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EVANS'S.- GENDIXE Patent Medicine Warehouse, CARMARTHEN. I': II JOHN EVANS, I pI-inter, Booksellerr Statioverr mid Mudc Seller GUILDHALL SQUARE, SELLS THE FOV.mvING PATENT PUBIJC MEDICINES. For Colighs' ??A/Ma.f,?? Cf??tp/M,? ?OL)HOLD'sVege?h!HBa:.?m,l?. ? GI)e -v?'ellio's Ve-(-tat'll' Pu'?xd's exp ectorating. Pill's, 'Cun<'?)'sHaLa'nf)fHohev,2s.?d. Ghtnf's Drops, h. 9d. l)a\¥soi^s Lozenges, Is. 2d. Fpnl's Ihi;¡m of Horetlqund, k 9d. p"YL,ll, (?f etil"sfoot 3s. 6d. Church's Couh Drops, 2s. 9d. Walsh's Coltsfoot Lozeages,.Is. 2d.' Oxford Lo'/en?<'s,?,()! ?'<'?ea/f?e.M,De??.???;VercMf!!Dnor?er?, Man's RWtorati-ve Mfdicinc, 2s. 6d. Dr. Fotliergill's Rfeirtorative]Servou3 Cotdiad DroV' 4s.6d Dr. Solander's Senative Tea, 2s. i)d. Dr. R ymer's Nervous Tincture, 4s. 6d. 4s. 6(1. ——— Detergent Pills, .is. (id. Dr. Huxhain's Tincture of Peruvian Batfc, SSr "■ Solomon's Bahn of (iilead,: iis. F'amily Bottles, II. 1:18.. Smitli.'s Itestorative Dr(w», ]ls. < Diseases' incident tn' Femalek J Kothergill's Female Pills, 2s.i)d.' Hooper's Female I'llls, li. S £ dl' 'dsh's Ditto, s. !id. i'Trowbridge Golden Pills, Is. 2d. For the Rheumatism:: • i: KEsm?icathartic Tincture, 4s. —1 ■ Mustard Pills, 2s. 9di ) Dr. Bateinan's Pectoral Drops, is. 6d. Essence of Jamaica Ginger, 2s. 9d. and 4s. Cdc Cuitiberlaud's liitumif.ous 1* luidr 2s. 9d. For Scbrbutic. Complaints. Spilsbitry's Drops, -6s. Du; Solomon's Anti-Miipetigines, lis. For Cutaneous Eruptions. ■ N Pike's Ointment, Is. 6d. Solomon's A bstergent Lotion,.€s. 9d. Gowland's Vegetable Lotion, 2s. 9d. and 5s, Dr. W neatley's Ointment, Is. 9d. Venereal A,O"tJclW-ns. Walker's Jesuit's Drops, 2s. Sd. » •. Leake's Pills, 2s. 9d.• Leake's Purfying Drops, 2s. 9d. Bifiou, Complaints, llr. James's Analeptic Pills,'ls, 6d. Dr,]Sorris's Antiinonial Drops, 2s. Sd. Misorders\ffitheJiowelfi- 15 iecy's TrAe., Dally s Elixir, ia.- Id. and 2s.- (j God trey's C»idiiil;l^ >, A mericfin SootbinevSvntp,-2s. 9d. Hchfte's hhxr, )5', 2d. linstock's Elixir, 2s. 6d. Squire's Grand Elixir, 2s. Essence of Peppermint, Is. 4d, Iteatime (Ic Vie, 31'.6d. 1 A tidersoii's Scots I.,z. qd. Dal by's Carminative, Is. 9d.. English's Scots Pills, Is. 2d. Disorders of Childreit. Glass's Magnesia, 3s. (id. ]le(ij;v's Calcined Magnesia, in bottles, 2s. 9d. Chipg's Worm Lozenges, Is. 2d. and 2e. 9d. Severn's Worm Tea, Is, 2d. Magnesia Lozenges, for Heartburn, Is. 2d. Sprains, Bruises, Wounds, kc. Drr peer's Opodeldoc, 2s. 9d. Dr. Betton's IJritish Oil, U. 9d. miscellaneous. Rnberl's Medicated Vegetable Wate^an effectual Homed* fortUeScrofulaor King's Evil, 6s Hunt's; Aperient Family Pills, is. 2d. Layejider Lozenges, for Lowness of Spirits, Is. 2d. Barclay s Asthmatic Candy, Is. Sd. lies t Orative, or Sirengtliening Pills Is. 6*1. Prtnce s Russian Oil, for the GrowSi of Hair, 8s, Macassar Oil, for ditto, 3s. 6d, Hickihan's Pills, for the Stone apd Gravel, 2s, 9d. Cheltenham Salts, 2s. Sd. Marshall's Universal Cerate, for Burns, Scalds, Chilblain:, i &c. Is. 2d. Purbml's Family Cerate, for ditto, Is. 2d. < Singleton's Golden Eye Oitttment, 2s. Dr. James's Fever Powder, 2s. 9d. Turlington's Balsam ot Lite, 2s, Ginger Lozenges, Is. 2d. .Peppermint ditto, Is. 2d. Roche's Embrocation, for the Hooping Cougl1, 4 Convulsion Drops, 5s. Dntcli ditto, Is, 2d. Kennedy's Corn Plaister, Is. 2d, Colllins's Cephalic Sntiff, Is. 2d. Newbery's Issue Plaister, Is. Dr. Solomon's Abstergent Ointment, 1s., 6d. Dr. Sibley's Powder, 2s. 6d. Dttvies's Infallible German Corn Plaister, Is. 2d Taylor's Remedy for Deafness, 8s, 6d. Itenry's Aromatic Vinegar, 2s. 9d. Steer s Paregoric Lozenges, Is. 2d. Reiified Liquorice, 6d. Hudson's Bleaching Liquid, 2s. and 3s. Atkjn?s Rat Paste, 2s. fid. Hampshire Miller's Rat Powder, 2s. 6d, British Ilxrb Tobacco, 3d. &c, &c, j