESSRS. ASTON & SON. April 21-At the City Auction Rooms, Watergate- street—Household Furniture By MESSRS WILLIS & JONES. May 4-At the Red Lion Hotel. Chriitleton- Cottage, Garden, and Land at Brown Heath By MR. WILLIAM THOMSON. I May 12-At the Law Association Rooms. Liverpool —Hotel. Dwelling bouses, &e. at He-wall By MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD & SONS. April 24-At the Smithfield Wrexham Dairy Cows, Heifers. and Store Pigs April 25 At the Grosvenor Hote., Cbester- Cottages and Garden at Great Barrow May 18—At the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, W rexham —Licensed Properties near Wrexham By MESSRS HENRY MANLEY & SONS. Urn. May 13, 14 & 15-At Crewe Horse Repository-* Harness Horses, Show Horses, Shlres, &c. SALES BY AUCTION. -r- AUCTION MART, FOR EG AT E ST REET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & 00. will SELL BY AUCTION, on TC&SJMY. 28th April, 1?3. &n assortment of HOUSEHOLD AFpUrRil, NITURE and EFFECTS. Early entries invited. At Nor 7a, TARVIN-ROAD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & 00. have received instructions from the Exors. of the late Miss Mate to SELL BY AUCIION. on WEDNESDAY, 29th April, 1903, commencing at Two eclock p.m., the excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNI- o'clock p. m EFFECTS. TURE and EFFECTS. Catalogues from the AUCTIONEEKS. At No 14, BOLD-SQUARE, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTO, ELPHICK & C?o. -Al- have received instructions from the executors | of the late Mr. Joseph Holmes to SELL BY AUCTION, on THURSDAY, the 30th April, 1903, j the excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, {;old and Silver WATCHES, GUN, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, and other Effects. Catalogues from the AvoTio.;FEi?.s. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will hold j[. their next SALE at the MART, FLINT, on MONDAY, April 20th. ERMINE CATTLE MART, CHESTER. PICKERING & NIGHTING ALE will SELL P BY AUCTION at the ERMINE MART, on TUESDAY NEXT— 6W Head of STOCK 5 In-pig GILTS. On WBDNKSDAY NEXT, April 22nd, 1903. Sale of Freehold LAND at ELLESMERE PORT, CHESHIRE. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE ?H SELL P BY AUCTION, at the Dock Hotel, EUesmere Port, on WEDNESDAY, April 22nd, 1903. at Six o'clock p.m. prompt, and subject to conditioligof sale to be then prod needy the following Freehold BUILDING LAND LOT 1 —Ail that Valuable Piece of Freehold BUILDING LAD, situate in Queen-etreet, Ellesmere Port, and contaiulng 718 square yards, or thereabouts with-So feet frontage to Quoen-street LOT 2.—All that Valuable Piece of Freehold BUILDING LAND. situate in Church-street, Ellesmere Port and containing 1,024 square yards, or thereabouts, with 58 feet frontage to Church- street. LOT 3.-All that Valuable Piece of Freehold BUILDING LAND, situate in Church-street, Ellesmere Port, and containing 1,476 square yards, or thereabouts, with 70 feet frontage to Church- merf-et. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, 4, Newgate-street, Chester; or MK-ssk^. LAYTON, MELLY & LAYTON, Solicitors, 9, Fenwick-strect, Liverpool. On FRIDAY NEXT, April 24th, 1903. Sale of 3 COw" 2 Heifers, 10 Couple of Fowls, quantity of Trussed Clover Hay, 100 boxes of early Potato Sets. Implements, Household Furni- ture. at the DINGLE FARM, KELSALL, eight miles from Cheater. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will SELL P BY AUCTION the whole of the Live and Dead FARMING STOCK and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE on above premises. Sale to commence at Two o'clock prompt. On MONDAY NEXT, at 1.30. At GREAT SUTTON (J-mile from Little Sutton, li miles from Ledsham and Capenhurst Stations, and 6 miles from Chester). MR. J P. CARTER has received instructions from Mr. Oliver Graham (who is leaving) to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of his Valuable Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, also the useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, including- CATTLE.—Ten well-br^d two-years-old heifers, 2 coloury yearling heifer calves, three-years-old cslving heifer, frosib barren CQW, 2 fat pigs. HORSES and OOLTS.-Bay harness mare, in foril to Crnsadez, {near ioaling). handsome half- Jbwed hackney filly, promising well-bred hackney cofe. "C:\T1 GEARS. HARNESS, incubator by RiUier, to butch iOOeggs, wJtb.fostet-mother and runs complete, also the whole, of the Household Furniture and Effeeto. Side commences with Farm Stock at 1.30; hold 'Furniture at 3jo'«jAock. Aoction offices, Newgate Chamber" Chester. Under Distraint for Rent. On TUESDAY NKXT, April 21st, 1983- At SQ. 19, EASTGATE ROW NORTH (over Eisiski's), CHESTER. MR. J. P. CARTER bag been instructed to JvO ?ELL BY AUCTION t?wboJe of the DFFrCE EFFECTS. Particulars in posters. Sale at 2.30 in the afternoon. Newgate Chambers. Chester. On WEDNESDAY NKSCT. at One o'clock. MR. J. P. CARTER'S HeûTON, STOOK ..i' t. SALE. Newgate Cham bers, Chester. W AS TO X & SON, S j\STON.'t SON" CITY AUCTION RO?MS. iz WATMJGATE STREET, CHESTEIL These Roca.M are aJwaya ?paa to receive FURNITURE %nd other GOODS for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION. Terms moderate. Prompt settlement. Sales conducted in towis or country. S. ASTON & SON, Auctioneers, &c,. Regent-street, Wrexham; Watergate-street, Chester. CITY AUCTION ROOMS. TUESDAY N&rr, April 21st, 1903. MKinSRS. ASTO? & SON w;U 8M?L BY JM AUCT70? a.t tbe above Rooms the whole of a HoK? of FURN?TCRE and other EFFECTS, removed from HeLslij- for convenience of Sale. com- prising sofa in lettlipr. gm Pooking stove, "Singer" sewing mAshtnn (nearly H6i), solid walnut bedroom eu-ite, fitted with bevel ghwses. marble slab, &c.; grandfather chair, uphoistvu'd in tapestry: uphol- ..stered suite in green velw-afc, walnut overmantel, three ladies' bicycles, bedsteafcs,and spring mattresses, feather bed and wool jyattresses, palliasses, fenl>ecs, tables, easy and other chairs, bm-is kerb and -lire brasses, saucepans, braas cornice pole, mail carts an<f bassinettes, quantity of oikvvth and linoleums, new and second-hi-nd dreaesiiafe' tal>les, cheats of .drawers, leather cQUffu. leaf table, walnut sideboard, .fitted with bevel pla", &c. numerous other articles. Sale to commenco at im.prornpt. AtMtioneers' OQicea: 14, Watergute»itreet, Chester. Telephone 59. SALES BY AUCTION. On MONDAY NEXT. April 20th, 1903. Important Sale of the whole of the valuable Houæ- ho,d Furniture, Glass, China, Silver, Sheffield Plate. Otipamtinga, W ater Col Engravings, and Effects, at liARLAND HOUSE, No. 7Q, HOUGH GREEN, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are 1-1- favoured with instructions from the Exors. of thelate Miss Blelock. to SELL BY AUOTION the valuaable FURNITURE and EFFECTS, in- eluding ruaaaive mahogany extonding dining tables, mahogany dining-room suite, rosewood chefionjer, r. tiewnod centre table, cottage pianoforte, umsic t.anterbury, pairs of valuable bronzes and bronze ifgures, imirble clocks, handsome gilt console tabic, gilt brackets, massive gilt timepiece, walnut .Davenport, eijonised octagonal table, ebonised and gold settee and two easy chairs, occasional, stand, and card tables; easy chair*, rich Wilton pile, Axminster, Brussels, and Turkey carpets and hearth- rugs pair of curtains, 27 thick brass stair rods, Brussels stair car pet, valuable oilpaintings, and watr colors, engravings, crayon drawings, photos and old prints of Chester, silver and Sheffield plate, dessert and fish knives and forks, glass and china, dinner serviœ,dpsert service, old Worcester tea and coffee service, vases and ornament, punch bowls, juga, &c., massive walnut bedroom suites, sets of bedsteads and bedding, bedroom furniture, grand- father's 8-day clock, pheasant pattern dinner I service, mahogany hat and umbrella stand, six dish I covers, pieces of old pewter, wringing and mangling machine, stepladders, large meat safe, kitchen and culinary utensils and garden effects. On view Saturday April 18th, from 2 to 4 o'clock. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock punctually. Catalogues may be obtained at the AUCTIONEERS^ Offices, Grosvenor Buildilrig- Oliester. TUESDAY NEXT, April 21st, at Eleven. AT THE SMITHF1ELD. OHE?, ???ll?er MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold If.l. their tliu-al WEEKLY SALE of Prime i at and Store CATTLE, SHEEP. PIGS & CALVES, including 40 Cros-i-bred Shropshire STOltE HOGS, and GO SCOTCH HOGS. Entries respectfully solicited On WEDNESDAY NEXT, April 22nd. at One. AT HOOTON SMITHFIELD. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hcM their usual WEEKLY SALE of ?AT and STORE CATTLE Sheep, Pigs and CALVES. Entries respectfully solicited. THURSDAY NEXT, 23rd April. CHESTER HORSE FAIR DAY. j AT THE SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNAH & ROBERTS will hold ?1L their usual ?ALE of HORES. CAR- RIAGES and HARNESS, commencing at One o'clock with Horsos. j Entries respectfully solicited. Auction OrHcPs t trnvsvtsMov Buildings,.Chapter. | FRIDAY NEXT, 24th April, 1903. Important and t xceedingly Attractive Sale of the modern and excellent Household Furniture, Glass, China, and EfFecca, at "EASl'COrE," HOOLE- ROAD, () ;ti tl;6 chit. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS have been i?l- favoured with instructions from bliss Wigg (who is going abroad), to SELL BY AUCTION her HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, including liauiUjo and ebonised i fire screens walnut easy chair, mahogany four-leaf stand table, ebonii-ed single chairs, beautiful toned Rouisch upr'?ht grand piano, by Metzler and Co., mahogany music stool, mahogany occasional chairs, m&hug&ny oval leaf table, Chippendale mahogany clbüw, mahogany settee, oak hat and umbrella stand, carved oak hall chair, old grandfathers clock, oak dining-ioom suite, light oak sideboard, oak extending dining table, ebonised and gilt gipsy tables, oak writing taiile, rich pile carpets, j heavy brass stair rods and eyes, brass rail fenders and sets of fire brasses, bi ass and japanned Persian and brass single bedsteads, exceedingly handsome and well-made walnut and uak bedroom suites. Copehmd and other toilet sets, box ottoman, glass, china, kitchen tables, chairs, dog run, garden tools, and the usual assortment of kitchen and culinary j utensils, household and 'iiiscellaneous effects. I Sale at 11 o'clock prompt. On view Thursday, 23rd April from 2 to 4 o'clock. Catalogues may be obtained from the Auc- )j I TIONEERS' Offices, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. I On MONDAY, 27th April, 1903. Annual Sale of the First Portion of the Prime FAT CATTLE and SHEEP, at SEALAND MANOR FARM. SEALAND, one mile from Queen's Ferry Station, one and a half miles from Shotton and Counah's Quay and Saughall Stations, and six miles from Chester. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS are again i?.j? favoured with instructions from R. Podmore, Esq., to SELL BY AUCTION-^ 70 Prime Fat BULLOCKS and HEIFERS, and 150 Ripe Fat Cheviot WETHERS Lunch at One o'clock. Sale to commence at Two o'clock prompt. OmnilMisses will leave the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, at 12-15. and the Hooton Hotel at 12-20, to convey intending purchasers to the Sale. The Second Portion will be Sold at the DEE- SIDE FARM, on MONDAY, May 11th, 1903. I Auctioneers' Offices, Grosvenor Buildings, Cheater. WEDNESDAY April 29th, 1903. Sale of Two DAIRY COWS, Dairy Utensils, a portion of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Garden Effects, at CRABWALL HALL I (21 miles from Chester). Yfl ESRS CUNNAH & ROBERTS have been I favoura v ith instructions from Mrs. Davies (who is changing her residence), to conduct the I above Sale. Further particulars in future advertisement. Auction Offices: Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. I THURSDAY, 30th April, 1903. CALE of SHRUBS, Fruit Trees, Roses, and ORNAMENTAL PLANTS at the SMITH- FIELD, CHESTER, commencing at Eleven o'cl'>ck prompt. Catalogues may be obtained from Messrs. CUNNAR and ROBHRTS, Auctioneers, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. THURSDAY, 14th May, 1903. ALE of DAIRY and STORE CATTLE at the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER, at Eleven o'clock. Entries respectfully solicited. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, Auctioneers. Important to Brewers, Investors, Hotel Pro- prietors, and others. Highly Important Sale of Valuable LICENSED HO TOES and COTTAGE PROPERTY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the iyj[ Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of May, 1903, at 3 o'clock punctually, subject to conditions, the undermentioned LICENSED and COTTAGK PROPERTY:- LOT 1.—The valuable and substantially built Fully-Licenced HOTEL, known as the Green Dragon Hotel," Foregate-atreet. Chester. This house occupies a commanding position in the best business street in the city, is commodious and well arranged, and repieto with every modern convenience. LOT 2.—The valuable Fully-Licensed HOUSE. known as the Grotto Inn." situate in Bridge- street Chester, and occupying a first-class business position LOT 3.—Three Freehold COTTAGES, Nos. 5. 7 and 9, Commonhall-street. in the City of Chester. LOT 4.—The old-established Licensed HOUSE, known as the letters Inn," Thornton-le-Moors, in the County of Chester, with stabling, coach-house, and large garden. These premises have recently been rebuilt. LOT 5.—Seven newly-erected COTTAGES and SHOP, well built, adjoining the "Letters Inn," Lot 4. LOT 6.— he Fully-Licensed PUBLIC-HOUSE, known as the Custom House Tavern," situate in I Watergate-street, in the City of Chester, now in the occupation of Mr. J. Pritchard, together with the Cottage adjoining, being No. 2, Weaver-street. LOT 7-—The Freehold COTTAGE, No. 3, Pitt- street, in the City of Chester. Full particulars and any further information may be obtained from the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester or from MESSRS. ROYLE & REYNOLDS, Solicitors, Newgate-street. Chester. On Saturday, May 16th, 1903. COUNTY OF CHESTER. .Preliminary Notice of Sale of the valuable Freehold FARM, comprising upwards of 64.\ acres of Valu- able Land, together with the Farmhouse and Farm Buildings, known as the "Woodhouse Farm," Tattenhall. now in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Evans, to be SOLD BY AUCTION by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, at the im Blossoms Hotel, (?he8ter, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of May, 1903, at 3 ox-lock punctually, sub- ject, to conditions. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester; or C H. PEDLEY, Esq., Solicitor, Westminster Buildings, Mill-street, Crewe. END OF MY, 1903. Ptf-??inM'v Nottf-e of S?e of a portion of the I HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS at FARNDON HALL. CHESHIRE, 9 miles from Chester, 6 miles from Wrexham, and 4 miles from Broxtwn Station. mESSRS. CLTNN A H & ROBERTS have been favoured with instructions from Mrs. Parry (who is changing her residence) t«, conduct the above sale. Further particulars fiora the AUCTIONREKS, Grosvenor Building's. Che^t^r. PRELIMINARY NOTICE OF SALE BY jr AUCTIOK of Freehold DWELLING- HOUSE, BUILDINGS, and LAND, situate on the west of the high road from Chester to Whitby, about seven miles fnaga Chester, and comtaining 2 acres and 13 perches Of thereabouts, with extensive frontage to the said road. For plan end further particulars apply to MEssice. BRIDGMAN, WEAVER & WILD, £ k|icators, Westminster Buildings, Newgate-street, Chester. SALES BY AUCTION. BROWN HEATH, CHRISTLETON. ) NEAR CHESTER. t MESSRS. WILLIS & JONES have been in- structed to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Red Lion Hotel, Christleton, on MosnA Y. 4th May, 1903, at 6 p.m. precisely, subject to conaitionsto be then produced, the following Valuable FREE- HOLD PREMISES, namely:- All that COTTAGE and GARDEN, with two Plots of LAND adjoining, situate on the west side of the road leading from Plough-lane to Egg Bridge, containing in the whole 2a. 3r. 17p. or thereaoouts, and in the occupation of Mr. Richard Floct. The Property has a frontage to the road of about 111 yawls, and is an eligible building site. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Tarvin and North wich or to E. BRASSEY. ESQ.. Solicitor, Chester. HESWALL, CHESHIRE. Valuable Licensed Family Hotel, Four Dwelling- houses, and several Plots of Building Land, to be SOLD BY AUCTION by MR WILLIAM THOMSON, on TUESDAY, the 12th May. 1903, at 3 30 p.m. precisely, the 12th May. 1. ?, 0()M.4, 14, Cook-strf?et, at the Law Association Rooms, 14, Cook-street, Liverpool (subject to conditions of Sale to be then and there produced). LOT 1.—The first-class commodious HOTEL, known as the Hotel Victorin. Gav ton-road, Heswall, having a most commanding position over- looking the estuary of the Dee and the Welsh mountains, and being about five minutes walk from the HeswallStation of the London and N ortb Western and Great-Western Joint Railway and within twenty minutes' drive from the Heswall Hills Station of the Seacombe, Connah's Quay and -%Vt-exhani naiiw,.tv. The Hotel is situated between the Heswall Rail- way Station and the Golf Links, which have recently been opened at Gay ton. The stabling adjoining the hotel comprises six stalls, one loose box, coach-house and covered yard, with large ball- room, &c. over same. There is also a good kitchen garden, small gasworks. &*?. The hotel which stands on about 7,135 square yards, is leasehold for a term of 75 years, from the 1st December, 1901, subject to an annual ground rent of C200. The area of the stabling, kitchen garden, gas- works, &c., is ftttout 3,691 square yards, and the tenure is freehold. The total area is about 10,826 square vards. LOT 2.-Four DWELLING-HOUSES fronting Gavton-road. Each house contains two entertain- ing-rooms. kitchen, scullery, larder, pantry, fi\ e bedrooms, dressing-room, bath and W.C., with large garden and yard, and is let at £52 per annum, making a total annual rental of £:!08, the tenants paying the rates and taxes. The tenure is freehold arxTthe area of land ab-.ut 4 057 square yards. LOT 3. A Piece of "LA.ND. situate between the Heswall Station and the Hotel Victoria, immediately available forhuilrling purposes. The Land contains about 33,086 square yards and lends itself to economical development. There is an incimsing demand for good clans residences in this district. LOT 4.—An eligible Piece of BLILDIISG LAND, having frontages to Gents-road and Farn Hall-road, and adjoining the residence ot the late Mr. William Laird. Area about 11,430 square yards. If not sold in one Lot it will be offered in four Lots, namely, 4a. eoub,ining- a.bout2.S30squarc yards 4b. containing about 2,400 square yards; 4c, containing about 3.200 square yards 4d, containing about 3.000 square yards. r LOT 5.-k Piece of LAND, containing about 6,609 square yards, having a frontage to Piper's- lane.. LOT C. -A Piece of LAND, containing about 21.654.quare yards. LOT 7.—A Piece of LAND. containing about 24,853 square yards. LOT 8.—A Piece of LAND, containing about H,030 square vards. Lots 5 to 8 are situate on the Western Slope towards the Dee and are suitable for the erection of first-class Dwelling-houses or Institutions. For further particulars and to see plan apply to the AUCTIONEER, 7, Cook-street, Liverpool; or to MESSRS. ROYLE & REYNOLDS, Solicitors, Newgate-street, Cheater. FRIDAY NEXT, April 24th, at 11-15. GREAT SPRING PRIZE SALE OF WALES IN WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. IT' SRANK LLOYD & SONS will SELL— .r 450 Grand DAIRY COWS Mid HEIFERS, Barrens, Stirks, Store Bullocks, Year- lings, and Bulls. 750 Couples, Sows and Pigs and Store Pigs. Judging 10-30, Sale at 11-15. NEXT SATURDAY, April 25th, at 3-30. 17IRANK LLOYD & SONS will SELL BY t AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, as above- Two Freehold COTTAGES and Garden, situated at Great Barrow, four miles from Chester, ocoupied by Mrs. Gregory and Mr. Charles Woodcock. Further particulars from the AUCTIONEERS, Parr's Bank Chamliers, Wrexham or E. CARlmN LOCK- WOOD, Esq., Solicitor, 2, Newgato-street, Chester. On MONDAY. May 18th, at 3 o'clock. Important Sale of Valuable Freehold LICENSED PROPERTIES, in the neighbourhood of WREXHAM. "RANK LLOYD & SONS will SELL BY JD AUCTION, at the Wynnstay Arms Hotl, Wrexham. LOT 1.—FFRWYD, 4 miles from Wrexham. The well-accustomed., recently rebuilt PUBLIC- HOUSE. called the "Red Lion," situate at Ffrwyd, occupied by Mr. Edward Jones, comprising smoke- room, combined bar and tap-room, large kitchen, pantry, and four bedrooms, with small two-roomed COTTAGE at the rear, occupied by Mr. John Edwards. LOT 2.—A Detached Double COTTAGE adjoin- ing, occupied by Mrs. -ritntha and Mi's. Wynn. liOT i;. -Seven 1- .l'eeholct LJ, /l'T AGJ1:8, adjoining Lot 1, called Ffrwyd Red Lion Cottages," occupied by Messrs. Williams and others. LOT 4.—RLIOS and POiSKEY, miles from Wrexham. The Fully-licensed and recently rebuilt PUBLIC-HOUSE, called the" Plough .1 Inn," in Smith-street, Rhos, occupied by Mr. Jones. LOT 5.—The Freehold BEERHOUSE, known as the "Sun Inn," Poukey, recently rebuilt, and com- prising smoke-room, parlour, combined bar and tap- room, kitchen, back kitchen, three bedrooms, and club room. LOT G.-CEFiN, near RUABON.-The Frcoliold PUBLIC-HOUSE, called "Royal Oak," Cefn, occupied by Mr. James Davies, with the stable, small lock-up shop and large garden at the side, having good frontage. The whole of the ivbove properties are in possession of good trades, being situate in industrial localities. For particulars and to see plan, apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Parr's liu-nk Chambers; Mr. WALTER SLATER, Architect, High-street, both of NVrexham; or Messrs. ROY LE REYNOLDS, Solicitors, Newgate-street, Chester. 750 HORSES. £ 50 PRIZES. CREWE HORSE REPOSITORY. (Champion Cart Hurse and Show Cob each win 10 gs.) GREAT MAY PRIZE SALES. The best in the year for useful liarneis Horses, required for the seaside and holiday beasou. HENRY MANLEY & SONS, LIMITED. N M DAIEO AS .FOLLOWS.: WEDNESDAY, May 13th—HARNESS HORSES and Match Pairs, li>-U and over. THURSDAY, May lltli—sliOVV HORSES, Pedigree Hackneys, and suiull Harness Horses, Cobs and Ponies FitIDAY, May 15th Heavy HORSES of all classes. At the April Sales W Horses realized £ 2,06012s. Prise Lists aud Entry Fortus on application. Entries close Tuesday* May 5th. AT STUD. SEASON 1903. EATON STUD, CHESTER. • • J U FS T CAUSE" (The property of the Duke of WESTMINSTER), Is a beautiful chesnut horse, 4 years, 16 hands high, with bone and substance, and is one of the best bred horses in England. He is by Best Man" (by Melton"), out of "Farewell" (winner of the 1000gs.), by "Doncaster," out of "Lily Agnes" (dam of "Ormonde.") Will eerve a limited number of approved Mares Thoroughbreds at £ 10 iOs.; ,Half-breds at P-4 us. (Groom's fee included.) Apply to MH. R. CHAPMAN, Eaton Stud, Chester, for Nominations, without which no Mare will be served. LEY FOR CATTLE. BOLESWORTH CASTLE LEY; divided into I B two parts, pienttfui supply of wa?cr, and I good shelter; newly boued. May Ixth to Uctober 12th. YEARLINbr HEIFERS, £ 1 10s.; TWO- YEAR-OLDS, E2 2s.—Address Mr. White, Boles- worth, Tatteuhall. 5934 Established 1832 CART and LURRY TARPAULINS, LONG and LOIN CLOTHS for Horses, COAL and CORN SACKS, equal in price and quality to any in the kingdom. Ladders, Blocks, Pulleys, Rope of all sizes. TENTS suitable for all purposes, Decorations it required. Prompt atten- j tion to enquiries either for Sale or Hire of above.— Apply DAVIES & SONS, Crane-atreet, Victoria road. and 4, Coal Exchange, Chester. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS.—Every mother t who values the health and cleanliness or ner chili should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins, 4¥1. and 9d. Postage Id.—Geo. W. namoo", Gliomitt, Broad-street, Reading. Agents for Cheater, Cheerb &. iiopley, Cnemists, Northgate- street; Connah's Quay ä. Lloyd Jones, Cheoist, Medical HaiL ESTU. 1832. PRICE LIST. I AS PURVEYED TO HIS MAJESTY'S ARMY & NAVY MESSES. ?? r\^ >  ————  OUR "VERY OLD." ?.<??  SAMPLE BOTTLE BY POST, 3.?0 ???\  '??    C. & W. STEWART, Cash with Order ,?  < \) ADELPHl,   'X ?"?? ADELPHI, ,S ABERDEEN. THE CEKTRE OF THE HIGHLAND MALT DISTILLERIES J. E. BRASSEY & SON LTD., 9, FOREGA.TE STREET, CHESTER, OFFER THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN "RALEIGH" CYCLES AT THE UNDERMENTIONED NETT CASH PRICES GENT'S GAZELLE £10 0 0 I LADY'S GAZELLE £10 0 0 GENT'S No.4 RALEIGH X12 0 0 I LADY'S No. 2 RALEIGH £ 12 0 0 GENT'S No. 14, Cro:-s LADY'S No. 13, Special Frame ZC16 0 1 LADY'S No. 13, Special Frame £16 0 0 Frame R 16 0 0 All the above Cycles are Fitted with Free Wheel & 2-Rim Brakes. The Three-Speed Gear can be fitted to anv of the above Cycles at an additional cost of £ 3. THE ABOVE PRICES INCLUDE FIRST-CLASS ACCESSORIES. INSPECTION INVITED. ENAMELLING AND REPAIRS DONE ON PREMISES BY COMPETENT MEN. GOOD CLASS CYCLES FOR HIRE. WHY NOT HAVE TH F BEST? WHEN ORDERING YOUR NEW MOUNT, SEE THAT IT IS AN ARIEL. THE STANDARD OF TO-DAY. WITH FREE WHEELS, PLATED RIMS, AND ALL THE LATEST IMPROVEMENTS, FROM P,10 10 0 TO £ 16 [6 0 INSPECTION INVITED. WRITE FOR CATALOGUE TO THE SPORTS TRADING CO., LTD., 100A, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER. BRITISH WORKMAN'S & (IENERAL SSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. ESTABLISHED 1866. Chief Offices: BROAD STREET CORNER, BIRMINGHAM. EXTRACTS FROM THE DIRECTORS' REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDING DECEMBER 31ST, 1902. LADIES & GENTLEMEN.— Your Directors have again the pleasure of congratulating you on a year of SOLID PROGRESS. The INCOME from all sources exceeded that of the previous year by £ 78,352. The BUSINESS TN FORCE has been increased by the net addition of 71) 0(32 NEW POLICY HOLDERS, at an additional NEW ANNUAL PREMIUM INCOME of JB70,758, and a net SURPLUS of £18,5!) has been ADDED to the RESERVE FUNDS. The TOTAL NUMBER of NEW POLICIES issued was 470,076, at a Yearly Premium of £ 327,701. The amount paid in CLAIMS during the year was £ 344.409. This amount exceeded that of the previous year by £32,2H1,. and included the sum of £ (>9,00ci under Maturing Endowment and Endowment Assurance Policies. Over E288,000 has been paid in these two classes alone during the last five years. The Total Amount, Paid by the Company to its Assurants up to 31st December 1902, was £ 3,532,132. The Directors are pleased to report a FURTHER REDUCTION in the RATIO OF MANAGEMENT EXPENSES. RESULTS OF THE YEAR'S TRANSACTIONS. The Total Income of the Company was £ 860,945. The Total Payments were £ 674,299, leaving a SURPLUS BALANCE on the year's Accounts of £ 186,646. Out of this sum £ 4,047 has been written off Investments, Loans, Leaseholds, Furniture, &o. leaving £ 182,599 to be added to the Assurance Fund. FREDK. T. TEFFERSON, Chairman. S. J. PORT, Secretary. APPLICATIONS FOR AGENCIES INVITED.—Gentlemen able to influence good business will find the Company's agency terms very remunerative. Applications should be made to the local Superintendents. LOCAL DISTRICT OFFICE: 26, LORD STREET, CHESTER. W. ,H BERRY, Superintendent. QHESTER UNITED GAS CO. GAS COKE. The Prices for Coke at the GAS WORKS, ROODEE, are now as follows:- Best Gas Coke 3d. per cwt. For General Purposes. Broken & Riddled Coke, 9.1, per cwt. Specially broken for use in Greenhouse and Slow Combustion Stoves & Household Purposes. The Company will deliver Coke in Bags within one mile of Chester Cross, IN QUANTITIES OF NOT LESS THAN 5 CWT., at following prices:— Best Ordinary Coke lOd. per cwt. Broken & KiddJed Coke lid. per cwt. Including all charges for porterage. Gas Company,; Offices, Cuppin-street, Chester, 17th April, 1903. ESTABLISHED 1862. Easter Lamb. Easter Lamb. T'HOS. JJOGERS & SONS WELSH MUTTON EXPORTERS AND PURVEYORS, THE CENTRAL BUILDINGS, LLANGOLLEN, N.W., I Wish to inform their numerous Cheshire and District Customers that they are now Booking Orders for CHOICE NEW SEASON'S SPRING LAMB FOR EASTER. SOLD BY WEIGHT. ALSO PRIME WELSH WETHER MUTTON, AND HOME-KILLED OX BEEF. PRICE LIST POST FREE ON APPLICATION. I Paiffonised by the Leading Nobility and Aristocracy of the United Kingdom. OUR MOTTO:- The best quality of Meat at Popular Prices. TELEGRAMS •. Purveyors, Llangollen. Papechaiigi)-igsl P^perhangings! ROBERT WILLIAMS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PAPER- HANGINGS MERCHANT. ALL THE LATEST & NEWEST DESIGNS. The Largest Stock in the City. FROM 2D. PER PIECE. PAINTER, PAPERHANGER & DECORATOR. Estimates Free for all Town & Country Work. Note the Prices of Papers in the Windows & Address. 73, BROOK STREET, CHESTER. I EASTER. EASTER. EASTER. PRIME YEAL, LAMB, BEE F, MUTTON, PORK. ÅRTHUR WALL. FAMILY BUTCHER, THE CROSS, CHESTER, Wishes to thank his numerous customers and the public generally for their most generous support in the past, and to inform them that he has a good supply of ENGLISH MEAT, the usual noted quality, including the FIRST PEME BULLOCK & HEIFER FROM MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS' EASTER PRIZE SALES. He assures them that he is a regular supporter of the most noted local feeders of English Meat throughout the year. Telephone 178. JJELICACIES FOR THE SEASON. DAINTY, NOURISHING, CHEAP. ASK FOR BEAUVAIS' SOUPS, Brawn, Potted Meat, Minced Collops & .Hausag-es" AS SUPPLIED TO THE ROYAL KITCHENS. Every tin guaranteed the best procurable and of I absolute purity. To be had from all the leading Grocers in Chester. R. J. & H. ELLIS, PLAIN AND DECORATIVE I HO USE PAINTERS, CHURCH DECORATORS, GILDERS, SIGN WRITERS, PAPERHANGERS. OFKICS 60, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER. ESTABLISHED 1859. GENUINE BONE FERTILISERS Specially prepared under the supervision of experienced scientists to SUIT ALL CROPS. HIGHEST QUALITY. ANALYSIS GUARANTEED. PRICES MODERATE. Bone Phosphate & Chemical Co., Ltd. CASTLE WORKS, FLINT. Full particulars from DICKSONS (Limited), SEED MERCHANTS, CHESTER. TSAAC WILLIAMS & SON, X REGISTERED PLM-FBERS, GLAZIERS & GAS FITTERS, CUPPIN STREET, CHESTER. PWJMBERS' BRASS WORK OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Patent Water Closets, Lavatories, Baths, &c. Glaas in all Qualities and Patterns kept in Stock. LOST. LOST, at Tarporley Races, GOLD BROOCH t J with Pearl Pendant, in shape of dragon. Good reward.—Mrs. Lister, Agden Hall, Lymm. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS Jt- OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES HOUSES TO BE LET, APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO 1\g LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VAOANT, LOST OR FOUND, ARTICLES TO BE SOLD, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. are now inserted in The Cheshire Observer at the fallowing rates:— NOT EXCEEDING TWENTY WOTJDS ONE INSERTION, 1/- Two INSERTIONS 1/6 THREE INSERTIONS 2/- NOT EXCEEDING THIRTY-FIVE WORDS— ONE INSERTION 1/6 Two INSERTIONS 2/6 THREE L"'SJÜt'lïor;8. 3/- ?? ??. ?????.?.????. \N APPRENTICE WANTED.—Mil Barnes, 1'- Costumier, 40, Watergate-street. 13086 I?OOT'TRA DE, YOUTH for sbop.—E Chap- Bman, 23, For(?g?tte-street, Chester. 601?4 ANTED, a Kitchen GIRL.-AppIy' at 20, W Bridge-street, hetween fi and 7. 0074 I AN APPRENTICE to the iimr-d?njg' A. WANTED -J. Jones, 3D, Brook-st. 6048 SMART LAD WANTED.-Etoniiiii Clothing Association, The Cross, Chester. OOlio -T ATED, at once. 8trong HU, for kitchen -k. a?ed :?)out 15 years —Apply Memphis Hotel, City-road. 6001 WANTED, bv a Laundress in Country, a W FAMILY'S WASHING: good drying ground.—Address V 84, "Observer" Office 0089 W ANTED, Strong GENEIZAI,. about 20; TV at once. Good reference.—Apply Stanley Arms, Brook-street. Chester. 6083 WANTED, a respectable YOUNG GIRL as APPRENTICE to the Hosiery and Fancy Drapery.—J. Chirnside, The Cross, Chester. W ANTED, a good YARD, with Stabling for ( v four or five horses and Storage room, in Chester.—Address X 52. "Observer" Office. 6062 WANTED, good BODICE HANDS also W APPRENTICES to the Dressmaking- Apply J Appleton, Bridge-street Row. 0061 WANTED, YOUNG .LADY as APPREN- W TICE to the Fancy Drapery. — Apply Bracegirdle's, 5, Bridge-street Row. 6047 (SOOD GENERAL SERVANT WANTED; Gthree in family.—10, Lumley-road (off Liver pool-poad), Chester. IRL, WANTED, a bout 17 or 18 years.— Apply U2, New Faulkner-street, Hoole, Chaster, 6079 -p- ORTJ.:R-(Ollt) and-ERR-ND BOYS WANTED.—Apply Co-operative Society, Black Diamond-street, Chester. 6077 W- ANTED. AP ARTl\1ENTS. near centre of city, with attendance, by single gentleman. —Address D 14, Observer" Office. 6054 1ADY as PAYING GUEST in quiet family. Healthy part of Chester lovely view, south- west aspect.—Address JJ 49, "Observer" Office. PPRENTICE WAJVTEL) tothe Printing Trade. Apply G. R. Griffith, Prmter, 1 Grosvenor-road, 6056 WANTED TO PURCHASE pood COTTAGE V with small garden, within one mile from I, Croae.—Address L 62, "Ob=.erver" ()ffie. ILK.-WANTED. a sTqipKM^TS'E W MILK, 30 to 60 gallons daily—Address R. SaJiRhury, 11. Edmund-street. Liverpool. 6028 WANTED, an experienced MACHINIST, ? V permanency. Albert Denson, 6, St. Werburgh-street, Chester ANTED, an ASSISTANT, thoroughly ▼ v experienced, one accustomed to a lirst-class I trade; good reft-reiiee. -,il)ply Messrs. Baker and Sons. Bridge-street. DRESSMAKERS WANTED, >^OORI Skirt Jt? Hands alo APPRENTICES and IM- PROVERS to the Dress and Mantle Roons- Apply A. Parkes Bridge-street Row, Chester. 6098 i ?N ]  -k l? E R. F i r,?t-t!la&i ]""()DICE Y?R'KSS!?AK?R- First-IassB(?)DICE HAND, WANTED. None other need apply.—Co-operative Society, Black Diamond- street, Chester. 6078 WANTED, one SITTING-ROOM and two 7 v HEDHOOMS, Plea,se state inclusive terms, which must be strictly moderate, to 10 88 Observer Office. 6085 CCOACHMAN WANTS SITUATION over J twenty years' excellent references five years in present place; married, one child. Apply J. D., cia Smith & Son, Eastgafce "Row. 6076 ANT El), good FAM IL Y'S WASH 1NG, large country drying ground. Plentiful supply of water. -Acid re,s P 75, "Observer" Office. 6034 WANTED, a respectable GIRL as Apprentice V V to Dressmaking; must lie able to sew neatly.—Apply Miss Belfield, Croft Villa, Eaton- road, Chester. 6010 ^ALTNEY REGISTRY. MRS. CREWE: J« > Ladies' Outfitter, has DISENGAGED House- maids, Nurses, Sewing Maid, and several Day Workers WANTS competent Cook General. PHOTOGR A PHY. W A N T E D, YOIMG 1, A D Y t as Apprentice. School of Art Pupil pre- ferred.— Apply G Atkinson, 82, Northgate-street, Chester. 5963 i llfjEMIST,—WANTED, an APPRENTICE, V J every facility for acquiring a thorough know- ledge of every branch of bu.,ine; -Apply Thos. Carter, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Chester. 6011 '?OUNG"'LADY wishes to ??s? NURSE- J. COMPA NION to elderly Children, or Invalid Lady. At liberty now. — Apply Mrs. Littler, Trinity Registry Chester. ?055 ??ANTED7?PAR'fME?rsrbedroom,'wi? use of sittin-rOOll1; fun hoard, Must be close to Croaa —State terms and particulars, G 37, "Observer" Office. 6057 IMMEDIATELY.— COOKS (?18 to :?35), HotMc- JL maids, Nurses, Waitresses, Betweens, House- maid-Waitresses, Generals, Hydro, Hotel and Farm Servants.—Brown's Registry, 8, White Friars. WANTED, a respectable well educated 8v YOUTH, for an office in Chester not under 16 years old.—Address P 74, "Observer" Office. G084 n/" ANTED, Six respectable YOUNG- MEN WAITERS, for May 5th, 6th and 7th.- Apply White Bear Hotel, Lower Bridge-street, Chester. 6067 ENERGETIC MAN of good appearance EWANTED, to solicit business for well estab- lished firm. Special terms to capable man.— Address Review," Office of this Paper. 6045 WANTEDG^L BODICE & SKIRT HANDS^" W regular employment.—Apply on Saturday, from 2 to 4 o'clock, to Hugh Miller & Co., St. John's House. W" ATE-U;- active MAN for outride Agency, w in spare time. Would not interfere with present business. Liberal terms. Write J 57 lp, Observer" Office. 5^5 WANTED, a very quiet PONY, forli lady to W drive or ride; 13 hands, not less than six years old. Trial required. Apply Kenwyn," Farndon-road, Chester. 6000 '/(-AN(-UEMIÓn' of small Hotel WANTED, in or near Chester, by Man and Wife; no children; 1(; years' experience. Excellent references from present situation.—Address P 74, "Observer" Office. 5907 TWO smart YOUNG MEN, at once, for good T districts, with references, a?e 25 to 30: experience unnecessary. Apply W. Snailham, district superintend ant, the Singer Manufacturing Company, Chester ADVERTISER wishes to hear of good class SCHOOL in Cheshire or North Wales for two sisters, aged 17 and 5. Good music essential for elder girl. Would require to make the school their home. Inclusive term". A(ldress W :35, Observer" Office 6066 MILK, MILK. Freet'i & Pocook are now 1?,?. !xx)?ing dairies largo or small, for the ensuing' Season, delivered Euston, King's Cross, St. Pancras, Paddington or Vauxhall. All churns found, weekly or fortnightly payments. Reference, London and County Bank-Apply Freeth and Pof?cl? Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, London, S.E. Loncl oii and MLne l )(,?st(?r ASSURANCE —The London and Manchester /? Industrial AR8UfancA Company (Established 18(9) RKQ?I?K a few ambitious Men as AGENTS and COLLECTORS, whole or spare time excellent terms; aAsi?ttmce given previous experience unnecessary. With the OfEce's Co-operation success is sure to a pushing man. Only men of good character need apply.—Letters, Superinten- dent, 28, SOtdand-road, Chester. 597!) MRS. RED'S REGISTRY, Abbey-buildings, Cltostt)r. WANTED, Cooki ( £ 16 to £ 39), Waitresses ( £ 18 to £26), Kitchen and Scullerymaids, Hotel and Scvison Servants, Housemaids, Laundry- maids for convalescent homes, hotels, &c.; Foot- men. singlehanded ( £ 16 to £ 24) Useful Experienced Maid for elderly hidy ( £ 18 to £ 22), Dairymaid, poultry, &c., House Sewingmaid, Undor-Servants, Vessel Cleaners and Farm Lads, Gardener and Cowman, married or single; Temporary Waitresses, General, one lady ( £ 1(1 to £ 20). 6081 WANTED, near Chester, a GARDENER, whero three will be kept under him. He must have exceptional experience in the cultivation of vegetables, the c/!i!'e of hardy fruit trees of all descriptions, shrubberies and plantations, together with moderate greenhouses and vinery. Preference will be given to an applicant possessing- the best references with regard to the foremost qualifications. Man and wife, without encumbnmce.-Address, with full particulars as to where last employed, lensrth of service and wages required, to D 13, Office, Chester. _H_n.- WANTED. TAILORING. -WANTED, at once, Young I T MAN, to work with another alsol MAC a- INIST.— Address s E 87, "Observer" Office, Chester. 6097 n RS. LITTLER, Trinity Registry, Chester, requires COOKS, Cook-Generals, Waitresses, Housemaid-Waitresses, Nurse-Sewinginaids, Com- panion, Farm Servants, and many others. 6090 TO BE LET. I" WILLIAM E. BROWN, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, SURVEYOR & VALUER, 39, PEPPER STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET :— Cambrian-view. 7s. 6d. weekly; and £17 and.ClS. Capital Shop in Frodsham-street. House and Shop, 12, Brook-street. Rent £50. Tarvin-road. £ 17 and £ 26. 6, Nicholas-strect, three sitting and an bedrooms, bath, &e. Rent £4õ. 12, Eaton-road, three entertaining and seven bedrooms, bath, &c., £50. House and Shop, Watergate Row. St. Mark's-terrace, Saltney. 6s. 6d. Churton-road. 6s. 6d. House at the Northgate. £ 40. 24 and 63, Hartington-street. fm. and 6s. 9d. Lee's Buildings, Princess-street; House and Shop. Rent £17. Union Hall, Foregate-street. Rooms for Storage and Workshops, &c. TO BE SOLD:— Valuable Building Land at Hoole, and Dwelling- Houses in various parts of the city. BE R E SFOED ADAMS, JD LICENSED VALUER, LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENT, 22, NEWGATE-STREET. CHESTER. TO BE-LET:- House, Lome-street. JB26. House, Vicarage-road. £ 32. House, Hartington-street. 6s. 9d. weekly. House, Mason-street. £ 19. House, Hoole two sitting rooms. £ 23. House. House and Garden, Tarvin-road, £21158. House, Clare-avenue. £18 18s. and Rates. FOR SALE: Two Excellent Cottages. B460. Several Houses. B360 each. House. Boughton. C340. Capital House, double front. £315. Several Houses, Hoole. £ 285 each. AKEFIELD, JACKSON & DODD, LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENTS, 16, CORN EXCHANGE CHAMBERS, CHESTER. TO BE LET:- Roodeye House, Watergate-square. £75 per annum. 68, Hough Green. £ 45 per annum or for Sale. 76, Hough Greon. £50 per annum. House and Shop, Lower Bridge-street. Devonshire-place, Handbridge. 7s. weekly. 36, Curzon-street, Saltney. 4s. 6d. weekly. Stable, Tarvin-road. 2s. weekly. J WILLIAMS, 9, Werburgh-street, has to ? LET:- 1G, Cheater-road, Saltney. Tram Cars pass. Rent £18. 8, Louise-street. 6s. 3d. weekly and rates. 4, Pearl Villas, Tarviu-road. 6s. 6d. weekly. 55, Parkgate-road: June 24th. £ 25. For Sale :—Four Cottages and Gardens, Hoole Bank. 6080 IT 0 BE LET, No. Iti, Leonard-street, rent 7s. JL weekly. No. 1, Denbigh-street, rent £ 16 10s. No. 18, Svdnoy-road, Cs. 9d. weekly. Apply to Messrs. Bridgman, Weaver and Wild, Solicitors, Newgate-street, Chester. r| ^O LET — Hoole. Comfortable BEDROOM JL and SITTING-ROOM; b?th. Terms moderate. —Apply 22, Panton-road. 5998 rrÕ-Ïn:Ltl;:N- Hough Or esn, three enter- JL tainiag-roona. live bedrooms, bathroom, &c., &e. -Apply to the above address. 5970 COMFORTABLE HOME for a Lady as Paj-iilg Guest to a Widow. Servant kept.-Address G 36, Observer Office. 6052 -+ CX OOD STABLE TO LET, suitable for Coal D&11er or Cab Proprietor.-Apply Chiehestm' Arms, Garden-lane. 6099 T-. 0 -T.ili'f,tT7 '-¡:¡¡rtlgton-f,treet, Handbndge ? JL three bedrooms, bath. Rent 6a 9d. clear.— Apply 6, Water Tower view, Mo?<Iane. 5971 OFFICES TO LET finest position in Cliester. —Apply S. Eisiski, Tobacconist, 15, Eastgate- street, (Xiester. ^AETN'EY.~HOE SE^ TO LET, 25, Su Mark s- IO terrace, six rooms garden back and front.— Apply Williams, Farmer, Saltney. 6042 ^MALL HOUSE TO LET, immediate possession. Rent 6s 6d. per week. Challinor & Rowson, St. Werburgh-street. COMFORTABLE HOME for respectable man bedrooru and use of sitting-room; Tarvin^ road. Apply, first instance, J (iU, "Observer' Office, Chester. TO LET, Front SITTING, one or two Btd- A rooms, near Tram and Station; bath; no children, or other lodgers.—H 50, Observer" Office. 6082 -&I 10s. monthly; good HoUSE, open country x -t back, two large sitting-rooms all modern conveniences.—H. Crowder, Mona Lodge, Hoole- road. 6088 TO LET, HOUHE, (il, Hoole-road, containing three reception, four bed rooms, boxroofil. bath and lavatory greenhouse and vinery, kitchens, &c. —Apply 3, The N ewgate, Chester. 6037 f j W LET, good HOUSE, No. 157, Westminster- JL road. Immediate possession. Four rooms below and four above. Apply Manchester Arms, Prineoss-street. 6031 HESTER.—Superior APARTMENTS suit- (:j able for gentleman in business, or otherwise. Every attention. Address 69, Watergate Row (South). 6005 flW BE LET, ?!. North-street, Boughton; JL parlour, lobby, large kitchen, three bedrooms, workshop in yard. Rent Ii". weekly including rates. —Enquire 2, Cecil-street, Bough ton. 5959  TO LET, HOUSE and SHOP, Registered Milk JL House, with General and Fancy Good" Business. For particulars apply G. Archer, 63, Faulkner-street, Hoole, Chester. 5909 I r!n0 LET, HOUSE, No; 23. Pepper-street I cO:lbining two entertaining-rooms and four bedrooms, bathroom ?? and c,). lavatory, kitchen. &c.—Apply Walker, Smith & Way, Abbey Gate- way, Chester. rnO LET, HOUSE] and SHOP on City Walls JL (near the Northgate). Rent 4;20 per annum. Immediate possession. -Apply Messrs. Barker, Coppack & Wickham, St. Werburgh Chambers, Chester.  rpO LET, No. 6, LUI;iy-road, two entertaining-/ JL rooms, bix bedrooms, w.c hot and cold water thiongiiout. All modern conveniences of a good I liolise.-Apply Bacho Hotel, Liverpool-road, Chester. J Li2.- -2-=():iight-r()(-ed HOUSE TO I LET, with bath and lavatory (hot and cold) Tarvm-i0:ul, ten minutes from station, 'bus passes door. — Apply T. N. Pritchard, Family ) Grocer, Christleton-rood. 6)059 I TO LET, 27, CambrÙm View, containing two JL entert:uni:?-roon?, four bedrooms, bath (hot and cold), kitchen, scullery, and outsidti wash-house Nice garden back and front; greenhouse. Rent £ 35.—Warmsley. Jones & Co., 29, Eastgate Row North, Chester. ra w LET, No.?:, HOUGH GREEN, Chester; JL couttunin? three entertaining-rooms, butler's pantry, bath-room (h and c., &c.), five bedrooms; rent £ 53. Also No. 37, PEPPER-STREET, con- taining thvfco entertaining-rooms, five bedrooms, &c. rent £ 25. Immediate possession. — Apply Atr. J. Thomas, 24, Queeirs-avenue, Chester. TRUSSES! TRUSSES! ir tTT t t v v t tTK ti,, Being theoretically and practicaily acquaintod with thf) nature and treatment of HERNIA, keeps always in Stock, or makes to Measure with the least possible delay. TRUSSES of every desorip- | tion and quality, adjusting and fitting tbeni with the greatest care. J W H U K E CHEMIST, THE DISPENSARY, 89, FOREGATE STREKT, CHESTER. A CC I IL) E INTS OF ALJ, KINDS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, ACCIDENT AND DISEASE Small Pox, Soviet fever. Typhoid, Diphtheria, &c.). BURGLARY & FIDELITY INSURANCE. RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASHUR. ANCE COMPANY. Established 1849. Claims paid £ 4,600,000. 64, COENHILL, LONDON. A. VIAN, Secretary. AGKNTS :— Chester. Mr. J..T. CUNNAH, Grosvenor Buildings. „ Mr. J. E. HASWKLL, Corn Merchant. TO BE SOLD. r, FOR SALE, DAHLIA BULBS, and up-to-date t Tomato Plants.—Apply 13, Ni, hoizts-street, Chester. 5990 CDhesEteRr.AMBULA_ TORS an d MAIL CARTS. PERAMBULATORS and MAIL CARTS. JL New Stock just arrived.—Newman, Iron- t monger, 12. Bridge-street, Chaster WIRE NETTING, fron;d. per yard, at Wm. W Clarke's, Cheese Vat and Tankard Maker, and Repairer. -52, Frodsham-street, Chester. 6040 CYCLE.-EOR SALE, Ge-l<'J' Wheel C 24in. frame, Palmer tyres condition perfect. Seen after One. Cheap.—Norris 97, Bougbton. El)l(,!REF, k SHIRE P PIGS FOR SALE, of choice breeding.— Particulars apply Dodd & Sona, Mollington, Chester. f 110 BE SOLD, Four-wheeled DRAG, in good t condition. Price £ 30.—Apply Alr. Topham, The Limes, Stamford Bridge, near Chester. ti043 TANHÖPE WAGONETTE, in excellent con- t dition, with movable head, and very light rtinning.T. A. Lawton & Co., Westminster Worka, Chester. 6096 I^GGS FOR SITTING from the followingpure- I J bred birds: Partridge Wyandotte?, Brown and White Leghorns Minorcas, Btifr Orpingtons and Rocks. 2s. 6d. sitting unfertile replaced.— Pritchard, Tarvin, near Chester. 6092 "LEN,ISTALL PARK.-Freehold BUILDING JL LAND, in the highest and dryest part of Hoole village, TO BE SOLD in lots to suit pur- chasers.—Apply G. Baxter, Park View, 40, Panton- road, Hoole. 5908 R 'iolt SALE, Extensive Hay, Corn and Provender JU BUSINESS in Liverpool. Splendid whole- sale and retail connection, best equipped premises in Liverpool.—Address for particulars G 636, care of Bircliall's Advertising Offices, Liverpool. 6044 E. BRASSEY & SON, LTD., 9. Foregate- • street, Chester, offer 1903 ALLDAYS and ONIONS' make of CYCLES, with free wheels and two rim brakes. GKNT.'S "MATCHLESS," £!1; LADY'S "ENCHANTRESS," B9 10s. GEXT.'S POPULAR, S8; LADY'S POPULAR, -PS IOS. nett cash. Complete with Accessories. 7 0 BE SOLD, by Private. Treaty, Modern-built i CORNER PREMISES, suitable for business or private residence, containing entrance lobby and two reception rooms, kitchen, larder, three good bedrooms, and bath-room (h. and c.), and comprising spacious out-let with usual out-offices, wash-house, w.c., and covered coal shed.-Address E 91, office of this paper. MISCELLANEOUS. SAIL and ROWING BOATS FOR HIRE, on the lower reaches of the Dee.—W. Roberts, Yacht Builder, Crane Bank. Chester.11 6036 i ARTERS HO ttSEKEEEERS Send is. for" ] Book of Valuable Stable Recipe8.-Tully,: Chemist, West-hill, Hastings. 5773 WRING ING MAOHINES, new and second- ) T V hand. Rollers turned up. All kinds of sj Repairs to .Mangles.-Haoolden, Wood Turner and < Mangle Roller Maker, Delamere-st., Chester. 5803 L ADIES' DRESS LENGTHS, 3s. lid. Carnage JLJ paid. Snowflakes, Zibelines, Tweeds, Poplins, Armuras, Alpacas, Cashaieres. Patterns free.— Bradford Dress Warehouse. Shipley, Bradford. J| L NSURANCE OF STALLIONS, IN-FOAL JL MARES and FOALS. Cheap rates, special advantages. Prompt settlements. Prospectuses and all particulars from T. J. Dutton, Waverton, Chester. OiEED OATS.-Good changes of Abundance, Improved Abundance, Tartar King. Black Tartarian, Yellow Poland also BARLEY.— Apply Joseph Holmes & Co., Cow-lane Bridge, Chester. 6050 RICHARDSON, Tailor. — GENTLEMEN'S -Et) CLOTHING CLEANED, Altered, Repaired, Turned. Own Materials made up.—Richardson's, 23, Grosvenor-street.— Wonderful Trousers, made to measure, 6,'11 5942 HAY, HAY, HAY -Prime Canadian Timothy jLl and Clover and Canadian Chop, Irish Rye Grass and Clover and Meadow Hay. Lowest prices. Apply Wilson & Coventry, Ltd., 21, Dale-street, Liverpool, direct importers. Now and Second-hand Bags bought and sold. 0 OBT. W. KILLON, Coal Exchange, Chests, t? Supplieq SPAR GRAVEL, Cliippings, Macadam, &c., for drives and walks; SLEEPERS and TIMBERS for fencing; Welsh and Buxton Building and Agricultural LIMES. Quotations gi ven to any station. Tolephon,?70. 5918 I T?h?t??t SPRING BEDDING ? ??,'U?7? PLANTS, Wallflowers, Pansies, Pinks, Daiaies, Polyanthus, Auriculas, Forget-me-nots, Sweet Williams, all at moderate prices.—F. W. Dutton, Market Hall, and Queen's Park Nurseries. 5890 8 & ENT .?20 a Year, every year. and the ho?e JLIJ still belongs to the Landlord. Why don't you cease paying rent and buy the house instead. It can be easily done. Send a post card for par- ticulars, mentioning this paper, to W. W. Benham, Esq., 72, Bishopsgate-street, Without, London, EC. TO SCRAP, METAL. CLOCK DEALERS and JL othera.-WANTED to BUY old second- hand GRANDFATHER'S (8-day) brass face CLO 'K DIALS, with or without movements: square, arch, or moons good price gi veil state how many in stock.—Address B 63, Observer Oftice, Chester. 5991 j%/H~OTHS, BLACKBEETI.ES and all insects | speedily exterminated by using "Cimo- Bane," the new insect killer Sold in tins, price (jc1. and Is. Postage Id -Geo. W. Harrison, I Chemist, 118, Broad-street. Reading.—Agents for Chester: Cheers and Hopley, Chemists, Northgate- street. RATS, Mice, Moles and Beetles greedily eat I HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" RAT POI SON. Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Price 12, 2/S, 3/8, postage. 2d.-Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Broad- street, Reading. Agents for Chester Cheers and Hopley, Chemists, Northgate-street. Agent for Connah's Quay: K. LJuyd Jones. Chemist. SEED POTATOES, grown only one year on new I marsh land, from seed either from Scotland or Yorkshire; Puritans, 85s Hebrons, 75s. Snow- drops, 75s Paulsen's Earlies, 65s. British Lions, 60s. Langworthys, 60s. per ton, seed size. Up-to- dates, over lin. riddle, 60s, per ton. All delivered at Saughall Station. Bags charged at cost price. — Apply J. Browning, Tho Marsh, Sealand. t. FREE. CYCLES. FREE.—Cycles, Motors L' and Accessories, direct from Factory to Rider, 3,000 new and second-hand machines actually in stock, from 30s. each. B.S.A. and; Eadie's machines marvellous bargains in Ac- cessories. Free to any address, 80 page Catalogue Wholesale prices. Eye opener to all. 50 per cent, cheaper than others. Agents wanted. Warrilow and Co., Weston-super-Mare. EASTER HOLIDAYS. I WANT A COMPLETE CHANGE. WHAT CAN I DO TO THOROUGHLY ENJOY MYSELF? HAPPY THOUGHT I GO TO W. II. ANKERS G, CITY ROAD, AM) SECURE ONE OF THE MANY BEAUTIFUL CAMERAS AND OUTFITS HE IS EXHIBITING. PRESTO! THE VERY THING. THE NESTON A PARKGATE f. I YGIENIC LAUNDRY&. CLEANING 1.1 COMPANY, LIMITED. LAUNDRYilEN, DYERS & FRENCH CLEANEIIS. SHIRTS AND COLLARS A SPECIALITY. Special Prices quoted for Hotels, Restaurants, and ? institutions. All classes oi DYKINQ & FRENCH CLEANING ciono on the most improved principles, AND LADIES' CLOTHS A SOCIALITY. Our Vans Coil-act aud Doiiver Free 111 Birkenhead ami Distriot, Wast Itirby .rri Hoy lake, Hooton and Brom- BNR NIGH, Little Sutton, smd CbeUH!r :IB<1 Distriot. PRICB LiPtfr SfiKi ins AFVMCATIOIT, W 0 R K S N F 8 T O N, C H E S H I R E. RKCKIVVA'O OFFICE Theatre Buildiuers. City Road, Chester. MANURES & FEEDING CAKES. Credit till Cash in one Oct. I ontli. Per ton. Per ton. Blood a.nd Bone Manure V:, i 0 0 17 0 Bone Phosphate C3 I) 0 £ 2 17 0 Natural Fertilizer £2 15 0 £ 2 12 3 Superphosphate 26/28 JE2 17 6 12 6 Four Ton lots 2s. 6d. per ton less. Manufacturers of Boiled and Raw Bones, Turnip, Mangold and Potato Manures, Prepared Bonca, Pure Dissolved Bones, Ice., &c. Sae Catalogue for Manures of every description. Also makers of Oil Cake, F(eding Ca.?e. Linseed Cake Cotton C&kep, Decorticated and Undeeorticated Calf Meals, Spices^ Condiment, Lamb Food, Pig Food, &c. Best quality of Agricultural Seeds of all .sorts, which are carefully tested before being sent out. Prizes offered for Swede, Mangold, and Clover competition. Ashv.oith's Cakes are receiving more favourable comments to-day from a farmer's standpoint than all other makes combined. For further information apply to Local Agents or Registered Oflice. OSEPH ASHWOETH & SONS, LD., BONK AN I) MANURH WORKS, OII. AND CAKE MILLS, SEED WAHEIIOUSES, Frodsham Bridge, via Warrington. HERBERT ELLIS'S CESTRIAN IRONFRAMEB PIANOS. SEND FOR LIST. 71, FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. FROM 10/6 PER MONTH. <