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- -,-__--OL-YSGRIF R N.



ClYNNALIR CYFAPi FOD BLYNYDDOL ) CVMDEITII AS yr UN DO 1)1 AID CYM-REIG y ihvydflyn [ion rii ar Ddydd lAn, y (ired o Orphemtaf, ae aid ar y dydd arfVre.Ti" £ an fod at:)^v!fiii-i:iau cartrefol yn gwneud y cyfncwidiad yn angiairhoidioJ. llca'dj/rc y Cyhocddrcyd, Y lillAN G YNTAF (PIUS SWLLT) o it 1-1YF F OR D D W11 MEDDYGOL. Le gyiunvysir y (nvaith rncun vvyihneu naw o raanau misol. _Morfhyr- Tydfil: argraflwyd, ae ar' worth yno, gan \y IIXI.Y il ILL! !\>rs. (jdf Fc roddir chu da i nocrthwyr drac/iefn. EAGLE INSURANCE OFFICE, TJUYY ACT Y SliMEDD. LLUNDAIN. LLUNi)AIN. 'T Manteision a geir yu y ddiogelfa nchod 1. syddjgynwystMlig yn Nhaledigacth y HIkmiIo un rhyw Dai neti be'trt;¡,u erciil a los^is; gan' J}an,'ac yii lcihad o'r adegied rlici.ii o'r VVobr (Premium) a dclir yn arforol i Swydd-dai er:Li! (ivviicir yn dda polled trwv Ledicd. -D:(Iol!e(ii.ci(I likesirnwl. Aiiiewyddir poh y?grifen Ddio^diad ( Policy) a ddcrfydd y '.Main o Fchetin, o fewn pyinf.iieg diwniod ar oi hynny. GOR'OC rtWIfilVVR, Mr. David Jeiikin, A rg;ra¡rydd y Papur hwn; Mr. Lev,"is Davis, Perlysieuwr, Abergele. GENERAL POST-OFFICE, October, 1814. CAUTION. • TO Carriers, Masters of Stage Coaches, Coach- ) men, Watermen and Bargemen, Masters of Vessels or Passage Boats, either Coastwavs within Great Britain, or to or from Ireland, or to or from Parts beyond the Seas, against unlawfully collecting, carrying, or conveying Let- A ?N i ) '1'0 X 1, 1., 11 r ii c ters; AM I) TO ALL PERSON K whatsoever, against send- ing Letters otherwise than by the Post. Ihj the Act of 9th Queen Anne, c. 10. No persons whatsoever shall receive, take up, order, dis- patch, convey, carry, re-carry, or deliver any Letters, or Packets of Letters, or make any Collection of Letters, or employ any vec;el or boat, or othei- conveyance hy sea or land, cither coastways within Great Britain, or to or from Ireland, or beyond the seas, on pain of forfeiting. £ b for every otrence, and also CIOO for every week that- the prac- tice is continued. This Act renders Carriers, Masters of Coaches, Coach- men, Watermen, Bargemen, and Msisters..of Vessels, liable to the Penalties, even if they carry Letters witiioat hire or reward. /?,/ Jet t./YidUeu. JTI. r.Pl. No person whatsoever shall send or cause to be sent, or tender or deliver in order to be sent, otherwise than bv the post, or to the nearest Post-Town, to be forwarded by Post, 1)()' 1, to I)C f,)rln zir(l?ed liv [lost, ?itin, or on paiii of ft)rfei',jiig 4-" 5 These penalties may he recovered with costs by any per- son who will inform and sue for the same; one mowtyto the King, and the other to the Informer. There is an exception as to Letters which concern Goods sent by Common Carriers, so as they are sent with and for the purpose of being delivered with the goods, without hire, reward, or advantage. Also as to Letters sent by any pri- vate friend on his journey, or by any messenger on purpose. Under this law a person carrying a Letter may inform against a person sending one. By aiiAtl ofiAth Geo. Ill, c. 169. For farther regulating the conveyance of Ship Letters, it is enacted. That if any person whatsoever shall send any Letter or Packet by any ship or vessel of which he shall not be owner, without having paid the postage, and without having the official mark put thereon under the authority of the Postmaster-General, and in the manner directed by this Act; or if any Master of any ship or vessel shall carry or have on board auy Letter, not helllthe Letter of his owners, every person so offending will forfeit £5 for every such Letter, to be recovered as before directed. j Tue Postmaster-General will feel it his duty to enforce payment of the several penalties imposed, on breach of any of the laws above referred to. By Command of She PŒtmasí(:ï-G,ncra],  1TIANCIS FUDDLING, Secretary' .i

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