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?? ?/h??<xs J????r- 77/?? N ganlynol i'r L)awt)fwr!adau a ?yhnnwyd ,liaruynt mown Cyfarfod a ?ynhan?yd gan Woinid-' Ogion a CityfciHi'jn y ?Aahanf)! Hn?au o Gristiano?'ion yn y Drcf hun a'r (tyramydogaetli, cyttnn?yd, ar tod" i GY FARFOD gad ei ?vnn:J drachefn ar y 30ain o'r Mis hwn, am chwcch o'r Ioch, yn y C.?T??JH 7?.v, i'r dthpn i I ddvlVisio'r mmld orcu i ti'u?fio ? dwyn ymia?)) y bwriadol Fi BI, a hod i'r C'yi'arfod Cj-lirediuol gad t>i gynnal ar y 14rg o ('hw rVor, am 1 leg o'r gloch yn gywir. Taer ddymunir c"vaiiulliad y Cyfeiliion. ( Parch. THOS. JONKS, Ysgrif-raglawiaid pro tcm. EVAN] { I-;{{ BERT, ( T. 15. EVANS. GI<A MO RGAN SHIRK. IT the GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS t1 of the PE ACE of our Sovereign Lord the King, hc)d at the Town of C,HWIH', in and for the aid County, on Tuesday, the 10th day of Jantjakx, in the Fifty-fifth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George thl: Thinl by the grace of (red, of the tinited Kingdom of Great Britain :md trehtud, Kit)?, Defender of the Faith, before Benjamin Hall, William Mcixi)!, Esquires, Sir Robert Lynch Bioase, fiaronet, John Gooirirh,.William TaUt, John Brnce, Henry John Grunt, Evan Thoth?s, Hohert Wrixon, Thomas Bates joilli NN,i,ixoii, TI)ojfi,15 the Reverend B. flail, I). J). Powell lid wards, Thomas Davies, Thomas Dayies, the younger, John Jones, Clerks, and others, their Associates, his Majesty's Justices assigned to keep the peace in the said County, and also to hear and detennine divers felonies, trespasses, and other omuccsdone and committed in the said County, THE FOLLOWING .REGULATIONS r wyrc, unanimously approved'of and ordered accordingly Tiie Magistrates will meet and proceed/to Court at eleven o'clock on the Tuesday morning in the Sessions week. The J Grand ..Jury will then be sworn, and ail prosecutors and I witnesses are directed to attend and prefer their 'Bills of Ordered, "liat all Appeals and Traverses intended to he prosecuted at the-, same Sessions, be entered, on Tuesday i 'morning. A.\) business relating to the internal Regulations of the Coiihfy will then be settled. i Aill!# Ordered, That sill demands on the Comity Rate, and all^icemuits be then brought forward and audited, and at no other time; and that such persons who do not "bring forward their accounts on the Tuesday morning, be not heard at that Sessions. The Court w ill meet on Wednesday, at ten o'clock, and proceed to the Trial of Appeals, Traverses, and Indictments, •and the General Delivery of the Gaol and House of Cor- i H'CJ¡(}rI. (i/i'ittd That these Regulations be now printed in the Couutv Papers, and ak-o a fortnight previous to every Quarter S'ssiulb, BEX.T. HA LL, Clrairrrian.



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