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WANT 1), ':A respectable toell educated routh, A S an APPKENTICE <o a SURGEON and ?. APOTHECARY. A Premium wiU be required, as the practical advantages and every possih!e attention wiH te gtven touisadvancetnentin every branch of kuówledge. Addressto Mr.B.WiLUAtfs, Surgeon,&c. Swansea. THOMAS WALTER, GIWÇER AND TALLOiV-CHASDLER, ?&ART;;E .MARKET-PLACE, SWANSEA, ?'??GS le?ve to return his ?ra<cf']I ac?now- letve to I-ettl;'Ii ]-is gl-itcful 'ICR-iioiv? "? ??'y ?Llttt'r¡l1 ci.couragement he has experienc<'d t'?r *?eralyfarsit) tae above hue; and tak?; tins opportunity ? ''uonuiitg them t.?i.t he has now on sa!e a chotce assort- ?''toi' ni.eiIavor'dTc:M;ra?'and rcilued Sugars; prime -t'-ast ind.a and Car'dtaa Rice, a very scarce article, j'ust ?'i't'ed; 'i'cbaccos <'i' aii sorts, w.ci) i)e is nows'eliina; cHn- "derabiy under UtH )ua.uu[actured p: (ce. SiMtp; dipped ? ['tCtdd Cand!e-, of U?e best tj?.:iiity, on the lowest tern:?. A gOüd dtSCttHtit aHuwed ou Candles, by takirg a targe <lMnnUty. .A,lso, ijcvcriil tons of prime Wclcit Cheese to be disposed of. 'YmM THOMAS WALTERS, Per-?ysieuwr n Gwer- "?.i.w',l{\vr,wrta yt''arc!)ns.dfa, AbHrt;?'< yQf'r<'fuc:'i)- P?f! t duy'm.dyd 4'i .;ydtiat)yd-:uaeth d'K)K'ht'L- i'w ?yi-?t- ?,:ipL,??b ?ig ?ft'?n.am y cefiio?.tct.ii tr.L hf)dd:'a.,i a. .y inaew-'dteig?etdrosa!iry\viiytiyddauvuyr:tiwad Mchod; ac y n.ae yn dFfnyt.uio cyUe tnva t ?'\at'y?.) j Mdyntf,),tg;?'iddoai!u-ytat-.t d.;w;sJi o ?M tra p'ie.n\ ? 'm;8n\gt.t.uii?<)<?perii=uthdrinaniaipui'edL'A'!M yr {adiaUdwyreinio: a C.ia.roi):!a o'r fathore'.j,\r?w.) syd.J uwyd;< tr.? phrin, ac newydd ddyiod i t?nv ?iygiyh o ti)? i'??, yr h?M y !ua.c pfe yn ei wcrtiiu gryt: taw.-i- .\t :s H:t.'r In b y.t Y ;eHltJ.JÍ lJ y ;Ttae yi)c.d e:w.teut!!U.Sc- j'l '-Ill aioid a Uu-oclteo.tg o'r fatti orcu. am y f dJ. :ir Ciai.hwylhi.n. nan "'yHt- I tnf'nr I],l'" 'r ).1¡;:1}(; HefyJ, a'm'yt't' du!i!)pl]i o G;uvs Cy, i'w wcrthu. (One concern,) GIFFOltD'S HISTORY OF THE WAR. i ?ni.5 Day is pubilshed? !n Numbers., price .? Sixj.t-m'e eac.). or Pait. co.itainit? Six Nmnhers, P'ceT:<r''eSj.Ui?seac'i, e?nh<-Hi?hed wit;) th.e P.);'traits i)tjkr, i),k' '?' V '"ttteDtiKE<)?WE'L.H?i.?T.!N, P)t'?CE BnjK'R, '.ieE?- ???R ALEXAN"ER, ai;d a CL-Juured AiAt' OF j?);<opt;, ?ta ?C(nup!eted m 6U?eek!y l\utabcr:, or TcH t'arf.s), The History of the Wars OCCASKiNEU BY THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, Me Colnmenceme¡¡t of H03!iWiesin lí)2, to the Termi- hatio?z of the ¡Val' in 18 j 4 and inclwlÙz{J tile Transactio/Is tif. lite Gt;;ncral Congress atp ¿enna; A complete Htstory of the Revo!utlcu; Wib Biographical H'eLcb::s of all tile PUBLIC CHARACTERS OF EUROPE; INCLUDlNrr "1'he,Fmpuor of Austria I M.TaHeyrand ?U)s X? H!. uf France nuke oi'Weiiirgton ofI(3t?iier. il j,'1 ureaa ?'exa.!id<'ror'?Mia .Mai-i);)IH!uc?er ?['or?eHi.orEn?and ?;<m!i).?,t<tt 'apokon B?it:' ?ai'(.e i.rioceS?v.'artzenhcr.? "WHi-'nuceot'Swcdcu R!?-;)tJIot).WttIi:i..)tPit.t '??.'iuceK'yf'ut: Ciia.dcs J :)!f'si<'t.)x T"'=co?it?t.i?n &c.&c. I O,.trp.ils, (JJgra1Ji?( ZH thefti-st Style (, i,;ic ,!i,t, j nto,,{ il//tllellttC Lli,eIlCjScs, wElt be "VOETK. WILL L[KK',vrsF COMPRtSrE, fN !'lS rKOPER 1 ORUE! J2e of the ¡Yarin Spllin 8,' Pol-ttfgal; T!!E CAIPAIGNS'of the DtjKE of 'VELLINGTON, 4nd au; r"e4it Glorious and ]!cmorablc P, tcA:cA 7:aue v8nLs whiclt hav,. ??????H??a??M??????? ?ro?MCCC j!/? ?e;M)-a? ??a;ce (?' ?i/fo?c. wliole cnwrih:d from 0 facial Docmncnb, and the mast tullizkxtial and aui.neiit!C Sftm-es (tf iiifoi'ma.uuu, By C. H. G1FFORD, Esq. llldcpelHlcnt of a Be:mtifRIE.s of PORTRAITS, WORK W:LL BE ILLUSTRATED BY A GEAERAL ATLAS OF ft'IAPS, in a Folio Hize, correctly engraved, from the latest Au- tU.))iLL'i.i,a!id bea(tt)fuliy coloured. L:\IJJon: Pnbnshed by S. A. Onnv, 2, Ivy-hmc., Newg' ate- aiift grdd hy U..1 EKIN, Printer of Hds Paper, und other Bo()kseii;rs and NeWsmen. ,-# ] c' 1 l' I ,a :.V(!W am" re;-j/ .JlLIN:rWr tll WerkJy Numbers, pr<ccHd.ead)—Month)y Pans, 8s.— or now compete in Boards, price 'J'he Hev. S. CLARE'S Snpc: b ro}io FaniHy Bib?e, with ?n????se??? ??nGi?B???D????? ?''Mtt, ?.(. nyjd e!nbc!Ushed with Une Eligravtugs ?m the Greut Masters. ?UST Published, prire on}y E?ht.ppnce, ?nest ???'? a. beautih!: and very !ars:e Type, on tue ?i?t'avin? ?P<? 'tad emheiiished wit.l TvV') exqM'site ?icmreb'vR ?' ? Froiiti?.iece, fro,)) a s''??-! ori?ti'at ??:,t<ard, y ? ?"? ?"d ? ?.?.ette Title, desired by T. W.dneli q. R.. A. executed by Messrs. Dudiey and ?&?????? ??'" ??? ??'?-? ?? Thirty Week!y Nn?- :0[ :LL.hll.M.mtlly t>arts,eadl ??"? '-onta-.mnKTweive ?bers?? ormi- n? One targe and sHperb Fo)io Volume) ol- TnE CHR;ST1'AN'S UNiVERSAr. lP rAl Jlll ][ L Y OR r ?t .??p!ete Libraty of Divine Knowledge "Cotnl)lete Libraly oi* I)ivitic KnoN%,Iecige Ke? T?? ?hole of tht- S?crpd Texts of the 0!d and ?ndiin?ti-ate??' ?? the Apocfypha at large; exptai.!ed ?''ranH:d iro? ?'? y?I"ah!e Notes, carem!iy seteeted and ?urjui.t, &c. ?'Y? Gi! !j.ruwn, Stackhouse, Doddridge, '1'he 'vI'ole proper1 d' B ?'????? ?'? ???.°: a complete Hody cf??.? ??h s??tabtc and (,v¿1iI(I¡'èal RetiecttOHS, BY a,iir P, BY T?R?. sAMUEL CLARKE. ??'??????'?'s ofbea.t.M Engra.?, by the 1\L'tf'r t.o,, /? ? -?'K'"? Pa?ti..?, by t? n.ost eminent ?''? '???"? ?"??' ? a,Setof M?ps i!:?trative O)t'S;x Ct,? 4 0'?S?. P?' nd;i Set of i?JiLps iliti-?'t"a-tive rr' T'h .1 ?, 'rh, ???'" ?"???h? been to combine with T?'?? ??. ??'?'??' ?y be )u,tiy considered Hi .I:V1'I:)rintin¡s aud Embt'ishment A Slim exce<Üin ca!?i?!vj '?"? '"? ?'h?!'?ment. A Sum exceeding ?t-?'??.?ousA?D Pou?os has been expended in Us C.')in")Iet .1()Ii It'j, 'if)tiliklg; ?<?!' tae itnmense rn.pid and cst Ie \1Ir ??i? '?'' expe.ienced, couid ;)os.,ihiy reimburse. can r"? ?ur ? at present cnmp!ete, no delay or :rrns;uiarity can OCCU, 11 t?l k l?ig it ill peri,?(tik-ally. London :p '"?'t in penodicaHy. S"'?'?'?!? ?y?- ?- ?? N"-5. Ivy?ane, Pa- ter,, lsiled tiy,g. A. Oi)r)y 'Nf l.12, Ivy-ine, P,,i- ;i?'d iL? OLI, "I'd si )id t)y 1)..j F pr i 6terofA, per, W. SPMNG, C,,a b q;C. MARKET-PbACE, SWANSEA, R. ETURNS h!s ?'ratpfu! ackncwtpdgments to S -'a-' hi" nuoTfero?s Friends and tie PuMi", for the Ubprn! he has cxpcricncpd Since hLs comm"ncen')cnt. in busities! now for upwards of t'n yt'ara pas! and respoct- fui)y solicits a coittimH.nce of puhhc patr"mts; Orden¡ ''xccut?d in thf above branches at. the shortest noticeuna on reasonahtc terms. AH kinds of and Children's Shoes sold as Uanai, at the lowest prices. V)'. S. has also on sate a targt* assortmpnt of Liapn and WooUcn Drapery Goods of the nes! quality.- Paper Hang- ings, and aH Forts cf Ctrt)eti.,ig, at reduced price' 7(fr An APPRENTICE immedni.tely WANTED in the above iinCi.  ,,t?-ii?vr, Y ma? W. SPRING, CistKHwr, Gwerthwr Gw<m, ?c. HcoI-y-Farchnad, Ahet-tawe, yn dycn?p!yd pi ddioici?ar- Wf'h t'w GyM!iOit !![o?- a'r wiad yu ?Ytfredtn.a))! en ht<.)!m)2;actni!afiiotiusoddi arddcch)-ctt<.td ei fasuaoh, \)) awr drcs ddcn? tntynedd yn o!, ac y mae gydA pharcit yn dctsyi' ?arhado'r('y''rywa!)')')?:M't!t. <'yfi .wnii' poh i'.iyw ?ircMon yn y a?ven.hiau uci'od ar y rbyhu'td Hpiaf, an ar ml?ra? i'hpsy)nmo!t Pi)b niait) o i?gidiau {?ncddi?CKau, Boneddi?O!), a Phlan? yn cae! "u ?v'?rthu ft-t arfcrc. a!n y pri'ioedd isdaf.,1 ? )n? ?"m W.S. ?cfyd.ar wert'!) a;nrywia?t.h mawr o Ddpftty?. 'r:? Hin a Gw!f)!) o'r fatu oren.—(''ro?!en?i Papur, a Hwrddicnni, o hoi) rnath, am bpisoedd ise). ?' PRENTiS ya pi?!au yn ehrwydd yH y?wa'th ucuod. MMepi'n. ) pi'ice C. A NEW SERtE.S OF The Magazine; QR, TH.E FARMER'S MONTHLY JOURNAL OF HCSHAi\' DR '{ -t RURAL AFFAIRS, FOit OCTOBER, j8U. r?in? Nun-.bp:- c.Qn<ai.is, be.?dos ? m!c!y cf ? ot",e)- H.<p)\)! matter, Fact.j respccHi!? Ox LahourMd V.'hatR B!f!)(-r a.s Alanurr—On Storti)n: 'rn<-).i;.s—0ii t".c U.-c of Potatoes as ¡fi';lII-Oj! )!: ati-,wer to a Nor- folk Leasehoider—O:! Si-aMud—On a Sin?it'-iior?p Phiu'?t —Oti Uroad anf! Narxiw Whcei:.—0?] H.xtk?, and their tti- dis{mta!de U? and i-'roiit to ? Country—0? Larch Pianta- it!of]a—t.? ?.!a:in'-e, GrM't: aod RHttcd-Oi) an hn'o?'d Cutuu-c of Corn-Ou hcedWilcat-French Con) La\vs— On the Alcrino i!{b!¡¡¡¡¡drv of New Sonth W.Jes—On Win* tfi- Provision for Canie—Gt-ncnd Report of th( State of tlw Cou!)try—)!'st;d Second Rp))orts r'i'0!n the C'f.)mmitt'*c of the HOllse of L'n-ds, respecting the Cori) Laws—Report from t:!e S<-k\"t CoittiriiMt'eof t!ip 'House of of tie prices of a!! kuids of ELrlllin, Produce, &:c. &o. Loudcm: PnbHshpd by V. GxtFUTHs, No. 1; Paternoster Row; and soid by aft HookseIIers. November 1,1814. 'UBSCRIPTION of the WOMRN cf PLATE to their Countryman Li"ut.-Geueral Sir THOMAS PICTON, a< a. tpttt;nohy of their high sense of hia great Service;! to his CoutiU'y. Amount Advertised .C133 17s. ?. s. ?. j ?. s. ff. Hon. Airs. Mon-!s.. 1 1 0 Mrs. Davies, Cardiff 0 5 () Mr; Price, Brid;ci:d 0 H) 6 Airs. Morgan, ditto 0 5 6 Mrs. Mcynck, ditto 0 50 MissE. Daniel, ditto 0 5(< Mrs. Casherd. 1 10 Mrs. Harrett, ditto 0 10 6 Mr.?if}. ? 20 Mrs. Richards, ditto 0 (I Mrs. James, Old- Mr; Vachc}, ditto 0 10 ? c.nt'e. 050 .i\ft-s.L-Yshon,di.to 0 a 6 II Mrs. C:iU?rin<-J?n- A!)-)i)M))d.dit.t" 0 5(i k)ns?w:-uny. 220 Mr?.Pritchard, ditto 0 5 (; Mrs. C.r.'t?is, Pitr.)i U 5 0 j\!i'o. Ft-fnch, ditto 0 .5 (; Mr- DJ.YK3, Pen- M)'s. A !)ce June' (\1, 0 .5 (1 i coyd 0 50 Mi-s Ei'.za Jf)n<-s, da. Q Gi Mr.Abra.VFni.v, 110 Mrs. ????, ditto () fj (;1 Mi-s. H. Vf-rity.?.. 0 50 MixsBu-d, ditto. 0 ?<: Mr.Wi!!m.ms,L;u- Misa E!iy,aJohn,do. 0 56 Kwydd Court. 050 1 10 M. r s. M()ra;m. ) l Q i ;1 ûe 0 5 0 I h,s yan.¡<l!1 1 jt c ¡ !MMS ,;Iorgan, .N ew- } Tne !li- es 2 20 'I Suhscriptn'n'! \\i!i he received at Atess'-s. wO,on's Rank. Cardiit'; :).t Mr. StMt'soN's, CowlJridge; at (.hf Bauks of Attars. ;u)d Co at Ne-).th nnd Swansea; at the Cam hria!! 0:i)C(-, Scrpn Gomer O'Hce, ('.t.mt)r):m !loH, Mr. EDM<!?iD's, Mr. MORGAN'S, and atali ¡ t;ic L;hrarie,s in Swansea. The oamc:- of ppMOtts appoirftcd to receive Subscript!uns at Mcrthyi- and hs \iciuity witi be gtvcn tn a iuturc Advcrtt&cmeat. ,I,k, B!UDG- fll END LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS. ——— ..Annual Du?M/M)M. Suocript. T. Wvnr!ham,Esn'.M.P.Prpsidrnt £10 IO \.1 d.:2 '2 0 H()n. "ndhum M.P. 2 \) nfnry Knigitt, F.??. V. P. <? Trca?u'er 5 5 0 2 2 0 M. P. Tr:u..f-rK?, 1.?. V. P. ? 3 0 1 ] 0 S!rRo;?rtL.i?osse,Bart. 5 5U '2 ?0 R. T. Ti'rbprvin. Esq. 110 R:v. Th'')t't?s Hancorne 110 -.10(111 Hardil?; 1 10 1 10 ——- Edward Pict&u I 10 —— C. GaUy. 550 ——-Ht't'ryPhilUps 1 ]0 ——' Richard MasHCtt. 1 10 —- J ohn Purry. I 10 —— Richard Pri tcha rd. 1 10 —<- John E. NIoralJ 110 -— Thomas Davte; 1 1 0 Mr. Spencer 3 20' Mr. B'ackweil. 1 1 0 Mr, l 1Q Mi-.J enkins, dwai!Mkcf-). 110 Mr. Piel li,.trd Sen. 110 Mr. R)chard Ht-w?!'yn,jHn. ? 10 Mr. John Davics 110 Mr.V/m.Trutnan 110 Mr.J.M.WiHiams '110 h;EfJw¡¡rd A yr I 1 10 Mr. Thomas Jcnkms 110 ¡ Mr. Wntiam St?phrns 110 Mr. J?nk:n Wi'}i?ms 1 10 M:. p,dw:u-d Jones 1 10 A! r. J a-.ncs P<?)kin. 1 10 Mr. Thomas J cnps. 1 10 M r. Wi!aut ?cva;: 110 R"v.)).]vidK)chards ? 1() 1 10 —— S.!adrach !)avics. 110 ——Wtijia!') R,<'es 1 ] 0 Mr. William Richards 1 10 Mr. Elias 'Bassett. 1 10 Mr. Ja.mc& .) acob 1 10 Mr. Cutttp. Ash-i.n 1 10 Mr. Abraham Verity 1 10 Mr. ,dward Nichoi'i 1 10 Mr. WHtiam LIywci!\n, Pytc 110 Mr. Joseph Thomas, 3i!.to 1 10 Mr. Tho)nas Edwards I J. 0 Mr. WiMiam Perkias I 10 M r. Robert PGpkm 1 0 jWf. D. B. JoMPs 1 1 0 Mr. Thomas Mpyrick 1 1 0 I 10 Mr. Robert Tampiin. Mr. Tho:nas Uewdivn ? y o Mr. Robert Dare 1 10 Mr. Wi 0 Mr. H:nn:'hrcyg 1 1 0 Mr?. Humphreys 1 00 URVV. '1 10 k"" 1 10 Mr. Jpnkin Evans. C) Mr. Thotaas Butler 0 l'rt. Lt'w' riffith 0b 0 Ra",wU WHHams 0 26 Jott:t GubhiHs 0 26 1 Mr. Thomas WiHiams I 10 Mr. David Howf- WiLow-Hrovc i 1 0 Mr. Wiiiian.t Pow<-it. 3 The ?iuncjt of future Subecribers win ..tppcar .m due l courte. t { D. WALTERS;' GROCER AND CIIANDLER, NEAR THE MARKET-PLACK, SWANSEA, it)forn)s h!s Fripnch and ? L% the Pub!ic, that tie has just received ;t I;tcgc, assort:- frx'ntot' the best aavonrfd Teas: Sunn's of all sort; pi-imp E;ibt India and CaroHna Rice, a vainabie article at pic&cni, on account, of its ireat scarcity; To!¡iJ,cCO of every dcs.c,-ip- tinn, which he ,eJls considerahIy under the Br!stol prices; 'o at uiid(,r tl?e Soap, atid a!! sorts of Candies, on the lowest f'Jrices. !). \?. be?s icavf to retni'n his cordia) (hanks to his Friends and tijs Inhabitants of Swansea.a;.d it,; 'ïcinity, a:i we!} as others at a p;rC'ah'r distance, for the !ibc'nd support iie has receive;! since he the Gnod dbcöunt wi!t he allowed on Candles, by taking a targe quaui.ii.y together. Hyshysir yn barc.hus s'an D. W A L'Í'E1lS, Per-Iysieuwr a Chanhtvythvr, wrth y Farcitnadfa, Ahertawe, i\v s:yfeiUioH ei fod' ef df'ei'hyn dev.-j,nwydfl het- aeth b'r c 'Pea ¡.nJ'Cu ei ;¡yu¡kdd; Shvxfau o bob math; y ?'t's ?'.)reu o'f !ndia Ddwyreinioi a Charoiina, 't'r h?vn-.ydd <ydd tra. t;wer!i'<twr ar yr a<nscr hwn.. o herwydd ei brr. dei-mawr; n!y?iy-:o boh? math, y)' invnawfrtiiir eanddo ?'-yi) h)\yc)- yn fs )!? ?0 Bristo; ?eht)n, a uhob math'o Ga.H- hwyilau am y ))risoedd iselaf. Y )nae !). W. yn cre['') cenna.d i Q!n!ch ca- JO!1n t w /yf.1ioil, ac i dri()liü;j a'r gymmyrt- o¡;<lcth, par(ha!t mwy penen)?, a:a y a gafodd uddiar pan ddcchreuodd yr aiwad uehod. da sr GajihwyUau, tnvy biyiat iiav.'er yi'gbyd. ('()MC (onrun,.)


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