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HYSBYSIAB. r iJ1 YDDED hysbys. i EwyHyswyr da. AruRppA JO CAERPYRDDW, fod y C Y FAItFO I) BL YNYDDOL ag sydti yn ^yssyilUedi^ a'r Athrofa liftinio, i gaol ei gynnal ar Ddydd lAO, y farfod prydnawti Dydd MERCHER, am chwech o'r gIoch. HYSBYSIAD. (1YNNALIR CYMMANFA ?n y BfA ) YDDWYR NE!LLDUOL, yn Nhrrf PWLLHEU, ar yr Hog a'r 12fod « GORPHENAP, HilS; a disgwyliram- ryw Weinidogion o'r Deheudir yno i bregelhu ar yr achos. Ponti/pool JyJineral Black Varnish. I: SAMUEL ROGERS, II YD R 0 G E N L J B OR A TORY, PONTYPOOL, 1MOM MOUTflSIIIIlE, BEGS leave to recommend this MINERAl. BLACK VARNISH, for COATING WOOD and 1 HON WORK of every description; it will render Wood" properly coated with it, impervious to moisture, and im- penetrable to iiisectsi PRICE 2s. 6d. PER GALI OK.' DIRECTfOXS FOR- USIXU THIS TARKtSll Witt, ACCOMPANY EACH 'CASK,- » N. B. Orders addressed as above will -be duly attended to;, and it is particularly requested that Orders for. siijatl 'quau» titles will cover a reiriittanceor reference.. ALSO, —- OIL IORTRAM WAGGON M HIjEUS, < "}:I AT Is. Qo.-PER GALCOJii RAD NOllSHIRE.: TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Castle Inn, in thc Town of Brecon, on Saturday, the 3d day of June, IS 15, between the hours of three and four o'clock in the afternoon, Or in the. mean time by Private Contract, of ichrch notice will be given, be git,?ti? A Desirable FREEHOLD. ESTATE, called IB. TV-MA WI!, situate in the parish of Boirghrood, in the cotility of Radnor, on the banks of the river Wye; con- taining aMessuage, a large Barn, Garden, Orchard, with rich Arable and Pasture Lands, in the. occupation of the Rev. Air. Ho WELL, at the low yearly rent of ;1:26 '5s. WHlcn WILL TIE SOLD IN ONE LOT, Oil AS UNDER: Lot 1. The Dwelling-house,. Barn, Garden, Orchard, Piece of Pasture Land hy the House, and a Field on the north side of the road leading from Boughrood Church to the Ford, and adjoining the river W ye. Lot2. Two Fields or Pieces of Arable or Pasture, ad- ,ioiiiiii,- another road leading from the same Church to the market-tow n of Hay. On this lot there are several Oak and Ash Timber Trees growing, which will be sold at the same time. Lot 3. A Piec:M»f rich Arable I.and adjoin ing the village; Farm-house 'joining on the cast side by lauds of W. Wilkins, Esq. and on the west by the grounds of F. Foulke, Esq. Lot 1. Two Pieces of Arable Land on the south side of the road leading from the Parish Church aforesaid, through the Ford, to join the turnpike-road to Buiith, Hay, and Brecon, Which adjoins the said river Lot 5. A Piece of Land immediately joining a public road on the east of, the Boat-house; a Field joining another lane loading by lot 4, and Two Slangs of Land adjoining an to the Hay, and nearly sur- rounded by Estates of W. Wilkins, Esq. and F. Foulke, Esq. JplIN MEREDITH, the undertenant, w ill shew the different lots; and for further particulars apply to Messrs.: Hi.itui vc- TON and JENKINS, Swansea; Mr. It. JONES, Llandovery or Mr. EDWARDS, Castle Inn, Brecon..—Letters must be post-paid.



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