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T ÙE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING1 A of the AV XI LI A R Y BI B L E S 0 C lET Y of SWANSEA and DEANERY of GOWER, will beheld at the TOVV^-HALL, SWANSEA, at half past Six o'clock on THURSDAY EVENING the 9th MARCH, 1815 Every accommodation in the power of the Committee will be provided for those Ladies and Gentlemen who may honour the Meeting with their attendanc. CynhelirCYFARFOD CYFFREDlN BLYNYDDOL BIBL GYMDEITHAS ABERTAWE a DliOMAIlTH BROWYR, yn y LI.YS-OY, yn ABERTAWE, am banner awr wedi Chwech o'r gloch, Dydd IAU; y 9fed o FAWRTH, 181-5. Ymdrechir gan yr Eisteddfod i Wneuthur pob peth mor gviieus fyth ag y medrout i'r Boueddigesau a'r Bmicddigion hynny ag a anrliydeddant y Cyfarfod a'u presenoldeb. JOHN OLDISWORTH,^? S0 ecret4 ar•ies. WILLI VM KEMP, ,1J1 ABSCONDED, About Eighteen Months ago. and supposed to be now in South Wales, PETER HUGHES, about 35 years of age, -BL 5 feet 3 inches high, or thereabouts, slender made, stoops a little, rather fair complexion, dark hair, but has two patches of white hair on one side of his head, and has travelled the country as a pedlar, and also been in the habit of preaching amongst the Wesley an Methodists Whoever knows any thing of the above PETJRR HUGHES, and will address a line to Mr. PARRY, Shopkeeper, Denbigh, shall, on his apprehension, be handsomely rewarded. WEDI YMDDIRGELU, Ynghjlch Deiiiiaw Mis yn ol, a thybir ei fod yn airr yn Neheubarth Cymru, PETER IlUGIIES, o ddeutu 35 mhvydd o oedran, 5 troedfedd 3 modfedd o uehder, neu ynghylch hynny, cul neu fain o gorpholaeth, yn gwargrymmu ycllydig, yn hytrach o wedd degaidd, gwallt tywyil, ond y mae dau fan o wallt gwyn ar un ochr i'w ben, ac y mae ef wedi teithio ar hyd y wlad fel treigl-ftirchnedydd, ac hefyd wedi bod yn yinarfer a phregetliu ymhlithy ii-c fnqtldion -ley aidtl:- Pwy bynnag a wyr ryw beth am y dywededig PETER HUGHES, ac a ddantono linell at Mr. PARRY, Masnachwr, Dinbych, a gaill yn ol y dalier ef, ei tvobrwyo yn helaeth. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, Pitrc-r 2s. J! I.; ¡, ) < A NEW SERIES OF Tli e Agricultural Magazine; OR, THE Farmer's Monthly Journal of Husbandry AND Eural affattsi, FOR FEBRUARY, 1815. PjnHlS Number contains, besides a Tii-ief,3, of 1 IL other useful matter, Correspondence between Dr. Richardson and Mr. George Sinclair,' on Fiorin Grass— The Plague of Flies, and a pretended Remedy—Account of the Variation in the Prices of Grain, from the year 1018 to 1705—An Account of the average prices of British Corn per quarter, and of Oatmeal per boll of 14-Olbs. A voirdiipoise, in England and Wales, from 1792 to 1812, both inclusive—On the comparative worth of Beef and Pork—Water and Giddi- ness in Sheep?—SnHthneId Club-Some Remarks on Drain- ing—Culture of Flax; Slugs—On the Grub—On Cyti.us and the Ancient Culture of Lucerne—A Hint to our Re- viewers-Queries on [rish Hubandry-On the Grasses— Questions on the Row and Drill Hnsbanitrv—General fle. I port of the State of the Country—Patents lateh grUIted for Inventions in Agriculture and the Arts— \eeotint of useful ]looks- Nloiitlily RegisterofAgtictiltiivit], of the Prices of all kinds of Farming Prod a. e, <ii. <-Vc. London: Published by V. GnjFMTHS, Ko. 1, Paternoster Row: and sold by all Booksellers. March 1,1815/ PBwmiwwMWWMWBwawf.i HIT'Mil hp—— m ■



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