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Family Notices



LLONG-NEWYDDION. sr AnERTAwE.DIl{odi{tÍ,d, New Expedition ??? Hawkms, o Frysto John &- Betsy, Sminders, o ?MB!? Bideford; Thoo?ts, Prance, o Bridsewatc<, an.rywiaethatt; Good Intent, Lo!?,oBidefbrd, H'.ng Neptune, LeGres,o Jersey, dn; Witiiam, Riehani.s, & Pcolc, ('crrig fflínt Fortitudc, SfniU'; Freonan.Stc- vcns; Henry, Davies; Integr.iy, Rosscr; Pt-ovidencf, Lewis; Lewis, o St. I-'es; Princess of Waies, N01 nt.m; Litttejo!u), NernKUian, o Pfymwth; Mary Ann, Williams, o Con.way' mwyn copi Watermonth,Cut!iifc, o Comb S<s\f!n, Bryant, o Bl'idgcwatcr; Brothers, Benin; Dasher, Borv; L:iy,Gnaiths; En€n,B&vm!,oBidetbrd; John & E:i- sabeth,NtchoUs; AHH. Raw.s, o inlitielead; Jane and Ann; HosMns; Abeona, Bidder, oSt. Ives, SatBpsoH, Morgan, o Cardigan, ba'asarn. ,,Iy?tediaid, Mary, Harries, i Frys)x); Fame. WiJIiams, iGacrtoyw.amrywiaethHU; EHza, Oark; Assiduou, Jenkins: Phitippa, liad-ge HannoHy, Truck; Under- hiti, Trick; Providence, Jones; Ame)ia, Couch; True Briton, Thamas; John &: Mary, Harries; Dasher, WiUiams; Samuel,Lover:ing; Hart'ord, Walters; jane ..š Maay, Reynolds; Snsan & Mary, Evans Fortitude, Simth; Moity,Sui!y; George, Sincock; Union, Lewi' St. Ives, Stephens; Freeman) Stephens; Auspn'ions, Levering; Susan, Harvey; James, Bayant; Intem'Hy, Rosser; Friends, Tucker; Fortune, WtH'ams Rich- mond, Jenkins; Providence, Lewis; a Loveiy Emity; Sydall, iSt.Ives; L6nisa, Conci); MariRcr, Banks, t Fewcy; Lively, HeweUyn; Maria, Timber!eak,iAta- twch Recovery, Concese, 4 Exeter Conmerce, Vine; Dasher, Berry, WiifiaxtHedry) Mmiam' Jane, Red- more Good Intent, Ponigt-ain, i Bideford; Zephyr. Davies; Forest, Hawkins, i Truro; Expedition, Jcaes, i PwH'ieM; Friends, Reed; Ann, Hawks; John and Etizabeth, Nicholas, i Minehcad George & Betty, Da- vidge; Friends, Hole; Wi!)iam & Mary, HoweH; Mary,Rces; Providence, Webb; Severn, Bryaut; Betty, Croker; FarmeT's Adventure, Mngford, i Bridg- water; Fc!icity,Muxworthy; Good Intent, Laoncey,! Harnstspte; Stifficielit, pe,ce; Devonshire, Day; Se- lina, MtHcr; Dutchess of Somerset, Levering, i P!y- m&utu Patience, Best; i Pat\sto\V.; S\\ ift, Harris, Ann 6: Betty, Watkins; Industry, Richards; Unity, L!oyd; Providence, Davies, i Cardigan; Watermonth, Cuti iffe, tUfracombc; Henrv. Grant; Zcna & IIarhett, Har- ris Brothers, Griffiths, t Fahuonth Cambria, James, i Milfbrd; Mary Ann, WiUiatus.iConway; Providence J&nes, t Youghalt; Veuus, Lcwther; Ceies, Owens, t Waterford, gio.

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