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I GLA?OMANSHtRE. AT the GENERAL ARTs^R, A cf the PriACE of 01,. bo* m.m&w I ,,rd t-.c ki g, ltK at tilC IoW/J of IVeAtTJJ-, la ;uai i(ji; l:ie s<inl l.osi:;Ly, on TUESOAV, the litil uit)r .f f 111 tae Fu'tV-iil fi< year ef tae reign at oar Joy, i.-xd UEORh E<t;.¡( TüJrJ, by tlsc grace of Cod, ol 'Lj(v ouuca Kiu'>.oui oi (rro.it | and Ireland, KllJ¡;;1 .)< of t i- x\u! i, b lo<o tac most iVoble tlvc Marquee of i'< iv, nj nnin iiáH, W I 1 lial ii k- choll, Robert J rGner, Esqmres, 'HX)t!W¡'> Associates, lib Majesty's Justice^ a&sigued to ii,,ei) bte,, Peace ill tne- said County, anil ulso to hear aosl a 'te- ..u.k» divers felonies,- trespaiees, ^^ioUierolieuces dùüe a.id cmuiuiUed ia the said Couniy, AU-. Wheeler having represented to thiu Court that he has not proceeded to repair t:e CoaiUy as contracted, in consequence of tne very bad state of tne buiidiog, aJthouga the same had been lately rebuilt by lvlr. Wiiiiaia iVicnard, sjia eertihert Lo have becii done m agooù- akid warkiiiaiiiiie, BiAisaer- »y Mr Jerrnigan, ot-,Ierod, taat the attention of the Grand Jury at the next SCbsians-b.- requested to ilie stite of repaid and deft^ls of tne County Gaol, and tnat the Clerk of Peace do lay before them Lie contract* and all other documents and orders relat- ing to tne biuidiag tLlereof by Mr. Wiltium Pricnardj aad thuttiicre-bcan adjournment of tlie Sessions I.eld on Wed- ne"day the IStii ddY of August next, to consider furtiier of 111e same, and in tie mean time,that Mr. Wheelers contract be suspended. Ordered, iaat the Clerk of Peace do forward a sufficient nurauer of tne Treasurer's printed Accounts to the Clerks of tie everal Muadreds witain this County, to be by tEiem distributed among tae Magistrates witain their respective Divisions. Ordered, That the late, present, and every fiitare Under* sheriu be reqot-sted to include in his Bill of Cravings an account of Lie allowance of two shillings and sixpence per "Weciv fo,-the convicts confined Rafter their conviction), and ) wneu received to be by them paid to the Treasurer of the County. ()i'iieied, 'That the Henllemen appointed at the. last Ses- SMUs to make a Report of LJe state of the river be con- !inu">ti a Corriciittet and they are requested to nialie their ilepcrt to tiie next Sebsions. Otdseed, in future the Treasnrelr do not pay any Biocies uiiiess ordered by this Court, except in caaes where the Aiug,st-Btes are imperatively caiiedupon to ni", orders on Lie Treasurer-iu tne iirst i-astaudei- It appeai iiie, (0 tile Magistiates that the Gaol charges are extremely iiiga, and that t.iere is no sufficient Rouse o: Cor- xectk>n aii.i industry ".ykitki tijis County, waereby oteiao/uls ot tae prisoners may be nuproved, or any sufficient ouuiih- iiiliUlea on those vvao are seat to the iiride-svell .It Cowbndge, ?td ;[ aj.pF?iii? Lat m miiky ?ther (.ouaties w?tue ncp)\?fd sysi.en? ar- L?o.jt?d waereby Ute nt-?o?e:s are mad to zil,iiwin?viiereby We. e,-s Ordered, l'üat it be referred to a Committee of Magistrates to enquire and report wnat remedy can be apnV.eo to-tins great evtij aad navr tar be system of piatui ei i t of tfse prisoners eoniined within tins County may be v Ordered, That the foilou ing be the Committee tor the above purpose:— Tae Marquess of Bute, the Chairman for the time being, Joaniliurris, Esq. livan Thomas, Wilhaia Niciiell, -bsq. Edward Hawkins, Esq. Joan VVo.>d, Esq. Rev. Edw. Pieton, 1;d;,<m,¡jÆwis" J:sq. Jo/n* Go >JnCij, tsq. | Oe,,Ic,-ed, that the R^oiutious of tills Sessions respecting the Gaol, and Rigulations made for the County, be orinted » Ulti Caaibriaa-aad Sei>eu (Joiner Papers. By the Court, WOOD, CLEIta OF PX3ACE I 1,


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