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MORG.ANWG. ? NVI,,DL El LEDRATTA,, N,EU, YNTE WED I CRWYDRO., Dydd GwENER diweddaf, o GAE ya BEupRE, ym mMwyr .St.Hih'j'y.yuysirdywededig, It;W ARCH DU, & ry\vog:ieth tynnu, ynghyich J. 'V jL pymth(' l!aw o uchder; tau' troed wenn,set'y ddwy olaf, ae mlílaenaf cyumm hi\' h..h c' thorri; ilain o wynn t !sw!' ar hyd ei datcen yr ên'isaf yn wenn; man gwyi<n o dan el foia, a. chraith gwaedu m< w n dau raH Pwy bynnag a roddo hv,hysi.eth pa I v- ygellirg neua'i dygo cf } THOMAS ÚEORGE, i Beupre, a wobrwyir yn iie!aet!i)HtheIirpobt!<uI. Bcupro,Hyd.'efSO,18i4. TO THE PUBHC. ? Persbn by the namd of WILLIAM ADAM -L?L GORDON, a, native of Glasgow, who stated himself to have been Chief Mate of the George Merchantman, of G!a=':ow or Hu! ]ntp!y captured Mil'Cape CtMu-by Amcr)- all i-i%l,,ttoei- ;lbsèonded from my hOlse nearlJannvst on Saturday the l5th instant, with a suit of clothes tiud s<Mne linen, my and has a!si)stt)Ionout_ of my pocket-, hook a (j!ui.!t!). Note. besides Three Pounds cash lent t){)n on ditFereut occastons. He is about five feet four inches h!gii, weMmade, fresh complexion, f:Mr hair, and a lare nose, with a moie on oae of his Citeek- and a dimple in his <'hia, and stoops ttISiUe wh('n w:dkiiig. He wore at the time of his absc('!)(HL!g a new blue coat, a toilinct fresh- coloured watstccat, having uarrow green stripes in it, a dark or h'cn grey colour'dsmatl-ciot.hes called Bonr.ett's Patent Coi'd, wiih convex pearl molds ot) the knees of it; anew pair of top boots, the tops rather reddish, and a new pair of yellow gtoves. A halldsolne Heward will be paid on his apprehension and committal to custody, so as to enable me to prosecute him and txc smallest information respecting hun thankfully re JOHN EUGENE MCCARTHY, School-Bank. N. P. T understand he has assumed t'te, iiziint, of "'Captain J\Ioran," and that he has gone in the direction of South Wales. Ther' appeared a letter and nindavit of his on the Pi)ct of the 8i.h and 15th iustaut, verifying his statements. 1814. CAurrION 0 Car:ers, Masters of Stag? CoacJics. Coach- S, men. Watermen and Bargemen, Masters of Vessels or Passage Boats, either Coastways. within Great Bi-itain, or to or from Ireland, or to or from Parts beyond the Seas, against unla wfull y collecting, carryina;, or coiivt-yiiig Let- ters; AND TO ALL PL RSONS'whatsoever, against sending Letters otherwise than by the Post. By //te Act i "I Queen AI/lie, c.lO. No persons whatsoever shall receive, take up, order, dis- patch, convey, carry', re-carry, or deuver any Letters, or Packets of Letters, or make any Collection of Letters, or empioy any vessel or boat, or other conveyance by sea or l:'nd, eitnercoastways within Great Britain, or to or from Ireland, or bey'ond the seas, on p:un of forfeiting .4-3 for every oiience, and also £100 for every week that the prac- tice iscontinued. This Act renders Carriers, Masters of Coaches, Coach- men, Watermen, Bargemen, and Masters of Vessels, liable to the Pei):i.Uie.-i, even if they carry Letters without hire or By -4et of 4 2d Gco.777.c. 81. No person whatsoever shall send or cause to be sent, or tender or deliver in order to be sent, otherwise than by the Post, or to the nearest Post-Tow n, to he forwarded by Post any Letters or Packets, on pain of forfeiting £5 for every oUcnce. These Penultips may be recovered with costs by any per- son who tvH) mform and sue for the same; one moiety to the King, and the other to the tnfornn'r. There is an exception as to Letters which concern Goods sent by. Common Curriers, so as they are sent with and tor the purpose of bei:)g delivered with the (roods, w ithout hire, reward,oradvantage. AIsoastoLetterssent!)yanypri- v.ate friend on his journey, ar by any messenger on purpose. L'nder this law a person carryiug a Letter may u.i\)rm agamstapersonscndingone. R,1j an ActoJ',Ùllli Geo.77jr.c.l69. For further regulating i-he convey mice of Ship Letters, it is. ellact¡,;tl, That if any persotl w ¡¡atsocve¡' shnll selld any Lettcrur Packet, by any ship or vessclof which heshan not be. o%% ir-,E, Y%ittiotit having paid the postage, and without having* the onicial mark put thereon under the authority of the Postmastet-Geueral, and in the manner directed by this Ac: er if any Master of any ship or vetselshail carry or have on board auy Letter, not beings the Latter of his owners, every person so ott'endmgwiU forfeit ;C5 for every such Letter,toberecovereda'-bcforcdirected. The Positnaster-General will feel it his duty to enforce payment of the several penalties Imposed, on breach of any of the laws above referred to. ByCommandofthePostmaster-General, FRANCtS FREELI\G, Secretary. 4 UXLHAR Y {UBLMSOCIKTYof !3R! DG- 1::1.. ED and the CENTRE of GLAMORGAN SHIRE. 7.7,57' OF SUBSCRIBERS. —— 'Annual lJonatiøns. SllsCript. T. Wvndham, Esq. M. P. President £10 10022 0 Hon. 'Windham Qtiin.M.P.V.P.5 50 2 ?0 Henry Knight, Esq. V. P. & Treasurer 550 220 M. P. Traherne, Esq. V. P. H 30 1 10 Sir RobertL.Btosse, Bart. 55U 220 R. T. Turberviile. Esq. 1 10 Rev.ThomasHancornc. 1 10 -—JohnHarding. 1 10 I 10 —— Edward Picton. 1 10 —— C. Gally. 550 ——Henry Phinips. 1 10 —— Richard llissett .10- -— John Parry. I 1C ——RichardPntchtud. 1 10 -——John E.Morgan. 1 10 —— Thomas Davics. 1 10 Mr. Spencer. 220 Mr.Btackwell. 110 Mr. Vaughan. 110 Mr..Jienkins,Gwain-skeel. 1 10 Mr.Richard Lle\vcUyn,Sen. 110 Mr.RichardLIeweIIyu. Jun. 1 10 Mr.John Davics. ¡ 1 0 Mr. Wm. Truman. 1 10 Mr. J.M. Williams 1 10 Mr.EdwardAyr. 1 10 Mr.ThomHs Jenkins. 1.10 Mr.WHIiamStephens. 1 10 Mr.JeukinWHItams. 1 10 Mr. Edward Jones 110 Mr. James Pttpkin. 1 10 Atr.TItomasJones. 1 10 M)-<Wil)iamBevan. 1 10 Rev' David Richards. 110 .VilHatm Jones 110 Davies. '1 10 —— WiHiam Rees. 110 ::Q"ç::WJ.UiŒlnJUehards 1 1 0 Mr. Elias Bassett' 1 10 Mr.James Jacob. 1 10 Mr. Cottle. Ash-hall. .1 10 1 10 Mr. Edward N ichoIl. 1 10 Mr. William Llywellyn, Pylc i i o Mr.JosephThomas.ditto. 1 .10 Mr. Thomas Edwards. 1 10 Mr- WilliamPerkins. 1 10 Mr.RobcrtPopkin. I 10 Mr. D. B.Jones 1 10 Mr.ThomasMeyrick. T TO Mr. RobertTampIin. I 10 Mr. ThomasLIewetIvu. 1 10 Mr. Robert Dare. 1 10 Mr. W'gg. 1 10 Mr.H"mphreys. 1 10 Mrs-Humphrcys 1 0 1 Mrs. Davy. 1 10 ]\!r.J ei)kia Evans. 1 10 Mr. Thomas Butler. ? 10 Mr. Lewh. Grimth. 0 ? 0 B a ? c <.t Wi):iams. 02b Ba'1.c ¡IiamS 26' JohnGubb:ns. 026 1 Mr. Thomas Williams 1 I 0 Mr.Dav'dHowell.Wil'ow-Giove.. 1 10 Mr. Wi!)i:!m PowcII 1 I 0 T'he Nu.mc=i of future nhscr¡bcrs win appear In due course. -QUBSCRIPTION -of the WOM-EN.of! ?? GLAMORGAN, for an OFFERING of PLAtE to then- Countryman Lieut-Gof)em!Sh-THOMAS P!CTON; ) "as a testimony of their high sense of hts grfnt Services to his I Count.ry.. ?.s. ?. Mrs. Wvndham 10 10 ol 4', r s. fw i n 10 I-o 0 Hoa. Mrs. QntM. 550 Mrs..Hard:t!s; 2 ? 0 Mrs.Richards. 220 Mrs.Markham. 3 3 0 Miss Kew. 0]06 LadyLynchBi.osse ?30) Mr?BiEuce. 1 10 MissJ.ones,L:swor- ,nu .1. 1 10 Mrs.Trahefn?. 1 10 'I TiieMiss?Tt'aitpt'Hel id MtssM. A.Richards 1 1 0 Mt-H.obt.Kuight. 1 10 Mrs.Picton. 550 I j\ti& Hu)'g<)yne. 220 M;'StJouR!CrosK- wa.ys. 1 IQJ LadyNichoH. 550 Mrs. Price 330 Mr..Hur?es. 10100 lfon.M)-s.(?rcy 50? Mrs.K?i?ht. 5 50 I Mr-i. Mui-?aH 0106 Mrs. Hancot-ne. 220 Atrs. ?pcnccr. 2 2 0 MissSpeticcr: l 00 Mi'K!ackwt-U. 1 10 Mrs. Reps.?. 330 ¡ Mrs.M.P.TrahcrneI 10 MIss Casberd.« 1 10! Mrs. Iim-st. 1 10 'it.sLucy Jones.. 1 10 Mrs. W-iHis. 050 Mrs.PiniUps. 050 Mrs.LIpweiyn. 0 50 Mrs.Thom:ts. 050 M:-s. Dav;ps. 050 Mrs.DanicIJoiics 050 Mi-s-Frank?n. 05? Mrs.Stonford. 050 Mrs. R. Knight, jun. 100 ?.?i'. Mrs. WilHams, Sea- land. 050 Mrs. Powell. 5 5 0 Mrs.Smith 330 Mrs. TurbervUIe 550 Mrs. Dure. 1 10 Mrs. Richards 0 50 Mrs.Jen?ns. 0 50 Mrs. Morgan. 050 Mrs.An- 01061 Mrs. ?ViUiams, Nc\v- cast)R. 1 10 I Mrs. Grant 0 5 t) MissR'chaids. 2 20 M rs. Jones. 050 Mi's.Tho.aas,Wat- !ac?. 050 Mr'C.oUipr. 050! M!ss<?<.ii:.HopkiRs 0 ,50i Mrs. BradIcy. 1 10 Mt?Ed?.Hn'dIcy 11 0 Mrs.DutIer. 1 ]0 Mrs.Hoyd. 0106 Mrs.Stevens. 0106 Mrs. Wm. NichnM 9 28 Mrs. Mary Came 3 20 Mrs. Thonitas. 2 2 01 Mii.sF.Rosser. 2.20 Mrs. Jones, Verauda. 110 Mrs. JoaeS) St. He- len's. 220 MFS.DUhvyn. 1 10 Mrs.J.JMt'reys. 1 1 0 Mrs. Haett 2 20 Mrs. Robt. Thomas, Swansea. 1 ID Mrs.Hobbs.dHto.. 1 10) Mrs. Mans<-t, ditto 1 1 0 Mrs. (h'OHow, ditto 220 1 Mrs. Edmond,ditto 0106 Mrs.Jenkins,Ca.m- ) brisnOnice 1 1 O! Mrs. Bcnj. HowcH 1 10 Subscriptions wi!! be received at Messrs. Woon's jH:u)?< Cardii! at M)-. Smp80K's,C'()wbi-idge;!a[t the Hanks of and Swansea; at t,h Camhrian Otticc, Scr.pH Gomer C;))!tt):-i:ut notpl, Mr. Mr. at a!! the Li bi-ahcs in Swanst-a. The names of persons-appointed to receive Subscriptions, at Merthyr and its vicinity wiH be j given in a future A (iI;,ertis<inèlJ:t.


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