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'i OL-YSGRIFEN. - ? 1



) URDDIAD MR. J. EVANS, YIVG IVGMAPEL HEOL-AWST, CAERFYRDDIN. BYDDED hysbys i Gyfeillion y Gymdplthas AP Genhadaw!, fod Mr. J. EVANS, I!:ynt Astudiwr yn ATitROFA CA6RFYRDDi?f, i gapl ei nfi))duo i ho!t Waith y Wcinidogacth ar Ddydd lAU, yr 8fed o Fis RttAGFYR nes.if, !\GHAPEL HEOL-AwsT, CAEMYRonfN, cyn ci fynediad i LUTAKOO, yn ArtRicA, He y mae y Gymdeithas yn et nfon t bregethu yr Efcngyt. Patent jf!ledicines. J JOXATHAN HARRIS, PRINT-ER, BOOKSELLER, A- STA1'IONER, .11. DARK-GATE, CARMARTHEN, SEt,LSTHEFOLLOWlN6 ? Genuine Patent Medicines. ??°?' -DMo?c?. ? ?. ??ITCrKvcSrO?NT, '?.AntH)iUousPiUs 29 .J..J': Dr.GaU'sPiHi.i i a J?? A na!eptic PiUs ? 4 6 ??c?1?ysAntibHiousPi)!s ;.? 66 ?dho?d? ?"?? ??? ??HM?, ttttd CafMu?p' ?oH?. ,abold'. V ?taMeHal.am 18 0 ???dcM r s Batsam of Honey '"30 al'V,,On's Lozenges 10 ges 1 2 'fl.1.an' Essence of Coltsfoot 3 6 ?hsC??bot Lozenges 3K S?? Drops ?? ??l 1?! ?""?Ui-ops  t Q ?,s Balsam of Horehomd ?:: 1 6 ?? s approved Medicine .?. 2 6 ? ?"ca?MM?, De&:?, an? ?Ve?oM? DMOr?er?. en?nm'? BalmofGilead, FamHy bottles, H.13s.a.nd s??.a?ttdttto ? Q Muxham's Tincture of P;uvian Bark?? 3 6 ?'-Kymer's Nervous Tincture .1 6 petergent Pills 6 D""r '"S'i"h)'"y-s SoIai-Tincture 60 II Diseases incident to Females. 1-100p(-rps Female Pills 1 2 Alreish's Ditto 29 T,rowbridge Golden Pills 1 9 l'otiler "iji's Female Pills 29 6 For tlie Rlwumatism. Whitehead's Essence of Mustard 2 9 ""——— Mustard Pills i. o 9 C;umb,erland's BituminoS Fluid 2 Q? S''??? Pectoral Drops 1 6 ,jHemtM;atharttcTinr<))r? 4 0 Jackson's Tincture 1 2 .Essence of Jamaica "'12 J?enceofJamaicaGinger 2..9? and 4 6 Spitsbury's Dropf? ??''?Mc Com??M?. Dr. Solomon's Anti-impetigines ?? ??110 ?? CM?a?eotM Eruptions. ? Gow!, and? 's LT ottt- on ?.9?M 5 6 .Barctay's Ointment 1 9 Dr. Whpatiey.'s Ointment t o .Piy,e's Ointment 1 9 Venereal 4ffectiotts. Walker s Jesut. t's Drops 90 vakp's Pills 2 9 Leake'sPuhfyingDrops 2 9 Disorder. /'</M?OM??. Z)Mor<7er.<o ?'?r? .?y'??" ?. M. and 2 9 Radciiil ii Ehxir i o Godfrey's Cordial ??uire'sGrandElixir 10 ?senceofPeppermiut ?o ? JLro..tock?E!ixir a? Anderson'sScotsPiUs a "fish's Scots PiHs ?.. ""12 i aiby's Carminative ?" 19 ? DMor?e?q/'C?M-en. ?Chin?'s Worm Lozenges l?2<and 2 6 pass's Macnesia ? g Severn's Wor.n Tea 1 2 jMagnexia Lozenges, for Heartburn ? ? 1 2 '?? Qt SprM!M?, ?rUM?, ?OMH<fs, &c. -?s??. n B," 's ritish Oil I 1 9 ?Ph?icSnn«. MISCELLANEOUS. < tout's Du'???ht T Ink ?'" 1 2 "ooth p ble Ink i 6 0()t" POwd." various sorts I dwel,s Plaisters 1 0 Watt's Won??.M' ?? 1 2 MIl Juedl"; 1 ait's w or)n ei- 'Ile 1 ? '??C?L??? ?? ? S Lemon Acid 2 0 toMnges 1 '2 Hpnry'.sAromattcVlnega!' 39 lavender Lozenges, for Lowliess of Spirits ,0' 1 2 Hunt's Aperient Fami!yPit:s l g Barday'ii Asthmatic Candy j '2 Bath's Restorative or Strengthening Pills., 1 6 CbeitenhamSaIts 2 l Macassar OH, for the Growth of Hair < J' 3 g Marshalt's Universal Cerate, for Burns, Scalds. Ch I Ma<ns, &e. Hickman's Pil!s for the Stone and Gravel a 9 PurJand's Family Ceratf, for Burns, Scalds, &c. 1 g -"ngleton s Gotden Eye Ointment 3 o Ginger Lozenges tq PeppermintDitto 10 Dr. James's Feyef Powder 2 9 Roche's Embrocation for the Hoopins Cough 40 Kennedy's Corn P)aister 10 Newbery's Issue PIaister 1 0 ButchDrOp& 1 12 Steer's Paregoric Lozenges 1 o Refined, Liquorice 0 6 Hridges's Essence of Spruce q (; Atkin'sRatPaste 2 6 Hudson's B!eaching Liquid 28. and 3 0 BritishHerhTobacco 0 3 Rose, Cowslip, Violet, Paimyrene, J esså'mine, and Windsor Soaps. Ladies and GeKMfmeM's foc<cc<-j6oojM for 'j!Ae year 1815' co/HTMOM and extra. TVelsh and English Altnaiiacks, t;«r<oM$ sorts TO THE FREEHOLDERS OF THE t:O UÎvTY OF GLAMORGAIV. GENTLE)fEN, IN c6nsequénce of the death of your much respected Representative, Mr. WYNDHAM", I am induced, at the instance and request of many of my Friends, to oHermytetf to your notice. Shoutd I be fortunate enough to meet with your conndence and support, I pledge myself to an active, constant, and zea)«))s discharge of the duties that may attend the situation to the best of my abilities, and to use my utmost endeavours to promote the welfare and prosperity of the County. 1 have the honor to be, with great respect, Your faithful and obedient servant, Nov. 16,1814. BENJ. HALL. At R21tld-D(leilitiid Swydd Forganug. Fo-vEDI)IGION, 0 achos marwotaeth eich Cynddrychiolwr tra pharchus, Mr. WYNDHAM, fe'm tueddir i, ar annogaeth a deisynad !!awer o'm Cyfeillion, i gynnyg fy hun i'ch sylw. Os dedwydd ddigon a fyddaf i gae! cich ymddiried a'ch cynnorthwy, yr wyf yn ymrwymo fy hun i gyQawni dyled- swyddau'r sefy!!fa yn egnio], yn awyddus, a chyssoa, yn 01 cithaf fy ngatiu, a gwneuthur fy ngoreu t ddwyn ymlaen fuddaitwyddiantySir. Meddwyf yr anrhydedd i fod, gyda pharch mawr, Eichnyddlona'chgostyngedfgwasanaeth\vr, Tach. 16,1814. BENJ. HALL.


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