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yANTED, a.s an {.o 3, ? and Retau Grocer and Chandler, a LAD from 14 J years of age, of industrious habits, and who nnder- dsthe EngUsh and Welsh Linages; he will be kindly jr particulars app!y to David Jenkih, Printer of this ?pcr.. ?y?'s D?/ ? pM??'.s/?? j?? ?g 2? 1'lzi Day is published, price Qs. — No. l G, NEW SERIES OF THE h AGRICULTURAL MAGAZINE, or the ?"?????' MONTHLY JOURNAL OF HUS- f BANDRY ANn RURAL'AFFA.fR.S, for Af'RH 1814. ? ?ulll)('r coatains the 'c''ei:;n Prices of the first Necessaries, the State of j trance, aud om- Corn Laws; on waste Borders of Ara- bic Lauds, and the Hnimprcved state of certain Districts; ,PH the t!ringFumigaÜon for the Destruction of Insects; «n Mr. Farcy's Re:)Jy, Mr. i'4)iiievfw Syaten-! cf Prm!!ng, und on the Derby&b!i-e Report; on expf-nstve Deeds and restrtcthe Covenants; the Mecum for May; on destroyin¡:; Worms tn Fruh Tj-ecs, and on the reelpl'QÖ\1 lk)\cüt to diCerent Countries of the Interchange of uspi\d t't.du4;tinns,withct!Uaterat Remarks i.,ireptyto ?r. HatI; on 11.tntire; on pr:me Wintpr }< eeh!Ig of,}Clq Remarks ontheiate AIcnnoS;iow and Meeting'; on Car- m{s; on Potatoes Exti-acts frc; tits Earl of Laudp.rda1e's Pamllhlet on the (.)rn Laws; ou Vermtn; on Clover Ley Wlwat; General l1nJOrt of the State of the Cotlntry L!st -or .:atent3t'or in\'ent.)ns; Revtewoi'Mr.Andersori'sEssH; I. on Canada; a moRtlity Hq;ister of Agncultural Transac- tions and &c. &e. Om next N um,ber "in 'he embellished with "dt'scnptlve t  of a Vi'Y e:(cellent Machine, for so,ing T,U"\lips, Ct'tvef, f.?g? Seeds, &c. utveuted by Mr. Bennc? of Fan? ham, Surrey. London Printed for V. ntu?T)THs, No. 1, Paternoster- [{<ny; and soin by all Sook5(-Ucrs. GLAMORGAN Sm RE. FARMS TO BE LET, FOR A TEHM OF YE_\RS, AND EKTEKED UPON IMMEDtATELY, ?'?TELFERT FARM, Pen-? 160 Aer? exeh?iv? ? v mark parish S <? ? ooa Land. LLETTY DOMAS, LIang. veiac)? )14 pansh To be entered upoh at February and ¡1[aJ/, 1815, COLE FARM, Ban? ? parish <; ? ?'? exclusive COLE f An,M, Bar,-)' pansh ? <' oi?- Wood Land. OSTMEY FARM, same parish 60 Ditto. CWM BARRY FARM, same ?,D?ttto. parish and Porthkerry ?? MOLTON FARAL LanCal'V0l122ns Ditt6. and Wenvoe pansnes 5 1.0. CLLFn)DEVANYCHA,CAE) ) ?AR.W,andPERTRA,in?ettwsW? P?r'sh ) 1'o?t!tp!- with the MO UNTA {N ?f) T?.,Y?YD? HLAEN CEDEW, in ? ISS Mesa?e parish. ) ??yN-Y-WAYN,in.Settv?parish 7S tcr further pa'rtieu'arsapp.iy to Mr. Richard I?WeH, ?"d-Surveyci'.New-MiU, uearL!antrn.scat; Mr.Haiket, ?''soia, near Neath; o:' to Mr. Evan Thomas, Trexuit, near ? Co?brtdge; if by letter, post-paid. õt15,OOO m SUARES. In the Lottery which 6'iished Drawing on TUESDAY, the 10th I'nstant) No. 5);)32) a Prize of Fifteen Thousand .Pounds, WAS BOliD IN One lalf and Eight SLrteenths., AT SW.tFT& Co/S LONDON OFFICER INIO-11, Poetry; Aldpäe Hih 12, Charinp; Cross: Street, AND BY TJIEIR AGENTS IN THE COUNTRY. NE-W STArrE LOTTERY the yx'- I N G'S BIRTH A Y, The 4th of JUNE. SCHEME. 1 of ?20,000 ;s ?20,000 ? K),(ioo ?.ono ? s?Y) eoQo 2. 2, O' ) D ? 2,UQO 4,000 ? ?;jo 40? ? 50J 2,.500 ? 200 1,200 ? joo :ig ? 30 1,560 L?O 17 29,2-M 8.030 Tickets..?OM TICKETS and SHARES are Selling by SWIFT & Co. (Contractors), At their L?Ndon O&ices as nbove, ????'????'? J. DANIEL, BookseHel' 9 C't\RMADTJP"N ?.&<. ?s???!??B?????? T?UA A?J\ TTIrE'L, Bookse!{er r A ? M A n'rTTT??T C. LEWIS, Boo,{s(>ller, CAKDIGA ?AE y CYFARFOD BLYNVDDOL ag .1. ?'?? 2:yssyntiedi? as ATJIROFA CAERFYR- ""?. ? ? GYNNAL y Fiwyddvn hon Dydd MER- f-,? ? ?' y ?9?'" ?r ?ain o FisMEKEHN nesaf.—Y -??naeth i ddechreu am 6 o'r gtoch Dydd Mercher. Caertyrddin, Mai 25, 1814. E?X???'? ??D, BACIIGt?NYN, nen DDYN IEUANO }e ¡ 1 c I S" ?eu ynte fet Pr?" V??????''?' '?yw"?. fc! Siopwr, ? GymraeK a'r ?.??'??"' ??" ?? y?i '?dysg yn y Gyrnrae? a'r laesileg, aea charactr diwair orans?br- wydd ac ouestrwydd. /tOM? ? ?? ?- ?e7;ae!'y? ? ??,? ???. house, ?????..?' l/, J{lCIIel,. Tea nrl Coffee Ware- ddidrau!. ??.-Rhaid anfon llythyrau yn Abertaw-e, Mai 6, 1811. ?,

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