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LOS T, -< SUPPOSED TO BE STOLEN/' Prom GWA IN-Y-POUN 1), fa, the parish of tlie county oI Monmouth, in the night,of July. cil< lSLJ, ABlvOVi N UORSE, aedseveu years, about haiy .n higli, has three ,white feet, and has,nrhite stnpr nou n ms lace*: A ELACKJiORSE, three y? o!d. 14 hands hi?h, one white -?"? and a small star in his forehead; the shoulders aii( si(lei5 of 1),)t,i are '?v tiie '? \hoev/r wi!i give such information to ?'.LHA? Cowman, ilmer, Li??w Vale !roa-W<.rk,Rpar Abctgav<?n.y, as may lead to tne recovery of <?c above Horses, if Strayed, sh:? o?t ??''?iV .?? ????.y,?A R?v.u< a?i ifSMcn?!?u-d nA TvS V GUINEAS upon thcconvicti'H! of the OR?dt-iL' or O. Ebbw Vale Iron-Works, near Abergavenny, July 31 1 IS15. EAGLE INSURANCE OFFICE3 TRWY ACT Y SENEDD. LLUNDAIN. Y M<n?eision a geir yn y dd!n?e!fn uchod ? SY?'.d ?nwys?? yn Nhaiedi?a?.h y ??-nf <. nn dJY" Daw.e? »et.,au ere.il a lo?h-? mu,ac vn ieihad o'r  "?? ?'? '??- 5- "t°"1' -daie, Gvvneir yn dda polled trwy Lechcd. ?n- o?7,ed?M- ? ? B?..?y ,{?.. Insurance) ?- ??raM A'/?.<??'. Adttcwydd.r pob ys-nteu "-???'? ( ??? d?rfydd Gwyl Jimaugc!, 0 ?v;i pymtheg diwraod ar oi (I'lerfyd coRucn'.riLwvsi, Mr. Ðàvid Jen kin, Ar^raify dd y Pa iiii)- hv, n; Mi. Lewis Davis, X'erlysieuwr, Abergele. THIS DAY IS PRICE 2S% A NEW SEInES OF The OR, THE ¡ Farmei sontlilv Journal of Iliisbaiidrv • 4D :V.. ,r  Sural affairs, ? ?.  FO R IULY, 1815. IS umber contain, bosses a variety of -I other useful matter, an n?n? on Hoikam ?ppp-! ?.u-i?, Inocu atmn;, the "'ire &c.-0n Hoveu orjyi, &c.- O n flove.,l Catt? ?,M Reply to s.?Q., ?? ? Depth in the ivarth ?r Sml,-On V.CIOIB.Bulls,.and onions— ?n a late cxpc?tve Crop of Potato?, -Md on Winter Har- L ?y—On rough C??tout Gr?s-r?quiry respectin- Assa F?Ja ? a Cattl. Cr?-Phy.bio?ealand-A ..at?ni? o. PPl? ants—Mr. Ho!dírh on the Hot in Shecp-O? j.??n ^anngemeniS of Ciay I?nd-Extraordin? F? cm.d.tv of a H?t?—TH)Iia?isms (continuedfrom hist'Viun- her)—General Report of the state of the Countrv-Pateak I,ttelv' in Agriculture and' the ?-ts— Account ofusont ?oks-?nth? Rt-gb?rot-AK.-iM)tur? ?.tm?—r?M?of titc ?n?s ofaH kinds of Farming Prd <<UCP, &c. &C.. ??ndon. Published by V. GRIFFITHS, No.1, Paternoster Row; and sold hy all Booksellers. August 1,18 to.


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