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?f?srp ?iM? ? :.Uítiar!, (b{e ocietpi: ro .1:ridgnd" and tlt, 'Ccn(re,' of  .??'??? ?<? ?? Cc,?re ? G???aM??'?. AT? GENERAL MEETING of the fiends -4-JL "r ? ?????" ??? FOREIGN BIBLE sorn ??.? ? Totv?-ifALL, at HmnRE?, on  .to Ad- ?S?t? '.?? ????iMR. 1?1? pursuant to Ad- Vel?tisciiielit, E.? 7? r?M CH?K, TVI",VDfl-i,-rr, E,,2. 1, T]fF Cirilit, ??'???.?.??? ??LESOCtRTY F0!? B!UDG- ??,?' ? ?HC??TRE ?? RLAMO?ANSIURE, ??? ??" formed. Rcsoi"tions simitar to tho<e usu?ny -,? Y °'\s?? occasions were entered htto, aud the con- aduMc?t ? of the Itt?ituttoa was undertaken by T. Wl.NDi,IA.Nl,, Es, M. P. for the County; 'T'b HOIi. WINDHA:1 QUI, M. P. (01.. KMGHr, Md ?Oi?AN POL'KIN TRMIERNE, Esq. <"o!.K.XYGriT,TREASUR:R. Col. RN!C,?TIT, TTIEASTJR,-K., ?c\. JOHN HAHD?NC, Rev.F,i)WARDPICTON, ?!?VILL!AAtLLEWELLYN,3pd Mr.-H.OSLRTDA?E, SHCHEAmES ?? ? Co)tnnitt<:<* of tWi'nty-two Gt'nt]eiTt?n, with liberty to ? ? <?"' m?hcr, five of whotn consi)iute a Quorum. ?ubscrtutiocs and Donn.tions were entered into, a List of "I!lch ?'" '?P?cat- next wt'ek. me )t.e?. JOliN ();vKt. on" of thR !ndcft),i?aMe Secrcta.- tit's of the Parent Ir:oftution, rec:'ïvcd the 'cordial Thanks "t ins ()b¡igjn a.ttendn.ncc, and f;)!' the cncr- gl"tic and aMc maum')' in 'htch he assisted t-hc. imBOi'tant <)Mtof the MN'tjll. 'ritRTh.inks of the Mcethig were t tho 1;) the acntif'mcii who so kindly and 'pr<<.)npUy i talle th<- Mt-oUH: a.).d to the Ili-Iily t-cspcctt-d Chairniaa the inipx'st he comiocrd iu the ohjt'ct of the Mectui°" and for his ah)p :u:d obliging conduct in the Chair. Signed, TfIOS. HANCORNE, JOHN HA?'M?G, ) ? EDWAR!) PtCTON, ? Secretaries. Setreta ries. ?OBI.RT DAtU? ? "f B. Bonks for Subscription:- are !yin? at thf Wvndham A Ili-id-?-en-3 arl(i anv ol. lItleititti d(,Slrt)ti;? of "t'cc?;,? Mpn)bprs an- ?q'ic-.i.f'd to signify their mte-nUon M'ot:p,?'thp!'teerct:].i-ifs. NEWYDD El GYHOEDDI, -j -4icr werth ríin D. Argrap!tydll y P«;)K)' hwn, ocM?y:c?d???/A;<-?r?:?<,MM?-A'g-AyMrH, PHf5 Tt'YTtf CEtK!OC, ?WAITII PitYDYDDOL ?.o? Lr?w?LY?? 'J1j o Goed- y- C ymmer, yt: y Faynor, sir Frccheinio?, 0 Gocd-y-Cymmer, J n y FaYl1or, sIr 1< rechclOlOg, pi. fyrrweh dini'.vaid. ¡ ;,biauti'w:)ystyriaid, fb't?, ewlinu ?l,i- MpwadcaHacfircfydd; S"f !)pn:. ".v o G:)nnni;i.u, At-ai?rywd?stunau: wn'u Eu c.YFAxaons! Art rcsun. CEnon. AR Cymmwysi'wcanumewnAddoiiadcyhocddus. l"!f!ltl yn fuml, M. CH Argmphydd, t'K!8 WYTH Pvetarum Britannicryrwn: SEF, BLODEUOG WAITII Y PRYDYDMON BRY- TANAH)!). o diu:eddai' .Sa;'C/ ]Jr. J. D,l!' TS-, ac c/.tilt. j y ?? y't cynnM'ys hc'fy. Y,t.7Fn. HA?nno?tARTft o wnli.h y ;oapte-n ??'?? MnJU'.ET-.?; ynshyd :? K?<f:L\-?to\ ? K?'m!n?'' A??"<"? ? ?t?FAU ai.' anu-yw !)?tu;).), cr :;)7ry?'??"? sy'n c&ru syn\vyr yn fwy n& chynghunedd, ganj' '-I Ia.?)? HYS?YSIAD.. '?T'?M Pcrc?e?o?.-? ?i:EA'.(?o.j?R ??; ?. Ay?ysM. ? ??..?:?. :'M ?,???. ??? ? y f '??C/m-?To?f?d???? Papw'/mm" ? ?, "fYIl-U ? 2?? o? :?? ''K?:; ac c? ? y ?-aH? c ddK???M 'I I'JQf?n Width 0'" fath hyli Vil bu'ysig dros litn, gobeithi ttit n;t ??? '???f! ? C??K, ? y ??. ?;y?? t?M II ?.?-c? a ?.? ?,- Go-K?-??. ?:?.?-?'M?? ?M. ?ydos-'??s? „ ? Jya?n ??„ ?'ffi<s <tfK?K? ar ?- a?Mei' r l ? =-=.

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