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SVvA ST SEA. |  T BK 1,ET? 0 h !I., A House, and Wareliouse, ?. c?y/???F,. Ct,-bLT T?p? LATE in the occupaUon of Mr. CubMpp,, -M?! worth the aUentioii of a Corn-dealer, or any conccrh that requires room. u: ,Enquire at Mr, IRWIN'S, Beanfort Buildings. C A R M A RTHENSIII li E. TOloy Bridge, near LiangadoclL A NOTICE having Appeared in the Carmarthen j-M* JÓnrnal-" That an Application is intended to he made to Parliament, in the enuing- Session, for leave to lyring- iii it Bill, iii oi-der to obtain an Act ofPdrlianwnl for erecting a Stone Bridge over the River Towy, in the said comity, at or near a certain Turnpike (<at.e, called At>er- marlais Gate, from that Bank of the said River which ]ies in the parish of Llansadwrn, to the opposite Bank of the same River which lies in the'several parishes of L-Ianmdwrn and Hangadock, in the said county and for erecting a Gak on the said Bridge, for taking ToHi- fnrHQrses, Cattle, Carts, aud all manner of Carriages passing the Same* JElotire i.r> berrbp gi.uen 'I Ai i,, i,r[N(, will be HELDat the CASTLE biN, in the town of L.langadock, in the said county* on MONDAY, the 3Jst «Ja.y of OCTOBKR instant, at 11 o'clock m the fore- noon, for the purpose of taking into Consideration the expe- diency of OPPOSING the said intended Application in Parliament, on the ground of the serious injury that would result therefrom to t:ie Jleighhouring parishes, üneadl side of the said River; at. which Meeting all persous interested are requested to attend. Llangadock, October 10, 1814. -= .a.-




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